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"Pffft!" Han Changsheng almost couldn't keep from laughing. 

Used to empty An Yuan's potty bucket?

An Yuan's face jerked. "I don't remember."

Han Changsheng's arms clutched his stomach as he struggled to keep from smiling. What a joke! He'll say he doesn't remember even if he does, alright!

Yi Laosan looked at Han Changsheng doubtfully and asked, "Young master, who is he?"

Before An Yuan could speak, Han Changsheng stepped forward and clapped his hand to his shoulder. With a harmless smile, he said, "I'm his master."

Yi Laosan stared at him. "Are you Yue Peng of the Yuehua Sect? I didn't expect you to be so young."

An Yuan glanced over at him. Han Changsheng explained nothing. Looking at the bandits behind Yi Laosan, he asked, "Who are they?"

Yi Laosan quickly went to the table and pulled out two chairs for them. Once the bandits heard An Yuan's ident.i.ty, they couldn't help but stare at him. Their hostility gone, those who had drawn knives silently put them away. 

Han Changsheng sat down with An Yuan at his side. 

Sighing, Yi Laosan said, "It's been more than ten years since the young master left. I don't know what happened in the Tiandao Prefecture, it's a long story."

In the past, the Tiandao Prefecture wasn't a rich place. However, because the Tianyuan Villa was inside it, those with evil intentions didn't dare strike out against them. So, the people of the Tiandao lived and worked in peace and contentment. As a result, when the Tianyuan Villa fell, the nearby bandits attacked. The Tiandao Prefecture had lost its protector, and become a prey to the strong, building to a scene of carnage. 

Those who lived there either died, escaped, or became bandits that declared themselves kings of the mountain. The fields were barren, the workshops were abandoned, and the Tiandao Prefecture was gradually reduced to its current shape. 

An Yuan's face was heavy, Han Changsheng could see his fist was tightly clenched. Finally, An Yuan asked, "Why are you in the villa?"

Yi Laosan blushed. "When the young master left, I was only a teenager. To survive, some of our brothers ran to the mountain to become bandits and created the Sun Gang. We steal from foreign travelers and protect our villagers. I failed to recognize you, and I offended both the young master and the young master's master."

"In fact," He went on, "I did come to recognize you last night. You haven't changed much since you were a child, but I wasn't sure. Today, you have found the villa, confirming my suspicion." 

Wiping away his tears, he added, "You're back, young master. I'm thrilled, but the villa has wasted away. Why did you return, young master?"

Hearing An Yuan's ident.i.ty, some of the bandits began to gather around them. Some of them even poured wine for them, while others went to get them some food. 

"I didn't expect you to be the villa leader, sorry for our offenses." The two others who attacked them came up to apologize, "No wonder you're so powerful. We failed to recognize such a familiar figure, haha. . ."

Taking the wine gla.s.s they offered him, Han Changsheng looked at An Yuan. The guy gave Yi Laosan silver, then let them go in the middle of the night after he was attacked.

 Was it out of kindness, or did he recognize Yi Laosan? If he's so kind-hearted, why does he always ask so much of me, his master? If he remembered Yi Laosan, then how much did he remember? Did he remember Li Jiulong?

One of the mountain bandits asked, "Young master, are you going to revitalize the Tianyuan Villa, now that you're back?"

Immediately, the other bandits turned to look at An Yuan, expectant. 

Most of them were locals who turned into bandits with the changing times. Some of the older people still remembered when the Tianyuan Villa was brilliant, and when the people of the Tiandao Prefecture lived and worked in peace and contentment. Though the young people didn't have many records, they had been told by the elders that the villa's leader was a good man. If the Tianyuan Mountain Villa was still cognizant, the prefecture would have never deteriorated as it did.

"Yi Laosan," Han Changsheng said, "Since you used to be the servant of the Tianyuan Villa, were you also in the villa when the old villa leader was killed?"

Yi Laosan nodded, remembering what happened fifteen years earlier. Gnashing his teeth, he said, "That d.a.m.ned devil cult. They were the ones who hurt our Tiandao Prefecture like this! I told my brothers that if we could recruit more men, we could venture to Xiushan together to avenge the old villa leader!"

Han Changsheng almost laughed. Those guys couldn't even master serious martial arts, and they wanted to fight the Tianning Cult?

An Yuan glanced at Han Changsheng. 

Hurrying to clean up, Han Changsheng asked, "Do you know what happened that day?"

Looking confused, Yi Laosan scratched his head. "Yes, everyone at the Tiandao Prefecture knows. The Tianning Cult came here because of their hatred for the old villa leader. They killed him and ransacked all the valuables in the villa."

Han Changsheng frowned. The villa leader's murder was even more unlike something that Tianning Cult would do. Although they killed people, they never stole valuables. The Tianning was never short of money. Besides, the Tiandao Prefecture was located in the western region, while Xiushan was in the northern region. Robbing a property so far away and carrying their goods back was not even close to cost-effective!

"Have you seen the people of the demonic cult with your own eyes?" An Yuan asked. 

Yi Laosan scratched his head again. "Yes. A dozen masked men drew their swords whenever they saw someone. Your maid hid you in the cupboard. That day I was so frightened that I hid under the table. That's how I escaped from death. They killed so many people!"

An Yuan frowned, lowering his head, trying to remember what happened. 

With a smile, Han Changsheng asked, "They covered their faces? A dozen of them?" 

When the old master took him on the trip, only three or four more people went with them. They were not mountain bandits. They never relied on numbers. 

However, he couldn't say much. It would arouse An Yuan's suspicion. 

"What's the matter?" Yi Laosan asked, "Young villa master, why do you ask about it?"

"Has the villa been renovated?" Han Changsheng asked. 

Yi Laosan shook his head. "No! The village was abandoned for several years. Later on, our brothers didn't have a foothold, so they came back here. Our brothers haven't touched anything inside."

A few people chattered some more, and soon it was dusk. 

To entertain An Yuan and Han Changsheng, several of the bandits prepared a table of wine and vegetables. Though they weren't rich, they were attentive.

An Yuan and Han Changsheng had been on the road for several days, and they'd hardly had even a few decent meals. They didn't refuse their good intentions. 

At the dinner table, Yi Laosan asked, "Young master, are you going to find the demonic cult since you're investigating the matter again?"

One bandits from the night before said, "The young villa leader and young villa leader's master are so skilled in martial arts, they can definitely bring the devil cult to an end!" 

Han Changsheng snorted. If only they knew their young villa leader's master was the leader of the demonic cult, they would p.i.s.s themselves in fear. 

An Yuan just said, "I was young when it happened, and I can't remember much. But, I came back to find out what happened in the past. If you want revenge, you must first understand the situation."

Several of the mountain bandits looked at each other, their faces written with disappointment.

"You don't have a plan to revive the Tianyuan Villa?" One asked, his voice low.

Another said, "Let's chase those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of the Evil Wing Gang out, somehow."

Yi Laosan glared at them, and they were silent in their anger. 

An Yuan frowned. "Evil Wind Gang?"

Several mountain bandits looked at each other. Finally, one of them said, "Young villa leader, the Evil Wind Gang is a nearby group of bandits. Since the Tianyuan Villa collapsed, the bandits and horse thieves invaded the Tiandao prefecture and made the people miserable, especially the Evil Wind Gang. They didn't just take our money, but our women and children, too. Though our brothers rob foreigners, they always protected the villagers, so we fight against the Evil Wind Gang as fiercely as we can."

Yi Laosan wanted to speak, but stopped, carefully observing An Yuan and Han Changsheng. An Yuan's face was expressionless, but Han Changsheng's face lacked interest. 

It was still more than two months before the Wulin conference. He was unsure they could find out what happened in the past before it came, and he was uninterested in meddling. 

This Evil Wind Gang had nothing to do with An Yuan's life back then. He didn't even want to stick a finger into the mess. He was afraid for his life, which could only change destiny at will. Because the original Li Jiulong died, things s...o...b..lled. Now, he really didn't want to get involved with anyone who didn't matter. 

Yi Laosan saw their unwillingness. The man who was busy talking scolded, "Where is the Evil Wind Gang? How can we let the young villa master get involved in danger?! It's getting late. The young villa leader and master Yue Peng should go have a rest first. We can continue this tomorrow?"

Han Changsheng answered, stood up from the table, and swaggered away. 

There were hundreds of people in the Tianyuan villa, so there were several houses. Yi Laosan arranged two empty rooms for them to stay in.  

It would be getting dark soon, but Han Changsheng didn't feel tired. Fifteen years ago, he knew something was wrong. Now, he was sure the Tianning didn't kill anyone. According to the other dogs, though, Huangfu Tugen was killed by the Tianning in their original life path. But, the young Han Changsheng changed it, because he threw such a tantrum that he changed their route, making them miss the Tianyuan Villa. 

Since that fate had changed, Huangfu Tugen should have lived well. How could he die? Was something wrong with the original life path, or did the murder have something to do with him? Did he change the murderer's life path, too? Wa.s.s that what this was all about?

But, how did he have such an ability when he was only five years old?

Han Changsheng shook his head and changed into his nightclothes. With a , he quietly slipped out. He needed to investigate what was wrong with the villa!

It was late at night, so the villa was quiet. An Yuan and the mountain bandits had already gone to sleep. Wandering towards the master's bedroom, Han Changsheng pushed open the door and walked in. This was where Huangfu lived. 

Igniting the lighter, Han Changsheng looked over everything. It was very messy. The desk was split in two; the cabinet had fallen, and there were black marks on the ground, which looked like very old blood streaks. Bending down, he touched them. The floor was thick with dust. No one had entered for many years. 

Setting the lighter aside, he began to search for clues, trying to find even the thinnest spider trail. 

Suddenly, a cold voice asked, "What are you looking for?"

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