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Chapter 32

Everyday I Get up to See the Villain Stealing the Show 32

Han Changsheng left Yuehua Mountain with An Yuan on his back .  

Looking up at the mountain, An Yuan asked, “Why don’t you take me up the mountain?”

Han Changsheng chose a remote path entirely out of the way for fear of running into people . He was worried the people of the sect would have already discovered them missing . And now, the Dog Lord lost his memory . He couldn’t possibly take him back to the Yuehua Sect without his ident.i.ty being exposed .

“There is no reason to go up the mountain?” He said, “Your friends and relatives aren’t on the hill . I’ll take you to look for them now . ”

An Yuan sneered, thinking Han Changsheng’s fib was pitiful . He was observant enough to know Han Changsheng was afraid of meeting the people on the mountain . They wore the same clothes, showing they were disciples of a sect . They were behind a mountain, and he was suggesting the people on the mountain had nothing to do with them . Even a seven-year-old wouldn’t believe it . However, An Yuan didn’t want to expose Han Changsheng’s lies just yet . He wanted to see what tricks the guy would play .  

Han Changsheng didn’t care if An Yuan could see through his lies . The most important thing was quickly pa.s.sing the hot potato, the Dog Lord, to the old man .  

Han Changsheng arrived at the pavilion at the foot of the Yuehua Mountain with An Yuan on his back . It was the same place where Han Changsheng met the strange old man and fought the Yunxiao Sect disciples . To his surprise, when they arrived, he saw a white-haired old man meditating, just like that day .  

The strange old man meditated in the pavilion every day? Was there something special about this place?

Han Changsheng took An Yuan inside, where a few people lingered . He wanted to put An Yuan in the pavilion, then buy two veiled hats and new clothes . Although he hated to admit it, An Yuan’s face was eye-catching . It wouldn’t be easy to handle his affairs in the disciples’ clothes . He had to change garb before he could take An Yuan away .

Stepping inside, Han Changsheng hoped the old man would keep to himself . He didn’t plan to have anything to do with him . As he approached, though, the old man opened his eyes and looked straight at him and An Yuan . Seeing the sword on his hip, his face changed .  

He was fierce, power was written into the lines of his face . Han Changsheng hesitated, then sat An Yuan down in a lotus position style . Pretending to be modest, he said, “This one greets this predecessor . We are disturbing the senior’s rest . I’m sorry, we will leave here soon . ”


The old man stared at him and said nothing .  

Thinking for a moment, Han Changsheng asked, “Does our predecessor know the whereabouts of the Old Man Xuanji?” He didn’t know where to look for this mysterious old man . He intended to inquire about the news along the way . Now that he met the old man, though, he spoke outright . He had lived for such a long time, he might know the whereabouts of the old man Xuanji .

The old man glared . “Did he tell you to come find me?”

It shocked Han Changsheng .  

Who is he? Wait! Find “me”? Could this be the old man?

Before he had time to question further, the old man made a move, attacking Han Changsheng with an eagle’s claw . Stunned, Han Changsheng dodged at the last minute and asked, “What are you doing?”

The old man didn’t speak . He aimed another claw at the black iron sword on Han Changsheng’s hip . Seeing that he wanted the sword, Han Changsheng pulled it from his waist and grasped it in his hand .  

Pressing forward, the old man attacked again and again . Han Changsheng had to struggle to counter him . He was so fierce that the cult leader had to fight back even if he didn’t want to . After two moves, he drew his sword out of its sheath and tried to repel him .  

Once the old man saw the sword, his offensive moves grew more and more fierce . It took every bit of Han Changsheng’s effort and concentration to fight back . The old man eyed his fighting style, growing more and more excited as they fought . His eyes shone .   

An Yuan, covered in injuries, sat off to the side, unable to intervene . He watched them dubiously . It was all he could do .  

Finally, the old man stepped back, ceasing the battle . “Good, good!”

Knowing he wasn’t his opponent, Han Changsheng dared not take advantage of the old man’s retreat . He frowned then stepped back . “What are you doing?”

The strange old man smiled but didn’t explain . He shot a dart Han Changsheng was too late to guard against . It hit right in his acupuncture point . Han Changsheng’s face shifted . He didn’t have time to ask again . The old man grabbed his collar and flew out . Han Changsheng saw only An Yuan’s face contorted in surprise, slipping further and further away from him . At last, he was out of sight .  

The two arrived at deserted woods, and the old man finally put Han Changsheng down and released his acupuncture points .  

The old man grabbed Han Changshen by his collar and dragged him up . Unable to breathe, he asked, “What are you doing?”

Smiling, the old man said, “How did you change your face from the previous time I saw you? I’ve seen you before, but it wasn’t this face . This visage is much better . ”

Han Changsheng was rightly shocked . He didn’t expect the old man to be so powerful, he could see his ease in a glance . He didn’t know that the man had become specialized in internal strength for several decades, nor that he had been trained to recognize their internal abilities . No matter what Han Changsheng was capable of, as long as he could see his breath, the old man could beat him .  

Seeing Han Changsheng’s look of surprise, the old man didn’t engage the topic . Instead, he asked, “What is your relationship with Lan Fang?”

At the man’s mention of Lan Fang, Han Changsheng stared blankly . He remembered how the old man stared at the saber at his waist and was frightened to realize it was the sword the elder Lan Fang gave him . After thinking about it, he replied honestly, “I am a disciple of Elder Lan Fang . ”

Startled, the old man said, “Sure enough . I only intended to test you and your swordsmanship . As expected, you have his style . I didn’t foresee him to accept a direct disciple, and he even pa.s.sed the Chanting Dragon sword to you . It seems he’s also getting old . ”

Han Changsheng looked on in amazement . Who was the old man? He was familiar with Elder Lan Fang . Was he the disciple brother who withdrew from the Yuehua Sect?

“After a blink of an eye, I’ve been fighting with him for a lifetime,” The old man ridiculed himself, “I was young and frivolous, I wanted to fight for the best in the world . I wanted nothing . I only knew how to train;  I almost went into Qi deviation . Deranged for decades .  

Nowadays, there are many talents in the world of martial arts, and few people remember how stubborn we are . I know the limit is near, and someday, I will reach it . I will fight for it . After a lifetime, it is just like this . There’s not a caring person around me . If I could have cherished the surrounding people, maybe I wouldn’t have so many regrets today . . . ”

Listening to him talking to himself, it confused Han Changsheng . “Are you looking for Elder Lan Fang?”

Sighing, the old man said, “I want to see him, but I don’t have the face to see him . ”

Han Changsheng’s mouth twitched . Why was this old fart being so awkward now?

Once, he shaved all the fur off one of Gu Mingxiao’s favorite cat’s b.u.t.ts . Gu Ming was so furious, he didn’t say a word to him for a month . He thickened his face and followed behind Gu Ming’s back, trying to earn back his favor by amusing him and slowly coaxed him out in this manner . What was having no face? His old face could still be worth a few coins .

Looking Han Changsheng up and down, the old man smiled, “It’s a great comfort to see his apprentice so prosperous . Look at you, look at your breath! You are only about twenty years old this year, yes? At that age, you are a hundred times more accomplished than we were . ”

Han Changsheng licked his lips . “That, you can’t . . . Are you the old man, Xuanji?”

Just as he heard the name, the old man took a seat, his time was limited . Was it true that . . . ?

The strange old man smiled and stroked his beard . “Isn’t the old man already answering you? I am an old man . ” 

Frowning, Han Changsheng was shocked .  f.u.c.k! He wasted so much effort, searched high and up everywhere! This old man was The mysterious old man?! He was Elder Lan Fang’s Shidi?! Han Changsheng thought he’d be harder to find, but that wasn’t the case . He just came down the mountain and found him immediately! Sometimes, the stinky G.o.ds weren’t reliable at all!

“You don’t look like you’re about to die!” Han Changsheng blurted out . The old man was full of spirit and internal strength . He thought the mysterious old man he was looking for would be weak, lying in wait for his end . How could this old man be almost dead ?!

The old man Xuanji shook his head . “If you know how to look at the breath, you will know I have little time left . When I was young, I was eager for quick success, and I strayed from the path . Now, my internal organs are already rotted . If not for this infuriating struggle, I would have kicked the bucket three or four days ago . ”

Han Changsheng unfathomably sized the old man up and down .

The mysterious old man went on . “When I face death, I looked back at the past and knew my mistake was outrageous . I care about it . I want that man to take a glimpse at my life . I had to beat him, I wasted my life . For those who care, who bother to fight one last breath, to accompany him, to be good to him, only these are true . Unfortunately, I only understood this just a little time before it was too late . ”

Cautiously, Han Changsheng said, “Then you came here . Do you want to see the Elder Lan Fang again?”

The old man Xuanji smiled and said, “I’ve thought about it, but then I got here . I didn’t want him to see me like this, and I didn’t want to incite any sentimentality . There is however; another reason . I have been practicing for decades, and I have a skill, but I do not have a disciple . I want to benefit future generations, but I don’t want to live my life . Since I had a relationship with the Yuehua Sect, I wanted to come back to pick a spiritual, intelligent disciple and pa.s.s on my internal strength . ”

Han Changsheng took a deep breath . From the beginning, he knew something was wrong, and finally realized it . This guy was the mysterious old man . According to the fate written for Xianjun, the mysterious old man will pa.s.s all his internal force to An Yuan before he died . This was a turning point in An Yuan’s life! However, the old man had not given  An Yuan even a glance! It was as if he didn’t know him! What was going on?!

Old man Xuanji looked at Han Changsheng, his gaze fixed . “I stayed here for a few days, under the Yuehua Sect . I met a few of the disciples and went down the mountain . I’ve seen almost all the young disciples . Among your generation, only you and the child with you today are superior in talent and have won my heart . On that day, when both of you were far away . I prefer more on the child . He is more stable than you, but when you stepped out for this old man and taught those few brats who don’t know how to behave a lesson . This old man feels that he appreciates your hot-bloodedness . ”

Han Changsheng’s jaw hit the ground .  

No, this is too big of a misunderstanding! I didn’t try to save you . Can you not be so pa.s.sionate?!

“Today, I know that you’re a direct disciple of Lan Fang,” the old man said, “I am more convinced that I have not read the wrong person . I always had a regret in this life, that I should not have argued with Lan Fang . Now, you have him . The foreign swordsmanship method . I will tell you that my internal force is pa.s.sed on to you, and I can make up for this regret . ” 

Scared and retreated, Han Changsheng said, “I don’t . . . wait . . . ”

Without waiting for Han Changsheng to finish the refusal, old man Xuanji pressed his shoulders and pointed his fingers along with several of his acupuncture points . Han Changsheng’s legs went soft, he fell to the ground . The mysterious old man pulled his shoulders together, adjusted his posture, and sat down behind him .  

The warm, internal force was slowly introduced into Han Changsheng’s body .  

Ten thousand words all poured into Han Changsheng’s mind at the same time . He didn’t know how to tuck himself away from all the sentences . However, the constant influx of internal forces made his limbs grow more comfortable, and slowly, he relaxed .

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