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With the support of the pillar, the short one with a pockmarked face rose. He hadn't faced a loss like this since he descended the mountain. The Yuehua Sect sent down a child to attack him. He would make them pay ten times the price for the indignation! He pulled out his sword and pointed it at Han Changsheng. "You're seeking death!" 

Han Changsheng sneered, itching for a fight. Bring one? Break one. Bring a pair? Fold a pair!

An Yuan frowned, "Wait, don't do it!"

Although the two weren't too strong to fight, they were all martial artists. It was best to solve problems amicably. If the situation got too ugly and they fought with swords, someone might get killed. Everything would be even more challenging to resolve, then. 

“Oh…” The old man at the entrance of the pavilion stretched his back. Opening his eyes, he said, “What's the matter? Being so noisy, disturbing an old man's nap?”

Shocked the old man was alive, Han Changsheng's wide eyes looked him up and down. By only the sound of the man's rich voice, Han Changsheng knew he was powerful.

"Ah!” A Yuehua disciple gasped, “You, you aren't dead!”

An Yuan turned back and frowned at the disciple. “Unbelievable!”

The disciple bowed his head. “I'm sorry. . . I didn't mean to offend, I was just scared.”

The short one from the Yunxiao Sect was not well-practiced. Since he was quick to attack, he didn't recognize the difference between a wise old man and a beggar. He swore, “Smelly old man, go away, or I'll split you in half! "

The old man slowly stood. When he was halfway up, he beat himself on the hip, saying, “Ai yo, I'm old, not about to die. I didn't get enough sleep, so I'm tired. My old hip. . .”

The one with freckles saw the old man wasn't in a hurry. He couldn't help his blind fury and stabbed Han Changsheng. He didn't care if he hurt the old man or not. He didn't know how to appreciate a favor!

Han Changsheng coldly watched the sword advance, planning to dodge. The old man's arm casually flicked out, and the sword bounced against his finger.

Han Changsheng didn't move, but the sword didn't hit him. The blade broke and buried into a stone pillar of the pavilion.

The short man stared at the sword incredulously.

Cool air whistled by. Everyone froze. 

Han Changsheng saw it the clearest. The old man broke the sword with his internal force. He was powerful, and Han Changsheng was afraid he was even more skilled than Lu Baibi. He had yet to use his full strength. 

The short man tossed aside the broken sword. “You, you, you! Who are you?!”

The old man smiled. “My name isn't important. What's important is that this old man is old. There are not many days to get better. Based on your reputation, I don't know if anything will remain in the world for future generations.”

The short guy didn't understand what he was talking about, but having broken his sword, it was clear enough. He was no opponent for the old man. He moved along the edge of the pavilion, looking warily at Han Changsheng and the old man for fear they would start again. However, the old man did not take the initiative to attack. Han Changsheng was anxious to look at the old man and had lost interest in the short guy.

The short guy lifted the tall one from the ground and ran out of the pavilion. The Yuehua Sect disciples raised their eyebrows but had no plan to pursue them. 

Over his shoulder, the short man called, “Wait and see! I'll get revenge for today!”

The old man twitched, and the short guy finally fled.

The old man sat again in his spot and closed his eyes.

Han Changsheng frowned and circled around him. “Who are you?” 

With the old man's skill in Kung Fu, he had to be someone famous. All the famous old guys were genuine because they had a lifetime of practice. At a certain age, it was easy to mix up who was famous for what. If he could act out a few more Kung Fu moves, Han Changsheng could roughly guess his ident.i.ty. Unfortunately, the short guy was too weak, and the old man finished him with a single finger, not letting him display his abilities.

The old man didn't move. He didn't answer.

Han Changsheng turned his attention to An Yuan, hoping that he could give an answer, but An Yuan's face was the same.

He had never seen the old man before. Nothing he wore indicated his Sect.

Han Changsheng circled the old man two more times. The man was like a living fossil, his chest didn't even move to breathe. Han Changsheng put his fingers under the old man's nose and wondered, “Are you practicing meditation?”

Rushing forward, An Yuan pulled Han Changsheng away. “Da Shixiong, don't be rude.”

Han Changsheng's lips twitched, but he pretended to follow the order. “Yes, yes, Shidi is right. "

An Yuan observed the man for a while, seeing that he didn't seem to be disturbed. He said, “I am the Er Shixiong of Yuehua, Huangfu Fengxuan Xichen. This is my Da Shixiong, Li Jiulong, and everyone else is our Shidi, Jin Chen, Wan Yi, and Lu Ren. We were very troublesome and disturbed your rest, but we thank you for helping us.”

Han Changsheng hid behind An Yuan and made a face. Who wanted the old guy's help? If he hadn't helped, that would've been the day two Yunxiao disciples died without heirs.

When An Yuan turned back, Han Changsheng composed himself and clasped his fist elegantly, “Thank you, senior.”

An Yuan said, "We will not disturb the rest of the senior. We will leave.”

Though Han Changsheng was curious about the old man, he had to go.

They walked a few paces before the old man spoke, “Little guy, thank you for your kindness today. I'm sure we'll meet again someday!”

Han Changsheng turned back in surprise but saw the old man had disappeared. They could still hear his voice, but the man had already left. He used his internal skill to transmit his voice, a skill only Luo Xin from the Tianning could use. 

“That old man was amazing!” Lu Ren said.

 “If only I could be as good as him.” Wan Yi agreed.

“That's right, that's right!” Jin Chen nodded, having learned a few tricks from the old man. "Do you think I can get that good in my lifetime?”

Wan Yi whispered: “I think he was better than the Sect Head and several of the Elders. I wonder how he compares with Elder Lan Fang?”

An Yuan looked at them.

The three disciples fell silent, not daring to speak again. Since the old man could speak using only the internal sound to convey his voice, it was obvious how powerful he was. For all they knew, he could still be listening. It was disrespectful to let him hear the younger generations talk about him that way. Moreover, Elder Lan Fang was an Elder of Yuehua Sect. It wasn't right for disciples to compare their elders with outsiders.

Han Changsheng frowned. Before he met the Dog Lord, he didn't know much about the Yuehua Sect. There were several sects, and not many were worthy of his attention. He only learned about the characters in the Yuehua Sect from the Black and White Impermanence's introduction and during his time with them. The Elder Lan Fang, he hadn't come across during his stay. He'd spent almost half a month there, but all he knew were the tales other disciples told about him. Presumably, he was extraordinary.

“Huangfu Shidi.” Han Changsheng said, “Elder Lan Fang and the old. . . old man just now, who is more powerful?”

An Yuan looked helplessly at Han Changsheng.

“Da Shixiong, why are you. . .” An Yuan paused and shook his head. “I don't know. Lan Fang has been cultivating in seclusion for ten years. I have never seen him. I only heard that he made Eight Eccentrics from the north of the river surrender in five moves. I don't know how powerful he is.”

Han Changsheng was suspicious. The Yuehua Sect, the d.a.m.n place, could hide such an extraordinary person? Could it be a bluff? The Black and White Impermanence didn't mention the Elder Lan Fang, so there was a chance Han Changsheng wouldn't have contact with him. Still, he didn't dare ask too much. He might reveal his true nature if he wasn't careful.

Not long after the disciples went up the mountain, the heads of the Yuehua Sect began practice. The disciples dared not disturb them. They were tired, and everyone went back to their rooms to rest.

Han Changsheng returned to his room. Although he had no sleep the night before, he wasn't tired. There was only half a month left before the mysterious old man's death. The explanation the Black and White Impermanence gave wasn't detailed. They only said that, according to his original life, An Yuan would be expelled from the sect and encounter the mysterious old man. The mysterious old man would pa.s.s on all his skills to him. But, where was the mysterious old man? It would take a few days for An Yuan to find him. Han Changsheng didn't know how long he had to finish his task.

“Smelly Dog Lord? d.a.m.n Impermanence?” Han Changsheng attempted to call out to them, but nothing happened.

The Black and White Impermanence hadn't appeared in a few days. Han Changsheng was confused, he didn't know what to do.

“Motherf.u.c.ker!” Han Changsheng swore, “You can't count on any G.o.d! Laozi still has to rely on himself! "

How? He had to trick An Yuan into trusting him, then trick him into doing something against the rules.

Han Changsheng sighed and took out a small mirror to mend his makeup. He sprayed on a special perfume made by Du Yuefei then went to find An Yuan.

Translator(s): Empress
Editor(s): Teo, Dark, Bet

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