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Chapter 532: The Divine Tree Breaks

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“General’s whereabouts are elusive. How can I monitor him?”

“It’s fine. Report whatever you know.”

“That’s it?”

“No. I still have many questions that 1 need you to answer.”

Lin Mo was silent for a moment before nodding slowly. “However, I also have a question that I want you to answer. Otherwise, I’ll immediately report it to the General.”

“Ask away.”

“How did you know so much about me?!”

Lin Yan paused for a moment before smiling faintly. “Because 1 know your son!”

Lin Mo’s pupils constricted again.

“Do you still remember what 1 said before? There was an invasion of the Chaotic Fog in Ding’an City, and the Dark Shadow Demon Skin wreaked havoc, right?”

“Weren’t you testing me?”

“It’s true!”

Lin Mo suddenly held his breath and his body swayed slightly, as if he had suffered a huge blow. “He, he’s dead?”

“Your son? He isn’t!” Lin Yan fabricated the lie he had long thought of. “Because I saved them!”

Lin Mo’s body suddenly relaxed, and his eyes revealed a rare strong emotion as he looked at Lin Yan with a complicated expression.

He didn’t doubt it because there was no need for the dignified Starry Stranger to lie to him.

“I saved them. You’re wrong about one thing. Your daughter is indeed the seventh cyborg!”

“This, this… She’s the Demon Tree’s daughter, not mine.”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrows. “Then why did you send her out back then?”

“I’ve said it before. That was a decision 1 made when my spirituality was in chaos. She’s an inanimate object, not a living person. Besides, I’m not Lin Mo…” Lin Yan’s expression froze slightly. When he thought of Xiaozhi’s adorable appearance, his heart ached.

From the moment she was born, she had been used as a tool. Now, her nominal father thought that she was not a living person, but she was clearly just a child who was ignorant of the world.

The real Lin Mo couldn’t say such things.

Lin Yan confirmed again that the person in front of him was not his father. At most, he was just Lin Mo’s shadow.

He restrained his emotions and said in a low voice, “1 happen to have a lot of questions for you. Let’s talk about the Divine Tree you mentioned just now.”

After a while, Lin Yan pushed the door open and walked out of the wooden house, deep in thought.

This Divine Tree was also Zhao Pan’s masterpiece. He had used his ident.i.ty as a Divine General to cut off a portion of the Green G.o.d’s branches and nurture this Divine Tree. Lin Yan reckoned that he must have referenced the way the Spirit G.o.d a.s.sociation nurtured the Green G.o.d in the past.

Of course, because he wanted to obtain enough energy and nutrition, this Divine Tree had only begun to be planted after he found the corpse of the Dharma Realm and carried out the human demon valley plan.

The purpose of planting the Divine Tree was naturally to find the weakness of the Green G.o.d. Many cyborgs, including Xiaozhi, began to be experimented on one by one from then on. It was only in the past ten years that they succeeded one after another.

In fact, there were many cyborgs like Xiaozhi. Most of them died on the spot. Some of them did not die for a while, but they would still die in a few days.

Xiaozhi was actually the only one who was secretly sent out.

As for Lin Mo, he was completely lucky. After becoming a seedling, he was accidentally chosen by Zhao Pan and transformed into a Puppet Person. Then, for various reasons, he gradually became Zhao Pan’s right-hand man.

Speaking of which, Lin Yan also obtained another unexpected piece of news from Lin Mo.

That was the G.o.d Slaying Sect!

The G.o.d Slaying Sect was actually related to Zhao Pan!

The founders of the three Venerables were all disciples that Zhao Pan had secretly taken in!

The entire G.o.d Slaying Sect was only established under Zhao Pan’s instructions. Its main purpose was to help him collect the Blood Puppet Wood produced by the Dingdeng Battle at the beginning. Now, it seemed that the founders of the three Venerables had begun to comply with Zhao Pan on the surface but have other thoughts.

The reason why Lin Mo was so clear was that he was in charge of communicating with the G.o.d Slaying Sect.

He had also confirmed that the Dafeng Kingdom only had less than one-tenth of the population on the entire planet. The other nine-tenths were scattered all over the surface of the planet. Some were big and some were small. The big ones had established countries, and the small ones only had tribes. There were as many as stars.

They were separated by the Chaotic Fog and were in a state of disunity. The Dafeng Kingdom was only one of them.

Lin Yan asked many questions and felt that for the first time, he had a clear understanding of this planet.

After leaving the wooden house, he was about to go down the branch of the Divine Tree when there was a sudden tremor. Lin Yan’s spiritual power seeped out and he tied himself to the Divine Tree to maintain his balance.

The entire Divine Tree suddenly began to twist slightly. A huge whip-like branch suddenly twitched, suddenly stood up, and fell from high, whipping the straight tree trunk!

The surface of its branches emitted a hazy halo at all times. After slapping down, it actually produced an extremely intense vibration, as if it had penetrated the entire Divine Tree, erupting with deafening sounds.

“This is the Divine Tree cleaning up the invading mutant creatures.”

Lin Mo also sensed the vibration and came out of the wooden house.

“This corpse will infect many strange creatures that enter the Divine Tree to devour it. The Divine Tree will wave its branches and whip them to death as its nourishment. It will calm down after a while.”

Lin Yan was slightly shocked. Could it be his G.o.d Dwelling Insect that had crawled in?!

After sensing it, his expression became a little strange. The G.o.d Dwelling Insect had indeed entered the Divine Tree!

It was not enough for it to gnaw on the corpse of a Dharma Realm cultivator. It actually discovered this Divine Tree and boldly crawled in through the roots!

However, his expression was strange. The place where the Divine Tree hit was not where the G.o.d Dwelling Insect was. Could it be that something else had invaded the Divine Tree?

Then, under Lin Mo’s increasingly suspicious and strange gaze, the Divine Tree shook more and more violently.

Originally, it was just one branch whipping, but it slowly turned into two or three. Then, all the branches stood up at the same time and whipped its body continuously like a storm!

It forced Lin Yan and Lin Mo to go underground to prevent themselves from being affected by the Divine Tree’s attack.

“That’s impossible. Usually, one whip can kill an intruder. Why is it taking so long now…”

Lin Yan’s expression became even stranger.

Without a doubt, this was definitely the doing of the G.o.d Dwelling Insect!

He could sense the location of the G.o.d Dwelling Insect. In his perception, the G.o.d Dwelling Insect was constantly moving up and down inside the Divine Tree. Every time it pa.s.sed by a place, not long after, the Divine Tree’s whip would land there!

It was obvious that the Divine Tree could not find the location of the G.o.d Dwelling Insect!

Only after the G.o.d Dwelling Insect had devoured it and left would the Divine Tree discover where it had been devoured!

Of course, under the indiscriminate bombardment, the Divine Tree also hit the G.o.d Dwelling Insect several times. Lin Yan was even shocked.

However, the G.o.d Dwelling Insect in his perception only shook its body and continued to burrow back and forth in the Divine Tree as if it was completely fine!

And it was getting faster and faster!

After a while, Lin Yan and Lin Mo had already retreated to the edge of the island because the roots of the entire Divine Tree were raised like a ball of crazy hair twisting!

It had clearly suffered a great deal of damage. Its entire body was covered in that misty halo, but it was actually unable to do anything to the G.o.d Dwelling Insect!

“What’s going on? What’s going on…”

Lin Mo was at a loss and fl.u.s.tered. In the next moment, he was even more shocked.

The Divine Tree was broken from the center!

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