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Chapter 518: Divine General Pan

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

However, that shock and horror only lingered on Lin Mo’s face for a moment. In the next moment, he immediately regained his expressionless face and looked up at the True Buddha. “Who are you? How do you know the name Lin Mo!”

“Not only do I know that your name is Lin Mo, but 1 also know that you have a daughter and a son!” Lin Yan deliberately revealed a threatening tone.

The coldness on Lin Mo’s face intensified, and there was even a hint of mockery. “Who do you belong to? Divine General She? Or Divine General Feng?

“Huh? You don’t even know the t.i.tle of the Divine General? How dare you provoke me!

“Why? i was personally chosen by Divine General Pan to become his personal guard, making you servants envious and jealous? You want to threaten me with the past of my previous body?”

The more he spoke, the colder his eyes became. “How arrogant! I was personally transformed by the Divine General Pan. How can I still have the weak humanity of my previous body? Kneel and kowtow. Perhaps I can forgive you for disrespecting the Divine General!”

Lin Mo had clearly misunderstood something. He mistook Lin Yan for a subordinate of the other Divine Generals or another sixteen-armed Holy Buddha. He questioned him sternly.

However, the more excited and indignant Lin Mo was, the more Lin Yan felt that there was something wrong with him. Especially the moment Lin Yan called out his name, his expression was clearly extremely instinctively shocked.

Hence, Lin Yan simply took advantage of the situation and acknowledged Lin Mo’s a.s.sumed ident.i.ty. He continued, “A mere ant dares to compare himself to us G.o.d’s Favored? Not only do I know that you have a son, but I also know your son’s name and where he lives! In a few days, I’ll make a trip to Qianyuan Prefecture’s Ding’an City! Let’s see if you’re still so unyielding!”

Lin Mo was expressionless and looked unmoved. “Ding’an City of the Qianyuan Prefecture… Interesting. This is the first time I’ve encountered a servant who knows so much about an ant kingdom.

“How dare a mere servant threaten a Divine General’s envoy? I think you’re really tired of living.

“Up to you. I don’t care what you want to do before you die, but you have to leave behind what the Divine General wants first!”

Lin Yan stared at Lin Mo. He really didn’t seem to care.

“What does the Divine General want?”

“Where’s that chaotic spiritual body?!”

“I’ve devoured it! What do you want? I’ll take it out and give it to you.”

“Devoured it?” Lin Mo frowned and looked deeply at the artificial True Buddha’s body. “What the Divine General needs is in the deepest part of that chaotic body!”

‘The deepest part?’

However, when he used the Heavenly Eight Dragons Array just now, he did not sense anything in the body of the Ten-Ten-Thousand-Buddha Monster.

Could it have been directly obliterated and devoured by the Heavenly Eight Dragons Array?

Suddenly, Gu Yun used his Mind Connection Technique to transmit a weak mental fluctuation.

“The thing he said is on the head, right below my body… Don’t give it to him, don’t give it to him…”

Lin Yan’s heart skipped a beat, but he could not sense the thing Gu Yun was talking about. He could only move his body quickly. Soon, he arrived below Gu Yun and sank.

“There’s really something…”

The artificial True Buddha was already a pure body of flesh and blood. There was a piece of jade that was about a meter long, crystal clear, and ordinary. It was embedded in the True Buddha’s flesh and blood, as if it had fused with it.

Most importantly, with the help of the Maha Infinity Body, Lin Yan’s perception of the True Buddha was already extremely meticulous. However, he still couldn’t sense it just now, as if it didn’t exist.

This was enough to show how magical this thing was.

“However, 1 seem to have seen something similar before… In the body of the Turtle Spirit Holy Mother, the place where 1 obtained the inheritance of the Three Dominations, there was also a similar jade stone!”

The inheritance jade of the Turtle Spirit Holy Mother was shorter and smaller than the one in front of him. It was said that the inheritance jade came from the terrifying expert she had glimpsed in the illusion. It was an item from the outer s.p.a.ce.

Could it be that the jade stone in the Ten-Ten-Thousand-Buddha Monster’s body, or rather, the original Demon G.o.d’s body, also came from the outer s.p.a.ce?

After experiencing the spiritual mutation and being devoured by the Heavenly Eight Dragons Array, this jade stone was completely unharmed. There must be something magical about it.

Lin Yan’s consciousness returned to the artificial True Buddha and he realized that Lin Mo was standing there quietly. He had two human eyes and a vertical pupil that stared at the True Buddha’s body without blinking. His expression was inexplicably strange.

He was in no hurry at all.

“Are you stalling for time?!”

Lin Yan had already guessed it.

Lin Mo remained calm. “Why am I delaying? Have you found the item that the Divine General needs? Hand it over quickly!”

Lin Yan was about to say a few more words when his body suddenly stopped. His huge body suddenly stood up and looked out into the distance.

An oppressive aura came from the depths of the Chaotic Fog and approached rapidly.

At the same time, the ground began to shake with that aura. The commotion became louder and louder. In the end, it expanded to the entire area, as if the ground was trembling with it.

Suddenly, Lin Mo jumped up from Lin Yan’s palm. Like a bolt of lightning, he tore through the air and fled far away, converging with the approaching aura.

It wasn’t that Lin Yan couldn’t stop him, but he didn’t do so. It was obvious that Lin Mo was stalling for time for that terrifying aura to arrive. If nothing unexpected happened, the person who came was the Sixth Divine General by the name of Pan he mentioned.

He also wanted to use his Treasure Image-like body to fight the Divine General.

“Father, oh father, do you still have some of your past humanity?”

In the face of his question, the man did not react. It could be said that Lin Mo had lost his humanity. It could also be said that he was waiting for Divine General Pan to arrive and kill him to silence him.

Lin Yan still had some hope. The most important reason was that Lin Mo had someone send Xiaozhi over!

If he didn’t have some humanity, why would he send Xiaozhi over?

Lin Mo had already flown far away when he suddenly heard a mental fluctuation specially targeted at him from behind, enveloping him.

“I forgot to tell you that Ding’an City of the Qianyuan Prefecture has long been covered by the Chaotic Fog. The Dark Shadow Demon Skin is wreaking havoc. I’m afraid no one will survive!”

Lin Mo’s figure did not seem to have any reaction. He continued to move in the direction of the fluctuation, even faster.

The terrifying aura finally arrived. It was not flying in the air, but running along the ground!

A humanoid figure that was more than ten meters tall broke through the Chaotic Fog. It took a step forward and leaped high, landing in front of Lin Mo.

It was roughly in human form, and its ratio was not human. However, it also had hands and feet. Its head had a square blunt horn, and its hands and feet were long.

Furthermore, the surface of its body was covered in a silver metallic color, like a metal man. It did not look like it was made of flesh and blood at all.

It was more than ten meters tall and weighed a lot. Just standing on the ground cracked it.

Behind him was a trail of cracks. It seemed that because it was too heavy, it could not simply fly. Instead, it ran over from the ground.

He was as firm as a rock. No wonder he was called Divine General Pan.

Lin Mo stopped in his tracks and knelt on the ground. “General.”

“Where’s the thing?” A mouth opened on the completely sealed metal human head like liquid, emitting a sound so low that it was impossible for humans to make.

“Forgive me, General. Someone interfered halfway and devoured that person’s corpse monster, transforming it into this Buddhist slave.” Lin Mo turned to point at Lin Yan with an inexplicable gaze.

Before the Metal Divine General Pan could speak, a hundred-meter-long pitch-black blade suddenly tore through the air and slashed down like a mountain.. It slashed down at the Divine General’s head!

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