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Chapter 1018: Tyrannical Counter Kill

“Five Element Rebirth!”

The five executed a special kill move. Energies from five elements were fused and formed a five-colored whirlpool, enveloping Li Fuchen.

It was obvious that the five of them were planning to slowly exhaust Li Fuchen’s energy.

“If it was in the past, I wouldn’t have been able to break out of this primal five element spatial zone. It is a pity that I am unlike before.”

Li Fuchen had a flash of thought. Huge amounts of sword dao energy were gathered on the tip of the Primary Extreme Sword. Subsequently, Li Fuchen stepped forward and thrust.


The five color whirlpool was punctured along with the primal five element spatial zone. A fist-sized sword puncture appeared in front of Li Fuchen.


Li Fuchen exited the primal five element spatial zone.

“Impossible!” The Turbid Water Dao Progenitor and the group were dumbfounded.

Li Fuchen merely relied on the sword move to break the primal five element spatial zone. Back then, not even the Seven Decimation Saber Progenitor could do it.

The Blood Hand Group wouldn’t have known that Li Fuchen’s Sword Qi Origin Return had reached an unbelievable level.

Before Li Fuchen comprehended the sword dao universe, he was already able to connect with the sword dao source. Now that his sword dao proficiency was at the next level, the Sword Qi Origin Return could pierce through any obstacle and return back to origin.

The Five Element Absolute Heaven Formation was incredible, but in Li Fuchen’s opinion, it wasn’t possible to trap him.


Once the Five Element Absolute Heaven Formation was broken, the five didn’t think they had any other ways to deal with Li Fuchen. Staying behind would only be waiting for Li Fuchen to defeat them.

“Do you people think that only you have trapping methods?”


Overflowing sword dao law started to extend out with Li Fuchen at the center. The rest of the universe law had been repelled.

However, this place was the Land of Inception, therefore, it wasn’t so easy to repel the universe law. As such, the sword dao universe’s range was lessened several times as compared to the outside world.

“Sword dao universe?” The Turbid Water Dao Progenitor’s expression changed.

When fighting against Li Fuchen in the sword dao universe, it was the same to fight against them inside the primal five element spatial zone. There would be no way to replenish one’s energy and their combat strength wouldn’t be enhanced by the universe law.

However, the sword dao universe couldn’t restrict movements and they could leave as they pleased.

“Sword Lock Universe.”

But right at this moment, Li Fuchen executed his secret technique, the Sword Lock Universe.


The five of them felt as though they had hit a wall and bounced back.

“My Sword Lock Universe is originally meant to trap powerful unparalleled lords. With the boost from the sword dao universe, pinnacle unparalleled lords could also be trapped. How will you escape?” Li Fuchen looked down at the Blood Hand Group.

“Primary Extreme Lord, this place is the Land of Inception and time is precious here. To kill five of us, it will definitely take a long time. It wouldn’t be worth it for you.” The Turbid Water Dao Progenitor said calmly.

“It is fine as long as I feel it is worth it.”

Li Fuchen was very interested in the Blood Hand Group’s wealth. They had been wreaking havoc in the universe for so many years. Their total wealth was definitely comparable to a pinnacle unparalleled lord.

“Go all-out against him!” The Fire Dragon Lord King roared with wrath.

“Since that is the case, I would like to see how you will kill us.” The Turbid Water Dao Progenitor used the Five Element Absolute Heaven Stone to form the battle formation again.

Only by using the Five Element Absolute Heaven Formation, they would then be qualified to battle with Li Fuchen, otherwise, they would only be on the receiving end of the attacks.

It was unfortunate that their Five Element Absolute Heaven Formation couldn’t even be established in the sword dao universe. Before it could take form, it would immediately collapse.

“Origin Return Sword Phase.”

Li Fuchen burst out with his kill move at the weakest of the five, the Quake Move Lord.


The Quake Move Lord felt as though he was like a sack that had been sent flying. His body was also pierced with multiple b.l.o.o.d.y punctures.

“Not good, he is actually exhausting so much of my energy.” The Quake Move Lord sensed the drop in his energy and was immediately terrified.

“Turbid Water Dao Progenitor, hurry up and save me! This Primary Extreme Lord will only need 10,000 swords to kill me!”

10,000 swords might seem a lot, but for lords, 10,000 swords would take just a short moment.

“How is it possible? 10,000 swords to kill you?” The rest were terrified too.

They were all unparalleled lords, not pinnacle lords or superior lords. Being killed in 10,000 swords was a little too exaggerating.

“After severing your connection with the universe source, it is too easy to kill you.”

It was difficult for a lord to kill one another because lords could replenish energy from the universe source. But once the connection with the universe source was severed, it would be 1000 times or 10,000 times easier to kill a lord. After all, no amount of energy capacity would be enough.

Of course, this was the Land of Inception. Even without severing the connection with the universe source, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have a hard time trying to kill them. The prerequisite was to trap them first.

100 swords, 1000 swords.

Li Fuchen was brandishing his sword with extreme speed. The Quake Move Lord’s body was like a beehive and was spraying blood all over.

“Primary Extreme Lord, stop!” The Turbid Water Dao Progenitor and the others frenziedly stop Li Fuchen.

The five of them benefited and lost together. If the Quake Move Lord died, it would be their turn and they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

It was unfortunate that this was Li Fuchen’s sword dao universe. Li Fuchen could dodge their attacks with ease and if he couldn’t dodge it, he would use his body to forcefully receive the attacks. In any case, they couldn’t break his Calamity Immortal Body either.

2000 swords, 3000 swords…

As time elapsed, the Quake Move Lord’s qi presence got weaker.

“Rock Guard!”

The Quake Move Lord threw a defense cardinal artifact and it turned into a stone figure to protect him.


The stone figure immediately shattered as it couldn’t even block a single attack from Li Fuchen.

During this period of time, the Quake Move Lord had used several defense cardinal artifacts, but none of them were effective.

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, only tier 7 extreme-grade defense cardinal artifacts would be able to stall him for a moment.

8000 swords, 9000 swords, 9800 swords…


The moment the Quake Move Lord let out an angered roar of unwillingness, his energy had been depleted. His body was turned into ashes and his spatial ring landed on Li Fuchen’s hand.

“You are next.” Li Fuchen looked at the Bloodwood Lord.

The Quake Move Lord and the Bloodwood Lord were the weakest in the group. They were below the top 500 on the Lord Rankings.

Perhaps, it was due to the cultivation in wood dao, the Bloodwood Lord had almost the same energy capacity as the Quake Move Lord. However, his vitality was much more than the Quake Move Lord. Li Fuchen used nearly 20,000 swords before killing the Bloodwood Lord.

“It is your turn now.” Li Fuchen looked at the Fire Dragon Lord King next.

The Turbid Water Dao Progenitor knew that their chances of survival weren’t high. They were all growing more insane, but of course, their attacks were targeted at Li Fuchen, it was toward the Sword Lock Universe. As long as they could break the Sword Lock Universe, they would be able to escape from death.

The Fire Dragon Lord King wasn’t just superior in strength, his energy capacity and vitality were far beyond the Quake Move Lord and Bloodwood Lord.

The dragon race had always been famed for their abundance in energy and vitality. They were known as one of the strongest among the demonic beast races.

After using 200,000 swords, the Fire Dragon Lord King finally perished.

Finally, the Golden Clothed Dao Lord and the Turbid Water Dao Progenitor were left.

On the Lord Rankings, the Golden Clothed Dao Lord was ranked over 200 while the Turbid Water Dao Progenitor was ranked over 100. They were both powerful unparalleled lords.

“Primary Extreme Lord, I am willing to be your servant, please spare my life.” The Golden Clothed Dao Lord submitted. It was better to live a cheap life than to die as he hadn’t lived enough.

“Your strength is competent, but I don’t need you.”

It was indeed good to have a powerful unparalleled lord as an a.s.sistant, but Li Fuchen didn’t need it. He believed that his werewolf incarnation would become an unparalleled lord soon and his werewolf incarnation had utmost loyalty, while the Golden Clothed Dao Lord might not have such loyalty.

“I don’t believe that you have that much energy to use.” The Golden Clothed Dao Lord started to clash with Li Fuchen.

Energy consumption was split into three types. The first type was energy output for attacks, the second type was energy being destroyed when receiving attacks, the third type was energy consumed when healing injuries.

Li Fuchen was the attacker and his energy had been constantly consumed. The consumption might not be huge, but it was definitely significant. The Golden Clothed Dao Lord’s idea was to persevere until Li Fuchen’s energy was depleted.

10,000 swords.

100,000 swords.

1 million swords.

The Golden Clothed Dao Lord had extreme defense causing most of Li Fuchen’s attack energy to be dispersed.

But after 1.5 million swords, the Golden Clothed Dao Lord’s energy was still depleted.

“I cannot accept this!” The Golden Clothed Dao Lord turned into golden ashes and was scattered.

“You are the only one left.” Li Fuchen looked at the Turbid Water Dao Progenitor.

“Come then!” The Turbid Water Dao Progenitor was much calmer than the rest. He knew that it was useless to go into a frenzy.

Boom Boom Boom…

Waves of turbid water revolved around the Turbid Water Dao Progenitor. The turbid waves dispersed most of the attack energy and also consumed plenty of Li Fuchen’s energy.

“It is useless, Infinite Sword Body.”

Li Fuchen’s energy was still ample. The most important factor was the sword dao universe, where he could extract sword dao source to replenish his energy. It might not be comparable with the outside world, but it was good enough. Therefore, this small amount of energy consumption could be ignored.

With an energy burst of 20 times, Li Fuchen’s sword move became extremely ferocious. It was like multiple vicious dragons that dove into the turbid waves, smashing into the Turbid Water Dao Progenitor’s body.

“Five Element Absolute Heaven Stone, protection!”

The Five Element Absolute Heaven Stone was a low-grade universe treasure after all. Apart from setting up the Five Element Absolute Heaven Formation, it could also activate the primal five element source inside to form a shield.

But the Turbid Water Dao Progenitor knew that it could only be used to protect a single person. When protecting more people, the shield’s toughness would drop drastically, making it useless.

Bang Bang Bang…

The shield seemed like a five-colored eggsh.e.l.l that easily blocked Li Fuchen’s sword move.

“Cardinal artifact? Or universe treasure?” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

There weren’t many cardinal artifacts that could easily block his attacks. It had to be at least a tier 7 extreme-grade defense cardinal artifact, otherwise, it could only be a universe treasure.

Low-grade universe treasures were ultimately low-grade and couldn’t block Li Fuchen’s attacks for a long time.


The five-colored eggsh.e.l.l shattered and Li Fuchen’s sword light engulfed the Turbid Water Dao Progenitor again.

1 million swords, 2 million swords…

To kill the Turbid Water Dao Progenitor, Li Fuchen used 5 million swords.

“Primary Extreme Lord, you will definitely die in the Land of Inception…” Before dying, the Turbid Water Dao Progenitor cursed with a chilling cold voice.

“I don’t need to trouble you on that.” Li Fuchen stored the Turbid Water Dao Progenitor’s spatial ring.

Just as Li Fuchen was about to dispel the Sword Lock Universe, Li Fuchen’s eyebrows suddenly raised up.

“Trying to hide?”

In the depths of s.p.a.ce-time, there was a drop of turbid water. Had Li Fuchen’s spirit soul power not been strong enough, he might not have discovered it.

“Go!” Li Fuchen used Sword Qi Origin Return to slash at that drop of turbid water.


Inside the turbid water, the figure of the Turbid Water Dao Progenitor appeared and his face was filled with terror.


The turbid water was exterminated and the Turbid Water Dao Progenitor’s voice turned silent.

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