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Chapter 211: Holding Your Hand

At that moment, Bai Yi’s teardrop resonated with countless others. Why did they feel so sorrowful, why? Was it just because of the pain from seeing their friends and companions fall? No, it wasn’t just because of that! It was also the circ.u.mstances they were in right now; all of them understood what the outcome would be facing off against the entire world with just 1,000 plus people. Even if they killed off this group of experiments, there would definitely be more, many more... All of them, including Bai Yi, only hoped to have a quiet place to rest and live in.


Bai Yi suddenly started roaring again, his Reverse Wheel stirring once again and slicing the enemies in front of him into multiple pieces. However, the sadness and fury in his voice only made them feel an even greater heartache. Everyone instantly seemed to feel the same thing at that moment, and a b.l.o.o.d.y aura rose from all of them. The bitter and desperate aura coming from their bodies in that instant caused everyone else to avert their gazes.

Bai Yi gradually walked forward; there was still a battle raging on in that direction.

His movements were very slow; anybody could tell that he was already close to his limit. Bai Yi had suffered a lot of injuries in this desperate fighting as well, especially when he pulled the dark threads out of his body to use as a form of attack; his body lost that layer of durable defense then. The long period of intense battle also exhausted all of Bai Yi’s special energy, causing every single one of his cells to frenziedly try to devour something.

However, Bai Yi’s movements never stopped—he kept firmly walking forward to the next battlefield.

Woolf was the first to start running. Kill, kill everything! No matter how many enemies there were in front of them, no matter how powerful the groups obstructing them ahead were, they must continue to persevere and walk on, all the way until they couldn’t walk anymore! The rest of them immediately followed after Woolf, very quickly charging to the next battlefield and overtaking Bai Yi.

It’s already enough, Bai Yi already did a lot; ever since the activated cells had erupted in New Zealand, Bai Yi had already done more than enough! They had already received a great amount of kindness from Bai Yi, now was the time for all of them to fight for their futures; they couldn’t continue to let Bai Yi bear this heavy burden by himself!


Fight till the very end!

The evolved humans who had b.l.o.o.d.y-mindedness aroused in them exploded with unimaginable strength and the battle, which was initially at a stalemate, very quickly moved in an irresistible direction. A savagery grew in them as they fought and slaughtered, an overwhelming potential erupting from all of them.

The battle gradually calmed down, and all the surviving evolved humans quietly sat on the ground, looking in the direction of the sun. When the last ray of sunlight disappeared, the entire world seemed to be abandoned by all the light in existence. The quiet sea breeze blew over them, giving them a slight chill, seeping all the way through them and joining the cold in their bones.

Red Kiss was stabbed diagonally into a rock as Bai Yi sat on the ground, leaning against a huge rock and looking at the serene sea in the distance.

“Daddy!” Momo slowly walked over.

Bai Yi stretched out his right hand and Momo placed a hand on top of his, and slowly sat down. Night gradually descended, and in this world where the light had seemingly abandoned them, it was enough as long as they held each other’s hands. Bai Yi quietly held Momo’s hands and engulfed her in a hug.

“Don’t be sad,” Bai Yi said softly.


Who was the one bearing the pain? Momo leaned against Bai Yi’s chest, feeling drops of liquid falling on her head.

“Where’s Bai Yi?” Betsy asked, and very quickly looked for that place. Many people saw Bai Yi and Momo sitting at that spot, but n.o.body went to disturb them. However, Betsy completely ignored the sorrowful atmosphere and ran toward them directly. She had to look for Bai Yi no matter what because this matter was very important.

“Bai Yi, the United Nations is asking for you.” Betsy broke the serenity between Bai Yi and Momo.

Bai Yi turned his head, and at that moment, Betsy almost felt like her heart had been stabbed with a knife. That pair of eyes was incomparably dangerous and sharp, and Betsy felt as if she couldn’t control her body in that instant. However, very quickly, Bai Yi’s emotions calmed down; yet he only seemed to become more dangerous.

Bai Yi stood up, leveraging off of Red Kiss, and said to Betsy, “Lead the way!”

“OK, it’s at the command center that you asked to be fixed previously,” Betsy said, bringing Bai Yi and Momo to the command center.

Outside the command center, more than ten signallers stood quietly, not daring to move in the slightest. They had thought about whether to escape or not when the experimental subjects had attacked, but in the end, they had given up on that idea. The bunch of people fighting outside were all non-human; it would only result in death for them no matter who they encountered. Unexpectedly, they had managed to save their lives this way and didn’t delay the mission that Bai Yi had given them.

When Bai Yi sat down, his emotions had already completely calmed down. “I am Bai Yi!”

“I am the Chief Officer of the United Nations, Hodgson, in charge of peaceful contact with evolved humans. I feel extremely apologetic about the incident this time; actually, this is all due to the Australian military...” After seeing Bai Yi, Hodgson immediately gave a deeply pained face and apologized to him, while he also very quickly pushed all the blame for this incident on Australia. However, even after the guy talked for a long while, Bai Yi had never said a single word.

“Normal humans are willing to coexist with evolved humans peacefully!” In the end, Hodgson said this seriously.

Bai Yi didn’t even want to find out about the political clash that had happened within the United Nations, and only knew one thing—a lot of evolved humans had died this time, and there weren’t even 800 survivors now. So many dead companions and they just wanted to use the word ‘mistake’ to make up for everything? Only talking about peaceful coexistence now—just how far were they going to bully them?!

Agitation ignited in Bai Yi’s heart, his Reverse Flower Eyes suddenly activated, and blood instantly started to flow from his eyes.

Hodgson immediately got a fright through the screen; Bai Yi’s eyes were no longer a secret to the outside world now. Looking at the changes in Bai Yi’s eyes, Hodgson was almost frightened to death, but after a while, he realized that there was nothing happening to him. So it was like this! They were many kilometers apart now, and the images were just something transmitted by the satellites. If Bai Yi’s eyes could have an effect on him from such a long distance away, then that would really be too demonic.

Bai Yi suppressed the killing intent in his heart, his body trembling slightly.

He clearly knew that the most rational thing to do now was to compromise. If they continued to battle, the only possible outcome would be that all of them would die. However, Bai Yi just couldn’t calm his heart down thinking of all their fallen comrades and the death of Alodia. He wanted to kill them, wanted to murder all the masterminds behind this incident! Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes slowly spun, his blood flowing unceasingly.

After a while, Betsy came in from outside and whispered, “Bai Yi, Alodia is still alive.”

Bai Yi immediately raised his head in shock and instantly disappeared from the spot, completely ignoring Hodgson still waiting on the screen. After half an hour, Bai Yi finally returned, and Hodgson didn’t show a single trace of impatience, only somewhat curious toward this person called Alodia.

“Tell me then, the United Nations’ decision, and your lowest bottom line!” Bai Yi’s eyes were like a flower blooming in reverse.

“The best policy that the United Nations can give the evolved humans is that you form your own autonomous region, and we wouldn’t place many restrictions on you all either. There are only a few simple conditions... you all are not to enter the normal human world, and you can’t take up any official position in the autonomous region.” Hodgson looked at Bai Yi. With his history in the Devil Isles, it would be too threatening if he became the leader of the evolved humans.

“Agreed!” Exceeding their expectations, Bai Yi easily acquiesced.


While the battle was still ongoing, Nancy very quickly heard of what happened to Alodia and immediately rushed over in that direction. When she reached the place and saw Alodia’s serene expression, Nancy suddenly felt that Alodia must have been very happy before she died. En, very very happy—she looked like she was smiling in her dreams.

Smiling even in her dreams!

Tch! Who freaking said that Alodia was dead? Would the dead lick their lips and give an expression of lingering bliss?! Nancy got a shock and cursed inelegantly in her heart, then immediately started to give emergency treatment to Alodia right after.

Nancy poked Alodia’s wound. “Hey, wake up! You are still smiling so goofily!”

“Pain, pain, pain, pain!” Alodia immediately woke up with a start from the pain, and the first thing she saw was Nancy bearing a strange smile on her face.

“Nancy, you died as well?”

Nancy immediately knocked Alodia on her head. “Died your head! Do you like to die so much? You only went unconscious from losing too much blood just now!”

“You are an idiot, and Bai Yi is an even greater idiot! Evolved humans aren’t so fragile, and you aren’t injured in any vital areas either! Crying so miserably over some loss of blood; which of them didn’t suffer even more grievous injuries before, but weren’t they all saved in the end? Seriously, that idiot, getting tricked by you so easily; he thought that you were dead just because of you bleeding and closing your eyes,” Nancy grumbled to Alodia.

“It’s like that?” Alodia said dumbly.

“Of course it’s like that! Can’t you tell how much Bai Yi values you now? This is the cla.s.sic ‘becoming stupid from caring too much’.” Nancy’s words contained a bit of sourness in them.

“Uncle Bai is very concerned for everyone.”

“Fine, fine, stop denying it,” Nancy said and started to help Alodia treat her wounds. After a while, Nancy really couldn’t hold it in anymore and finally asked, “What did that kiss taste like?”

Alodia heard and her face, which had lost too much blood, actually became red again. What taste was it? A metallic taste of blood and a sweet gentleness? Alodia had felt that there was blood in Bai Yi’s mouth as well, so apparently, he had been injured too. It was clearly blood all the same, but it actually had a different taste; that warm and pure sensation... Alodia suddenly felt her face being drawn very tight and realized that Nancy was pulling both of her cheeks.

“You’re back to Earth!”

Nancy pinched Alodia’s face and asked teasingly, “I’m very curious, what kind of expression will Bai Yi show when he comes back later and realizes that you are still alive?”

“Aish jaz wan to cantino lukin at Uncal Bai’s vac!” Alodia said in a strange voice, as her cheeks were still in Nancy’s hands.

After escaping from Nancy’s hands, Alodia repeated her words again. “I just want to continue looking at Uncle Bai’s back!” Nancy heard Alodia talking like this and couldn’t help but quiet down as well, looking at Alodia gently. Just want to look at his back, huh? Alodia, your love is really the pure and innocent love of a young girl, such purity! Hopefully, when love becomes selfish, you can still persist with your feelings now.

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