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Chapter 210: Cry

In reality, there were too many things to handle after taking down the coastline defense base, so not everyone was gathered together.

At that time, Bai Yi had been sitting on a shoal by the seaside, and Momo had been taking an afternoon nap. Momo would take a nap for half an hour every day; this was a habit that Vala had inculcated in her. Suddenly, a noisy commotion came from outside, and Momo creased her eyebrows unhappily and sat up. Grabbing her black sword, Momo went out from this temporarily set up room. Sharpei was also lying outside and taking a nap at this time, but he stood up as well and looked at his surroundings.

Momo walked outside and Sharpei immediately followed behind her.

When Momo came outside, she immediately discovered the chaotic battlefield. If the evolved humans already looked strange, then the experimental subjects opposite only surpa.s.sed them. As Momo had been taking a nap just now, she didn’t even know where all these guys had come from. However, even though she didn’t know where they had come from, she still slowly walked ahead.

Just when Momo prepared to enter the fray, five experimental subjects took the initiative to surround her.

Sharpei instantly took two steps forward, standing beside Momo. The second head on his left side extended, rapidly growing out and revealing its sharp fangs. Momo didn’t seem to be affected by all the ongoing fighting now, still maintaining a look of serenity on her face. However, the moment she placed her hand on the hilt of her blade, the aura around her changed instantly, and a sharp pressure erupted from her.

Melvin was processing a new weapon in his own room, the hard material gradually softening as he injected his special energy into it. After a while, Melvin put down the weapon, which he had ground to a preliminary stage, and looked at the material immersed in the solution. After forging Black Underworld, Melvin hadn’t been able to create a second weapon that could compare to it.

When it came to creating weapons, it wasn’t sufficient to just have skill; having high-quality materials was also necessary.

Previously, Bai Yi had pa.s.sed him this piece of material, and its quality wasn’t inferior to Black Underworld’s component fang at all. However, the characteristics of this material were different from that fang, and it wasn’t suitable for forging into a longsword.

What should he forge it into then? Melvin quietly pondered upon this question in his mind, and slowly revealed a smile. However, a commotion suddenly came from outside. Melvin then closed the materials box shut and walked out of the room.

Aphra looked at Nancy with a face full of admiration. “So awesome! Older sister Nancy is so good at treating external injuries as well!” In the outside world, Nancy should just be a Medicinal Maker; she had never expected that Nancy would be so skilled with external injuries as well.

Nancy smiled. “Hahaha, this is all thanks to Teacher Lucretia instructing me!” In the period of time in New Christchurch back then, she had studied all this under Lucretia.


“Of course it’s true, it’s just that you haven’t followed Teacher for long,” Nancy said with some tiredness. There were quite a lot of injured from the previous battle and even she felt tired now; only Aphra could still maintain her energy and liveliness.

Suddenly, a voice came inside and left just as abruptly, “There are new enemies outside, everyone make your preparations!”

Everybody inside the medical room, regardless of whether they were doctors or patients, all tensed up instantly. Nancy immediately walked out of the medical ward and looked at the battlefield in the distance. This is really... After Nancy came back, she immediately looked at everybody in the room, including the ten plus injured laying inside.

Alodia was preparing their plans and discussing some things with a few people, such as their future negotiations with the United Nations, and what kind of conditions and status they needed to acquire for themselves. Only after preparing all of this would she pa.s.s it to Bai Yi to look over.

Alodia’s status among these people was still quite high due to Bai Yi, but she didn’t put on airs at all, and on the contrary treated everyone with a lot of respect. Of course, the rest of them quite admired Alodia as well. Based on her age—five years ago she had only been fourteen years old—she was still just a young and inexperienced girl. Furthermore, there shouldn’t have been any way for her to be educated during the five years following New Zealand’s change; but unexpectedly, Alodia didn’t seem inexperienced at all, and even seemed to be very proficient regarding these matters. They could only say that this was the mark of a genius.

However, only Alodia herself knew that Teacher Vala was the true genius. Although Teacher Vala was just a n.o.ble etiquette teacher, that was just because she enjoyed doing it.

“Then I’ll pa.s.s all these things to Sir Bai Yi now,” Alodia said to everyone. In front of other people, Alodia would always address Bai Yi respectfully as Sir. Alodia herself wasn’t sure when she had started doing this, but it was probably after getting rejected the previous time.

“Then we’ll have to trouble Miss Alodia,” the few others said amiably as well.

Alodia smiled and walked out of this relatively intact building, carrying the completed plans with her. However, before she could walk too far, she discovered the commotion coming from the distance. Alodia immediately stared in that direction, and with a few quick steps ran on top of the building and stopped on the roof.

Seeing the rapidly approaching swarm of experimental subjects, Alodia immediately got a shock and hurriedly prepared to go inform Bai Yi.

However, just when Alodia prepared to move, Bai Yi flew over rapidly from some distance away and landed in front of everyone else. Alodia stared at Bai Yi’s back from the rooftop, and without knowing why, her anxious feeling from just a while ago immediately calmed down. Just... just looking at Uncle Bai’s back was good enough.

I want to take one more look at Uncle Bai’s back... Alodia’s vision gradually started to become blurred.

Her eyes, which had slackened, suddenly came into focus again; Alodia immediately pulled herself together and waved her longsword. However, she herself wasn’t too skilled in battle, and she couldn’t really summon her strength now due to losing too much blood.

After Woolf finished speaking, he immediately entered battle again with Betsy and Bellamy. With the few of them taking the lead, this battle with less than a hundred people in it very quickly calmed down. When the battle ended, Bai Yi’s body staggered, and Bellamy immediately supported him.

“Bai Yi, what happened? Can’t do this anymore?” Woolf laughed and asked, but he himself was panting heavily.

Bai Yi smiled as well. “There was a guy who was slightly strong just now; I got some light injuries.”

“HAHAHA, seriously!? Becoming like this just because of a small injury?!” Woolf laughed loudly. In truth, Woolf knew that Bai Yi definitely hadn’t received just a light injury. As his teammate, Woolf understood Bai Yi’s combat power the best.

“It’s fine, let’s go find the others,” Bai Yi said.

Very quickly, Bai Yi discovered Pupu bringing Chinchilla along with him, protecting this excited little fellow from going too far. Not long after, Bai Yi found Romain and Ulisses, the two of them mixed together with the other evolved humans in a chaotic battle. As everybody searched for each other, the various battles gradually gathered together, but there were still quite a few people in the team that they didn’t know the whereabouts of.

Suddenly, through his Reverse Flower Eyes, Bai Yi saw a figure gradually falling down in the distance.


Bai Yi instantly dashed over, fighting against time to catch Alodia’s pet.i.te figure before she fell to the ground.

Alodia saw Bai Yi’s face suddenly appear, and smilingly said, “Uncle... Bai!”

“Idiot, stop talking, your injuries are very serious!” Bai Yi scolded her anxiously, his eyes focusing on the gigantic wound on her waist. However, there wasn’t a single doctor or Medicinal Maker around right now.

“Don’t bother, Uncle Bai,” Alodia said gently, holding onto Bai Yi’s right hand.

“Uncle Bai, can you kiss me once?”

Bai Yi’s body trembled and he looked at Alodia in shock, before gently giving her a kiss. The metallic taste of blood immediately came to him from his lips, while Alodia revealed a look of bliss; I’ve waited a long time!

“Actually, I only wanted to keep on watching Uncle Bai’s back,” Alodia said softly, as she slowly closed her eyes.

Bai Yi gradually put Alodia down and stared at the sky. After a while, Bai Yi turned around and his Reverse Flower Eyes opened, seemingly even more bewitching than before. In the next instant, Bai Yi shot into the chaotic mix that was the battlefield. Reverse Flower Eyes, sword techniques, dark threads, Tai Ji Fist; they weren’t many abilities, but every one of them were the top skills of this era, and Bai Yi now completely unleashed all of them onto the world.

Every cut and every fist displayed a kind of sharp poignance, and unconsciously, the rest of the people on the entire battlefield all retreated to the side, leaving Bai Yi to face off again over a hundred experimental subjects by himself. The battle carried on, with fresh blood splattering and miserable screams cutting through the air, while the rest of them looked at the shadow dancing through the battlefield in silence.

Reverse Wheel!

Bai Yi’s right hand held Red Kiss in reverse while his legs tensed in the shape of a bow. At this time, a sharp poisonous stinger hovered right in front of Bai Yi’s eyes, with a few centimeters to spare. However, just these few centimeters seemed like the gap from heaven to earth. Behind Bai Yi, countless thin, dark threads stretched out, just like a strange blossoming flower, binding and connecting all the experimental subjects together, and the entire battlefield seemed to freeze at this moment.

In the next instant, the dark threads abruptly tightened behind Bai Yi.

‘Whoosh!’, the dozens of experimental subjects instantly split apart from different areas, as if being sliced by these dark threads, their dismembered limbs and fresh blood blossoming in the air. Bai Yi stood right below and didn’t dodge at all, letting the rain of blood splatter onto his body, a slight smile forming at the corner of his lips. Although this made it seem like he was smiling, it actually gave people a feeling of sorrow that was even denser than tears.

A single teardrop fell from Bai Yi’s eyes!

The crystal-clear teardrop appeared so incredibly eye-catching among the ma.s.s of red.

The people in the surrounding area stared at the figure in the center in a daze. Looking at that smile that seemed even sadder than crying, all of them suddenly felt a constriction in their chests, like they couldn’t breathe anymore, and their eyes started to become wet.

Why should we feel such sorrow, why?!

What wrong did we do!?

They were completely the victims of New Zealand’s sudden change! Struggling so desperately until now, they just wanted the normal humans to accept them, but what laid in wait for them were countless bullets and sh.e.l.ls. After defeating the first group of normal soldiers, they had to battle again with a group of experimental subjects and face the possibility of having restrictions placed on them. Don’t say that this was really the att.i.tude of the outside world toward them?! Not only refusing to accept them but also wanting to completely control them like puppets?

Bai Yi... cried!

Oh no! well...read on first.

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