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Chapter 385 - Timbre

Today, on June 25th (Tuesday), the 10th volume of the manga version of “I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything” has been released.

Volume 10’s cover features Erika and Touka. As for the content, it dives into the story from the Volume 5 of the Light Novel (Arc 5 of the Web Novel), marking the depiction of the crucial battle at the Anti-Demon White Castle. I, as the original author, am eagerly looking forward to how the battle at the Anti-Demon White Castle will be portrayed in the manga. (Additionally, Erika is referred to as the “Stony Witch”,  and depicting that “stony” aspect in the manga is surprisingly difficult. However, Uyoshi-sensei had skillfully portrayed that.)

Furthermore, at the end of the volume, I’ve written a short story depicting Touka and others spending time at Erika’s house (incidentally, the first color ill.u.s.tration and the content are subtly linked). Additionally, there’s a bonus ill.u.s.tration separate from the main story at the end of the removable cover, which is heartwarming (?) and funny.

If you’re interested, please consider picking it up and taking a look.

(I can do this———– No, that’s wrong! It’s too shallow!?)

Wormungandr started to pick out my slashing attacks.

Perhaps predicting it would only cause superficial wounds……

Yes, he decided to stop blocking all of my slashing attacks.

But right now, in terms of the situation, the one being pushed back is me———-


My breathing…… oxygen……


Somehow———- I narrowly evaded a direct hit to my heart.

Thinking about being struck in the heart just sends a chill down my spine.

Even so, the damage I’ve taken is significant.

He’s strong.

I can say that with certainty.

Among all the enemies I’ve fought until now, he’s undoubtedly the strongest opponent.

It’s clear to me now.

The reason why Vysis didn’t bother joining forces with Wormungandr and directly withdrew.

———-After all, just he himself is enough.

For someone like me, they deemed that only Wormungandr is enough.

Holding my hand forward…… I created a unique sword.

(……However. This battle……)

……is much better.

After all……

(What I’m fighting———————– isn’t one of my cla.s.smates.)

When Kirihara Takuto stood on the side of the Great Demon Emperor, it was much harder.

Having to fight someone I decided to protect is far more painful.

I———- surely in such a situation, would become unable to fight.

(That’s why this is much better…… However……)

The powered-up Wormungandr.

I went with my grandmother to visit her family home.

I remember that year, despite it being summer, it wasn’t very hot.

It’s a grave visit after a long time.

My parents were to arrive a day later due to work.

My grandmother’s family home was a very old house.

But it was very clean.

The cleaning was thorough, and even the refrigerator in the kitchen was relatively new.

They apparently hired locals to manage the house year-round.

[I guess this is what it’s like to marry into money.]

My grandmother said this while holding a cigarette, gazing distantly at the rice fields.

After we had lunch together, she said……

[I’m just going out for a bit. Just around the corner. Well, I don’t think anything strange would happen but…… if something does happen, shout out loud, okay? I’ll come running right away.]

Saying that, she disappeared around the corner, heading towards the entrance.

Meanwhile, I sat on the porch, gazing at the blue sky alone.

A clear blue sky without a single cloud.

I stretched my legs out from the porch, with my shoes neatly lined up below.

It was a very peaceful moment.

The neighboring house with the rice fields was quite far away.

So in this area, this house was the only one around.


I thought there would at least be the sound of cicadas, but I wasn’t even able to hear a single sound of any living creature.


[Are you alright? Even when I called you, you seemed dazed…… What’s the matter? You feeling sleepy?]


It was strange.

I do remember my grandmother approaching and calling out to me.

I wasn’t asleep, nor had I lost consciousness.

I knew Grandma was coming.

I knew she was going to call out to me.

Yes, what I felt at that time———- it was as if I had known about these already.


What strange things am I thinking?

I felt a bit odd.

Blood spurted from the broken right shoulder of the Divine Servant.

Thereupon, Wormungandr leaped back.

[……I see. Completely immersed in a state of pure concentration, having eliminated all distractions…… that state———– A purely hyper-focused state that allows “a strike devoid of thoughts”……]

“Kaka!” Wormungandr laughed.

[Of course, I can’t read it. Kuku…… There’s no way I can read an attack like that.]

Scratching his chin, Wormungandr continued.

[Right now, you’re probably…… yes, it’s like you’re in a state akin to pseudo-foresight——- If that’s the case, I’ll have to factor that into my movements……]

At that moment, I noticed something.

All the shallow cuts I had inflicted on the enemy earlier were completely gone.

[Ahh, my wounds? Kuku…… I have regenerative abilities. But don’t worry. It’s not infinite. My life force had definitely been worn down.]

Both the wound on his side and the one on his shoulder had also started to heal.

[Why——— are you telling me this?]

[Right…… Consider it a reward for showing me this “scene”. Seeing the moment such potential blossoms before returning to Heaven…… I genuinely appreciate it.]

Limited regeneration?

Is this some sort of bluff?

No…… even if it’s only slightly, his movements had indeed slowed.

My efforts had indeed been effective.

[Kukakal…… Anyhow, I’ll have to make a slight change in plans. Seeing something like this…… makes me a bit more motivated……]

……Creak, crack……

The black veins on his white body———- they were extending further.

[Show me more of the Humans’ potential…… Ayaka Sogou……!]


Once again———– I feel my consciousness sinking.

Beyond the timbre of the chimes.

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