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Chapter 333 - That

Thank you very much for your concerns about my physical health.

Also, I was informed that Volumes 5, 7 and 8 were reprinted.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who purchased them.

I see.

Nyaki’s “Nee-nya” is a potential inside collaborator huh.

Hijiri didn’t know about my connection with Nyaki yet.

Thus, I explained the situation in summary.

[I see. If we could somehow convey about the current situation of this child Nyaki, we might be able to secure her cooperation with us.]

[It would be like having her be indebted to us and making use of her though.]

[Isn’t it fine? They did say compa.s.sion isn’t for other people’s benefit.]

[Rather than compa.s.sion———–]

What was my initial motivation again?

I feel like I was just p.i.s.sed off about Nyaki’s situation.

In any case, it would be great if we could get someone on the inside to help us.

Thereupon, Hijiri told me what kind of cooperation she requested from Nyantan.

[————–The smartphone’s Voice Recorder huh.]

She said that he had been able to make it function with her Skill.

As long as that item should be originally not working, I don’t think Vysis could have known about its functions.


“It’s bad to know too much about another world”.

There’s also that possibility.

Even if she did know about its functions, she would have paid less attention to the phone if she thought that such a thing would be unusable.

[Even though it can’t be used for calls or wide-area communications, the smartphone’s offline apps are still useful.]

[The ability to take images is also a more reliable means of presenting evidence.]

The means to gain Nyantan’s trust, I guess that’s to be expected of Takao Hijiri huh.

Nyantan’s other sisters are being held hostage.

For the time being, the solution to that problem is already underway.

She also made Vysis’ cautions———– doubts turn to Sogou.

Because of that, Nyantan was able to move around quite easily.

These series of processes seemed to be flexibly changed according to the situation at any given time.

[Unlike me, you’re looking at the big picture huh.]

[I just took some insurance plans that I thought of which I think could work.]

Was she being modest or are those actually her true thoughts?

It was hard to tell from her expression and voice.

……It’s amazing how she’s able to take action properly in a situation like that.

[Nyantan Kikeepat huh.]

She would break our cla.s.smates out of Vysis’ reach safely.

She’s also investigating Vysis’ true motives———— her goals.

Actually, for my case, I don’t really need to achieve those two worst things that could happen.

If I cut them off, there certainly is a high probability that I will lose the card called Sogou Ayaka.

As a matter of fact……

I don’t really care what schemes Vysis is brewing now.

Even if that sh*tty G.o.ddess is thinking of some kind of grand plan……

At any rate, I’m still going to crush her———— I’m still going to take my revenge.

What’s important to me now is to know Vysis’ whereabouts and movements.

“Where is she and how is she going to move?”

Now that I’ve cleared up the matters regarding the Forbidden Curses and Mira’s cooperation, we’re ready to go.



There’s one thing on my mind before the decisive battle.

As for things I’d like to do if possible, it isn’t that I don’t have them anymore.

In any case———- It’s still necessary to know Vysis’ whereabouts and movements.

In line with the movements of the other side, we also have to decide on our movements and ways of attack.

“Investigate Vysis’ movements”

As expected, just as I had originally planned, I will have to rely on Erika’s familiar first for this.

Erika herself had already agreed to this.

As a backup, we’d make use of spies Mira released and whatnot.

And so……

[Nyantan’s presence isn’t an absolute requirement for the battle against Vysis.]

She was a factor that wasn’t originally taken into account for the time of the decisive battle.

Hijiri silently waited for my next words.


What comes to my mind……


———-was Nyaki’s face as she referred to Nyantan.

[Nyaki———— If she is saved, that saves me too. In that case…… Nyantan must be saved.]

Liz and Nyaki……

They’re just like me.

[I think I understand now.]

Saying this, Hijiri looked at Seras.

[The reason why Seras-san———– Erika-san, Eve-san and Liz-san like you so much, Mimori-kun.]

[The Fly King is very popular wherever it is after all.]

[You inwardly aren’t thinking that way right now, right?]

[……Well, kinda.]

I see.

She can tell that with her Unique Skill huh.



[Even now, I still feel like I’m talking to a different person, just having the same name as you.]

[I am feeling weird too. For me to actually be talking to the Hijiri Takao like this.]

After that, Hijiri and I discussed our actions hereafter.

First, we would have Erika’s familiars find out Vysis’ movements.

Then, we would try to contact Nyantan through a familiar as a side measure.

Depending on the situation, we should also consider verbally speaking to her.

[If Nyantan is treated like a close a.s.sociate by Vysis, we may be able to find out more about Vysis’ movements from her.]

As for how we would deal with the Takao sisters, Sogou Ayaka and Kirihara Takuto, we would decide after discussing with the Mad Emperor.

Right now, the Mad Emperor should be joining the frontline against Urza southeast of here.

I had already sent out a magical war pigeon in advance towards Mira’s group that was carrying the fake Fly King head and Seras here.

I was also thinking of this group as a means of transportation after things were settled.

This group was something specially a.s.sembled by the Mad Emperor, made up of trustworthy and tight-lipped people.

[We will keep the situation regarding you sisters, Sogou and Kirihara under wraps for the time being. And so, I was thinking of having you guys hide somewhere for a while.]

[Do you think the Mad Emperor can be trusted? I have never directly met him.]

Hijiri originally planned the rebellion against Vysis at the invitation of the Mad Emperor.

Currently, what the Mad Emperor knows is that they have lost contact with Hijiri Takao.

However, he must still be seeing Hijiri as a collaborator.

This being the case, it’s easy to introduce the two of them with each other.

When I told her this, including my impression and a.n.a.lysis of the Mad Emperor……

[Very well. Your perception and a.n.a.lysis also seem to be quite close to what I had in mind. Speaking of which…… I didn’t ask for more details, but Kashima-san and the others are on Mira’s side, aren’t they?]

“It seems that Kashima and the others failed to persuade Sogou.”

Including that fact, I told Hijiri.

[———–And so, I thought that if Kashima failed to persuade her, Taako Hijiri would be needed as a countermeasure against Sogou. That’s why I directly called you here.]

[For Mimori-kun, failure to persuade her was one of the worst things that could happen after all.]

Yasu and Oyamada had been “done in” by the G.o.ddess.

[I had considered the possibility of her being brainwashed and unable to be persuaded. Of course, it would have been better if Kashima had succeeded in persuading her.]

[————-Do you think Ikusaba…… Asagi-san can be trusted?]

My response to those words was a little delayed.

[I don’t know.]

[Should have known. It’s just, she’s———– she’s different.]


[Foreign, perhaps, is a better way of describing her. I’ve been observing everyone since I came to this world, but like Sogou-san, Kirihara-kun and Mimori-kun, I get the impression that her goals and intentions aren’t clear. That’s not to say she doesn’t take any action though. It doesn’t feel like she’s being manipulated by Vysis, nor does she feel like she’s being swept away by the situation like our other cla.s.smates. Let’s see———– it doesn’t seem like she thinks it doesn’t matter what happens. However, it doesn’t feel like she’s merely despairing at the situation either. No, in her case, even the a.n.a.lysis itself may be meaningless…… It’s just———–]

Hijiri paused, and for a few beats, she started pondering.



[It wasn’t like that at first, but there seems to be something about Kashima-san———– something that would make Asagi-san interact with her differently from other people. I can’t help but feel like there’s something distinct about her.]

“Because Asagi thinks of me as an idiot.”

That’s what Kashima said to me back then.

“Incidentally……”, reminded of something, I spoke.

[It doesn’t seem like the ability to tell when someone’s lying or not means much to Asagi. Even when our side hadn’t said anything, it seemed like she realized that we have the means to judge when others are lying.]

[And so, even with my ability, it’s going to be difficult to find out her true intentions?]

[Even if you hide the fact that you can detect lies, Hijiri, in the first place, Asagi doesn’t speak of her true motives. I mean…… Perhaps, depending on the other party, she was now constructing her words on the premise that “they probably have the ability to see through lies”. There are many things about her that even I can’t read.]

Ikusaba Asagi.

A cla.s.smate who I somehow felt like resembles “me”.

……Foreign huh.

[Is she going to be a hindrance in the battle against Vysis?]

[————-, ……That’s complicated to say. In fact, I think she’s an excellent fellow as an alley.]

This is beyond my expectations.

Is Kashima…… the key against Asagi?

In the battle, we would need something that would distract Vysis’ attention and create an opening.

This would be easier when Vysis has many “enemies”.

In that case, the more false fronts———- allies we have, the better.

[For the time being, we could call ourselves allies and fight in a common front, but it would be better if we keep our vigilance up…… I suppose this would be the compromise line.]


Now then……

There was no sign of Sogou waking up.

Hijiri said it might be prolonged if it was due to a mental shock.

[Speaking of which…… I’ve heard a little bit about Yasu-kun beforehand……]

[If Mira has the manpower to spare, perhaps we could ask them to investigate.]

If he’s using those regular pathways for people, it’ll make it easier to find him.

[With his current state, do you think he would be on our side?]

[I can’t really say “yes”. Before we parted, he still seemed unstable. Besides, he said he wanted to see this world with his own eyes———— That’s why, I also felt that it was wrong to interfere too much from our side.]

[But as far as I’ve heard, there doesn’t seem to be any factor that would make him into an enemy.]

[Unless he’s caught by Vysis and got brainwashed, that is. Let’s see…… Considering Sogou, it might be a good idea to find him and bring them together…… I suppose I’ll keep Yasu in mind.]

“Speaking of cla.s.smates……”, seemingly remembering something, Hijiri spoke.

[While Nyantan was doing matters behind Vysis’ back, sneaking our cla.s.smates and Zakurogi-sensei out…… Whether she can take Oyamada-kun out is a worrying factor though. He suffered a great deal of mental stress during the battle in the Anti-Demon White Castle. Because of that, I don’t think he’s in a good state of mind right now. After that great invasion, I wonder if there were almost no students who met him? Vysis said he was undergoing treatment…… In such a state, he’s in danger of being brainwashed and used……]

I have not yet told Hijiri about Oyamada.

[Oyamada Shougo’s whereabouts is unknown.]

Thereupon, a baffled expression appeared on Hijiri’s face.


[I heard that he escaped from Alion and seems to be missing.]

“You understand what was going on, right?”

Having such thoughts in mind, I looked straight at her.


I’m sure she realizes that what I just said is a lie.

[And so———— If the topic about Oyamada gets brought up, tell that to Sogou.]


[When everything is settled…… I’ll tell everything to Sogou myself.]

Though I say that……

That is, if we can get Sogou’s cooperation after this.


Even if we are ready to return to our former world……

That woman……

She won’t go back until she finds Oyamada.

That’s why……

If we’re going to use Hijiri as the intermediary to use Sogou’s power……

The need to talk about it will surely come up at some point.


[Even if I tell her that now, it will only add unnecessary obstacles to my revenge. I——— wouldn’t pick the choice that would lower my chances of winning.]

As expected————- Hijiri looked as if she had guessed what was going on.

[……I understand. For now, I’m not even going to touch on that matter. However…… I won’t take responsibility for whatever happens after you reveal to Sogou-san after everything is over.]


I knew Takao Hijiri would be on board.

After a little while……

Hijri leisurely crossed her arms and spoke.

[You———- don’t want to cut down Sogou-san huh?]

[Well, sorta.]

[I guess that really was…… because she’s the one who tried to protect you when you were about to be discarded?]

[I wonder? I can certainly say that I’ve already paid back the debt when I saved them in the Anti-Demon White Castle. If I had to say then…… If the strongest S-Rank Hero moves as she wants in the fight against that sh*tty G.o.ddess———- or something like that.]


In response to this answer, Hijiri didn’t say anything in particular.

Then, as if to announce a break, Hijiri took a deep breath and spoke.

[There was a limit to what we could talk about through the familiar, so I’m glad we were able to talk directly like this. It’s safe to say that Mimori-kun’s presence is a happy miscalculation, as you’re a more rea.s.suring ally than I had expected.]

[I’m also rea.s.sured to have you as an ally.]


Pausing for a moment, Hijiri looks at me in the eyes and said,

[By talking directly to you, Mimori-kun———– I understood how much you hated Vysis.]

At the end of our private conversation……

We began walking back to the others, when Hijiri suddenly spoke.

[Hey, Mimori-kun.]


[Do you think sympathy—————— was brought upon by one’s ego?]

[I suppose so.]

She had also mentioned ego earlier.

[Perhaps I have failed because of that ego.]

[Sympathy is an obstacle to achieving your goals…… Is that what you’re saying?]

Or perhaps……

Had there been something other than Sogou that led her to think that?

[I kinda thought for a moment————- that that might be the reason for failures.]

Hearing her words, I paused for a moment.

Thereupon, as if to spit it out of my throat, I sighed.

[If you ask me———– I’m not sure what’s wrong with being sympathetic with others.]

[However, egoistic emotional judgments can sometimes impede the ability to make rational decisions that would’ve ensured success————-]

[Just make it work then.]


[The things you’re saying now, that’s just the negative effect of a hindsight bias.]

[Negative effect of a hindsight bias?]

[Because it failed, you decided that sympathy was a factor in your failure. However, if you had succeeded at that time, you would have been right. In other words, the failure wasn’t due to sympathy————– The reason it didn’t succeed was probably due to Takao Hijiri’s lack of power.]

Hijiri seemed to be caught off guard, seemingly questioning if I really said that.

After a few moments though, Hijiri smiled.

[……I don’t know how I can respond to that.]

Hijiri lowered her gaze.

Thereupon, she leisurely slid her gaze to the side……

[However, what you just said…… seemed to be a harsh, yet very gentle answer.]

That, which Hijiri was referring to, the factor for her failure.

That is something my Uncle and Aunt possessed too.


Whether it’s something I can have or not———— is out of the question.

What I know is that that is what’s saved me.

And so……

[You don’t really have to dismiss it so unsparingly, right? ————-Sympathy, I mean.]

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