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QJ brought his group through the Ravenwood Portal, he knew it was going to wow them, but they actually froze in place for several seconds.

"d.a.m.n you, Prince of TAP!" Breeze stomped her foot and walked into the Courtyard.

QJ laughed at her, "lots of people live here, it's not like I own it."

Lotte stuck her tongue out at him. "Half of the Knights of Ravenwood are your relatives, the other half treat you like their own son."

Ringo was all smiles. "Thanks, QJ, I always wanted to see this place.

"Follow me." QJ walked toward the Town Hall, there were halfling kids running everywhere. "Did you know that the Halfling race had died out? When the Knights of Ravenwood defeated the Gnoll King, they were revived."

"Yeah... I read the history of this place a million times. You probably can build a house here if you want?" Breeze's pretty face was full of mischief.

"Who says I don't already have one?" QJ grinned at the instantly defeated Breeze.

Inside the Town Hall, there were several items sitting on the conference table. Nuna was inventorying them when they walked in.

"Nuna!" QJ wrapped up the halfling Quartermaster in a big hug and spun her around. She laughed and held on tightly.

Her cute face was split in a wide grin, QJ had the same open friendly nature that his dad did. "That's a good greeting, not so much spinning next time!"

QJ shrugged apologetically, "I can't help it Nuna."

"That's what your dad always says." She gestured toward the table, "leather armor, weapons to match your cla.s.s, stealth rings, flashbangs, and jetpacks. Did I miss anything?"

"Thanks, Nuna, that should cover just about everything."

"Oh wait, Yaya asked me to give you this." She handed him a small square box. "She said to make sure you bring it back after you are done."

Box of Everything

Unique: Spatial Magic

Description: Activate the

box in a closed s.p.a.ce. Everything

nonbiological in the room transfers to the box. This effect only lasts for one hour, then the box will

be emptied.

Ringo whistled softly. "Nice."

"For real, let's not waste this chance." QJ had everyone gear up and he quickly walked them to the river. "It's best to practice above water. The jetpacks are waterproof and it's way softer when crashing."

"Crashing? No crashing QJ!" Lotte was fiddling with her jetpack, he could see the eagerness in her eyes.

"Okay, quick lesson. These are really easy to use." He pulled the control glove onto his hand. "The Jetpack works on a mimic system. Make a fist to power up and hover in place. Move your hand in the direction you want to move. Use small, slow movements at the start."

QJ made a fist, causing the jetpack to fire up and lift him off the ground. He moved forward and then backward slowly. "The best way to learn is to do it."

He watched and helped them over the next half hour. All three of them picked it up rather quickly, not surprising given that they were all top gamers. "Now, practice following. We are gaining some alt.i.tude, if you find yourself out of control, what do you do?"

"Pull your fist back toward your body." Ringo understood the easy maneuvering system faster than anyone QJ had ever seen.

QJ nodded. "Follow me closely then."

They flew for two hours, by the end of it everyone's First Level Flight ability was in the mid-50s. QJ had just landed near the dock when his hud blinked at him. He opened it to see Wu's smiling face.

"Bro! You're going to love this!"

QJ felt his group crowd in around him, "What do you have for us Wu?"

Wu's face was split into a wide grin, "Falcon's Pride!"

QJ glanced at his groupmates, each of them had the same blank look. "Sorry Wu, we don't know what that is."

Wu sighed heavily. "d.a.m.n noobs. Falcon's Pride is the personal retreat of Prince Morbin! Oh wait, he's dead on the Phoenix server, but thankfully alive and well in Legends."

Wu brought up a mountainous region north of Maelstrom. Morbin had built a castle in a remote area that was nearly inaccessible. "Normally he will have the pa.s.s blocked with several companies of knights, however when Maelstrom comes under attack, odds are that he's going to bring those knights to the palace to help defend."

QJ pointed toward the river canyon that was east of Falcon's Pride. "We could come in here at the river, follow it toward the keep. Up the side of the cliffs and in through the back door."

Wu nodded and highlighted the route. "Morbin likes his views. He had gardens put in place near the cliffs. There are no scout towers or emplacements anywhere on the cliff side."

Ringo had been silent the entire time. "What kind of stuff are we looking at?"

"I can't say for sure. There's a large treasury there. It's generally agreed that he keeps some pretty serious items there." Wu watched the expressions on the group. They were his kind of crazy.

QJ looked at each member, they all gave him the thumbs up. "We'll do it. I'll need you to stay on comm Wu. The War starts in 25 minutes, we should get in position. Order some pizza's for dinner tonight, it's on me."

"Sweet, you're the man QJ."


QJ waited patiently with his group near the GnG gate. Leah spotted him and immediately sent him a raid invite.

System Message: You have been invited to a Raid. Do you accept?


*Raid Speak Colonel Fintree* Welcome QJ.

*Raid Speak Robin* ♥

*Raid Speak QJ* Thanks. Good luck.

*Group: QJ* Let's stay in Group Chat so we don't interfere with their comms.

*Group: Ringo* Good idea.

*Group: Breeze* Holy c.r.a.p, I'm in a raid with the Knights of Ravenwood!

*Group: Lotte* Do you think Righteous Hand will try and hit Fora in TAP?

*Group: QJ* G.o.d I hope so. That conversation will be two short words.

*Group: Breeze* What words?

*Group: QJ* Gun Ship.

*Group: Ringo* We should record this Wu.

[Wu] No worries, I'll be your eyes, ears and whatever else you need today.

*Group: Breeze* I need a boyfriend.

[Wu] Don't you like QJ?

*Group: Breeze* Not fair! Everyone likes QJ.

*Group: QJ* Not true.

*Group: Ringo* Yeah right.

*Group: Lotte* Pretty much.

QJ checked the time on his hud.

*Group: QJ* Be ready, we'll head in right after they do.

*Raid Speak Knight Commander Q* Status Check XO.

*Raid Speak Colonel Fintree* Raven Battalion, Report!

*Raid Speak Captain Vess* Dagger Company present at GnG gate and standing by.

*Raid Speak Captain Yaya* Silverleaf Company present at GnG gate and standing by.

*Raid Speak Captain Crow* Orion Company present at GnG gate and standing by.

*Raid Speak Captain Jinn* Raven Company present at GnG gate and standing by.

*Raid Speak Commander Quickill* Gryphon Flight is standing by at GnG gate.

*Raid Speak Commander Nightingale* Songbirds present at GnG gate and standing by.

*Group: QJ* Let's mute Raid Speak. Wu, could you monitor them and keep us updated?

[Wu] I got it.

*Group: QJ* There they go.

The Raven Battalion entered the GnG by company, Silverleaf was the last to leave.

*Group: Breeze* d.a.m.n, they are fast.

*Group: QJ* On me.

QJ entered the gate and immediately moved off to one side. Raven was already out of sight. He turned and waited for the group.

*Group: QJ* Stealth up, jetpacks on.

[Wu] Head north, the river you need to follow is three miles ahead.

The group kept low to the ground in two by two formation. Ringo and QJ leading the way. In less than two minutes they approached the river.

[Wu] Follow the river, it leads directly to the canyon.

The canyon walls started to close in as the river narrowed and turned into rapids.

*Group: Breeze* Hey... we could go White Water Rafting here.

*Group: Lotte* Let's start the Water park first.

[Wu] Raven just hit Maelstrom, they split their forces. Half are heading to the Righteous Hand HQ while they rest are hitting the Palace.

QJ felt the spray of water hitting his face. The temperature was steadily dropping. After twenty minutes they approached the cliff face. He hovered in place and waited.

*Group: QJ* Any movement from Morbin's knights yet?

[Wu] Nothing yet. The city and Palace defenses are collapsing already. He may not bother if he feels that all is lost.

*Group: QJ* d.a.m.n, let's get into position anyway. Worst case scenario, we try it without any diversion.

QJ powered up his jetpack and started gaining alt.i.tude rapidly.

*Group: QJ* Single file from here, stay close and keep your eyes open for trouble.

[Wu] Haven has attacked the Southern Continent, they are having it easy for now. Righteous Hand is concentrating on trying to defend against Fora.

QJ crested the cliff and moved into the gardens. He cut his jetpack but left it on. The garden had an enormous white marble fountain in it as well as a statue of Morbin.

*Group: Ringo* Think of the resources needed to make this garden.

QJ stayed next to the stone wall that bordered the edge of the garden. The room facing them was entirely made of gla.s.s. Even from the walkway, there were multiple suits of armor and weapon racks visible. A slight movement caught his attention. "

*Group: QJ* Sweet mother.

[Wu] Morbin's knights are heading toward Maelstrom, he is leading them.

*Group: Ringo* What's wrong QJ?

*Group: QJ* Waylo is here.

*Group: Ringo* Vampire Lord Waylo Maelstrom?

*Group: Lotte* c.r.a.p... That's bad right?

*Group: Breeze* He's looking right at me. He can't see us right?

*Group: Ringo* He couldn't see us when we raided his lair, but who knows what abilities the Legends Waylo has.

*Group: QJ* It's fine, follow me.

QJ dropped stealth and walked through a gla.s.s door in the middle of the windows. "Greetings Lord Maelstrom."

The old Vampire had seen better days. His wrists and ankles were shackled with silver chains. There was a stake partially protruding from his chest. His white hair was slicked back, his white robe was stained with his own blood.

"Who are you? More of my nephew's men? Come to see the great Waylo Maelstrom?"

QJ shook his head. "You're nephew is a complete idiot. We're just common thieves, looking to pilfer a bit while his eyes are looking elsewhere."

The Vampire Lord stared at him, QJ suppressed a shiver that threatened to run down his spine. "He left suddenly. Do you know the reason?"

QJ ignored the question. "What does he have on the King? There must be a reason that your brother has become a figurehead."

"My brother no longer rules?" The news obviously came as a huge surprise to Waylo.

Ringo moved through the room, careful to maintain her distance from Waylo. "Considering the actions of Iya, they may have teamed up to plot against him."

"My brother's wife conspires against him?" Waylo gripped his chains with shaking hands.

[Wu] That must be how Righteous Hand was able to ally themselves with Maelstrom.

QJ took notice of the workbench near Waylo, Morbin was obviously taking advantage of his uncle's gunsmith skills. "If Righteous Hand Keep is burned to the ground and most of their members wiped out. What really happens?"

[Wu] It costs them a lot of credits and sets them back a few months. In the end, they will rebuild and nothing really changes except for the loss of the Southern Continent territories.

"However, if Morbin is ousted, and the King regains the throne." QJ left the rest unsaid. He studied the Vampire Lord.

[Wu] Maelstrom is their seat of power. It could completely eliminate them on this server.

*Whisper QJ: Q* Dad, capture Morbin and the Queen. Make sure to secure the King in a safe place. I'm sending Waylo Maelstrom to your location. He's a Vampire Lord, so be wary.

*Whisper Q: QJ Understood.

QJ moved toward Waylo, stopping just outside of his reach. "My father is going to capture Morbin and the Queen. What will you do if I free you?"

Waylo's cold black eyes flickered slightly. "I will find my brother and help him.

"It's dangerous to free him QJ." Ringo spoke from the door, "Waylo and the King hate each other."

Waylo shook his head. "I am a monster, that is true. My brother and I made up years ago. Morbin must be using me to steal my brother's power."

[Wu] It's possible guys. When you eliminated Waylo on the Phoenix Server, the brothers still hated each other. They may have made up since then.

Ringo let out a long sigh and looked at QJ. "What do you think?"

QJ grinned at her and turned back to the Vampire Lord. "Before we let you go, tell me where the valuables are. This room has weapons and armor. What else can we take?"

"Most of the items in this room are replicas, there is a vault beneath this room. It can be opened by pulling the draft lever on the corner fireplace."

"If you try and harm us, your brother will most likely be slain." QJ steeled his nerves and decided to take a chance. "How do I free you?"

"These silver chains have special keys. They are also stored in the vault."

Ringo walked to the corner fireplace and pulled the draft lever. Immediately, a large section of the floor slid to one side, exposing a stone stairway. "I'll check it out."

She disappeared down the stairs, after a few minutes she walked back up. Her face was decidedly pale. She held a pair of keys in her hand, and tossed them to QJ.

QJ caught the keys, "you'll leave immediately and not bother us."

Waylo nodded in agreement, "I'll need to grab a few of the guards to feed. My powers are too weak at the moment."

"Good enough." QJ stepped within his range and started unlocking the silver shackles. When he was through, he pulled the stake from Waylo's chest.

The Vampire Lord grunted and collapsed to his knees. Slowly he climbed to his feet, staggering as he made his way to the door.

"Once you unite with your brother, your best move is to play it straight with Knight Commander Q." QJ's face looked pleasant, but his voice carried the hint of dread. "He might look harmless, but he's definitely not someone you can handle."

The group watched Waylo leave, Ringo locked the door behind him.

"Let's see what we have." QJ went down the stairs to the vault, the rest of his group followed close behind.

*Group: Breeze* Holy... This place is the size of a soccer field.

*Group: Ringo* Let's get this stuff and move out fast.

QJ moved quickly to the center of the room. "You guys head upstairs while I store..." He stopped in mid-sentence as an object on the wall caught his attention. "Sweet Mother."

*Group: Lotte* What's wrong QJ?

*Raid Speak QJ* I found a prototype weapon in Morbin's Vault. It's likely that he has more. Be careful.

QJ linked the weapon specs in Raid Chat.

Incisor [Magnum Opus]

Sniper Rifle with Optics

Description: A prototype sniper rifle capable of hitting

targets up to one mile away. The first hit is always critical.

Additional Description: Optic Scope ignores stealth capabilities.

*Group: Ringo* Do you think he made more?

*Group: QJ* Probably, however only one would be a Magnum Opus. Additional ones would probably be masterpieces. Everyone out, we have to go.

QJ ran to the center of the vault and opened up Yaya's box. He sprinted for the stairs, getting out of the way as everything started flying. It was over in a minute. QJ stashed the box in his inventory and then went back of the stairs.

*Group: Ringo* Got it?

*Group: QJ* Yep.

The group restealthed and fired up their jetpacks. As quickly as possible, they began to retrace their steps.

[Wu] You were right QJ. Silverleaf reports a squad of six that are armed with those sniper rifles.

*Group: QJ* s.h.i.t... Injuries?

[Wu] A few, but no fatalities reported. The entire company has been forced to ground.

*Group: QJ* They'll just move out of range on foot, then get back in the air.

[Wu] It's going to be tight. There's a company of Knights closing in on them.

*Group: QJ* Whose Knights?

[Wu] Given their location, am guessing Baron Schrae.

*Group: QJ* Show me the map.

The group hovered next to the canyon wall while they studied the map. After a minute, QJ removed the box from his inventory and handed it to Lotte.

*Group: QJ* Bring this back to Ravenwood. Do not stop for anything.

*Group: Breeze* We should stay together.

*Group: QJ* I'd like that too. If we die during the Guild War, all of our items become loot for whoever recovers our bodies. So if you take the box away, there won't be any consequences if I don't make it.

*Group: Ringo* He's right. Breeze, your new mission is to guard Lotte and make sure she gets to the gate. If you have to sacrifice yourself, then do it. Lotte, get moving and don't stop for anything. I will go with QJ.

*Group: Lotte* Okay. Be careful.

*Group: Breeze* I understand.

They waited until Breeze and Lotte had left and then used their jetpacks to move upward.

*Group: Ringo* What's the plan QJ?

*Group: QJ* First we get as high as possible, try and utilize some cloud cover. Although the snipers shouldn't be pointing in our direction.

*Group: Ringo* The Knight's will be charging down that gorge to the north of the Silverleaf position.

*Group: QJ* Schrae created a small dam to raise the level of the Lake. It's actually a slick set up. Irrigation and fishing in his territory is much higher than anywhere else in Maelstrom.

*Group: Ringo* That the secret to his riches?

*Group: QJ* No idea. If we manage to dump a few million gallons, by the time it hits that narrow gorge...

*Group: Ringo* It will wash everything away, probably not fatal, but enough to slow them.

[Wu] Don't take this the wrong way, but I love you guys! This is some crazy s.h.i.t.

*Group: QJ* At OP, we love crazy.

*Group: Ringo* Yep.

The dam was only about thirty feet high, it was built near the mouth of Schrae Lake, causing it to rise several dozen feet. The control station was a small brick building directly on top of the dam. QJ and Ringo landed quietly a few minutes later and cut their jetpacks. They walked single file across the solid stone dam.

*Group: Ringo* I'll peek, stay here.

*Group: Lotte* We made it to the GnG gate, heading to Ravenwood now.

*Group: Breeze* Hurry up guys.

Ringo came back a few minutes later. She held up two fingers.

*Group: QJ* Two workers?

*Group: Ringo* Looks like that. There's a control panel with three levers, not sure what does what.

*Group: QJ* Hard to say, three levers probably means three valves. My guess would be that there are three drain valves they can use when they want to let some water out.

*Group: Ringo* I'll toss a flashbang and you hit the levers. Then we hightail it out of here.

QJ nodded and Ringo tossed a flashbang into the building.

*Engineer Wodsi has been stunned*

*Guardsman Leva has been stunned*

QJ sprinted into the room and pulled down all three levers in succession. Seconds later he was out the door just as Ringo tossed another flashbang.

*Engineer Wodsi has been stunned*

*Guardsman Leva has resisted stun*

QJ sprinted down the width of the d.a.m.n, the roar of water drowning out the sound of pursuit. He fired up his jetpack and shot upward.

*You have been stunned*

*Ringo has been stunned*

QJ landed hard on the stone dam, Ringo landed on top of him.

*Group: QJ* s.h.i.t b.a.l.l.s.

He struggled to get to his feet, a quick glance showed the guard running toward them. Without time to think, he grabbed Ringo and rolled off the dam.

*You have died*


A half-hour later a squad of Silverleaf found them. The woman was sitting half out of the water, holding tightly to QJ while struggling to move to the sh.o.r.e.

*Raid Speak Vera Silverleaf* We've found them.

System Message: You have been offered a resurrection by Vera. Do you accept?


Ringo helped QJ to his feet while Vera healed both of them.

*Raid Speak Vera Silverleaf* We are heading back to Ravenwood for an AAR. You are both required to attend.

QJ and Ringo fired up their jetpacks and followed their rescuers. Five minutes later they landed safely at the gate.

*Group: Ringo* Great job QJ. What's an AAR?

*Group: QJ* Thanks for hanging on to me. I thought for sure I was going to end up in a Maelstrom prison again. AAR is an After Action Review.

*Group: Ringo* There's no way I'm letting go of my Vice-Commander.

[Wu] Woah... you two dating or something.

*Group: Ringo* Yes.

*Group: QJ* It's a secret though.

Wu could hear their laughter coming through his hud.

[Wu] Very funny.

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