Supreme Tamer Chapter 316: Chapter 194: Cold Crushing Mark, Seventh Level Ice Technique

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Chapter 316: Chapter 194: Cold Crushing Mark, Seventh Level Ice Technique


Translator: 549690339


The metamorphosis of the Ice-Feathered Spirit brought a great increase in strength, and after a long howl, an even more unrestrained chill spread out!

Several Guaiyan Guardians wanted to extend their rocky claws towards the Ice-Feathered Spirit, but as soon as the claw blade was raised, it was met with a face full of icy power. In just a few seconds, the numerous frosts enveloped the black-brown body completely, turning it into a statue. It fell from the high cliffs, shattering into pieces upon contact with the sharp angles of the mountain!

The Guaiyan Guardians immediately realized the incredible increase in the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s strength. The surrounding dozen or so Guaiyan Guardians simultaneously began chanting spells, launching a crazy barrage of rock-type skills at the Ice-Feathered Spirit!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The entire rock wall was bombarded and collapsed by these Guaiyan Guardians. The Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body was smashed back into the wall again.

However, after completing its metamorphosis, the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s own defense had reached the Seventh Level Final Phase. Additionally, with the effect of the Frost Armor, the Seventh Level power of these Guaiyan Guardians’ attacks could not cause any real damage to the Ice-Feathered Spirit!

As the Spirit Incantation was chanted, the Ice-Feathered Spirit, whose body was completely embedded in the rock wall, completely ignored the attacks of the Guaiyan Guardians, letting the rock flying claws strike its body…

“Elemental Will!”

Seeing Ning chant a spell while enduring the attacks, Chu Mu was also incredibly excited, because the Ice-Feathered Spirit had also mastered the higher realm of Elemental Will. With this, the Ice-Feathered Spirit would no longer be affected by low-level skills when using its own skills!


This time, the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s spell was more extended. The dozen or so Guaiyan Guardians bombarded the Ice-Feathered Spirit for at least three to four seconds before the spell finally neared its end!

Seeing the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s chant, Chu Mu also showed a surprised expression. Chu Mu remembered that there were no ice attribute skills that required more than 2 seconds of chanting in the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s skill repertoire!

“This is…” Ye Qingzi’s gaze also fell on the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body. From the momentum and spellcasting stance of the Ice-Feathered Spirit, she raised a familiar feeling!

Finally, the 5-second long spell was completed. Sinister and cold ice magic rings appeared on the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body, and after emitting a few rays of cold light, they mysteriously disappeared!

The temperature of the air suddenly dropped, and the silent and vanished ice magic rings mysteriously appeared on these dozen or so Guaiyan Guardians, tightly clinging to their bodies!

A total of sixteen Guaiyan Guardians attacked the Ice-Feathered Spirit, and without exception, they were all bound by the strange ice magic rings!

Dark azure Xuan Crystals rapidly spread from the ice magic rings, almost instantly freezing the first Guaiyan Guardian caught by the cold ice magic illusion!

This Guaiyan Guardian had no time to struggle before its rocky body was completely covered in a thick layer of ice!

But just as this Guaiyan Guardian turned into an ice sculpture, the terrifying ice magic ring suddenly shrank and quickly condensed into a single point!


As the ice magic ring shrank and condensed, the frozen body of the Guaiyan Guardian was directly crushed into pieces, becoming a mixture of countless ice crystals and rock powder!


The second Guaiyan Guardian caught by the ice magic ring was turned into powder.


The third Guaiyan Guardian was crushed.




With sixteen loud noises, all sixteen Guaiyan Guardians were crushed into pieces by the ice magic ring!

The gale swept through, and the sixteen shattered Guaiyan Guardians turned into debris, disappearing with the wind in this plank road…

Chu Mu was so stunned by the scene that he had almost forgotten that he was deep within the Guaiyan Guardians’ pack. He stared at the scene in complete disbelief, not expecting the Ice-Feathered Spirit to unleash such a powerful ice attribute skill!

“Cold Crushing Mark!” Ye Qingzi finally spoke the name of this ice attribute skill!

Ye Qingzi’s Ice and Fire Fairy only mastered one Seventh Level skill combining ice and fire attributes – the Ice and Fire Annihilation Map. She had also been hoping for the Ice and Fire Fairy to learn new ice attribute skills.

However, it was Chu Mu’s Ice-Feathered Spirit that had learned the Level 7 ice attribute skill – Cold Crushing Mark, upon reaching the Seventh Rank!

Cold Crushing Mark, a Seventh Level ice attribute skill, is like the invisible hand of an ice demon, tightly grasping the enemy’s body, freezing it into an ice sculpture, and then mercilessly crushing it to pieces!

The Cold Crushing Mark is one of the most powerful ice attribute skills in Level 7, as can be seen from the long 5-second chanting time.

In fact, the Cold Crushing Mark does not require such a long chanting time. Even if the Ice-Feathered Spirit only chanted for one second, it could still complete the Cold Crushing Mark, and the longer the chanting time, the more Cold Crushing Marks that would appear.

Ning took 5 seconds to recite the 16 Ice Magic Rings, which meant that if it only recited for 1 second, it could probably form 3 Ice Magic Rings, and these 3 Ice Magic Rings could also attack 3 enemies simultaneously!

The Cold Crushing Mark is a group attack skill and cannot be stacked on the same enemy. But the power of each magic ring skill is Level 6, coupled with the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s Elemental World soul pet’s effect bonus, control over ice attributes, and overlapped with advanced Xuan crystals…

This Ice Magic Ring is equivalent to a quasi-eighth-level skill. In a group battle, it can instantly kill a large number of soul pets whose defenses have not reached the Level 7 Mid-Stage and above!

No wonder Ye Qingzi has always wanted to control her Ice and Fire Fairy. Now she could only look at Chu Mu with envious eyes.

There are many factors for a soul pet to comprehend new skills, and the talent of the soul pet is the main reason. In addition, the perseverance and faith of the soul pet itself, the influence of the Soul Pet Master on the soul pet, and some other events occasionally accelerating this learning, along with some luck…

It can be said that every soul pet would learn new battle skills during battle. The earlier it learns, the stronger it will be, and at the same time, it demonstrates the potential of the soul pet.

Of course, the skills learned by the soul pet cannot be too abnormal. Generally speaking, if the talent does not slightly reach the Monarch Level’s minimum threshold, it would be very difficult to comprehend Level 7 skills that are generally possessed by Monarch-level soul pets.


With such a fierce momentum, the Ice-Feathered Spirit had continuously killed sixteen Strange Rock Guardians, and the nearby Mysterious Rock Guards became somewhat fearful, not daring to approach the Ice-Feathered Spirit too closely.

Ning’s incantation started again, blooming with an indigo frosty brilliance. When the light gathered, countless frost began to condense, quickly forming ma.s.sive ice-sealed swords!

Each ice-sealed sword reached a terrifying length of ten meters. The Profound Crystal Swords of Ice Seal floated above the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s head, releasing cold air, hanging upside-down, forming an ice-sealed Profound Crystal Sword Array with a range of more than forty meters!


With a long groan from the Ice-Feathered Spirit, the twenty-three Xuan Crystal Ice Swords were manipulated to stab in all directions!

Twenty-three ice-sealed swords, twenty-three directions stabbed out, each one was controlled by the Ice-Feathered Spirit, accurately piercing the twenty-three Guaiyan Guardians!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Each ice-sealed sword would shatter after hitting a Strange Rock Guardian. At least ten Strange Rock Guardians were struck by these twenty-three ice-sealed swords, and they were severely blasted into the cliffs without dying but were completely devoid of fighting strength.

“Ice and Fire Annihilation Map!” The Ice-Feathered Spirit had already taken control of the situation, and Ye Qingzi’s Ice and Fire Fairy also displayed their skills!

The power of the Ice and Fire Annihilation Map was relatively concentrated. When the Ice and Fire Fairy released the up and down ice and fire, it targeted the plank road where the Guaiyan Guardians were densely populated!

There were ten Mysterious Rock Guardians on the plank road beside Chu Mu. As the Ice and Fire Annihilation Map appeared, the ten Mysterious Rock Guardians were immediately targeted. The black-brown rock body endured the double torment of ice and fire, gradually losing its resistance and slowly disappearing in the Ice and Fire Annihilation Map.

With the cooperation between the Ice-Feathered Spirit and the Ice and Fire Fairy, their fierce attacks quickly solved nearly fifty Guaiyan Guardians. The remaining fifty-plus Guaiyan Guardians showed obvious signs of fear.


Just as the Guaiyan Guardians were about to retreat, suddenly there came a roar from the top of the mountain peak. This roar was like a rolling boulder, causing hearts to tremble!

Chu Mu immediately raised his head to stare at the steep cliff on the top of the mountain!

A pair of eyes!!

A pair of eyes, resembling the mountain cavity, appeared on the stone wall that was a hundred meters high. These eyes were completely integrated with the mountain wall, as if the thick rock layer was the body of this creature!

These eyes slowly opened, looking down at Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi who were fighting the Guaiyan Guardians below. They could feel the strong anger and killing intent in the eyes!

“Eighth-rank Strange Rock Guardian!”

Chu Mu’s Soul Sense determined the strength of this soul pet as they approached!

This Strange Rock Guardian of the Eighth Rank had obviously undergone some crystal strengthening, and its combat power was definitely slightly stronger than some Superior Commanders!


The Eighth-rank Strange Rock Guardian let out an angry roar, and a pair of rock claw meters long protruded from the mountain wall, pulling its huge body out ferociously!

The Eighth-rank Mysterious Rock Guardian was at least twice the size of those ordinary Mysterious Rock Guardians, looking completely like a cliff overlord, with an intimidating wave of its long claws in hand!

With a flip and a leap, the Eighth-rank Strange Rock Guardian jumped directly from the top of the mountain peak. One of its claws fiercely plunged into the mountain wall, sliding down from the hundred-meter-high position!


Heavy brown rocky body fell heavily on the plank road, causing the surrounding rock walls to shake!

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