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Chapter 276: Chapter 155: Startling the Soul Under the Ninth Rank Monarch


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Eight-winged Sky Demon Worm: Demon Beast World – Insect Species – Sky Demon Worm Clan – Eight-winged Sky Demon Worm Sub-clan – Monarch

The Eight-winged Sky Demon Worm possesses terrifying strength like a mountain summit’s mad beast, agile and high -speed eight-winged flying ability, and the strongest of all is its insect-type combat power, which is almost invincible. It has extremely tenacious vitality, rapid recovery ability, intense toxicity, and extremely fast attack speed!

Sky Demon Worms are an enormously large race among the insect-type soul pets; they are considered one of the most widespread, huge, and ferocious soul pet groups by scholars of the soul pet world, ranking last among the Five Great Catastrophic Insect Clans!

The so-called “Catastrophic Insect Clans” refers to those that breed rampantly, capable of forming a terrifying phenomenon like a ma.s.sive Zhehuang attack on living creatures. When this kind of catastrophe emerges, it could lead to the entire city’s population being slaughtered, with even historical records of entire regions being gnawed away by Zhehuang, leaving nothing but a desolate wasteland of death.

Two-winged Sky Demon Worms are Servant Level, Four-winged Sky Demon

Worms are Warrior Level, and Six-winged Sky Demon Worms are Commander Level. Sky Demon Worms have a complete biological system and can even be said to have a great deal of “organizational discipline”.

Sky Demon Worms are rarely seen alone. As a species, they have several disadvantages compared to many creatures of the same level and are not considered mainstream soul pets. It can be said that few Soul Pet Masters will capture Sky Demon Worms as their insect-type or winged -type soul pets.

Of course, if one was able to capture a Commander Level or Monarch Level Sky Demon Worm, their combat power would still be astonishing. The difficulty of capturing them, however, is much greater than some of the proud and solitary Monarchs.

The Eight-winged Sky Demon Worm that Chu Mu now faced was an extremely domineering Ninth Rank Monarch. This fully matured Monarch soul pet didn’t even need other members of its group and acted arrogantly alone, even daring to land directly in the midst of human settlements, displaying a disdainful att.i.tude towards everything!

Chu Mu had experienced the aura of truly powerful creatures before. It was a feeling of insignificance, like standing alone at the center of an abyss where the entire abyss was the gaping maw of a powerful being.

Like the appearance of the mysterious soul pet on Prison Island, the insurmountable power of the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon, the eerie movement and mental abilities of the Blue Sky Demon Spirit Emperor, and the ancient and spiritual nature of Liu Binglan’s Starlight Soul Pet.

Arguably, the Ninth Rank Monarch in front of him was still a few notches below the powerful creatures Chu Mu had encountered before. Its aura was nowhere near as vast and magnificent as those soul pets, but those powerful beings weren’t ones that Chu Mu had truly faced in combat.

This time, Chu Mu was going to collide with a Ninth Rank Monarch using his own power, and it would be impossible not to feel nervous.

To many young generation members, MO Ye’s speed was almost impossible to capture. However, in front of this powerful Monarch, MO Ye’s speed was clearly not fast enough. Chu Mu could feel the creature’s gaze constantly following him and MO Ye, and even saw a hint of teasing in its eyes, as if he had already become its prey and it wanted to let its prey live for a few more moments.

Crowned in flames, MO Ye galloped on all four hooves, leaving behind fiery hoof prints wherever it pa.s.sed. At top speed, MO Ye cut across the one hundred-meter position of the Ninth Rank Eight-winged Sky Demon Worm. The nine magnificent long tails swept out, and nine flame fans immediately stirred up a wave of scorching heat, rushing towards the Ninth Rank Eight-winged Sky Demon Worm!

The Ninth Rank Monarch still crouched on the attic, its four pairs of fleshy wings slowly fanning as if waiting for the slowly approaching flame fans!

Finally, the Eight-Winged Sky Demon Worm moved. Its eight powerful flesh wings vigorously flapped. The body flew straight and parallel to the ground like a ma.s.sive black arrow, stirring up a black cl.u.s.ter of insect energy. It pa.s.sed through the Flames Tail swept out by MO Ye and charged straight towards MO Ye and Chu Mu!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh-

The Crown Flames were blown back. MO Ye’s winged Flames had no effect on this creature. A violent wind caused a surge of black tide to engulf the entire Chu Mountain Mansion!!

The brilliant Crown Flames burned in the pitch-black night. MO Ye, who was racing at full speed, was like a lonely boat swaying and escaping under the terrifying black tide, a ma.s.sive wave ready to swallow it, throwing him into the black depths of death!

“Woo woo woo

Feeling the terrifying momentum of the breath behind him, MO Ye desperately cried out and sped up. He pa.s.sed through the complex Chu Mountain Mansion like a streak of light!!

“Booming booming booming———-—–

Mad tide, black waves. Chu Mu looked back and was horrified to find that the black tide was not a gathering of energy but was formed by thousands of black flying insects. Every black insect was like a starving little devil, leaving nothing untouched in their path!!

“MO Ye, Flames Tail!” Chu Mu immediately noticed that many black insects were sticking to MO Ye’s tail and started to corrode MO Ye’s tail with their poisonous liquid.

“Woo woo woo!!! ” MO Ye’s body immediately ignited a more intense Crown Flames, which traveled along MO Ye’s body to his tail and quickly turned the nine fluffy fox tails into Crown Flames!

The black insects had virtually no defense. As soon as the flames burned, these black insects were turned into nothingness immediately.

“MO Ye, Nine-Tailed Illusion!!” Suddenly, Chu Mu issued an urgent command.

MO Ye didn’t dare to hesitate for a moment, and his nine flame tails started to coil and flutter, like nine long dragons swirling in the clouds, dazzling and mystifying.

Almost at the same time as the Nine-Tailed Illusion began to flutter, a terrifying black body cast out like steel burst out from the ma.s.sive black insect tide. Its eight arms were frighteningly transformed into sharp blades, tearing through the air and fiercely slashing at MO Ye’s position!

These eight sharp blades could tear through all Level 8 defenses, let alone MO Ye, who only had a Level 7 mid-stage defense with his Level 6 Soul Armor!


Eight blades condensed into one and viciously sliced across MO Ye’s nine tails, instantly causing fiery fur in the midst of the burning flames to float chaotically in the air…

The nine illusions on the tail slowly disappeared under the cold gleam of the eight sharp blades, MO Ye reappeared twenty meters away from the attack position, maintaining its running posture while continuing to erupt at its fastest speed!

“Chu Mu, hurry back, they are safe now!”

Just then, Chu Mu heard Ye Qingzi’s shout coming from the Stone Palace.

Chu Mu glanced at the entrance of the Stone Palace and saw that Chu Qian and the others were already standing at the entrance, looking at him with anxious and frightened eyes.

“Chu Mu, be careful!” Suddenly, Ye Qingzi’s scream echoed in Chu Mu’s spiritual world! “Creak creak

As if the bones were being crushed and twisted, the horrifying sound came from Chu Mu’s ears. Chu Mu turned his head abruptly and the sight made his scalp tingle, for this terrifying Ninth Stage Monarch had somehow appeared less than ten meters away from him.

The ten-meter distance was like a single stride for the Ninth Stage Monarch. At this distance, Chu Mu could even see the disgusting worm flesh wriggling from the opening of the Eight-winged Sky Demon Worm’s carapace at its chest!

“MO Ye, Illusion!”

MO Ye also felt the encroachment of the Ninth Stage Monarch’s aura, and its running body quickly produced an illusion, dividing into three other phantoms!

The eerie red light flickered, and two rays of blood light burst from the red pupils of the Eight-winged Sky Demon Worm, heading straight for MO Ye!

Unlike the power of the Death Light, when the red light fell on MO Ye’s illusion, there was no energy explosion. When it fell to the ground, a large area of the ground and the nearby walls were covered by the red light curtain, and then the bricks, stones, and walls began to melt!

In just a few seconds, everything within a ten-meter radius had been melted, revealing a black void with a diameter of ten meters!

Everyone at the Stone Palace location gasped. Such an attack was so swift, requiring no preparation, yet its power was so terrifying that it was enough to instantly kill any eighth stage commander or below!

“You all come in quickly; I’m going to close the Stone Palace door!” Chu Ke stood at the stone palace staircase and spoke to the people outside the door.

“Elder brother, wait, Chu Mu is still outside.” Chu Qian immediately said.

Chu Ke’s brows immediately furrowed, and after walking down the stairs, he looked towards the distance but was shocked to find that Chu Mu was entangled with the Ninth Stage Monarch while riding the Nine-Tailed Crown Flame Fox!

“He… is he courting death!” Along with Chu Ke, Chu Dian immediately cursed.

“He went to attract the attention of that Eight-winged Sky Demon Worm to save us. Elder brother Chu Ke, please wait, wait for Chu Mu to return before closing the stone gate.” Chu Qian said.

“How can we do that? The Sky Demon Worm Army will be here soon; if we don’t close the stone gate now, everyone in the Stone Palace will be killed!” Chu Ke said.

As soon as Chu Ke’s voice fell, a sound like burning thunder gradually came from the sky – a noisy and sharp sound.

Everyone immediately looked up and suddenly found that the sky above the Stone Palace had been covered by dark clouds of Sky Demon Worms. A strong smell of death from the insect clan permeated the air as if a black storm was approaching, turning the wind and clouds dark, and blocking out the sun!

“All disciples listen to the order, close the stone gate immediately, and do not open it for three days!” A majestic voice slightly overpowered the din and spread throughout Chu Mountain.

The speaker was the patriarch of the Great Chu n.o.ble Family, Chu Lieming. Obviously, the patriarch had already realized that the Sky Demon Worm Army was about to fly over Chu Mountain!

“Close the stone gate immediately!” Chu Dian’s face changed, and he almost shouted out with a sharp voice.

The faces of Ye Qingzi and Chu Qian both turned pale as they stared with wide eyes at Chu Mu, who was still being chased by the Ninth Stage Monarch 400 meters away from the Stone Palace with their lips bleeding…

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