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'Moving in?' The thoughts of Hazel staying with her tormented Miray. It was not like there was a problem with Hazel staying but she still needed her to be away from the city. 'It must be because of Jeff.' Miray did not really know the relationship between Hazel and Jeff but she could notice that something was going on. Coincidentally the first person to meet after entering into the building was Jeff.

"President Jeff, looking more cheerful than usual.." Miray led the way into the elevator.

"Why shouldn't I be? I got a chance to see my boss's true colours.." Jeff followed.

"Say that to anyone and you will be the first person I kill .. "

"haha you know I wouldn't dare.."

"you know that Hazel is going to stay right?" Mirage broke the silence as the elevator started to move.

Jeff felt tensed and cleared his throat as he was tried to figure out a proper answer, "yes i do.."

"it's now your job to keep her busy,... would you like me to tell you what would happen if you disappoint her?" a mischievous smile was seen on Miray's face as she turned to face Jeff.

"wha..what would happen?.." Jeff took a step back but he was already at the corner of the elevator.

Miray slowly moved closer to him, almost pinning him to the corner "I will..... cut off ..your ...manhood.." she had leaned forward to his ears and whispered the words that sent shivers all over Jeff's body.

"ha ha ha... Yes ma'am" Jeff looked down trying to avoid the piercing set of eyes in front of him.

" I hope Hazel doesn't know about our little conversation." those were the last words she said as she left the elevator.


Nene was the first person to greet Miray after she walked into the office, "Good morning, you have a visitor in your office."

Miray stopped and turned to Nene, "is it my father?" her eyes widened as she asked the question.

"No,.. it must be the guy you have been going on dates with for the past weeks.." Nene regretted her words after they came out.

Miray took a deep sigh and started to walk confidently again towards her office, "any other appointment today?"

Nene quickly followed Miray, while hoping that her careless words were not heard "umm, yes.. Mr. Morgan called, he wanted to know if you could join him for lunch.."

"mmh, what else did he say?"

"Nothing else, he just specifically stated that you should be the one going."

"As expected..... tell Rita to prepare the contract.... One more thing, gossip never got me to where I am, working hard did. You get what I mean right? " Miray smiled as she slowly patted Nene's shoulders.

"I will try to be more careful.." replied Nene who faced down like a little girl.

"Good. " Miray slammed the door after entered her office.

" Miray..." a smooth voice called for her after she entered the office.

"Hey Terrence.."

"I have been worried about you.." Terrence got up from his seat and moved towards Miray.

"oh I am sorry, I forgot to call you.. I have just been busy lately... how are you?" Miray avoided his embrace as she quickly rushed to her seat.

" I have not been okay..." his gaze did not leave her for a second.

"umm okay.. take a seat.." pointing at the seat opposite her.

Although Miray could feel his eyes on her, she continued to act natural as she opened the doc.u.ments that were on her office table.

"Don't you want to know what's wrong?"

"That's if you would like to tell me."

"when are you going to stop start taking things serious, I have been patient enough, don't you think?"Terrence's tone sounded a little more intense than usual and Miray looked up into his eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"Miray, you know that this is a relationship that is supposed to end into marriage right?"

"oh, I don't remember agreeing to anything like that.." she faintly leaned her head on one of her hand like she was listening to an interesting story.

"Okay, I will just say it then... our marriage was already accepted by our parents but Old Yethu did not want to force you into it. Why does it look like I am the only one trying?"

With all that being said Miray was not surprised. Despite Old Yethu wanting her to get married, he was not the type to force her into it. Even though she was surprised with Terrence's lack of patience that morning and her first instinct was to throw him out, she still let his stay out of respect for Old Yethu. "Terrence, you can always give up if you want. Blame it on me, Old Yethu can't stay angry with me forever.."

"hmm, I am not going to give up on you... I am just trying to show you that we want the same thing here.." he stretched his hand forward and held Miray's hand.

Miray leaned back on her chair and with her eyes fixed on Terrence. Her ind was running wild with thousands thought for what seemed like a minute. Recovering from her thoughts she took a deep sigh and said "I am a business woman, I can understand what you mean... Don't be too polite, say what you want."

Terrence started to scratch his head and turned his eyes away from Miray, "Let's get married for six months and then we divorce later.."

"Is there something you are getting out of our marriage?" it was clear to see that something was behind his actions.

"I will tell you everything on a good day.. " He continued to avoid her eyes.

"Is that how you see me? Someone who is desperate for marriage, do you know how insulting that is? Especially from you?" anger came out in Miray's voice.

"Fine,... I like you.." his eyes were crystal clear as he gathered the courage to look directly into Miray's eyes.

"You have a funny way of getting the ... "

"The only way for me to take over my father's company is by marrying you." Terrence cut off her words before she could finish them.

This was the last thing Miray had ever expected from Terrence. She had learnt about the internal struggle of Terrence's family but she had always pictured him to be different. Even though it all came out as a surprise, getting married was also a good way to silence the elders. " Okay I will marry you but I have my own conditions."

"Go on.." he nodded his head and tightened his grip on her hand.

"we can stay married for one year and we will stay in the same house I don't want Old Yethu to become suspicious." Miray was trying to loosen her hand but the grip from Terrence only got stronger.

"Okay..." a smile was seen on Terrence's face, "anything else?"

"I will not play husband and wife with you in front of people.." she pressed a b.u.t.ton on her office phone, " Rita prepare for me a one year marriage contract.."

"... ummm I think I didn't get you right, would you repeat again CEO Yethu," the voice on the line answered.

"you heard me right, prepare it as soon as possible.." without waiting for a reply Miray cut the line.

"I also have one thing to say." Terrence leaned forward and said it in a low voice, "I hope you could stop your relationship with CEO Vandeers, if you are going to be with me.. I deserve some sort of respect."

The article about Miray and Skylar's encounter at the fashion showcase had gone viral it was obvious that Terrence had seen it. Without denying it Miray nodded her head as an agreement to what Terrence had said. She might have had no feelings for Terrence but the respect and care she got from him was all she needed. This marriage contract woul mean that there would be no expectations from anyone about anything.

After they talked for some time Terrence decided to excuse himself, "I have to get back to work, you want to have dinner later tonight?"

"sure, ... but let's not tell the elders about the marriage yet.." Miray escorted him out as she wiped her sweaty hand which Terrence had held on to.

As soon as the door opened all eyes turned to their direction. It was like they all knew about her marriage contract. Rita who had already prepared the contract came forward and handed it to Miray.

"I think I should take that.." Terrence interrupted.

"let me review it first ." Miray quickly s.n.a.t.c.hed the file from Rita's hand.

"hmm okay, see you tonight.. " Terrence gave Miray a tiny kiss on her cheeks and disappeared.

The time stop for everyone who was watching. They could not believe that someone could be courageous enough to do that to their boss. Even the devil himself would be afraid of this woman, but the handsome fellow went past what no one could ever do. A smile came on Miray's face and she turned back to her office.

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