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v1c3 part 1 – Fifty Strings of Sideless Brocade Zither

The two busied themselves to make good food, Qing Chen served a bowl of porridge to the bedroom. Due to her habit of being a doctor, she extended her hand, wanting to check the temperature of the man, but stopped mid-air. A cold mask creating a distance between the two person.

The glow of the light is dim, making the person looked like he was sleeping. After hesitating for a while, Qing Chen gave up on satisfying her curiosity. While thinking of how to wake the man, she looked up, realising that the man has opened his eyes, a hint of fatigue can be seen in his deep black eyes, but still unable to hide his natural air of coldness.

They stared at each other for a moment. Again, she felt like she was being seen through, as though his gaze could see through everything without being able to hold anything back. Still, she did not avoid his gaze, lightly lifted her brows, she turned and served the porridge: "Awake? Have something to eat."

The man closed his eyes, slowly shook his head.

"Your body will not be able to recover its strength without eating, this will not be beneficial to your injury." Qing Chen said persuading him.

Initially, she thought she would have to be more persuasive, but the man just stayed still for a bit, quietly closed his eyes for a short while, without any other comment, said: "Alright."

Qing Chen supported him up sit up, then check the temperature of the porridge. The porcelain spoon gently made soft noise hitting the insides of the porcelain bowl following the movement of her wrist. The man looked at her, softly said: "The mask is put on for the enemy, please take it off."


Qing Chen stopped the movement of her hand, her heart trying to figure the face behind the mask, suddenly she felt nervous. After a short while, she said: "Then, I will take it off?"

The man did not say anything else, so she extended her hand, gently removed the mask.

The face behind the mask is very defined, it looked pretty pale due to his injury, but indifferent and firm. Unlike the handsome face with natural elegance, she had imagined. However, Qing Chen was still stunned, as though she met this cold face hundreds thousands years ago.

In that short moment of trance, she almost felt like she was in a dream, time has turned back, falling into unforeseen incarnations.

Suddenly looking back, the person is there, at the place where the light is waning.

Such a ridiculous feeling, unconsciously spreading through. The two quietly gazing each other, her graceful figure is reflected in his pair of dark eyes, a ray of gentle light pa.s.sed through.

Qing Chen suddenly came back to her senses, the cup of wine just now seems to suddenly burn her face, she quickly looked away avoiding his gaze, putting the mask on the side, then picked up the porridge to pa.s.s to him.

The man did not take the bowl, not understanding for a while, Qing Chen suddenly realised how careless she was. She thought for a bit, then scooped a spoonful and move it next to his lips. He calmly accepted her service, not looking the least bit uncomfortable. There is an air of n.o.bility on him, as though it should be like that.

After having half a bowl of porridge, he shook his head not wanting anymore. Qing Chen did not insist further, asked: "Is there anywhere else you don't feel well?"

"No." His steady voice replied. He is clearly exhausted, but his gaze is still very sharp, seeing through people's heart.

"En." Qing Chen also stopped talking. The house was suddenly quiet, none of them tried to break the silence. She felt that, with him, any further words are redundant. After taking his medication, he fell asleep very soon after.

The moon outside looks like water from the thin bamboo framed window, creating an illusion of a flowery reflection. Slowly deep into the night, Eleven has also fell asleep outside. However, Qing Chen was not tired at all.

In the s.p.a.cious night, she was alone, in this unfamiliar world, facing unfamiliar things. Confused, taking the opportunity of the dark night, she sat in front of the bronze mirror without any purpose. She picked up the comb and tidy up her long hair, the mirror reflecting a blurred reflection, making her realised that the dream has not end.

Qing Chen raised her head to look outside the window, the flower like moonlight, shining through the cold night, the soft glow slowly blanketing the bottom of her heart, carrying an infinite darkness and coldness. A feeling of loneliness suddenly rushed into her heart, like weeds spreading and growing, slowly making her feel suffocated. She really wanted to wake up Eleven to chat, so her mind will not wander unnecessarily. Looking at how deep he's sleeping, she did not have the heart to do so, instead looked for a thin quilt to put on his shoulders.

What's the use even if she woke him up? Who would believe such a story. Even she did not understand what is happening. Maybe this is really only a dream, they are all people from her dream, in a blink of an eye, she will wake up, then they will only be a memory.

The person on the bed was very restless in his sleep, she gently walked over, extended her hand to test his forehead. Maybe due to the medication, he did not open his eyes like the few times before, only slightly frowned, his skin was very hot. In the end, the fever still come.

Qing Chen frowned while standing next to the bed, the methods she knew, the materials that should have a better effect is not available now, the way she handled the injury was also not the way the wanted them to be, so the current situation is within her expectations. After some deliberation, she went to the yard to fetch a basin of water, and took out the jar of wine that Eleven had found.

The water from the well is very cold in the summer night, very suitable for her needs. Qing Chen wet a piece of cloth then put it on the man's forehead, changing it after a certain time, to maintain the coolness. She also use a cool wet cloth to cool down his neck and underarms. Wiping his body using the wine once in a while.

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