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Chapter 135 – Gathering Legends (1)


Dragon Sword Duke Kairen was a living legend.  He had lived much longer than the lifespan of a human, and he had achieved many accolades.  This was why the people of the Rulain Kingdom looked up to him, and in truth, he was proud of that fact.

However, Kairen had also been a youth before, and there were figures in legends he had idolized.

They were the shining stars, who distinguished themselves in the largest war in human history.

The heroes and villains were all important figures that had their names immortalized.  The countless legends from before that existed on the continent were overshadowed by those, who fought in the Dragon Demon war.  People would only remember their names in the future.

Sometimes Kairen wondered what would have happened if he was born during those times.  He had many accomplishments under his belt, but his name would never be immortalized like the heroes of that time.  If he was born during that time, how effective would he have been against the big names, who sided with darkness?

In his life, he never thought he would be able to find out the answer to that question.


The deflagration covered a wide region.  It was hard to believe that this was a fight between only two people.  The overwhelming shockwave shook the ground.  Everyone, who had been fighting for their lives, turned to look at the site of the explosion.

Reygus was laughing uproariously.  

It rang out like a thunderclap.  Afterwards, a flash of light exploded forth.   Kairen, who had taken on Reygus’ attack using all his strength,  was immediately attacked again.

Kairen had made the right decision.  If he hadn’t used an all out attack to fend of Reygus’attack, he would be dead.

Kairen’s attack had offset the shockwave created by the head of the hammer, and the attack opened up a path towards Reygus.


Kairen groaned.

He had never been inferior in terms of power before.  However, he couldn’t keep up with Reygus’ strength.   When one determined the strong point of an opponent, it was idiotic to insist on playing into the other’s strength.  He felt annoyed since his pride had been hurt.  However, he was sensible.  He fought Reygus with his speed and technique.

However, his defense was surprisingly strong.  Its large body frame and the length of its weapon created a big disparity in terms of reach.  Moreover, Reygus’ attack was terrifyingly powerful.  Kairen was having a hard time getting in a hit.

Leticia had been watching the battle, and she voiced her frustration.

“Muscle brained idiots….”

She surrounded herself with ice walls, and she had endured the shock wave created by the attack.  The explosion had created a blast center.  It was as if a meteor had impacted on the ground to create a crater.  The aftershock had spread to a radius of 500 meters.  The nearby forests were overturned as if a volcano had gone off nearby.

“Let’s join forces!”

“When was that ever in fashion?  If you want modest women to dance in front of you, you should have stayed in your grave!”

Leticia snorted as she surrounded her spear with frigid winds, and she stabbed with it.  Reygus chuckled as it received Kairen and Leticia’s almost simultaneous attacks.

Cold sweat was running down Leticia’s body.  She had thought Kairen was fairing well against Reygus, so she thought a joint attack would be able to take it down.  The two of them attacked Reygus from the front and back, but Reygus wasn’t being pushed backward easily.

‘How can a monster such as this exist?’

It’s body was large, and it was swinging a medium sized weapon in heroic fashion.  It looked as if it had many openings.  However, once she fought it, she knew she had been wrong.  Reygus’ fighting style was typical of someone who used a mid sized weapon in conjunction with heavy armor.  However, everything else about it was on a ridiculous level.

Reygus let out a breath as if it was a living being, and it swung its hammer.  At a glance, the attack was full of openings.  However, the problem was its reach, and the force of the attack. Reygus swung it at a slight angle as he brought his hammer up from below to the top.  At a glance, the attack looked like it was full of openings.  However, the problem was the range and force of the blow.  Reygus’ big attack was like a runaway train where the force of the attack was too strong to deflect it.  One would be sent flying on contact.


Then there was an explosive current that followed the attack’s trajectory.  It was explosive.  The strong wind made it hard for Kairen and Leticia to breathe.

‘If we try to win this by force, we’ll be killed instead.’

Kairen and Leticia came to the same conclusion.  Reygus’ overall movement was slow, but it was able to accelerate and boost its power to an overwhelming degree at any given moment.   Each strike looked like a light attack, but there was great power behind each blow.  Moreover, it was an Undead, so it didn’t have to catch its breath.  It could continue attacking without breathing, so in a high speed battle, it was at an advantage.

Che-eek!  Kee-keeng!

Harsh sounds were emitted as sparks flew off of Reygus’ armor.  Kairen’s sword has slid off of it.

No matter how skilled Reygus was, it couldn’t block all the high speed attack that was coming at it from both sides.  It pushed the two out into the perimeter using its power, but attacks got through intermittently.

If it wasn’t for the heavy armor infused with powerful magic, they could have ended this long ago.  Kairen and Leticia’s attack was that excellent.

‘It really feels like I’m fighting against a castle.’

Kairen was letting out cold sweat.  In the first place, Reygus was the type of fighter to fight while taking on blows like a berserker.  The magical energy surrounding its body was so strong that it was hard to pierce through its defense.

Leticia was also in a bind.

‘My cold winds aren’t working at all.’

Normally, cold based attacks weren’t that effective against the Undead.  If it was a living being, the extreme cold would slow down the bodily functions, and her enemies would have to worry about frost bites.  The Undead could be physically frozen, but it took no other damage.

However, Reygus was showing a stronger resistance than normal to the cold than the other Undead.  The cold energy should have turned a normal person into an ice pillar.  It was cold enough for frosts to form on the surface of one’s skin.

Suddenly, Kairen grinded his teeth.

‘Koohk!  If I was alone, I wouldn’t have been able to handle it. s.h.i.t!’

He was called the Dragon Sword Duke, and he had always held the upper hand in terms of power. Now he was on the wrong side of the power balance, so it was the first time he had wanted his allies to come to his aid.

His pride hurt that he couldn’t face Reygus alone.  He was facing an opponent that was too much for him.  This was the first time he judged he couldn’t beat an opponent since he faced Azell.

‘What the h.e.l.l are the Guardian Shadows doing?’

When he gained some distance, he surveyed his surrounding.  What was the two Undead, who had been fighting with Balseru, doing right now?   They clearly had the advantage, so if the others helped out, Kairen thought he could end this battle….

Soon, Kairen discovered the reason why.

‘s.h.i.t. They are numerous, and they are elite troops.’

His attention had been focused on Reygus, so he hadn’t realized that there were a great number of Dragon Demon king worshippers present.  Kairen and Leticia was in charge of confronting Reygus, who was like a sweeping force.  The rest was being taken care of by the Guardian Shadows, Yuren and Laura.  There were several Dragon Demons and Dragon Majins officers present.  The rest were elite troops, so everyone was busy fighting.

Reygus was being pushed back in a hurry, yet it seemed it was enjoying itself.  Was its personality like that in life?  Or did it lose the ability to fear death when it became an Undead?

At its words, Kairen’s face crumpled.  It was humiliating, but he would have lost outright if it wasn’t for the techniques taught to him by Azell.

In his past battles with Dragon Demon king worshippers, he had been able to win without using such secret techniques.  His wealth of Dragon Demon magic and Dragon swords were enough.  He hadn’t even possessed any high level skills.  He kept working on his foundation to build himself up.

However, Reygus was an enemy that couldn’t never be overcome with just that.  Dragon Arts of very high difficulty was being used by Reygus.  It was influencing the surrounding and Kairen’s magical energy.  His mind was being attack, and his senses were askew on top of physical damage.  Reygus looked as if it was fighting in a simple style, but it was using these high level skills as if it was nothing.


Kairen, who had been glaring at Reygus, shuddered.  He sensed an overwhelming amount of Dragon Demon magic from afar.  It stimulated his senses so much that he took eyes off of an opponent he should have his eyes glued to.  He looked towards the source where the wave of power emanated from.

‘Oh yeah!’

Terror struck Kairen’s heart, and he got into a defensive stance.  However, Reygus didn’t attack.  Instead, he laughed as if he enjoyed all of this.

“Did the the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual end?”

He mumbled to himself as if he was groaning.  The feeling he felt was familiar.  He felt it when Laura was trying to kidnap Seigar.  It was the same feeling he felt when Azell won against the Thunder Dragon using the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual.

Reygus spoke.


It was as it had said.  The Dragon Demon king worshippers were at a disadvantage.  While Kairen and Leticia occupied Reygus, Yuren, Laura and the Guardian Shadows had teamed up to cut down on the number of Dragon Demon King worshippers that were present.

Leticia made a sarcastic remark.

“You’ve been busy dodging attack, so you aren’t in a position to say those words.”

It hurt Kairen and Leticia’s pride to join forces, but they held the upper hand in the fight.   Reygus had been hit several times, so a part of its armor was damaged.

However, Reygus was still full of confidence.


Leticia became confused at that moment.

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