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Chapter 117 - Li Yu’s Extra

Li Yu’s extra as in Li Yanlong x Yu Kai. This chapter is NSFW, you’ve been warned!

Li Yanlong and Yu Kai had a blast of a time playing roles in the lower plane. Yan Rui rushed them several times to return, but this time, the Chief Law Enforcer-daren had tasted the sweetness of skipping cla.s.s. No matter what, he was not willing to go back and work like an ox so soon.

But this time the mission world was a xianxia world, and Yu Kai had become a fox spirit.

Cough, the fox spirits here didn’t connote anything derogatory, it simply described the truth of the matter.

When Li Yanlong saw Yu Kai, his eyes were transfixed. Yu Fox had two tender and fair fluffy ears, and a fox tail that swayed behind him. Added with a mix of Yu Fox’s own tsundere nature and a fox spirit’s charm, it was meng no matter how you looked at it.

At this moment, the female lead was just outside the mountain valley, and there was still a quarter of an hour before she met the fox demon that would love her for a thousand years. Unfortunately, she had no chance, because Li-daren beat her to the draw and took the fox spirit home.

This time, Li Yanlong’s ident.i.ty was that of the Demon Realm Lord. Little fox spirits like Yu Kai were not even large enough to fit into the gap between his teeth when they stood before him. Besides, Little Fox Yu had also gotten seriously injured. He couldn’t even retract his ears and tail, barely able to only maintain his human form.

Yu Kai glared at him, “You are destroying the plot.”

Li Yanlong said with a straight face, “There are so many affectionate supporting male leads anyway, they are not any fewer without you.”

“……” Actually can’t refute!

Thus, Yu Fox Spirit was abducted by the Demon Lord-daren to the demon realm.

Yu Kai was placed in a sea of purple datura flowers by Li Yanlong. The Demon Lord-daren waved his hand in an unhurried manner, placing a boundary on the area around him so that no one among the three realms could step into it. One black and one white, the two hugged to their heart’s content amidst the flowery sea.

Demon Lord-daren was ready to move.

Little Fox Yu lay with his belly out towards Li Yanlong and said lazily, “Look at your impatient appearance. Same old rules, if you want to top me, give this master a smile first.”

Li-Paralysed Face-Yanlong felt his face stiffen for a moment. He touched the little fox’s ear and the corners of his mouth gently lifted. It lasted for about a second, and then he reverted to his paralysed face again.

However, Little Fox Yu expressed that it was satisfied. He personally untied his belt and exposed his delicate, pale chest, causing Li Yanlong’s gaze to grow deeper and deeper. He stopped Little Fox Yu’s actions and held the person in his embrace, but he didn’t take off Yu Kai’s clothes and instead made Yu Kai sit relaxedly on his legs half-covered.

A certain big facially paralysed man kneaded the fox spirit’s ears while playing with the fox spirit’s jade root.

The two had long established a tacit understanding after many times of s.e.x. Very skillfully, Li Yanlong rubbed his fingers against the pink p.e.n.i.s, the relatively rough parts of his digits gently rubbing against the small opening at the top. It made Yu Kai tremble all over, but he held on firmly and didn’t moan.

A touch of a smile tinted Li Yanlong’s gaze, and the movements of his hand became more and more agile. Time and time again, he attacked Yu Xiaokai’s most vulnerable tip, and at last, the little fox couldn’t hold back anymore as he released his translucent fluids.

Li Yanlong spoke impa.s.sively and methodically, “How fast.”

Yu Kai groaned, “Fox demons are naturally promiscuous. From the way you were touching me, it would be weird if I didn’t release.”

Li Yanlong nodded in agreement and lowered his head to hold that obscene little root. A harsh tremble was sent across Yu Kai’s entire body, and following that, he felt the irresistible pleasure invading his brain. Li Yanlong’s warm, scorching mouth wrapped around his jade root, the man’s tongue licking across each fold one by one and sweeping across the small opening at the top. And then he gave it a fierce suck. Yu Kai let out an ‘AH!’ in surprise, before white c.u.m was shot into Li Yanlong’s mouth and swallowed by the man expressionlessly……


Yu Kai couldn’t tell whether the happiness in his heart or the pleasure across his body was more intense. All in all, his brain was completely blank. The strong stimulation had caused him to lose the ability to think at that moment.

Li Yanlong proceeded to insert a finger into his tight hole. With just barely a part of his finger entering, it was absorbed and wrapped around tightly. There was barely any s.p.a.ce for anything to get in or out. Little Fox Yu’s body was still soft, so he couldn’t resist Li Yanlong’s invasion. His two furry ears trembled slightly, making him look very pitiful.

Li Yanlong put on some lubricating oil and once again pushed in ruthlessly.

“Wu……” Yu Kai’s body stiffened in pain. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open wide as he breathed rapidly.

Li Yanlong kissed his round and full shoulder, but the movement of his finger didn’t stop. He slowly thrusted into Yu Kai’s chrysanthemum hole. He should really say ‘as expected of a fox demon’. With the exception of the pain that he felt at the beginning of the invasion, Yu Kai had gradually started to secrete juices and finally eased his tight, wrinkled frown.

Li Yanlong began to add a second finger, but Yu Kai still felt a little uncomfortable. He held Li Yanlong’s arms tightly with both hands, and narrowed his eyes as he felt Li Yanlong’s slightly rough fingers moving about in his body. His level of coquetry made Li Yanlong become more and more rough.

Li Yanlong meticulously stretched him out, and only then did he aim his male root at Yu Kai’s cave, slowly squeezing in. It was hot and tight, it felt extremely wonderful.

It was just that it wasn’t so good for the receiving side. Li Yanlong’s length was not something proportional to that of three fingers. Yu Kai felt so much pain that he could hardly breathe. Tears of pain fell from the corners of his eyes and they were一一licked away by Li Yanlong.

“Relax.” He patted Yu Kai’s b.u.t.tocks, causing the two firm petals to tremble slightly. The tips of his b.u.t.t reddened a little, revealing an attractive color.

Yu Kai shook his head. It hadn’t been long since this body managed to cultivate to a human form, so it was still young and tender there. How could it relax just because he said it?

“Stop with the nonsense, just come straight……”

Li Yanlong looked at him with a complicated expression. He supported Yu Kai’s slender waist and slowly lifted him up before gradually lowering himself in. After experiencing such friction, Yu Kai’s inner walls adapted a little, but it still hurt badly.

Li Yanlong also knew that there was no way to avoid this kind of thing. He lifted both of Yu Kai’s legs and fiercely thrusted against a certain b.u.mp. Yu Kai let out an, “Ah–!!” — an intermingling of pain and pleasure.

Li Yanlong pistoned his hips in varying speeds of slow and fast, repeatedly grounding against that place. Yu Kai’s moans gradually became more and more moving to listen to while the tail on his behind swayed and wobbled along. Following Li Yanlong’s speed, that tail of his wagged faster. Yu Kai had been done by him to the point that he had lost his senses, mouth wide open, as a thread of clear bodily fluid flowed out from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were full of l.u.s.t, and from time to time, a trace of white fluids would bead at his front end.

When Li Yanlong finally shot inside, Yu Kai could hardly shoot any more.

His entire person lay immobilised in Li Yanlong’s arms. Although he had been f*cked for a whole hour, his clothes were still loosely hanging on his body. However, his pants were stained with milky white and transparent liquid, depicting an indescribable obscenity.

Li Yanlong had just had a little rest and he wanted to go again. Yu Kai wanted to stop him, but he didn’t even have the strength to speak. A demon spirit was easily moved by l.u.s.t, so just from a little touch from Li Yanlong, his internal pa.s.sion returned.

This time, Li Yanlong directly held him up and f*cked him. Both of Yu Kai’s legs were wrapped around Li Yanlong’s waist while his own fine waist was pulled back and forth by Li Yanlong. From this angle, he would enter especially deep, almost hitting Yu Kai’s stomach every time. Yu Kai could feel the ache of his internal organs being pressed against.

Due to the fact that he had practically shot everything out already, he felt an illusion of incontinence at his d*ck. Thus, his brain tensed up his body and nerves for a moment. Being wrapped around so forcefully by him, Li Yanlong’s face that always held no expression slightly changed colours. And what followed was even harder and fiercer thrusts.

Yu Kai felt that he was probably about to be killed by Li Yanlong. His lower body was practically out of his control. He cried out, “No more, no more, stop, I beg you……”

Li Yanlong simply hugged him more and more tightly. The movements of his lower body only got faster, not slower, and he thrust in over a hundred more times. Yu Kai trembled all over, and then there was a wet sensation at the place where the two had come together……

Li Yanlong finally showed great mercy and stopped.

Both of Yu Kai’s eyes had temporarily lost their senses. When he came to, he buried his face in embarra.s.sment in Li Yanlong’s neck, tears streaming down.

Li Yanlong teased, “The little fox peed.”

Yu Kai scolded, “d.a.m.n pervert, you must have done it intentionally!”

Li Yanlong didn’t deny it either as he kissed Yu Kai’s sideburns, praising, “You’re so beautiful like this.”

“……” Yu Kai bit his shoulder heavily, “Still not taking me to bathe……”

The Author has Something to Say: This story ends here~

I have always thought about what to say to you guys at the end, but now my mind’s blank. I can only think of these two words, “thank you”. Thank you for your tolerance and understanding, thank you for your company all this time, and thank you for the huge amounts of encouragement you guys have given me! Actually, I’m a very lazy person, plus the third year of college has been full of cla.s.ses. The fact that I could persist and finish piling up these 400 thousand words is almost a miracle for me, and all this is because of your support. Although sometimes I was sad because of some incomprehensions, but more so, I’m moved!

Thank you to dear Listening Rain for helping me add points, thank you to for the Peony Sauce for the long comments, thank you Love Sauce for the relentlessly “scattering flowers”, thank you Car Dust Does Not Rain for “clocking-in” every chapter, thank you Rinya for the unique comments every time. There are many others. In order to upload the chapter before midnight, I won’t be wordy. Ah, I’m rambling a bit, my illogical bad habit is exposed again! Last but not least, I really love you guys! Thank you!!

The Translator and Editors have Something to Say ♡:

Chels: Wow, time pa.s.ses really fast! It’s been two years since we’ve started translating this story. I’ve mentioned this in a previous chapter but, it really does feel like I’m sending off my first child! There were parts I loved and some not so much, but I feel really grateful for the whole experience with MGLR regardless. A big thank you to you guys, our dear readers, for all your support and kind comments every chapter. I don’t reply to all of them, but rest a.s.sured that I read them all and every single one really makes my day! And last but not least, a BIG thank you to my editors Mimi and Rf for always being kind, patient and so hardworking, love you guys! We’ll be looking for another story to pick up, we’ll keep you guys updated on the CG Discord if you guys wanna stick with us for another journey ?

Mimi: Haha, finishing this story makes me feel a bit old. Looking back, I feel that the person who started editing MGLR was a bit cuter, a bit sillier, and a bit more naive. Now, after two years on this project, I think I’ve grown a lot as an editor and a person. There were some good things and perhaps some not so good things about MGLR, but ultimately for me, this story holds a lot of special memories. Chels has summed up the rest, but I would also like to give my thanks to all of the readers who gave this story some love, whether you read one chapter, or commented on every release. Finally, to Chels and Rf, thank you for being with me on this adventure! Sometimes it was pulling chapters together last minute, sometimes it was crying over some other danmei character, but regardless, I had lots of fun. Love you both!

Rf: Woah, I didn’t even realize it’s been two long years since we started this project, and now it’s ending. As both mentioned, there was some good and some bad in MGLR, but I loved the story nonetheless. Having used this story to experience proofreading really broadened my mind in a way. Thank you to all the readers who commented, liked, and enjoyed this story with us!! Thank you to Chels and Mimi too for being so kind and caring in every way possible. I had loads of fun working on these characters with you both. Let’s have fun again in the future with a different danmei XD

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