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"That wasn't bad at all you puny Human. But if you want to defeat me you need to do better." Saying this Demon fog suddenly vanished from his spot and appeared in Dexter's front and attacked with a strong punch, which Dexter blocked and they started to move in the air while fighting. If a normal human watched the fight they will only be able to hear the boom of the punch which created a sonic boom whenever they strike.

But this time it was Dexter who got the upper hand and it was Demon fog that was sent to the floor creating a crater on the spot he landed.

Dexter landed outside the crater and watched as the demon fog slowly stood on his spot while spiting a mouth full of black liquid which was absorbed by the land. Then he slowly levitated from the crater and stood on the direct opposite of Dexter and a crater in the center.

They both looked at each other and this time Dexter asked," Do you still think, I won't be able to defeat you?"

"Hahahaha, of course you won't be able to Defeat me no matter how long the fight continues. I won't feel tired but you will start to get tired soon enough." Said the demon fog with an evil smirk.

Then the fight continued and slowly after few days of fighting Dexter started to feel a little tired but he was still improving a lot on his fighting style. Then after a few more days Dexter said," partner looks like I will need to use the balance breaker. Without it I won't be able to fight him."

"Partner, I was waiting for it. Let's show him what it means to fight the Heavenly Dragon."

[Boosted Gear]

[Balance Breaker]

[Scale Mail]

Then suddenly the whole dimension was covered in innumerable lights and after the lights cleared their stood a fully armed Dexter covered in red armour with inclined cross strips covering both his arms and legs. Strips had different colours when watched from different angles. He looked really heroic and his energy was being resupplied and now finally he was able to release his tension which he was feeling for last few days.

"So are you ready for round two?" Dexter asked.

"Oh, is that thing called the sacred gear? Alright let's begin let's see how long this thing can hold. Hahahahaha." Said the demon fog with smug look.

They both again moved towards each other at break neck speed and collided this time the demon fog was sent flying then Dexter followed him in the air.

[Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost]

Then he moved above him and hit with full strength sending him towards the ground and before he landed Dexter moved to that spot where the demon fog would land and sent him flying up again. This continued for a few more rounds and finally the Demon fog was able to extract himself from the continuous attacks and landed safely. This time he was really angry with the human.

"You fu*k as*h*ol I am going to show you what I truly can do." Then he started to absorb all the black fog in the dimension and became much bulkier with his arms double the size it was previously.

"hahahahah, now the second round truly began."

Then he moved and attacked Dexter and Dexter dogged it without any problem. This time the demon fog did all the attacking and Dexter just dogged it this continued for a few more min and then the demon fog lost his temper. "You little... I am going to tear you shred when I get my hands on you be prepared." Saying this his attack speed increased again and now their bodies became blur.

Like this the fight continued for a few more days and the craters created by their fights were now healing themselves at a much slower rate and the demon fog was starting to look haggard.

"So what was that about not feeling tired?" Dexter asked smugly.

"Ha, I have to say I underestimated you. But I will win at the end." Said the demon fog.

'Hey, partner do you know any way to defeat this guy, I am really feeling bored with all the fighting and he won't stay down no matter what I do?' saying this Dexter started to play volleyball with him again and then with final strike he plumbed him into the ground.

'He is a difficult adversary to fight, and this place just fixes him right up no matter what we do.' Ddraig said after thinking a while.

"Yes Yes, that's it, thanx partner. we just need to destroy this place. Why didn't I think about it before? As this place is connected to this guy." Said Dexter with a laugh.

"Ha, this place is also connected to nekoshou so if you destroy it, they will die either way. Hahahaha." Said the demon fog while recreating his body.

"What did you say you f.u.c.ker." Dexter said with extreme anger as it didn't matter to him if he failed he could just teleport from this place but the thing about his nekoshou dyeing was something he can't tolerate. He again beat him to ground with extreme anger and his boosted gear boosting him nearly to the peak of which his body could handle.

Suddenly he felt something in his eyes and his vision became clear while his mind felt refreshed.

'Yes, I am a dragon so why do I need to care about this measly thing.'

'Yes, I will become supreme, so why do I need to care about my enemy.'

"Yes, I will become the ruler of this multiversity, so why do I need to fear the threat of this bug."

The first two thoughts came to his mind but the last one he though a loud as if no one could stop him. Which cleared his mind about everything and finally he felt like he could control his body as he like, after all this body was the body of supreme.

This lead to another breakthrough in his mind and body and finally he covered the whole dimension with the colourless flame of time. Which rewinded the time on the dimension feeling which the Demon fog laughed as he felt his body recovering, but as the flame burnt more harshly and the panicking and voice full of despair was heard from the demon fog. The flames took the dimension to the time of its origin and then to the nothingness.

After the fight Dexter was exhausted due to awakening and lost consciousness after the move.


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