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It was the first day of school in Dream Highschool like any other day, students walk in and walk out of the gates with their luxurious cars.

Apparently, there is this student that always got bullied by a gang in the school called Bang Gang, they are a very bad bad group of men, with their leader, the richest person in their academy and at the same time the son of the owner of the academy, James Falcon.

He is a spoiled guy that gets what he always want and right now he wants Sam Peterson, whom is being bullied right now by his Gang.

Going back to the scene, "What the f.u.c.k are you guys doing again? aren't you tired of being bullies and just following orders from someone like your leader, he's such a coward that always needs his attendants and can't even deal with his own matters" said Sam, "What the f.u.c.k did you just say huh?" "Bro, we should teach him a little lesson for messing up with our leader" "Yea you're right let's do that".

While they are talking about doing that thing to Sam, they didn't realize that there is someone listening and looking at the pitiful looking youth and suddenly they have been grabbed and thrown away at the side, that was Sam's Savior, he is Paul w.a.n.ker, the most handsome guy ever! and he is so righteous that most girls in the academy has a crush on him, while Paul was finishing off the Bang Gang, Sams eyes suddenly was filled with glitters and he even can feel his heart beat beating fast and he was just staring at the scene and suddenly when he was himself again, he realize that their faces are so near to each other, like a little more to the right they'll almost look like kissing.

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