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Translator: Melimeli, Editors: XD, Pharrae.

Lin Feiran and Gu Kaifeng arrived at the communal shower room. They separated to find their own lockers and began to strip down.

Though Lin Feiran lived in the same dorm room as Gu Kaifeng, when they changed their clothes they'd still be in their underwear. This would be their first time completely naked around each other, so Lin Feiran was a little self-conscious when it came to removing the last piece of his clothing. He hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his underwear and slowly dragged it down, his pale ears turning slightly red from embarra.s.sment.

Lin Feiran didn't know why he was not bothered by other people possibly looking, but it bothered him if Gu Kaifeng was looking!

Gu Kaifeng finished stripping off all his clothes and confidently took a step towards Lin Feiran, bare-naked.

As he undressed, Lin Feiran's back was bent like a bow. When he lifted his gaze, his line of sight landed perfectly on Gu Kaifeng's manhood!

The compet.i.tive Lin Feiran sadly found out that even his p.e.n.i.s size was smaller than Gu Kaifeng's.

But you can't say for sure with this kind of thing. Some people have big flaccid p.e.n.i.ses, yet when they're erect the size doesn't become that much bigger… So it's not right to compare p.e.n.i.s sizes when they're not erect! thought Lin Feiran as he used his supreme reasoning skills to comfort himself.

Gu Kaifeng looked at Lin Feiran who was only wearing a small pair of briefs and staring at his p.e.n.i.s. Lin Feiran stood stiffly on the spot, unmoving. Gu Kaifeng smiled and said, "Quickly strip."

Lin Feiran: "……"

Gu Kaifeng continued, "After you're done stripping, hurry in. Many people use the shower around this time, so it's hard to get a spot."

Lin Feiran pretended to be calm, gritted his teeth, and took off his underwear under Gu Kaifeng's bold and unrestrained gaze. He immediately rolled his underwear into a ball, tossed it into his locker, and quickly closed the locker door. During this time, the blush on his ears started to spread to his cheeks…

To be blushing in a men's locker room, this is very gay!

Lin Feiran blushed because he was losing so much face by being b.u.t.t-naked in front of his previous arch-nemesis. He stretched his hand to cover his heated face, lowered his head in embarra.s.sment, and entered the shower area.

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For Lin Feiran, this design gave him a great sense of security!

It was twenty past eight, the exact time when the majority of students chose to shower, so it was hard to find an empty spot. When Gu Kaifeng found an empty stall, he pointed to Lin Feiran and said, "You go first."

Lin Feiran looked at the stall and asked, "What about you?"

Gu Kaifeng replied, "I'm going to find another one."

Lin Feiran hesitated; he was afraid that five minutes wouldn't be enough time to shower. After all, he had not showered in three and a half days and therefore couldn't clean himself well in such a short time. Maybe the shower room had many water ghosts. Lin Feiran froze as he recalled the water ghost from the other day. Its appearance was really scary: bloated and rotten, it almost didn't look like a human… it was one of the scariest ghosts that he had ever seen. Lin Feiran couldn't say for sure if each stall wouldn't have a slouching water ghost sitting beneath the shower nozzle, waiting for a student to turn on the shower and pour water over them.

Lin Feiran exhaled his yin energy and quickly grabbed Gu Kaifeng's wrist before letting it go, absorbing some of Gu Kaifeng's yang energy as a preventative measure. Sucking up to Gu Kaifeng, he said in a small voice, "Let's get two adjoining stalls."

Gu Kaifeng's eyebrows raised. With a flirtatious smile he said, "You still want to stick close to me even while showering?"

Lin Feiran nodded his head energetically. He shamelessly and confidently answered, "Yes!"

Gu Kaifeng said in a soft voice, "Little sticky cake."

The little sticky cake Lin Feiran: "……"

Gu Kaifeng leaned in closer and asked, "Then, should we shower together?"

"That… let's, uh, let's not?" Lin Feiran was so nervous that he stuttered and had to avoid Gu Kaifeng's gaze.

Even though Lin Feiran was afraid of seeing ghosts, the image of two naked male students showering together in a narrow stall was still too gay for him to accept. If he had to choose between the two, Lin Feiran thought that it was better to face his fear. In any case, even if there really were ghosts, as long as he couldn't see them it would be the same as if they didn't exist.

Gu Kaifeng also didn't plan to take it this far at first. He was just going with the flow and teasing Lin Feiran a bit. He wasn't surprised with the rejection and stopped asking. He happily pulled Lin Feiran along and searched for a while. They finally found two stalls next to each other and the two of them entered separately.

Lin Feiran adjusted the shower's temperature and quickly went under the nozzle, somewhat nervous because he couldn't see Gu Kaifeng. He could only try his hardest to control his imagination and avoid thinking that there was a water ghost showering right next to him.

After a few minutes under the satisfyingly hot water, Lin Feiran was able to relax his nerves. He squeezed out some body wash and rubbed it on his body. While he was washing, he heard a whistle coming from beside him. Following the sound, he saw that Gu Kaifeng's height allowed for over half his face to show above the separator, enabling him to look at Lin Feiran. Gu Kaifeng's hair was soaked with water and his bangs lay flattened to the back of his scalp, revealing his well-defined and handsomely sculpted face. A pair of electrifying eyes shone with a teasing expression.

Lin Feiran quickly took a step back before realizing this let Gu Kaifeng see him better. Instead, he walked closer to the separator until his body nearly touched it. This way, Gu Kaifeng could only see Lin Feiran's body from the collarbone up.

"What are you doing ah?" Lin Feiran stood on his tiptoes, pressing his hands against the separator to maintain his balance. Half of his head peeked above the separator, face to face with Gu Kaifeng.

He found out that on his tiptoes, he was almost the same height as Gu Kaifeng.

The two people's faces were very close. They looked at each other for a moment before Gu Kaifeng smiled and said, "It's been several minutes, why have you still not touched me?"

Clearly he had been touched so frequently these past few days that he already knew the pattern!

"Ah, right," Lin Feiran agreed, and stretched out a finger to touch Gu Kaifeng. He looked at that handsome face that carried a hint of depravity. Not knowing where to touch, his finger paused in the air. Finally, he lightly pressed the tip of Gu Kaifeng's nose.

Gu Kaifeng's eyes widened, seemingly amused by Lin Feiran's intimate yet childish gesture. He then reached out and scratched Lin Feiran's nose in return.

Lin Feiran: "……"

d.a.m.n, he could've just touched my hair! Why does this atmosphere feel like we are dating?

After showering, the two people returned to their dorm room.

There was to be a test during the next day's literature cla.s.s where students would have to recite an ancient text. Fearing literature cla.s.s the most, Lin Feiran grabbed his textbook and groaned while climbing onto Gu Kaifeng's bed. He propped up his pillow, leaned back, and started to memorize the text. Seeing this, Gu Kaifeng also grabbed his book, got on the bed, and propped himself up with his pillow beside Lin Feiran.

The two were leaning back on their pillows shoulder-to-shoulder while reading a book; they looked one hundred percent like a married couple!

Lin Feiran stared at the words for a while before flipping the book over, looking straight ahead, and repeating the words silently. After a few seconds, seeming as though he was stuck, he impatiently turned the book over again. As he was resuming to read, Gu Kaifeng suddenly leaned in his direction. With half of his body touching Lin Feiran's, Gu Kaifeng first used his right hand to cover the definitions at the bottom of the page. Then, he used his left hand to point at an uncommon character in the text and asked, "What does this mean?"

"Eh, that," Lin Feiran was embara.s.sed and bluntly replied, "I forgot."

Gu Kaifeng rubbed Lin Feiran's head in amus.e.m.e.nt and said, "How could you memorize it if you don't even know the meaning of the character? Even after you memorize it, you'd just forget about it in several days."

"No, I read the explanation, I've just forgotten at this time…" Lin Feiran blushed slightly. He leaned against the wall to try to put a little distance between him and Gu Kaifeng "Just read your book and leave me alone."

Gu Kaifeng got off the bed to pick up a literature textbook. He flipped through the book until he found the page with an explanation of the ancient character and gave it to Lin Feiran. With a faint grin he said, "Didn't you tell Ms. Zheng that you wanted to have me tutor you in literature?"

Lin Feiran was speechless. After all, he couldn't just say that he was using "tutoring" as an excuse.

"Read the explanation sentence by sentence, word by word. After you understand, recite it from memory. If you forget something then read it again, don't try to take shortcuts." Gu Kaifeng sincerely added, "Your comprehension of the basics of literature is really lacking."

"……" Lin Feiran recalled his 15-point-essay, pursed his lips, and didn't dare say anything.

He relied on his math, physics, and chemistry grades to pull his score up during his middle school exams. He did okay with English, making the sum of his grades barely enough for him to achieve the minimum pa.s.sing score. Lin Feiran learned his lesson and wanted to improve his literature while in high school, but literature isn't a subject you can ameliorate in one day. Afterwards, Lin Feiran became impatient and just went through the motions. It was alright as long as he pa.s.sed the bare minimum required by the school.

Lin Feiran lowered his head to read the notes. With his blushing cheeks accentuated by his pale skin and his eyelashes angled downwards, he looked adorable. The faint scent of his body wash drifted from the open neck of his pajamas, smelling soft and sweet. It was only from beneath the blanket that Gu Kaifeng could smell it.

Gu Kaifeng's heart thumped and he moved his nose closer to Lin Feiran's collar so he could take a sniff.

Lin Feiran was surprised and recoiled, "What are you smelling?"

Gu Kaifeng replied in a low voice, "Why does your body smell like milk?"

The body wash that Lin Feiran used was the same brand that he used back home. His mom bought it — the name was "Milk and Honey Body Wash". The scent was very mild and his skin felt good after using it. Lin Feiran had been using it regularly at home and brought a bottle to school. He hadn't originally thought this would be a problem, but Gu Kaifeng's tone of voice when he asked him made him feel embarra.s.sed.

Lin Feiran pulled up his collar and pretended to sniff; he didn't want to be found out. He said, "What smell ah, there's no smell."

"Don't worry, it's a really good smell." Gu Kaifeng licked his lips and smiled revealing a row of white teeth, "It makes me want to have a bite."

"……" Lin Feiran, the milk-flavored little sticky cake, calmly flattened his pillow and lay down beneath the blanket. Only his two hands were left exposed to hold the book — he used the blanket to completely cover himself and prevent his milky scent from drifting out!

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