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As soon as Aisha entered the room, she immediately bowed her head.

"To start with, you have my grat.i.tude. Thank you so much for sending reinforcement during the war."

"It's normal thing to do when your allies are in trouble."

Even though they didn't ask for it…

"I've come here today representing the whole guild."

"Likewise, I'm also here today representing the Fifteen Countries Federated States."


"You're not from the country of Gallia?"

When I asked the man, Aisha replied.

"He is from the Gallia country. Since it is known that the Ilfiana is connected to the Demon King, the Ilfiana is not qualified to be the leader. Instead, the Gallia country was chosen as the leader."

I thought they couldn't understand what I meant.

"The king wants to meet you. Can you please come with us?"

The man suddenly came up with a request.

"…It is probably better if you go there by yourself. Eins, Zwei."

Is he playing with me?

I look coldly upon him.

Aisha hurriedly followed.

"I'm sorry. Diplomacy is not something he's best at."

Then, why did you send such a person here?

"Certainly, taking up someone's offer for escort can only happen when you trust them."

"Well, can you come?"

Both Aisha and Cain break out in a cold sweat.

This guy, is he stupid?

"I refuse."

"Why?! It's the king of Gallia who wants to see you!"

So what? What is he playing at?

He became shocked after hearing that. He irritates me so much.

"Those who forced me to negotiate, those who stained the sheet, those who stormed this place by a large number of people and those who are unfair during negotiation, I have silently overlooked them."

You guys. Don't try to look away.

"But, I'm not stupid like you. Even before our conversation started, you immediately turn down my offer. Are you saying that you're going to travel to the kingdom without guards? There's a limit how foolish you can be."

"Excuse me. As I said before, he's still not accustomed to diplomacy. I swear I will not bring him here again with me next time!"

Well, my anger has already subsided.

"Go back for today. If you bring him again, I will kill him."

"Yes, sir."

Aisha bowed and left with the said person.

That guy seemed to have not understood the situation at all.

He is a type of nasty person who has everything.


"By your side."

I called Eins and heads to the training ground.

"Let's train a bit. Be my opponent."


Three days later, Aisha visited us bringing with her a pet.i.te girl wearing identical cloth as the man before.

"Well, I would like to apologize for the last time. I, Milia Feral, will be representing the Fifteen Countries Federated States for today!"

This little animal. Is she alright?

I don't know how to handle the type of people I've never met before.

"I, Aisha Rundell, have come here representing the guild."

"My name is Null, the master of this dungeon and also the owner of this mansion. I'm looking forward to being working with you in the future."

"Please treat me well."

"Pl-, Please treat me well as well."

Aisha gracefully bowed to me. As for Milia, she bowed really hard.

"Oh, that's right!"


As Milia cried out, her eyes turn towards me.

"I might look like this but I'm actually a fine 26 years old adult woman. Please don't treat me like a child."

I wonder how should I respond?

But, she looks like 10 years old at most…

He felt relieved and talk to himself, "Everything is fine~".

But it hasn't settled yet. I still don't know what to do with this person.

When I turned my sight to Aisha, she seems to be in shocked while looking at Milia.

"Err… did I do something wrong?!"

Milia begin to look around with her teary eyes as she realized the air around her becomes strange.


When she cries, I feel like I'm the bad guy here even though I never did anything wrong.

"How about we get to the main topic already?"

"Ah, that's right."

Aisha agrees with it.

"Yes! I'll do my best!"

Thus, the negotiation begins.

"So, let me listen to your request this time then?"

"Due to the success of the war, there's demand from every country to increase their rewards. They believe that they've done more than they're promised with. We've come to discuss with you about that."

"Later, if you're not busy, the King wants to see you, Mr Null!"

…Way to break the mood!

"Oh, is that so?"

I want him to come here but I guess it's not easy to wander around as the king of a country.

It should be a light footwork to go there…

"Alright. I'll think about it."

"I really appreciate that."

I turned my look from Milia to Aisha.

"So, reward increase, was it? In detail, what kind of raise would you want to make?"

I can't ask the questions if I don't hear their story first.

"Erm, first of all, the territory to be ceased has been changed to the Forest of Beginnings. The n.o.ble said that since the Forest of Beginnings influence doesn't reach the kingdom, they have no choice but to abandon it!"

Do you have to ruin my mood every time you open your mouth?!

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