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Chapter 8

On Sat.u.r.day morning, Hai Xiu opened the door of Jiang Yu Man's room and whispered: "Mom…"

"En?" Jiang Yu Man quickly answered and put aside her work, she closed her laptop with a smile, "What happened?"

Hai Xiu pursed his lips then said softly, "Can I…Can I go out?"

Jiang Yu Man was surprised, she then said with a smile, "Of course! What are you going to do? Do you want me to accompany you?"

Hai Xiu shook his head, "I'll go to my cla.s.smate's house."

Jiang Yu Man was even more surprised, the smile on her lips faded. "You'll go to your cla.s.smate's house? Which cla.s.smate?"

"…my desk mate." Hai Xiu answered with a smile. "Just got to know this cla.s.smate…"

Jiang Yu Man's depressed heart was pleasantly surprised, she asked in a gentle tone: "New friend?"

Hai Xiu made a gentle "hmm" sound, his eyes had a little excitement.

The corners of Jiang Yu Man's eyes had laugh lines as she jokingly said: "Is it a girl?"

Hai Xiu quickly shook his head, "It's a boy."

Jiang Yu Man laughed, "Good. When are you going out? Mom will give you a ride." when she said that she was going to change clothes, Hai Xiu quickly stopped her.

"No, no, no! He will come to pick me up."

Jiang Yu Man asked: "Pick you?"

He nodded: "En…he said he’s afraid that I can’t find his house if I go by myself."

Jiang Yu Man was now more curious. Two boys would be playing together, but also coming to pick up the other?

Hearing those words, Jiang Yu Man thought of something, "Well then, I’ll cut some fruits. Let him in and eat first before you go."

Hai Xiu hesitated a little, this was different from his and Feng Fei's agreement. So the best thing to do was to call Feng Fei first. He went out of the room together with his mother and said the following: "I'll call and ask him first."

Jiang Yu Man nodded: "Yeah, you should."

Hai Xiu returned to his own room, picked up the phone and hit the call b.u.t.ton. The call was soon picked up, and the person's voice on the other side had a hint of smile: "You cannot wait? I’ll be there."

He did not know why he suddenly blushed upon hearing Feng Fei's voice. He lowered his voice, "My mom…wants to invite you to come up and sit down. Is it…okay?"

Feng Fei paused for a second, then he immediately said with ease, "Of course… What? You originally didn’t intend to entertain me a little?"

At the same time, in Hai Xiu’s residential area, Feng Fei took off his sungla.s.ses, his car that just sped into the neighbourhood changed direction very quickly. He was speaking on the phone with Hai Xiu while driving, "What does your mother like?"

Hai Xiu was stunned from the other side of the phone, he innocently said: "Like me."

Feng Fei was mult.i.tasking, he laughed out loud while sweeping a glance on the street. His eyes lit up and he parked the car on the side. He took off the key, got out of the car and continued on saying: "Besides liking you, what kind of flower does she like the most?"

"White hydrangea…why did you ask?"

"Nothing." Feng Fei smiled, "I'll be there in 10 minutes. Hung up first."

He then told the flower shopkeeper: "One bouquet of white hydrangea."

Ten minutes later, the doorbell in Hai Xiu's house rang.

"Oh." Jiang Yu Man looked at Feng Fei who was giving her a flower. "Why are you so polite? You even spent your money."

"I didn’t spend my money. My family have planted it." Feng Fei said with a smile. "I heard from Hai Xiu before that you like hydrangeas. I have nothing to give, so I thought of cutting some to give it to you, auntie."

Jiang Yu Man smiled at Hai Xiu then to Feng Fei and said: "Sit down and eat fruits. Hai Xiu, get some drinks for your cla.s.smate. I need to look for a vase to put the flowers."

Jiang Yu Man went to find a vase. Hai Xiu incredibly looked at Feng Fei, "You……why did you…"

"I really didn't tell you anything in advance, I’ll settle it with you later." Feng Fei didn’t know that he still had to go upstairs, he didn’t see Jiang Yu Man’s preparation at all. Nevermind about not bringing a gift, he even drove here. If Jiang Yu Man found out about this, she’d definitely be worried. Luckily enough, Feng Fei didn't drive the car here since buying the flowers, instead he walked the whole way here.

Hai Xiu was unable to respond. Then he said: "The flowers…"

Feng Fei made a "hush" gesture and beckoned him to come closer. He ate two dragon fruits before saying: "Did you do your homework?"

Hai Xiu nodded, "I did it last night." Thinking that he would go to Feng Fei's house to play, he finished the homework early.

"So fast?" Feng Fei tilted his head, "Bring it all, I’ll copy it tonight."

Hai Xiu frowned, "Copy again…"

"Tsk…" Feng Fei was helpless, "I'll only copy Chinese, okay?"

This was okay. But in order for Feng Fei to finish them all, Hai Xiu packed all of his homework.

"Hai Xiu?" Jiang Yu Man was bringing out the flower vase, she apologized when she only saw Feng Fei: "That kid…why did he leave you here?"

Feng Fei smiled, "It's alright. He… He went to pack his textbook. He said that he wanted to study together tonight." Then he looked at Jiang Yu Man sincerely, "Can he stay overnight in our house?"

Jiang Yu Man was surprised: "Overnight?"

"Yeah. He hasn’t told you yet?" Feng Fei was composed when he said, "We will go to my house, play electronics after lunch then study together in the evening. If the weather is good tomorrow, we will play basketball."

He smiled: "Though, I’m afraid that you'll dislike it if I delay his study time."

"How could it be?" If Hai Xiu could play with his cla.s.smate and have normal interactions, then delaying his study time was worth it. Jiang Yu Man wished it earnestly, but there was some concerns. "Our family's Hai Xiu, since he was young, is a little introverted. So I have been worried about him… Also, I was too strict to him that even up until now, he didn’t even have any friends.”

Of course, Feng Fei did understand why Jiang Yu Man did not want him to know about Hai Xiu's illness. "He is a bit of an introvert and I’m an extrovert, but we kinda hit it off."

Feng Fei was wearing a white shirt with a matching cream-colored loose casual pants, on his feet were skateboard shoes, it was making people feel both warm and happy. With him saying those words, Jiang Yu Man felt his goodwill. "Good. You two have fun, though it was troublesome for your mom and dad."

Feng Fei didn’t say that both his mom and dad didn't even know that somebody came to the house. His face was still casual as he said: "It's fine. It's not troublesome."

Just when Feng Fei finished talking, Hai Xiu came out of his room. He got up and asked, "Ready?"

Hai Xiu nodded, Feng Fei didn’t wait for him to speak as he told Jiang Yu Man: "Auntie, we'll be going first."

Jiang Yu Man laughingly said, "Say h.e.l.lo to your parents for me."

Then she looked at Hai Xiu and said gently: "When going to someone else's house, you’ll give regards to the parents. Just look at Feng Fei, you should learn from him. Okay?"

Feng Fei smiled and lowered his head while Hai Xiu complied in a low voice. Jiang Yu Man even wanted to give something to his parents but Feng Fei refused quickly, "You don’t need to bother. The two of us will ride the subway, taking many things is too inconvenient."

Jiang Yu Man was not a.s.sured so she reprimanded Hai Xiu for half a day before letting them go downstairs.

After going downstairs, Feng Fei sighed in relief. He was about to say something when Hai Xiu suddenly said: "It's bad! I… I forgot to bring my metro card."

"Forget it." Feng Fei thought of what was the matter, "I thought you were gonna drag it for so long on asking your mom. You took the initiative to say this morning?"

Hai Xiu nodded, "My…my mom agreed."

"Of course, she'd agree. Look at how I'm so reliable." Feng Fei took Hai Xiu's bag and carried it on his back when they were finally out of the residential area. "Stand here. Don’t move. I’ll drive the car over here."

Feng Fei's house was kinda far and he was afraid that Hai Xiu would feel bored, so when the light turned red, he took his own bag from the backseat and gave it to Hai Xiu. "My tablet is in my bag, you can play on it so you won’t get bored."

Hai Xiu took out the tablet and was shocked when he saw the wallpaper. "This…when did you take this?!"

On the screen, Hai Xiu was lying on the table and sleeping. While Feng Fei was behind him with an evil smile and his hand, on Hai Xiu's head, was doing a peace sign. It must have been shot at midday. There was a golden yellow sunlight outside the window behind them. Somewhat, it had a little fruitful feeling.

"You fell asleep at noon." The car in the front moved, Feng Fei started his car. "What? Did I get a good shot?"

Hai Xiu smiled without answering. He opened the homepage to see what was in the tablet.

Feng Fei looked sideways at Hai Xiu, watching the kid holding his bag and playing on the tablet. The car was quiet and cozy, it gave a good feeling.

"Li…Li Bai…"

Feng Fei was at loss: "Ah?"

"Li Bai's «A Dream Visit to the Tianmu Mountain» shows its…its contempt to the powerful people…." Hai Xiu found the test questions and seriously started from the first page, "In which verse?"

Feng Fei closed his eyes for a moment. The originally warmth in his heart completely dispersed, leaving only a tragic and solemn feeling. He overtook a car in the front and said with an expressionless face, "Why should I lower my face and bow for the influential and the rich, and take away my joyous smile."

Hai Xiu was happy: "You did a mistake last monthly exam. And finally…finally you remembered. Next question is Du Fu's «Ascending The Tower of Yueyang», in which verse was the personal life story transliterated the state of distress and sentimental tears…"

Feng Fei gritted his teeth: "I hear that over the dividing range warfare continues in the north, leaning against the bal.u.s.trade I mourn, I sob, I weep and I cry!"

"How do you write this two words,’Ti Si’."

"Three dots with the Di(弟) from ‘brother(弟弟)’. The other with one two three four’s ‘four(四)’!"

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