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After leaving and letting Luffy begin his adventure to become the king of pirates. Seth, Kaori, and Robin went home. Ten minutes later, on the horizon, an island could be seen. This island was large but this island had a peculiarity even for an island of Grand Line or New World. On this island coexist several different climates. You could see a desert, a plain of snowy peaks and others full of greenery and many others. Moreover, the way the biomes were separated did not seem weird. The transition from one area to another was not brutal but rather harmonious. All of this was possible thanks to Seth's system. The system allowed him to terraform the island by adding zones with different climates while making so much that the island remains harmonious and does not become a bazaar-like Punk Hazard.

Arriving on the island, Robin headed for the prairie area and landed under blooming sakura. She took out a book and started reading it. The wind began to blow and Robin's hair shot up into the air. The scene was beautiful, we would have it all right out of a painting. Kaori went to their homes in the area near the meadow and the lake. She went into the dressing room and began to change. She put on a white shirt and blue pants that hugged her legs and waist that accentuated her curves. She went downstairs and went to the kitchen to prepare the meal tonight. She put on a red ap.r.o.n, rolled up her sleeves and tied her hair into a high bun. She began to prepare one of the dishes that Seth most loved, Colombo. It's a curry rice dish with chicken. Since they are in this world, Kaori has cooked all the dishes they ate, so these cooking skills have greatly improved and can be compared to great chefs.

While Robin and Kaori were busy, Seth went to his training place inside a mountain. He went to the last bas.e.m.e.nt which is several tens of kilometers underground.

"Difficulty Dooms Day," says Seth

"Day Dooms Activated" answered a robotic voice

The walls of the room changed and Seth found himself in front of what will be described as the end of the world. Flames spread out as far as the eye could see. Life forms emerged from all sides.

Seth smiles "It's time to have fun so let's dance"

After "dancing" Seth came out of the mountain. On leaving he noticed that the sun was setting, he went to the house admiring the landscape. Entering the house he saw Robin lay on the couch watching TV and Kaori in the kitchen preparing dinner whistling. He went to Kaori and hugged him from behind.

"What are you doing to eat?" Seth asked

"Colombo" answered Kaori

Hearing his answer Seth tasted Kaori's sauce


"Do not put your fingers in the food," Kaori said, slapping her hand.

Seth smiled and decided to go see Robin before he angered his wife and had to sleep alone.

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When he sits down he looks at Robin, who is smiling at him.

"You're still p.i.s.sed off by touching the food before it's ready."

"I know but you know that I like to annoy you"

"Hmm I know"

They watched TV until Kaori called them for a meal. They sat around a square table that seats four.

The meal is spent in peace. They discussed their days and plans. The dinner ended as well as this day.


In an office, an old man was sitting on a couch eating rice biscuits. On the other side, a man was filling the paper. He sighed and looked at his colleague and friend eating his biscuits. He sighed and went back to work.

"Nico Robin, the child of the devil, 500 000 000 berry

Kaori, The G.o.ddess, 900,000,000 berry

Seth, 1,500,000,000 berry.

Since they took the island of men fish as the territory they have gained a lot of influences and reputation. Many consider them the fifth emperors.

hum mm "

"How has the world become so chaotic lately, with Big Mom and Kaido wanting to go to war, and the Navy is getting more and more work, and I'm retiring for a few more years."

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