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Sony went to restroom and she didn't return even after fifteen minutes. When Shriya decided to go check on her friend, Naveen stopped her and instead sent Brahmini to check. When she found she was not in the restroom Naveen searched all over the campus but couldnot find her.

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When Shriya asked him to go check in her, he didn't go because he didn't want to leave Shriya alone as it was his primary duty to protect Shriya and not her friends. When she insisted he promised her that he will make sure to protect and bring her back somehow and he soon called Barun, Kunal's brother who is presently managing the family business.

Barun has more connections in this field than others. So he called for his help and the latter found her whereabouts in a short time. He decided to inform Kunal about it because he felt there was something going between his brother and that girl, Sony.

When Kunal said he was near the Sri forests, he felt fortunate because Sony was being taken to that forest and he was far away from that place and it takes a while for him to get there.

* * * * * *

Kunal and that so called pumpkin girl raced to the other end of the Sri forests. Soon they found a black land rover car. Kunal overtook that vehicle and he stopped right in front of them.

Soon the land rover came to a halt and as the reaction was a bit too sudden, the people in the vehicle were not prepared and taken by surprise. Seeing the chance to escape from there Sony escaped from the car and she ran in a hurry.

She was so afraid that she broke in a cold sweat. Seeing a familiar person there she felt like she was alive again and she ran into his arms and hugged him tightly and broke into tears.

Kunal was shocked to see Sony in such a frightened state. The young talkative all gossipy and crazy girl was nowhere to seen then and he felt bad for her. He let her hug him to her heart's content and even he hugged her back and patted her head as if he was consoling a little girl.

Just then a man in all black clothes charged towards them to hit Kunal, but a hard kick fell on his left leg and he fell to the ground whining in all pain. He looked at the source of the kick and found a young girl standing with her one leg in air.

Both Kunal and Sony looked up in that direction and Sony was shocked to see that girl. Just then another person charged towards the girl and she threw a high kick on his face by flying into the air.

More and more people charged towards her and Kunal went to help that girl. He beat down two people at a time and with his fast reflexes, he took them all down in a few minutes. The girl also fought and her reflexes were also smooth and fluid but not as accurate as Kunal.

After taking them all down, Kunal went to that girl to check on her and he checked if she got hurt anywhere.

Sony was shocked to see this side of Kunal. He was so different from his usual calm and indifferent person, now he was a kind and caring person.

Sony felt a little dizzy and she was about to fall when Kunal held her in his hands. Her hair was all messy and her clothes were a bit torn, Kunal took his jacket and put it on Sony and just then did she realise that her dress was torn.

She felt a bit embarra.s.sed to be in that state, but he didn't mind it and started checking her to see if she got hurt anywhere. Just then the girl offered Sony a water bottle and asked her to have a sip. Sony nodded her head and she accepted the bottle and gulped a mouth full of water. Kunal brought the Ferre Rochers chocolates which the girl presented to him earlier and gave it to Sony.

He said "Have these, you will feel better after you eat a chocolate". Sony just looked at the pack of chocolates and didn't react to him. He sighed in frustration, he pulled out a chocolate, removed the wrapper and put it in Sony's mouth.

She came back from her thoughts and she swallowed it. The girl laughed seeing the scene in front of her.

She came to Kunal and asked "Are you not going to introduce this beautiful girl to me ?"

Kunal looked at her and said in an irritated tone "What is there to introduce ?" and the girl pinched him near his waistband he shrieked in pain. Sony laughed to see him like that but she also noticed that he didnot say anything to that girl, instead he said in a careful and disciplined way "Pumpkin, this is Sony, Shriya's friend and cla.s.smate and Sony this is Pumpkin".

Sony didn't understand that weird name Pumpkin and she didnot mind it much as she was in no state to think about others. She was tired and was feeling dizzy.

Seeing her all ready to fall both Kunal and the girl helped her stand up. The girl immediately said " You drop her at her house".

Kunal looked at the girl and asked in a worried tone "Then how will you go home?"

She said in an annoyed tone "Don't kid anymore, I have my own bike and I can find my way back home, so you just take care of her".

He didn't argue anymore and nodded his head. He then helped Sony to his motorbike and he handed her the chocolate box and asked her to have them. He started off to the road, and soon the girl waved him bye and left in another direction.

Sony ate two chocolates and Kunal made her hold him tightly by his waist so that she doesn't fall down.

Sony looked at the chocolates and her eyes were filled with grat.i.tude. She was never so close to anyone and she could feel his warmth pa.s.s to her through their clothes. She inhaled a unique but a sweet smell from his jacket.

The night was all cold and romantic and in the middle of the night, the drive with Kunal in the middle of the green forest was so awesome and Sony felt like she was the queen of the world.

It was all like a dream to her, she was kidnapped and Kunal came out of somewhere there and he saved her like a hero and now she was on a long drive with him. It was like a movie or something.

Thus entire incident felt like a scene in a novel or something and she couldn't believe her own thoughts.

She decided to put those thoughts out for a while and decided to enjoy the present moment. Suddenly she felt a lot at ease and she fell asleep by placing her head on his shoulder and he smiled to see her like that.

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