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Chapter 982: The Pearl Was Forged

“Switch the Crystal Tide Array into defensive mode. Crystal Tide Array has killed Celestial State cultivator before. This person has just advanced to the Celestial State, so he isn’t a problem!” The Real Pellet State woman was also shocked. She spurted blood into the light barrier again.

The violently trembling blue light barrier immediately calmed down a bit.

The Real Pellet State man with a blue spear also spurted blood into the array. The Crystal Scale Race cultivators below also channeled all their spiritual power into the Crystal Tide Array.

The blue light barrier shined brightly, resisting the golden light beams.

Jin Tianci’s eyes are closed. He formed one after another symbol swiftly. The 12 golden light beams became more and more bright. No matter how hard the Crystal Scale Race cultivators channeled, the golden light beams still suppressed the blue light barrier bit by bit.


Jin Tianci opened his eyes and stopped his arms. The 12 golden light beams condensed into 12 golden vortexes with him as the center.

The misty sky above was tumbling like boiling water. The clouds rolled, and an extremely high starlight in the sky suddenly brightened.

All the clouds in the sky dispersed, and 12 incomparably huge starlight vortexes appeared in the air, seeming to be echoing with the 12 golden vortexes below.

Seeing this situation, the 2 Real Pellet State Crystal Scale Race cultivators were finally terrified. They definitely couldn’t withstand such overwhelming pressure even with the Crystal Tide Array!

The 2 looked at each other, then they made a gesture and escaped far away, leaving their companions behind.

Jin Tianci’s eyes were indifferent. He made a gesture swiftly. From 2 of the 12 vortexes, 2 thick golden starlights were launched.

The Crystal Scale Race man with a blue spear and woman were hit by the golden starlights after flying for a few miles.

2 screams sounded!

The next moment, the golden starlights dissipated. The Crystal Scale Race Real Pellet State cultivators had completely disappeared.

At this moment, the other dozen or so Crystallization Period Crystal Scale Race cultivators only came to their senses and fled desperately.

Jin Tianci smiled coldly. He flicked his fingers slightly, and the starlight vortexes shone brightly, and a dozen golden starlights were launched and hit all the Crystal Scale Race cultivators without missing.

After a series of screams, all Crystal Scale Race cultivators were annihilated without exception.

The Crystal Tide Array collapsed. The dazzling starlight in the sky, as well as the 12 huge starlight vortexes in the sky also slowly disappeared.

At the same time, the 12 golden vortexes returned like a wave. A long white galaxy phantasm was condensed behind his back. In the galaxy, 12 golden stars were shining brightly. shot back like a long whale absorbing water, and condensed into a long white galaxy phantasm behind it. Each star had a vague pattern on it.

The entire galaxy exuded a dazzling brilliance like the sun, making them dare not look directly.

Luo Tiancheng and the others were dumbstruck by the change.

Jin Tianci waved both hands and struck a symbol, and the white galaxy magic trick. The white galaxy flashed and returned to his body.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, you…” Luo Tiancheng only reacted at this moment, and he still couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I have advanced to the Celestial State. The law power of the upper realm ruins will soon expel me. I don’t have much time. I still have a few words to instruct you all.” Jin Tianci said quickly.

When he spoke, the s.p.a.ce above him was twisted, and a dark s.p.a.ce vortex slowly emerged.

“The current upper realm ruins are full of dangers. Although you all are good, it is still difficult for you all to survive here. Junior Fellow Apprentice Wen, I grant you the power to temporarily lead Junior Fellow Apprentice Luo and others. Meet up with Qiu Longzi and don’t act rashly…”

Before he finished speaking, a crystal light erupted from the s.p.a.ce vortex above and wrapped Jin Tianci in a flash.

Jin Tianci disappeared without a trace in a flash.

A powerful force pushed Luo Tiancheng and the others back. Luckily, this force didn’t do any damage to them.

When everyone stabilized themselves and looked up, the s.p.a.ce vortex had already vanished.

Luo Tiancheng, Wen Zeng and the others were shocked.

“Everyone, as Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin said, let’s go meet up with Senior Fellow Apprentice Qiu.” After a while, Luo Tiancheng was the first to break the silence.

The 3 men in green robes nodded, but Wen Zeng looked a little weird.

After a while, several escape lights flew toward the distance.

Thousands Spirit Mountain Range, in the underground hall of the main peak of Taiqing Sect, Immortal Tian Ge and 3 other Celestial State elders were still meditating cross-legged on green dragon stone pillars.

At this moment, in the middle of the 4 dragon stone pillars, a green light flashed in the giant array, and Jin Tianci appeared.

“Jin Tianci, how are you…”

Immortal Tian Ge opened his eyes at the moment when the array lit up, and he was startled to see Jin Tianci.

Immediately, he looked up and down at Jin Tianci and sighed,

“It seems that you have finally unlocked the seal.”

“Nephew Disciple Jin, you are back.” The other 3 Celestial State elders also opened their eyes and looked at Jin Tianci with surprise.

“Sect Master, elders, I have disappointed you. I encountered some accidents in the ruins, so I failed to suppress the seal.” Jin Tianci cupped his fist in all directions.

The 3 elders were startled, but they didn’t say anything.

“What happened?” Immortal Tian Ge asked with a flash of eyes.

Jin Tianci smiled wryly, then he told about his encounter with the Celestial State demon, the pursuit of Hu Zang which forced him to temporarily unlock the seal, and the encirclement of the Crystal Scale Race.

Immortal Tian Ge and others had different expressions when they heard that.

“How are the other disciples doing now?” Immortal Tian Ge asked in a deep voice after thinking about it.

“In the battle with the demon from the Thousands Demons Continent and other alien races, several disciples died. After being ambushed by the Shadow Wolf and the Silver Tiger of Savage Wild Continent, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu’s whereabouts are unknown.” Jin Tianci briefly explained the situation of everyone in the ruins.

Immortal Tian Ge frowned slightly, then he shook his head and said lightly,

“I never imagined that there would be so many changes in the upper realm ruins, but since it has come to this point, it is useless to regret. You have just advanced to the Celestial State, you should go back and consolidate your cultivation.”

Jin Tianci nodded, cupped his fist at them and disappeared in a golden flash.

A month later.

In the underground stone chamber, Liu Ming’s loud laughter sounded suddenly.

He was standing in the center of the stone chamber, holding a yellow bead the size of a baby’s fist in his hand. He looked joyful.

The yellow bead was engraved with small but delicate runes, exuding an astonishing aura.

If one looked closely, he could clearly see a vivid yellow mountain and a black river, which was amazing.

It took him 4 months to finally finish refining this Mountain River Pearl.

Speaking of which, this treasure was still only a semi-finished product, but the whole sacrificial refinement was long and difficult. He still had a lingering fear to think about the process.

If it weren’t for Spirit Nurture Cauldron to help stabilize the spirituality of the bead, this treasure would have exploded many times in the sacrificial refinement.

Liu Ming didn’t expect to spend so much time to refine this semi-finished magic weapon!

Because once this weapon started sacrificial refinement, he couldn’t stop at all. Besides, if 1 of the pearls from this set of magic weapons was broken, its power would be greatly reduced. Therefore, he could only stay here to finish the process…

Even though the sacrificial refinement of this treasure had been completed, Liu Ming still felt distressed to spend a few months on it.

For such a long time, if he was outside the ruins, he could find countless treasures.

If Liu Ming knew in advance that this kind of change would happen, he would definitely not sacrificial refine this Mountain River Pearl rashly.

He laughed out loud mostly because he didn’t have to continue wasting time here.

After the laughter, Liu Ming lifted the bead in his hand and looked at it carefully again.

Although he had not tried the power of this Mountain River Pearl, the faint spiritual pressure contained in this pearl was far beyond his imagination.

However, because there were only 2 drops of First Yuan Heavy Water, this Mountain River Pearl was only initially condensed. If a large amount of heavy water was found in the future, it could only be forged into a real magic weapon.

“Congratulations master to successfully sacrificial refine it!”

Xie’er and Fei’er also flew in a moment later and congratulated in unison.

Speaking of which, in this month, maybe the 2 spiritual pets had played a role or maybe the place was secretive, he hadn’t been disturbed by any intruders, which enabled Liu Ming to successfully refine the Mountain River Pearl.

In this palace and the surrounding s.p.a.ce, Xie’er and Fei’er had already searched thoroughly, but unfortunately there were no other treasures except the Mountain River Pearl.

As for the corpse, he didn’t bother. He just took the green token with him and planned to find out its origin after returning to the sect.

Liu Ming praised the 2 spiritual pets and retrieved Fei’er into the soul-recovering bag, then he flew out of the palace.

After he kept the Purdue Sumeru Array arranged around him, Xie’er wrapped them in a yellow cloud and flew toward the ground above.

TL: Is Wen Zeng possessed or something? There is little time left, can Liu Ming regroup with the Taiqing Sect’s disciples and possibly find more treasures?

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