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Chapter 843: Mind Demon Tribulation

After 10 minutes, Liu Ming appeared in the lobby on the 1st floor of the Scriptures Pavilion.

“It turned out to be Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu! It’s been a long time since I saw you. The senior fellow apprentice has come to the Scriptures Pavilion to check the cla.s.sics.” The fat deputy surnamed Lu immediately greeted Liu Ming enthusiastically as he came in.

Liu Ming nodded slightly. Since he came back from the Tianmen Convention, every time he came to the Scriptures Pavilion, this Deputy Lu had more smiles on his face, and he was more enthusiastic to him.

After Liu Ming just chatted a few words with him casually, he went upstairs.

Liu Ming went straight to the 4th floor of the Scriptures Pavilion, and he saw that the huge room seemed to have no people. There were a lot of wooden shelves scattered around. Compared with the lower floors, it was a bit messier. All of them were covered with thick layers of dust.

He had been here several times before, and most of them were some demanding and unpopular techniques. There were also some records about cultivation obstacles left by the Taiqing Sect’s predecessors, but most of them were transferred here because people rarely looked for them.

His situation was rather special, so he could only find a solution from these unpopular records.

Liu Ming stayed here for 3 days.

In these 3 days, he checked no less than 600 jade slips, but he also found some temporary solutions to the spiritual power absorption of the prison.

He first found a remote corner, then he started reading a strange technique that was pa.s.sed down from an ancient cultivator, Blood Spiritual Technique.

This was somewhat similar to the physique technique, but it was quite different from the current physique techniques. After practicing this technique, it could greatly increase the cultivator’s own vitality.

For most cultivators, apart from benefiting on some blood related mystic art, pure vitality enhancement was naturally not as practical as other ordinary techniques that could strengthen physique directly.

But for Liu Ming, when the spiritual power absorbed by the mysterious bubble was not enough, it might save his life.

However, this Blood Spiritual Technique took a lot of time to practice, and he had to fully master it in order to be helpful to him.

Liu Ming estimated that it would take at least 20 to 30 years for him to master this technique, but he was short of time now. This method could only be ruled out.

In addition, he also saw a record in an ancient book. In the Middle Sky Continent, Mystic Talisman Sect, that had tens of thousands of years of history of crafting talismans, had a kind of talisman that pa.s.sed down from ancient times, the Spiritual Fusion Talisman.

The complete soul essence of the Real Pellet State beastkin needed to be sealed in this talisman so that the cultivator below the Real Pellet State could use it. It could fuse the beastkin’s soul essence with the cultivator. It was said that it could enhance one’s cultivation to the realm of the beastkin in 7 days. Even if a Real Pellet State cultivator used it, his spiritual power could be greatly boosted.

Of course, doing so would also have serious detrimental aftereffects which caused great damage to one’s meridians.

Not only would the cultivator’s cultivation plummet to at least 1 realm after the end of the fusion, but it would also be more difficult to make progress in the future.

This method of killing the goose that lays the golden egg was naturally not taken into consideration by Liu Ming. Moreover, this Spiritual Fusion Talisman was a secret talisman of the Mystic Talisman Sect; it was not something he could get if he wanted.

This was probably the case with some other methods. They couldn’t solve the fundamental problems at all.

“Forget it, it seems that I can’t take a shortcut. I can only practice honestly according to Luo Hu’s words.” Liu Ming put down a jade slip with a faint blue glow in his hand, and the last trace of luck in his heart was also shattered.

Soon he began to quietly read some books related to the Pseudo Pellet State, then he left the Scriptures Pavilion frowning.

But on the way back to the cave house, Liu Ming seemed to think of something as he flew to the peak instead of his own cave house.

After a while, Liu Ming’s figure appeared in front of the main hall of Fallen Serene Peak.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu is here!” When the gatekeeper saw Liu Ming’s figure, he hurriedly greeted him and bowed respectfully.

All the disciples on Fallen Serene Peak know that Liu Ming was now the most popular disciple on Fallen Serene Peak. He got 1st place at the Tianmen Convention. Not only was he highly valued by Yin Jiuling, but he was also praised by Immortal Tian Ge.

Regardless of the reason, he was the goal that ordinary disciples looked up to.

“I wonder if master can be in the hall?” Liu Ming asked lightly.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu really comes at the right time. Peak Master Yin is in the hall at the moment. Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, please wait a moment, I’ll pa.s.s the message for you.” The gatekeeper replied hurriedly, then he turned around and walked into the hall.

“No need, just come in.” Yin Jiuling’s voice suddenly came from the hall.

Hearing this, Liu Ming tidied his clothes and walked in calmly.

The gatekeeper stopped and glanced enviously at Liu Ming’s back. He walked to the side and continued to guard the gate.

In the s.p.a.cious and empty hall, Yin Jiuling was sitting on a chair, looking over with a smile on his face. He seemed to be in a good mood.

“Disciple Liu Ming, greets to master.” Liu Ming stepped closer and said with a deep bow.

“You don’t need to be polite.” Yin Jiuling smiled and said. When he looked at Liu Ming again, the smile was even greater.

“After the Tianmen Convention, I heard that you have been practicing hard in retreat lately. Now it seems that your spiritual power has become more solid and pure. I’m very pleased. It seems that it will not take too long before you can try to advance to the Pseudo Pellet State.”

Liu Ming smiled bitterly when he heard that. Can I not practice hard? The mysterious bubble is sucking my life ever since I step into the Cultivation Realm. I have not relaxed for a single moment.

He thought so in his heart, but he said humbly,

“Master has overpraised, but disciple is indeed here to ask some advice from master for the Pseudo Pellet State.”

Liu Ming explained his intentions straightforwardly.

“Break through to the Pseudo Pellet State period? Your cultivation level has already reached this point?” Yin Jiuling’s half-moistened and half-withered face was startled first, then he asked with joy.

Although he felt that his disciple’s aura was much stronger than before, it wasn’t long after Liu Ming advanced to the Crystallization Period later. If he really wanted to challenge the Pseudo Pellet State immediately, then he was really a monster.

“Replying to Master, disciple’s cultivation is still a bit short, but it is not far away. I got a lot of treasures in the Tianmen Convention and my spirit stones are still abundant, so I want to know in advance about breaking through to the Pseudo Pellet State period so that I can make adequate preparations.” Liu Ming asked respectfully.

En, it’s good that you can plan so far ahead! But breaking through to the Pseudo Pellet State period is not the same as the previous advancement. I can only give you some pointers.” Yin Jiuling had a look of enlightenment, then he nodded and said.

“Thank you, master.” Liu Ming hurriedly bowed to thank him.

“Entering the Pseudo Pellet State period, it can be said that you have half-stepped into the Real Pellet State. Your spiritual power will initially condense into a cl.u.s.ter. To achieve this step, not only you need to acc.u.mulate a huge amount of spiritual power, but the most difficult is the mind demon tribulation.” Yin Jiuling looked a little erratic as if recalling the past.

“Mind demon tribulation?”

Liu Ming listened very carefully to Yin Jiuling’s words. He muttered when he heard the words “mind demon tribulation”.

In the books of the Scriptures Pavilion, he saw some information related to the mind demon tribulation, which was why he came to ask his master.

“Yes, no matter how high one’s cultivation is, everyone will have a demon in their mind. If you don’t pa.s.s the mind demon tribulation, you can crush the crystals and condense the pellet. Not only you can’t advance to the Pseudo Pellet State, your cultivation will even drop by 1 realm. However, this tribulation also varies from person to person. Some will pa.s.s it easily, but for most people, it is a gap that cannot be crossed in a lifetime!”

Liu Ming was startled when he heard the words.

Obviously, he obviously didn’t belong to the few people. Only those Buddhist monks who had high attainment could truly see through the world and have no desires. Only in this way could there be no mind demon.

When Yin Jiuling said this, his face looked extremely solemn. After a pause, he continued to speak,

“Liu Ming, your senior sister apprentice Xiao Wu entered the Evil Ghost Way and has not yet returned, so you’re now the most important disciple of my Fallen Serene Peak. When you are breaking through to the Pseudo Pellet State in the future, master will naturally request some secret treasures and elixirs from the sect for you, but it won’t be very useful for the mind demon tribulation.”

“Thank you, master. Even if the mind demon tribulation is difficult, disciple will definitely break through the Pseudo Pellet State period.” Liu Ming frowned slightly. It seemed that advancing to the Pseudo Pellet State was much more difficult than expected, but he still said with a hint of determination in his eyes.

Yin Jiuling saw Liu Ming’s expression, and a hint of appreciation was revealed in his eyes. After thinking slightly, he sighed and spoke again,

“It’s great that you can have such determination. Master has a way that may help you.”

“Please enlighten me, master.” Liu Ming cupped his fist and said.

“The Ouyang Family of the 8 great families has a rare treasure, called the Clear Exquisite Wall. This treasure can make people calm and clear their desires. It is great in resisting mind demon. With the help of this treasure, you have greater hope in condensing pseudo pellet.” Yin Jiuling said slowly.

“Since this treasure belongs to the Ouyang Family and has such a magical effect, how can a disciple, an outsider, borrow it?” Liu Ming was overjoyed at first, then he said with some doubts.

Hehe, this Clear Exquisite Wall is exclusively for the core disciples of the Ouyang Family to use when they break through the bottleneck, but master knows an elder of the Ouyang Family. When you are breaking through the Pseudo Pellet State, you can bring my token and borrow it.” Yin Jiuling said with a smile.

“Thank you, master!” Liu Ming was really overjoyed, and he solemnly bowed.

As long as he could pa.s.s the mind demon tribulation, with his 153 spiritual power crystals and the refined spiritual power contained in them, he was confident that he could easily break through the Pseudo Pellet State period.

The 2 chatted casually for a while, then Liu Ming got up and left.

Yin Jiuling sat on the chair with an uncertain look, then he let out a long sigh.

“You agreed with Ouyang Ying to exchange 3 Evil Ghost Tokens for the right to use the Clear Exquisite Wall for 3 times. You had used it once; Xiao Wu also used it once when she broke through to the Pseudo Pellet State. I thought you would keep the last chance for your own descendant.” An old man in a gray robe walked out from the side door of the main hall.

It was Elder Tian of the Fallen Serene Peak.

TL: With his master’s help, it shouldn’t be a problem now.

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