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Chapter 735: Returning to the Miaozhong Marke

Liu Ming pointed at a tall stone peak, and a thick golden-silver lightning arc shot out from his fingertip.

A destructive rumbling noise sounded!

At the foot of the mountain, a huge hole with the size of more than 100 meters appeared, and then the entire stone peak fell. Countless rocks rolled down, turning into a pile of scattered gravel.

“Heavenly Thunder Spell has reached the perfect stage!”

Liu Ming was overjoyed and said with a big laugh. Ever since he had started to practice the Heavenly Thunder Spell in order to restrain the demonic will, he had been struck by many heavenly thunders in countless thunderous nights. He was full of emotions now.

Now, he had finally completed the perfect stage, so as long as he could collect the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder faster, he could suppress the demonic temporarily.

After all, according to what Luo Hu said, if he demonized again next time, he would most likely lose control of his body and became a bloodthirsty monster.

With a thought, he immediately sat up cross-legged, closed his eyes and silently recalled the records of the Heavenly Thunder Spell.

According to the ancient book, after achieving the perfect stage of the Heavenly Thunder Spell, one could release pure thunder power from his body. Through the mutual attraction between thunder, one could attract the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder at a specific spot.

However, Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder was unimaginably powerful. There were many cultivators who had cultivated Heavenly Thunder Spell to the perfect stage, had reached the Celestial State realm and had a strong physical body, but even so, they were still struck to death by the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder.

Even though Liu Ming’s physical body was already comparable to the Real Pellet State cultivator and it was even strengthened after taking the Sky Beastkin blood essence, but he decided to cultivate a few more years just in case. When he reached the Crystallization Period later stage, he would only try to attract the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder.

If he cultivates for a few years in peace and avoids fighting the formidable enemies, the demonic will wouldn’t be triggered again probably.

After making up his mind, Liu Ming returned to the cave house and lay directly on the stone bed.

One early morning a few days later, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged while playing with a small white crystal bottle in his hand.

In the small bottle, it was the half bottle of Green Bull Beastkin blood essence he had obtained in Thunder Pool Mountain’s secret realm.

Since coming here, he went to the nearby market several times before the southern wilderness became completely chaotic. He sold some spiritual weapons, elixirs and talismans obtained some time ago in batches. He had earned tens of millions of spirit stones. Except for buying a batch of five light liquid, he had been staying indoors to cultivate.

Therefore, he couldn’t have the time to use this half bottle of bull beastkin blood essence yet.

In the current situation, apart from a few bottles of the best five light liquid collected from the queen bee, the other upper grade five light liquid had been refined into yun spirit pills which were almost finished up by him. Besides, there were not much spirit stones left in his hand.

Thinking of this, he looked at the remaining magic weapon prototypes in the Sumeru Ring.

The attributes of these treasures were obviously not suitable for his use, so he just put them aside. However, they became hard to sell as time pa.s.sed.

When he discovered that there were some signs of chaos in the southern wilderness, he returned to the Miaozhong Market a few years ago to bid some five light liquids in the auction.

When paying, he wanted to use these magic weapon prototypes to make up for the insufficient spirit stones. But after knowing that there were some Celestial State cultivators paying attention to this auction, he immediately gave up this thought. Instead, he took out a few flawless grade yun spirit pills to pay for it. Afterward, he hurriedly left the auction and went back to the cave house. So far, he had never been going out.

Now, it was not easy to sell these magic weapon prototypes all at once without attracting attention. If they were sold separately, it was time and energy consuming.

After all, the chaos in the southern wilderness was not over yet. If he wanted to leave the cave house at this time, he needed to be well prepared.

After thinking so, Liu Ming decided to use the Green Bull Beastkin blood essence of the Real Pellet State to draw a real Che Huan Totem again to cover up his aura, so that even the powerhouses of the Celestial State could not see through his true cultivation. Besides, it also made it easier for him to hide his track.

What’s more, he was quite interested in the true magical power of Che Huan Totem.

With the experience of drawing temporary totems several times before, Liu Ming immediately took out a jade pen from the Sumeru Ring, opened the bottle cap and dipped it a few times, and then skillfully painted it on his left shoulder and chest.

2 hours later, a green bull with dragon scales on its four legs was drawn vividly on his body.

Upon seeing this, Liu Ming slapped his chest with 1 hand, slowly injecting spiritual power into the Che Huan Totem. A trace of warm current flowed back and forth in the totem.

A green bull phantasm flashed out in a poof. It roared in front of Liu Ming as if it was alive. After a while, in a green flash, it returned to the totem on him.

“This is the true power of the real Che Huan Totem?” Liu Ming said suspiciously. He put away the remaining bull beastkin blood essence and the jade pen.

It was a pity that he didn’t have any other beastkin souls in his hands to further sacrificial refine, so this Che Huan Totem couldn’t exert its other powers for the time being besides hiding his aura.

After everything was ready, Liu Ming dressed up like a rather strange savage tribe muscular man and left the cave house.

A dazzling golden light flew straight to the direction of the Miaozhong Market.

2 months later, Liu Ming inquired from various sources in the Miaozhong Market, and he finally found several underground secret shops. He decided to visit 1 of them.

This underground secret shop was operated by the Wolf League. The price was fair and they would never leak the customer’s details, so it was quite safe.

It was said that those who committed murder for wealth often sell the items they looted in this shop. This underground secret shop would collude with some auctioneers and sell them to the auction at a higher price to gain profit from it.

3 days later, at the northeast corner of the Miaozhong Market, in a seemingly ordinary large-scale savage tribe shop, there were many customers walking among the rows of shelves. Each customer was followed by a shop a.s.sistant, explaining the origin and value of the items.

At this moment, a muscular man wearing a chieftain hat and a tiger skin walked in. After a glance, he slowly paced to a shelf.

It was Liu Ming.

“This customer, the items selling in this shop are rare treasures in the outside world. Now the chaos in the southern wilderness is endless, it is better to buy a treasure to protect yourself!” A short stature but quick-witted guy hurriedly stepped forward and said respectfully after seeing Liu Ming coming in.

“How is the shopkeeper recently?” Liu Ming didn’t look at the guy directly, but he asked randomly.

“The shopkeeper has been in retreat for half a year.” The short guy replied casually with his eyes rolling.

“Is he in a serious stage?” Liu Ming said faintly again.

“Exactly.” The short guy’s face changed slightly, and he replied in a deep voice.

“There is an item here that can help him break through this stage.”

Liu Ming immediately raised his hand, and a green light flashed out; it was a green jade pendant.

The short man waved 1 hand, and the jade pendant slowly fell into his hand. He immediately inspected the green jade pendant carefully.

Liu Ming was not in a hurry. He casually continued to look around on the shelf in front of him for a while. From time to time, he picked up a few items from the shelf to check.

Speaking of which, he spent hundreds of thousands of spirit stones to get this secret code and token from a greedy person in the market. Judging from the expression of the guy just now, it should not be wrong.

Sure enough, after only a moment, this guy seemed to have inspected the jade pendant in some way. He stepped forward again, returned it to Liu Ming and said respectfully,

“Senior, please follow me.”

Liu Ming smiled slightly, put down a purple old vine tree and walked toward the back of the shop with him.

In a short while, the 2 of them walked out of the back door. After a few turns, they came to a seemingly ordinary medicinal garden.

This medicinal garden was only a hundred meters in size. It was surrounded by ordinary wooden fences, and it was mostly planted with ordinary medicinal materials.

With a glance, Liu Ming could easily identify most of them.

However, at first glance, there was nothing unusual in this medicinal garden, but if he checked with Divine Thought, he would find something strange in it.

The spirit exuded by these herbs was vague, and there was always some inconsistency with the scenery in front.

Could it be that this place is just an illusion, that secret shop is in this medicinal garden?

After walking a few steps, the short guy stood motionless and didn’t seem to show the way to Liu Ming anymore. He just looked at Liu Ming respectfully.

Just when Liu Ming wanted to try to break the illusion, he suddenly changed his mind. He released a powerful spiritual pressure with a shake of his body.

This short guy only had the cultivation of the Spirit Apostle Stage. How could he withstand such a heavy spiritual pressure? He knelt on the ground with a head full of sweat.

“Se… Senior, what are you doing?” The short man said with a trembling voice.

At this moment, a light breeze blew past, and a layer of ripples suddenly appeared in the air. After the scenery in front was blurred, the entire medicinal garden disappeared in place. It was replaced by a small pavilion built on the hillside.

At the entrance of the pavilion was a gate with vermilion lacquer the size of 30 meters. On the green plaque above the door, there was only a large jade carved word, “Yi”. Some herbs were indeed planted outside the gate, but the quant.i.ty was not as much as the previous illusion.

At the same time, an old man in a white robe who looked about 60 years old, opened the door with a smile and walked over.

“Please don’t blame him. He is a newcomer, so he is not very sensible. Welcome to the Yi Shop. I’m the shopkeeper here. Please come in to have a seat.” The old man in a white robe said with a chuckle.

Liu Ming nodded and retrieved the spiritual pressure before walking into the door.

TL: Didn’t he get cuck by the Wolf League member before for revealing his ident.i.ty? Will this happen again?

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