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Chapter 727: Fighting with 2 Puppets

Liu Ming appeared in a flicker near another stone pillar that was 100 meters more away. He looked at the long robe that was torn apart and the silver leather armor, then his eyes were full of scruples.

The 2 puppets had well-coordinated movements. It seemed difficult to defeat them 1 by 1. The power of the explosion was even no less than the all-out attack of the Real Pellet State early stage.

If he hadn’t reacted quickly and channeled the Beast Armor Tactic before the arm exploded, he would have suffered a serious injury.

Seeing that Liu Ming survived the arm explosion, the woman in palace costume also showed a trace of surprise.

“It seems that I really underestimated you.” The woman in the palace costume had a gloomy expression. In her pupils, the b.l.o.o.d.y glow flickered again and again.

The puppet with a broken arm let out a strange roar. After a flash, it appeared next to a stationary bronze puppet on the side of the hall. It tore off the bronze puppet’s arm that was 1 size larger and connected it to its broken arm.

A weird scene happened!

As soon as the bronze puppet’s arm touched the broken limb, a faint white smoke appeared at the joint. After that, the entire arm was completely recovered. Except for the obvious larger size, it seemed like its own arm.

Liu Ming naturally knew that some puppets had self-repairing functions, but he was still stunned by the way they repaired.

With a thought, he suddenly remembered that he had inadvertently read a book about Nature Work Sect in Taiqing Sect’s Scriptures Pavilion. There was a record of a flesh puppet.

This kind of puppet was different from the general puppet in that the body was molded from the flesh and blood of the collected cultivator. It was also a kind of spiritual puppet. Once it was sacrificial refined, it could use the other puppets’ part to quickly repair itself in a battle.

In other words, as long as the core in the flesh-and-blood puppet was not damaged, and there were other puppets on site, it could easily repair itself at any time.

However, the sacrificial refine method of this flesh puppet was too b.l.o.o.d.y that it was cla.s.sified as 1 of the 7 forbidden puppets. After being banned by the Nature Work Sect, it was said that only the sect master and the grand elders could view. He didn’t expect to encounter 2 here.

It could be that this flesh puppet was made of human flesh, so it wasn’t affected by the girl’s restriction enchantment.

As Liu Ming thought about the countermeasures, he split into 3 phantasms again to fight with the flesh puppets.

However, after a few seconds, the 2 puppets flickered and once again deleted the 2 phantasms of Liu Ming. They sandwiched Liu Ming in between and launched countless dagger and sword lights.

Facing the stormy attacks on both sides, Liu Ming twisted his body and slipped out from the besieged. Then, he turned into 3 phantasms once again. 2 phantasms flickered and got behind the 2 puppets in a strange way.


As soon as the phantasm appeared behind the puppet with a broadsword, it was shattered by a flash of golden sword light.

The puppet with the dagger paused slightly, then it launched green dagger light to swarm the phantasm.

“As expected!”

Liu Ming flickered for a hundred meters away. He murmured with a hint of unnoticeable joy in his eyes.

Although his cultivation was suppressed at this moment, his observation power had not regressed at all. At this critical juncture, his senses had become more accurate instead.

After he tested with phantasms, he found that the puppet with a broken arm was slower in terms of reaction speed.

Obviously, these 2 flesh puppets were not really finished products. Repairing a limb once had caused its strength to drop a little.

From this point of view, the energy stored in these 2 flesh puppets did not seem to be too much.

After thinking about this, Liu Ming quickly consumed a golden yuan pill. The silver leather armor flashed and transformed into a pair of gloves, then he turned into 3 phantasms to go at the approaching puppets at max speed.

While charging forward, the pair of silver gloves emitted a dazzling light. Countless silver blades popped out from his fingertips and the back of his hands.

The next moment, 3 “Liu Ming” in black gas roamed between 2 puppets while bursts of silver lights flickered non-stop.

After hundreds of battles with Jin Lieyang, Siren King and others in the illusion, Liu Ming could barely dodge the attacks of the 2 puppets with the help of the phantasms. From time to time, he gave a punch with silver blades.

And once the phantasms were defeated, he would cast another phantasm to join the battle without saving his spiritual power.

The silver light continuously slashed the flesh of the 2 black puppets. Although the wounds would be quickly recovered with a white smoke brushing on the wounds, the reaction speed of the puppets gradually slowed down.

Obviously, these 2 flesh puppets didn’t bother about defending because they could explode their parts unscrupulously; they sometimes didn’t even evade Liu Ming’s attack.

Suddenly, a looming golden light flashed and disappeared.


A string of b.l.o.o.d.y light flashed; the right arm of the puppet with a broadsword was chopped down by a golden light.

Seeing the broken arm fell to the ground, Liu Ming retreated quickly for a hundred meters. As expected, a burst of flesh exploded, but it wasn’t involved. Now, it was holding a golden sword of several feet long with another hand.

The puppet roared furiously, then it flickered, cut off the arm of a silver puppet and connected the arm to its shoulder.

After a white smoke covered the connected joint, the puppet’s right arm recovered. It charged at Liu Ming with the golden sword, but its speed was slower than before.

The woman in palace costume was shocked.

She of course knew the weakness of her 2 flesh puppets. Now that her opponent had noticed the weakness, her face looked uncertain. Finally, she gritted her teeth abruptly as if she had made a decision.

“Swoosh swoosh!“

The 2 flesh puppets stomped the ground and retreated, and they stopped at 100 meters in front of the woman in palace costume.

Then the b.l.o.o.d.y lights in the eyes of the woman in green palace costume combined together, and the red lights in the 2 black puppet pupils also flared. A white light flashed on the spirit patterns on their chests, then it roamed toward their weapons like lightning; they launched an attack simultaneously

An ear-piercing sound suddenly sounded in the hall!

A golden sword light and green half-moon dagger light blasted out continuously; they joined together in the air into a huge wave of golden-green sword light that rolled at Liu Ming.

The sword light caused a distorted in the surrounding s.p.a.ce; the surrounding air surged toward the sword light like a tide as if the sword light was going to suck in everything in the surroundings.

Liu Ming instantly felt an invisible giant pressure restricting him on the spot.


Liu Ming channeled Dragon Tiger h.e.l.l Prison abruptly. After a burst of crackling sound came from his body, his body suddenly enlarged. He temporarily recovered his mobility.

In this moment of delay, the overwhelming sword light was no longer dodgeable.

In desperation, Liu Ming could only throw out the golden long sword in his hand and chanted in his mind.

The Void Sword spun and launched countless sword lights that turned into a golden moon blocking in front of Liu Ming.

He flicked his sleeves and released 2 Heavy Water Droplets. With a burst of black light, they transformed into a layer of black water shield.

At this time, the golden-green sword light had already struck on the golden moon.

A burst of crackling impacts could be heard; various kinds of lights flashed wildly.

Although the Void Sword was extremely sharp, Liu Ming cast the skill anxiously. It only tanked for a moment before exploding in a m.u.f.fled sound. It turned back into the golden sword once again.

“Boom“, the remaining golden-green sword light struck on the black water shield without stopping.

Liu Ming channeled all his spiritual power into the Heavy Water Droplet.

With a flash of black light, the black water shield skyrocketed as if it was buffed, but it was only an intermediate grade spiritual weapon after all. Under the bombardment of the sword lights, traces of cracks immediately emerged. It collapsed instantly.

The remaining half of the golden-green sword light slashed at Liu Ming’s body wildly.

But at this moment, Liu Ming suddenly shouted. With a flash of silver light, 2 silver arms popped out under his ribs; black gas also rolled out at the same time. 4 fists blurred, and countless fist shadows blossomed like black lotus, fully protecting Liu Ming in it.

As the sword light collided with the fist shadows, a light cl.u.s.ter of golden, green and black burst out.

After a burst of crisp metal collision, Liu Ming finally defended all the remaining sword lights, but Liu Ming’s face was extremely pale.

The 2 flesh puppets collapsed to the ground after launching this overwhelming attack.

But seeing this attack did not kill Liu Ming’s fire, the woman in palace costume looked utterly shocked.

Liu Ming held the purple dagger and charged toward the woman in palace costume without hesitation.

TL: This should be the end of the woman right?

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