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Chapter 593: Three Shadowy Mirages Technique

There were more than 10 ebony shelves. All of which were filled with jade slips, exuding stunning brilliance. The only few people in the house were scattered beside the wooden shelves, focusing on reading the jade slip.

When Liu Ming glanced away, he saw a familiar figure.

Next to the third-to-last ebony shelf on the left, a beautiful woman with a graceful figure wearing a blue dress was holding a silver jade slip on her forehead. It was Jia Lan.

Just when Liu Ming was hesitating, the woman suddenly turned her head and looked over. After a hint of surprise appeared on her face, she put the jade slip back into the wooden frame and went straight to Liu Ming.

“It turns out to be Brother Liu. We haven’t seen each other in these years, I didn’t expect to meet you here this time.” Before Liu Ming could speak, Jia Lan said lightly.

“It has really been a long time.” Liu Ming looked at Jia Lan with a complex expression in his eyes, and he replied slowly.

“It’s really gratifying to hear that Mr. Liu achieved top 1 in the outer major compet.i.tion with overwhelming power, congratulations. I know that with Brother Liu’s strength, it will be a matter of time before you become famous in the outer door.” Jia Lan suddenly thought of something, then she said with a smile.

Obviously, although she was in the inner door, she was quite familiar with such sect events as the outer door major compet.i.tion.

“Sister Jia Lan, thank you for your compliments. I just got lucky. Your cultivation level seems to have improved a lot.” As Liu Ming scanned with Divine Thought, he found that this woman’s cultivation had faintly approached the Condensation Period later stage-perfect stage; it was a bit higher than him. He said with a wry smile immediately.

When the gambling fight in the Valley of Fire of the South Sea Region, this woman was just at the Condensation Period intermediate stage.

However, he relied on taking cold condensing pills in large quant.i.ties to achieve his current cultivation base. It seemed that the inner sect cultivation resources were really amazing.

“Brother Liu is here to refer to the cla.s.sics of inner sect techniques right? I heard that the top 1 of the major compet.i.tion can read 1 cla.s.sic for free.” Jia Lan smiled when she heard that. She didn’t say much about her cultivation, but she changed the topic of the discussion.

“Isn’t Sister Jia Lan the same?” Liu Ming touched his nose and said without denying it.

“I have worked hard to acc.u.mulate the contribution points in the clan for 2 years, and it is barely enough to read a book that has a little auxiliary effect on advancing the Crystallization Period.” Jia Lan’s beautiful eyes flashed with crystal light before saying with a slight smile.

“So Junior Sister is about to advance to the Crystallization Period. This is really a good news.” Hearing the words Crystallization Period, Liu Ming was really surprised this time…

“How can it be so fast. But 1 of the techniques taught by my master is very suitable for my spiritual body, so I have made rapid progress in advancing to the Crystallization Period. Within 10 years, I should be able to break through the Crystallization Period’s bottleneck.” Jia Lan didn’t mean to hide it and said honestly.

Liu Ming sighed again. About breaking through the Crystallization Period, this was still quite far away for him.

After talking for a while, they went to read the cla.s.sics on their own.

After Liu Ming bid farewell to Jia Lan, he went straight to the 3rd floor of the Scriptures Pavilion and began to carefully select 1 by 1.

About 2 hours later, Liu Ming finally found an unpopular mystic art, “Three Shadowy Mirages Technique”, on the 4th floor of the Scriptures Pavilion.

After repeated trials and battles against Lan Xi and Siren King in illusion as well as various situations encountered in major compet.i.tions, it made Liu Ming more clearly aware of the irreplaceable importance of personal techniques compared to spiritual weapon techniques.

Once he mastered this technique, it could make his figure blurry between advance and retreat. As the level of the technique increased, it could also cast a lifelike afterimage to fight with him.

According to the record in “Three Shadowy Mirages Technique”’s jade slip, this skill was divided into 4 levels. The first level could only transform a blurry afterimage. The subsequent level would allow him to cast 1 extra afterimage. In the highest level, it could cast 3 afterimages at most.

When it was used in close combat, unless it was a person who had a special spiritual vision or had a higher cultivation level, the opponent could distinguish the true body at all. It was extremely practical in close combat.

After thinking about it, Liu Ming scanned with Divine Thought again and found that this technique required 250,000 contribution points. Although compared to the spiritual exercise “Cang Ming Heart Sutra” that required 500,000 contribution points which were 2 times of this technique, it still cost more contribution points among the many mystic arts.

After pondering for a while, he took out the green jade talisman from the Sumeru Ring, launched a symbol at it, and gently shook it on the purple jade slip of “Three Shadowy Mirages Technique”.

There was a slight purple fluctuation on the jade slip. As countless purple words swarmed out, they madly surged in the green jade talisman.

As the green jade talisman flashed, it became faint purple all of sudden.

Liu Ming put it on his forehead and checked it with Divine Thought. After confirming that the technique was correct, he went downstairs with satisfaction. He went straight out of the Scriptures Pavilion and back to his cave house.

He then entered the secret room and cultivated his newly acquired technique.

In the following period, apart from Long Yanfei visiting him several times to subtly ask about the sword embryo spirit, only Yan Ming and Xue Yun came to visit once.

In addition to continuing to take cold condensing pills and entering the illusion to practice, Liu Ming spent the rest of his time practicing the “Three Shadowy Mirages Technique”.

As a result, Liu Ming’s retreat lasted for 2 years. During this period, apart from buying a batch of alchemy materials at the sect market, he never left the cave house.

2 years later, he finally completed the 1st level of this mystic art.

On this day, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged in the cave house, placing a purple jade talisman on his forehead and concentrating on understanding the 2nd level.

At this moment, 3 escape lights flashed from the distant horizon and landed in front of his cave house.

As Liu Ming frowned, he could already sense the 3 vague spiritual pressures from the door. He was familiar with 1 of them. The other 2 also seemed to be at the Crystallization Period.

“May I know if Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is in the cave house?”

Just as Liu Ming thought about the intention of these people, Sha Tongtian’s faint sound came into his ears.

With a thought on his mind, he put away the purple jade talisman, left the secret room and walked out of the cave house.

“Oh, it turns out to be Brother Sha, may I know why are you here?” Liu Ming said calmly while glancing at the other 2 people. They were wearing inner disciple costumes. They just stood behind Sha Tongtian without speaking, so they should be Sha Tongtian’s fellow disciples in the Tianjian Peak.

“I come here just because I want to fight 1 more time with Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu again to see who is the winner. I will try to break through the Crystallization Period’s bottleneck soon, so I won’t have the chance to fulfill this wish. Our enmity in the Green Sky Illusory Palace that day, I still remember clearly in my mind.” Sha Tongtian said lightly.

Hearing this, Liu Ming didn’t look too surprised instead. Although he didn’t want to get into trouble himself, since the other party came to look for him, he wouldn’t evade the fight. After squinting his eyes, he agreed to it,

“Since Senior Fellow Apprentice Sha wants to teach me something, I can’t refuse it of course.”

“It’s so good.” Sha Tongtian said with a sneer.

Afterward, they didn’t talk much and flew toward the outer courtyard arena.

About a quarter of an hour later, there were about 400 people surrounding the outer courtyard arena tens of meters. There were also a few disciples coming here from time to time.

From their costumes, most of them were outer disciples, but there were also some ordinary disciples. They got the news from someone and gathered here, wanting to see the fight between the top 1 of the outer door major compet.i.tion, Liu Ming and the inner disciple of the Tianjian Peak, Sha Tongtian.

Even Liang Zhange was shocked by this compet.i.tion. Under personal interest, he even hosted the compet.i.tion personally.

When the light curtain enveloped the entire arena, Liang Zhange immediately announced in the sky and flew out of the light curtain.

Sha Tongtian slapped the white bag on his waist, then a clear flying sword flew out from it with a flash of green light. After swirling in the air, it spun quickly, releasing waves of visible green sword qi.

Liu Ming also flicked his sleeves, and a small gray sword shot out from it. He grabbed the sword and channeled his spiritual power into it. A gray sword of several feet rolled out, emitting a dazzling crystal light.

When Sha Tongtian saw this, his eyes turned cold. He groaned, jumped into the air and turned into 80 meters sword light. It blasted at Liu Ming with astonishing momentum. It was several times stronger when he was in the Green Sky Illusory Palace.

Liu Ming just shook his wrist unhurriedly, and a gray sword light was launched.


After the 2 sword lights of green and gray collided, they were in a stalemate in the air.

Sha Tongtian’s heart suddenly shuddered.

He had been dedicated to cultivating sword skills in retreat for the past 2 years. Not only he had reached the Condensation Period later stage-perfect stage, but his sword skills were more powerful than it was 2 years ago.

He used the technique of body and sword fusion immediately, trying to get the first hit. However, Liu Ming easily resisted it with just a casual sword technique.

“Bang“, the blue and gray sword light flashed, and the 2 sword lights bounced away to both sides in an instant.

The green sword light faded, revealing Sha Tongtian’s figure again.

His face became gloomy. After he made sword gestures with both hands to let the small green sword tremble in the air, it turned into dense sword shadows that blasted at Liu Ming.

Will Liu Ming use his new skill in this fight?

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