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Chapter 1397: Wake Up

This incident happened so suddenly that Liu Ming didn’t have time to react.

He now possessed a part of the demon blood. Could it be that these strange Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder sensed the demonic qi in him, so it wanted to destroy him?

Thinking of this, he shouted and retreated. At the same time, he removed the five-color lightning arcs in his palms.

However, the 2 broken parts of the ring were tightly attached to his palms.

At the same time, the five-color lightning arcs on Liu Ming’s body became more and more dense. In the blink of an eye, countless wounds were inflicted on his body, and black demonic qi were forced out all over his body.

Liu Ming’s face was bloodless. This situation was almost exactly the same as when his body was tempered by the heavenly thunder power when he advanced to the Real Pellet State. However, the current situation was more precarious, because the source of the thunder was close at hand and was the more devastating Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder.

The overbearing power of the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder would completely annihilate him.

Under this thought, he channeled all his spiritual power. The wounds all over his body were recovering amidst a white glow.

The powerful recovery ability of the Sky Beastkin Blood played a role.

Just as the wounds healed, they were torn open again. However, a delicate balance was maintained so that his body would not just collapse.

Liu Ming was filled with joy. He tried his best to restrain the demonic qi in his body to the deepest part of his body. At the same time, he fully channeled his real pellet, the power of h.e.l.l Bone Secret, and the blood of the Sky Beastkin.

At this moment, another change occurred. The Heavenly Thunder Spell burst into brilliance on its own without him activating it.

The five-color lightning arcs on Liu Ming’s body surged toward the Heavenly Thunder Sigil on his chest amidst a crackling sound.

The Heavenly Thunder Sigil suddenly glowed brightly. The five-color lightning arcs were immediately swallowed by the Heavenly Thunder Sigil.

However, because all the five-color lightning arcs on his body converged toward the Heavenly Thunder Sigil, the tearing on his body stopped gradually. Under the effect of the Sky Beastkin Blood, all his wounds slowly healed.

The Heavenly Thunder Sigil was like a bottomless pit, swallowing up five-color lightning arcs. The originally golden sigil slowly transformed into five colors.

Liu Ming was a little stunned. This series of events really exceeded his expectations!

At this moment, the black-white real pellet in his sea of ​​consciousness suddenly shone brightly. The Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder Sigil in the real pellet trembled and detached from it, then it merged with the Heavenly Thunder Sigil.

The originally somewhat quaint golden sigil flashed with golden light, and runes emerged on the surface.

After a few seconds, the Heavenly Thunder Sigil was several times larger than before, and the color became five colors.

The Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder released by the Heaven Earth Thunder Ring was devoured by the new Heavenly Thunder Sigil at a faster speed.

At the same time, the thunder light on the Heaven Earth Thunder Ring also gradually weakened.

A moment later, when the last trace of Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder was devoured by the Heavenly Thunder Sigil on Liu Ming’s body, the 2 broken parts of the ring fell from Liu Ming’s hand to the ground. The spirit patterns become dull as if it had lost spirituality.

Liu Ming stood there quietly to sense something with his eyes closed.

He opened his eyes suddenly, and the five-color light of the Heavenly Thunder Sigil on his chest emitted streaks of five-color lightning.

He raised his hands, and his arms were immediately entwined by dense five-color lightning arcs. A five-color lightning bolt as thick as an arm shot out from his palm and hit the yellow light curtain around him. It was the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder.

With a flash of the yellow light curtain, it was easily pierced through as if it was paper.

Liu Ming emerged on top of the mountain in a flicker, then he rubbed his hands and launched another five-color lightning bolt toward a mountain not far away.

There was a deafening impact!

The mountain was instantly reduced to ashes.

A look of horror appeared in Liu Ming’s eyes, which was immediately replaced by a look of ecstasy.

His Heavenly Thunder Spell, which was already in the perfect stage, underwent a drastic change again. The lightning power was improved into the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder.

This made the power of Heavenly Thunder Spell completely incomparable to before.

Moreover, although his body was still aching at this moment, his spiritual power was surging as if it would be rippling out.

Before he knew it, he broke through the bottleneck of the Celestial State intermediate stage and advanced to the Celestial State later stage!

The degree of condensation of the later stage spiritual power was indeed not comparable to that of the intermediate stage. He silently chanted. A layer of liquid-like black light covered his body like a black gauze.

He moved his body and felt that his physical strength had increased a lot.

“What’s going on?” Not far away, Zhao Qianying came out from the retreat and looked at the disappeared mountain in surprise.

Then, she looked at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming flew out of the cave house.

“You… you have broken through to the Celestial State later stage?” Zhao Qianying glanced at Liu Ming in shock.

“Yes, I happened to advance by fluke.” Liu Ming said lightly.

Zhao Qianying’s beautiful eyes flickered for a while, then she snorted softly and looked away.

Liu Ming smiled wryly. When he was about to say something, his expression changed slightly.

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Qianying caught sight of the change in Liu Ming’s expression and asked.

Liu Ming released a Mountain River Pearl without explaining.

In the Mountain River Pearl’s s.p.a.ce, Huangfu Yupo burst into dazzling purple light.

The yellow mist in the Mountain River Pearl seemed to be oppressed by the purple light, being forced away within 300 meters around her.

In the purple light, a huge phantasm aspect was gradually condensed. Strong spiritual power fluctuations spread out from the phantasm aspect.

The head of the phantasm aspect lit up with 2 dots of purple light, then countless purple vortexes emerged. The aura in the Mountain River Pearl was chaotic.

After a few seconds, Huangfu Yupo slowly opened her eyes.

With a wave of her hand, the giant purple phantasm aspect returned to her body. The dazzling purple light also dissipated quickly.

Huangfu Yupo looked around, feeling an intangible force of s.p.a.ce enveloping her body.

Huangfu Yupo was startled by the scene. In a flash, she returned to the Demon Abyss. Liu Ming and Zhao Qianying were in front of her.

Liu Ming launched a symbol to retrieve the Mountain River Pearl.

Huangfu Yupo, as a Mystic Comprehending State powerhouse, understood the general situation instantly. She looked deeply at Liu Ming.


Zhao Qianying saw overjoyed to see Huangfu Yupo. She flew to Huangfu Yupo’s side and hugged her. She lost the dignified demeanor of a princess.

“Ying’er, why are you here!” Huangfu Yupo glanced at Zhao Qianying in surprise. She gently stroked Zhao Qianying’s purple hair with a doting expression.

Zhao Qianying seemed to enjoy the touch. She revealed a sweet smile and snuggled up beside Huangfu Yupo.

They hugged each other for a while, then Zhao Qianying glanced at Liu Ming and stood away from Huangfu Yupo.

“Yinger, I always thought you were caught by someone from the Liu Family, why are you here? Also, who is that person?” Huangfu Yupo took Zhao Qianying’s hand, looked at Liu Ming, and asked with doubts.

“Master, Ying’er has never been caught by the Liu Family. Father and Master didn’t want to bring me to the Demon Abyss, so I secretly followed someone else to enter the Demon Abyss.” Zhao Qianying glanced at Liu Ming and said.

Oh, who did you come in with?” Huangfu Yupo followed Zhao Qianying’s gaze and glanced at Liu Ming, and she understood in her mind, but she still asked.

“That’s the man. His name is Liu Ming, but he’s not from the Liu Family.” Zhao Qianying continued.

“I’m Liu Ming, the family master of the Qing Family in Zang State.” Liu Ming did not come over either. He just bowed in the distance.

Huangfu Yupo’s spiritual power improved significantly after waking up from the coma. The oppression she exuded was no less than that of Liu Zongyang before.

However, Liu Ming had also stepped into the Celestial State later stage, the Heavenly Thunder Spell had mutated, and he had obtained several powerful magic weapons.

So although he bowed, his expression wasn’t humble.

“So it’s Qing Family’s family master. There’s no need to be polite.” A trace of surprise flashed in Huangfu Yupo’s eyes, then she waved her hands lightly.

Zhao Qianying was also surprised that Liu Ming could behave calmly in the face of a true Mystic Comprehending State powerhouse.

“I remember being plotted against by the Liu Family under the Demon Abyss Tower before, then I fainted due to the lethal poison. Could it be that Mr. Liu cured the poison for me?” Huangfu Yupo pondered for a moment before asking again.

“Master, the situation at that time was like this. He and I were also near the Demon Abyss Tower at that time, but we didn’t show up…” Before Liu Ming could speak, Zhao Qianying explained everything quickly.

“So that’s the case. I’m very grateful to Mr. Liu for taking care of my disciple all the way. When we return to the imperial city, I will definitely report it to Demon Emperor. You and your Qing Family will be rewarded.” Huangfu Yupo said lightly.

When Liu Ming heard this, a look of embarra.s.sment flashed across his face. He thanked lightly, then he stood aside without saying a word.

If the Demon Emperor knew about the matter between him and Zhao Qianying, the reward would probably become a pursuit.

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