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Chapter 1076: Opportunity

Liu Ming nodded at the 2 spiritual pets.

His face also looked extremely pale at the moment. Refining a set of magic weapons like this was an ordeal for spiritual power and mental power.

Fortunately, he finally refined these 12 Mountain River Pearls.

Mountain River Pearl refined with the h.e.l.l river heavy water surpa.s.sed his expectations.

This was also thanks to the unknown ancient cultivator predecessor. He not only prepared so many rare materials that were hard to find in the world, but he also sacrificially refined these 12 beads into magic weapon embryos.

Due to the extremely pure yin qi here and the abundant h.e.l.l river heavy water, the process of smelting and balancing of the spiritual materials of these pearls was extremely smooth.

Although he hadn’t tested them yet, the semi-finished magic weapon was already so powerful. The power of these 12 finished products was naturally self-evident.

According to his estimation, if he used them to form a Mountain River Great Array, even the Celestial State powerhouse didn’t dare to resist head-on.

The only regret was that controlling these 12 Mountain River Pearls consumed too much spiritual power. With his spiritual power far exceeding that of the general Real Pellet State cultivator, he could only barely activate 12 Mountain River Pearls for a moment.

As for setting the Mountain River Great Array, he couldn’t use it now.

Liu Ming consumed a golden yuan pill and meditated.

Seeing this, Xie’er and Fei’er obediently stepped aside and continued to practice.

After 3 days, Liu Ming opened his eyes again.

At this moment, he still looked a little tired, but when he thought of the 12 Mountain River Pearls, his eyes couldn’t help showing an intense joy.

He stood up and flexed his body, making a series of bone crackling sounds.

In the past 10 years, Liu Ming’s spiritual power had not improved much, but he smoothly mastered the h.e.l.l Bone Secret to the 9th level.

Since he was only one step away from condensing the real pellet, the 9th level of the h.e.l.l Bone Secret which was equivalent to the Crystallization Period later stage had little gain to his spiritual power. However, he could clearly feel that his body was more tyrannical than before.

His physical strength was far superior to that of a physique cultivator of the same level. After cultivating the 9th level of the h.e.l.l Bone Secret, he wasn’t sure how tyrannical his physical body was.

The only thing he knew was that the Dragon Tiger h.e.l.l Prison he cast could even raze a mountain. As for ordinary spiritual weapons, they could no longer harm him in the slightest.

Because of cleansing his body with the h.e.l.l river water all year round, his bone had undergone some changes. His bones were covered with a pale golden l.u.s.ter.

This change not only allowed him to completely adapt to the rich yin qi at the bottom of the h.e.l.l river, but it also doubled the speed at which his body absorbed yin qi and transformed it into spiritual power.

Now, even if he didn’t channel spiritual power, he could still emit a faint cold aura around him. He looked more and more similar to the ordinary Serene Clan.

Liu Ming stood up. Fei’er, who was not far away, stopped cultivating and flashed toward Liu Ming.


Liu Ming turned to look at Fei’er with a soft smile in his eyes. He reached out, patted his somewhat bulging head and said,

“What’s wrong?”

“Practicing at the bottom of this river is really boring! Master, you have now refined the 12 Mountain River Pearls, we should be able to leave here, right?” Fei’er murmured with some antic.i.p.ation as he looked at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming frowned slightly.

Since coming to the deepest underworld, Fei’er’s temperament had become a little restless for some reason. During the 10 years at the river bottom, the manic yin qi here often triggered his emotions. Fei’er had asked Liu Ming to leave this place more than once.

“Fei’er, if you feel tired from cultivating, just rest in the soul-recovering bag for a while!” Liu Ming replied after thinking about it.

He had just refined the Mountain River Pearls, but he only practiced the h.e.l.l Bone Secret until the 9th level. If he was able to comprehend the 10th level, he might be able to condense real pellet directly. Now was not really the time to leave this place.

“Okay.” Fei’er pouted, and he moved into the soul-recovering bag around Liu Ming’s waist.

Liu Ming shook his head, then he looked at the black vortex enchantment outside thoughtfully.

Fei’er was right. Since he had sacrificially refined the 12 Mountain River Pearls, he could test if he could break through this enchantment.

As for the enchantment here, he had naturally tried to break it more than once during these years.

Surprisingly, the seemingly ordinary enchantment turned out to be unusually st.u.r.dy. He tried his best several times, but he couldn’t shake it at all.

So he stayed here for 20 years. On the one hand, it was indeed to complete the sacrificial refinement of all 12 Mountain River Pearls in one goal. On the other hand, he was forced to stay here.

Thinking of this, Liu Ming took a deep breath. He spread his hands, 3 Mountain River Pearls emerged with a yellow flash.

Mountain River Pearls, as a set of magic weapons, didn’t have to be used all 12 at once. Using 2, 3 and 4 had different combinations. This was the magical part about this set of magic weapons.

With Liu Ming’s current spiritual power, he could more skillfully manipulate 6 Mountain River Pearls, but to crack the black vortex enchantment, 3 Mountain River Pearls should be enough.

The surface of the 3 Mountain River Pearls was filled with yellow air.

Liu Ming closed his eyes at the moment as if he was sensing something.

After a while, he suddenly opened his eyes.


With a low shout, he launched a symbol. The 3 Mountain River Pearls changed positions, formed a straight line and rushed in the direction of a black vortex more than 60 meters in size.


The first Mountain River Pearl hit the black vortex. The Mountain River Pearl did not emit a lot of light, but there was only a yellow cloud on it. The image of the mountains and rivers could be faintly seen in the cloud.

Without the earth-shattering scene, the black vortex that Liu Ming was helpless against suddenly vibrated violently, but it returned to calm in an instant.

But at this moment, the second Mountain River Pearl also came.

The black vortex shook violently, and the rotation speed suddenly increased greatly. It seemed to be unstable.

Without waiting for it to recover, the third Mountain River Pearl also came.


A tearing sound came, and the black vortex spun frantically. A hole was opened up by the Mountain River Pearl.

Seeing such an effect, Liu Ming nodded with satisfaction.

After sacrificial refine completed the Mountain River Pearl, he realized that the Mountain River Pearl, as its name suggests, was as heavy as a mountain and as smooth as a river. Even if he didn’t use other attack modes and smashed it at someone, the relentless force still couldn’t be resisted head-on.

With the appearance of the hole, a large amount of h.e.l.l river water swarmed in from the broken enchantment.

Liu Ming launched a symbol. The 3 Mountain River Pearls near the vortex turned into a black light and formed a giant black river phantasm, engulfing the h.e.l.l river water that was rushing in.

At this moment, the hole of the enchantment broken by the Mountain River Pearl suddenly emitted a black light. The broken hole on the vortex enchantment quickly recovered in just a few seconds.

“It has broken to such an extent, but it can still be automatically restored? The person who arranged this enchantment has absolutely reached the peak of the array attainment!” Liu Ming retrieved the 3 Mountain River Pearls and glanced at the black vortex enchantment.

He flew to the enchantment, put his hand on the enchantment, and released a wisp of Divine Thought into the enchantment.

With a buzz, a black water light suddenly erupted from the enchantment light curtain that hit Liu Ming.

A huge cold force knocked Liu Ming to the ground heavily.

There was a loud noise, and a deep hole was smashed into the ground.


Xie’er had already woken up when Liu Ming was practicing the Mountain River Pearls. When she saw Liu Ming got hit, she anxiously rushed over.

In the deep pit, Liu Ming’s clothes were full of dirty, but his body was unscathed.

But he looked a little dazed.

Seeing Liu Ming’s expression, Xie’er just stood there and didn’t dare to interrupt.

Liu Ming just stood there for a quarter of an hour, then he suddenly raised his head and laughed.

“That’s it, I got it now!”

He laughed a few times and sat down in the pit with his knees crossed.

It turned out that he was one step away from the Real Pellet State. He practiced 2 extremely mysterious ghost techniques. Now that he stayed for so many years at the bottom of the h.e.l.l river where the yin qi here was more intense than the deepest underworld’s yin qi, his sea of ​​consciousness was already in a subtle state.

At this time, he was probably more like Serene Clan than the Serene Clan people.

At the moment when he was just rebounded by the power of the black vortex enchantment, the “pseudo pellet” above the sea of ​​consciousness spontaneously set off a force of resistance, giving him an enlightenment. He felt that he could condense real pellet at any time.

“Yes, this is the feeling!”

He had to seize this rare opportunity. He channeled spiritual power into the Celestial Tablet in the sea of ​​consciousness.

TL: Finally? Now he should have enough spiritual power to use the new move sets and weapons…

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