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Chapter 1074: Fierce Battle With the Giant Beast

Liu Ming’s vision turned dark, and he was sucked into the giant hippo beast.


The huge body of the giant hippo beast tumbled, and it once again dived into the pitch-black h.e.l.l river and slowly swam toward the depths of the h.e.l.l river.

At the same time, Liu Ming only felt that he was immersed in a heavy cold liquid, and he was pulled away by an invisible force toward the throat of the giant monster.

Although the surroundings were pitch black and he couldn’t see anything, Liu Ming knew that the liquid he was in was no doubt h.e.l.l river water.

Because the flesh wall of this beast was extremely soft and slippery, he couldn’t stand firm at all.

With the violent shaking, Liu Ming continued to go deep with the h.e.l.l river water.

Halfway through, he hurriedly released black air and wrapped himself in a black mist coc.o.o.n, which reduced the piercing cold slightly.

After a while, Liu Ming’s mist coc.o.o.n slid into a s.p.a.ce with the h.e.l.l river water.

Immediately, a cold breath mixed with a pungent stench rose from below.

Seeing this, Liu Ming twitched his nose, and he made a gesture. The charged spiritual power was released and shook away the surrounding h.e.l.l river water. Simultaneously, 2 30 meters black mist condensed from the coc.o.o.n and rushed downward.


The 2 mist tigers burst apart in mid-air. An invisible giant force was released to stop Liu Ming from falling.

At this moment, Liu Ming was surrounded by black air, and his face looked gloomy.

This giant hippo beast must have acc.u.mulated a lot of h.e.l.l river water in its stomach. It’s like a small h.e.l.l lake.

At the same time, he could feel that giant hippo beast’s body was still vibrating violently. Presumably, this beast was diving toward the bottom of the river.

However, for the time being, he had no choice but to wait for the beast to stop before making another plan.

After making up his mind, he sat cross-legged in the mid-air of the giant hippo beast’s belly and held an upper grade spirit stone in each of his hands. While stabilizing his figure, he meditated to recover.

The violent tremor lasted for about half an hour.

After a loud rumbling sound, the giant hippo beast finally stopped shaking.

Liu Ming’s heart moved, he should have reached the bottom of the h.e.l.l river or the place where the giant monster lived.

He slowly stood up with the Bitter Wheel Sword in his hand and a moonstone in the other hand, illuminating the surroundings.

Only then did Liu Ming see clearly that he was above an extremely empty s.p.a.ce that was surrounded by sticky dark flesh walls which were constantly wriggling. Thick black liquid could be seen faintly on the walls, looking very disgusting.

At this moment, the sound of rushing water came from above again.

Before Liu Ming could react, a large wave of black h.e.l.l river water poured down from above, pushing Liu Ming down.

Plop“, Liu Ming fell into the pool of water.

“It’s really h.e.l.l river water!”

Liu Ming muttered to himself. He channeled all spiritual power to resist the cold aura coming from all directions, then he turned into a black light and flew up from the h.e.l.l water.

Every time he flew for a certain distance, there would be a large wave of h.e.l.l river water pouring down from the top. Because the h.e.l.l river water was extremely heavy, even Liu Ming’s tyrannical body couldn’t completely resist its impact. He would be flushed back for some distance before stabilizing himself again.

Even so, after about 10 minutes, Liu Ming still b.u.mped all the way back to the giant monster’s mouth. He faintly saw 2 rows of dark green fangs on both sides of the giant monster’s gums.

Before taking a few more glances, the giant hippo beast suddenly opened its huge mouth again.

Swoosh“, a large wave of black h.e.l.l river water poured in again from the outside.

“Body and sword fusion!”

Seeing this, Liu Ming quickly formed gestures. A dazzling purple light flashed and pierced through layers of h.e.l.l river. He came to the h.e.l.l river outside the giant monster.

Just as he appeared in the h.e.l.l river water, he felt that the gravity on his body suddenly intensified. He moved upward in the purple sword light against the huge force.

But before he could escape for far, the whistling sound came!

Liu Ming felt cold behind his back. A large vortex was about to pull him back into the giant h.e.l.l beast.

Immediately, he channeled spiritual power in his palm and pat the 8 tentacles sea beastkin on his chest.

After a poof, a pair of silver wings were transformed from behind him.

A silver light flashed!

Liu Ming appeared right above the beast’s body. He changed a gesture, then the Bitter Wheel Sword transformed into purple sword shadows of 90 meters and shot down.

A loud noise!

It was followed by a heart-piercing, crazy roar.

One of the giant hippo beast’s horn was directly cut off by the purple sword shadows, and black blood spurted out.

Liu Ming’s move seemed to have completely angered the giant hippo beast. He saw the scales on its back shoot up one by one. It stomped the ground and charged toward Liu Ming.

After Liu Ming retrieved the Bitter Wheel Sword with 1 hand, he turned into 4 black phantasms and split up.

The giant hippo beast rolled its eyes, then it sucked the h.e.l.l river heavy water into its body.

Its body suddenly enlarged several times, reaching nearly 600 meters in size. His belly was instantly bulging like a ball.

The crackling sound came!

The scales on the giant hippo beast burst out like a storm, and it shot black water to seal the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

With a few “poof“, the 3 phantasms of Liu Ming collapsed!

Liu Ming also felt his entire body sank, then dozens of black scales appeared several meters in front of him in a blink of an eye.

Only then did he see clearly the scales on this giant hippo beast. They weren’t only shiny, but there were also special patterns on them. The edge of the scales was even more razor-sharp.

Liu Ming was startled. He waved and released a yellow bead, which turned into a small yellow mountain phantasm.

Bang bang bang“, the surrounding river was shaking violently, and black lights radiated everywhere. Some residual scales were scattered around.

The scales were extremely sharp, and the number was even endless. There was a stalemate in the air.

As the scales continued to explode, the mountain phantasm also became unstable.

Seeing this, Liu Ming bit his tongue and spat blood at the yellow mountain phantasm.

A deep low-pitched sound came. As the h.e.l.l river water continued to gather, the entire yellow mountain phantasm grew into a giant mountain.

Those black scales could no longer shake the Mountain River Pearl, and they turned into little black lights on the surface of the Mountain River Pearl.

The giant hippo beast’s eyes flashed. It puffed 2 rows of gray bubbles from its nostrils, then it opened its giant mouth again.

A spiral-shaped black water beam shot toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming hurriedly launched 2 symbols into the mountain phantasm.

A long black river phantasm emerged.

A strange scene appeared!

The black water beam seemed to be absorbed by the long black river.

In the blink of an eye, the long black river phantasm grew to 30 meters long.

However, it didn’t last long. The half-finished Mountain River Pearl could only attract a limited amount of h.e.l.l river water while the h.e.l.l river water stored in the beast seemed to be endless. The situation became 2 waves of water flow pushing against each other.

“I see!”

After Liu Ming muttered in a low voice, his figure disappeared in a blur.

The next moment, the h.e.l.l river phantasm transformed by Mountain River Pearl suddenly disappeared, and a black figure flashed above the giant hippo beast. His hand released a dazzling yellow light.

Liu Ming spurted 3 mouthfuls of blood essence in a row, then he changed gestures and poured all his spiritual power into Mountain River Pearl.

A 300 meters giant yellow mountain emerged with a rumble.

The hippo giant monster seemed to have realized the unfavorable situation, trying to turn around and run, but it was too late.

The dazzling yellow light shot from below the giant mountain phantasm, piercing the black river water around the giant beast and pinning it on the spot.


Liu Ming snorted coldly again. The giant yellow mountain pressed down with violent fluctuations.

Before the mountain really pressed on the giant hippo beast, waves of invisible fluctuations swept out.

A loud rumble!

After a scream came from below the yellow giant mountain, there was no more movement.

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