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Chapter 1068: Blue Geng Cold Air

Just as the blue cloud flew for about dozens of meters, 3 b.l.o.o.d.y phantoms emerged with a flash. The instantaneous speed made Liu Ming speechless.

At this time, these b.l.o.o.d.y phantoms had turned into ferocious ghosts with b.l.o.o.d.y claws that were several feet long on their hands and feet. The claws scratched toward the blue cloud.

Several b.l.o.o.d.y light streams. .h.i.t the blue cloud, making it tumbled violently. Although it didn’t get dissipate, it still got intercepted.

Whoosh whoosh!

The other 6 blood h.e.l.l son also emerged with a series of afterimages, appearing around the blue cloud.

After 9 blood h.e.l.l sons flashed, the claws burst out dazzling b.l.o.o.d.y light.

A burst of whistles came!

Countless b.l.o.o.d.y claw lights formed a giant b.l.o.o.d.y net around the blue cloud, and it was closing immediately.

The surface of the blue cloud suddenly rolled violently, and it was constantly deformed by the blood light from all directions. After holding for a few seconds, it was torn apart forcibly.

In the scattered blue cloud, the burly man spurted blood. The blue bead magic weapon also dimmed a little. He was pushed to the ground by a huge force.

A loud noise!

The ground was suddenly smashed into a huge pit several meters in size, and the gravel was splashed everywhere.

“What a powerful technique!”

Behind the huge boulder in the distance, Liu Ming took a deep breath as he watched the dazzling scene.

Each of the 9 blood h.e.l.l sons summoned by Leng Meng had the strength close to the Real Pellet State, and their speed was as fast as lightning. Under such a siege, any Real Pellet State powerhouse couldn’t last 10 moves.

It was not easy for Lan Xu to hold on until now with his own strength.

If it was him who fought Leng Meng and if he couldn’t kill him before summoning the blood h.e.l.l sons, his odds of winning would not be much higher.

The first person below the Celestial State of the Cold Moon City wasn’t just a t.i.tle!

Speaking of which, the 9 major Serene Regions of the underworld were vast and boundless. There were many large and small forces among them. If a Serene General of a medium force in a mere Serene Water Region had such strength, the mysterious 9 Serene Kings were even more unfathomable. They could even rival the Mystic Comprehending State of the 4 ancient sects.

Just as Liu Ming was thinking, the situation on Leng Meng and Lan Xu’s side took a turn for the worse again!

In mid-air, a dazzling silver light came!

Leng Meng had already grasped a silver halberd in his hand, and he swooped down with murderous intent.

He was in the air, and the silver halberd transfigured into a dense shadow of a huge halberd, stabbing the burly man in a blue robe below like a storm.

In the huge pit below, the burly man in a blue robe stood up. His face was pale at this moment, and there were countless wounds all over his body.

However, he did not lose his fighting power. Seeing Leng Meng swooping down, he hurriedly cast a blue light shield, then he jumped out of the giant pit.

There was a burst of whistling sounds. The dense silver halberd shadows barely brushed past his shoulder.


The light shield collapsed directly. If he didn’t react in time, he would be pierced through by the halberd shadows.

However, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, the same whistling sounds came from the side.

The halberd shadows a.s.saulted again. The 9 blood h.e.l.l sons also charged toward the burly man in a blue robe.

Leng Meng clearly wanted to kill the burly man in a blue robe here!

The burly man in a blue robe opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood essence into the blue bead above him.

Under the frantic blue light flash of the bead, it turned into a spinning blue round ball the size of a water tank, blocking in front of him.

The clanging sound was great!

Amidst the clashing sound, the silver halberds and the b.l.o.o.d.y claw lights barraged the blue round ball.

The huge blue ball flickered frantically. Blue droplets were formed on the place where the halberd shadows and the claw lights. .h.i.t. Immediately after, the droplets condensed into blue liquid and surged up from the round ball.

The blue liquid spread to the falling silver halberd, which shocked Leng Meng.

This unknown blue liquid had a peculiar suction, and the silver halberd in his hand was actually stuck by this liquid. No matter how he channeled, it couldn’t break free from the liquid at all.

Not only that, a terrifying cold air quickly spread toward him through the halberd.

Leng Meng immediately let go of the silver halberd and moved back.

Lan Xu was making gestures while making a low chant. Mysterious runes flashed into the blue round ball along the chants.

Suddenly, the cold air that spread from the blue ball increased greatly!

The next moment, Lan Xu shouted fiercely,


An azure light spot appeared on the spinning blue round ball, then countless cracks appeared on it.

This state only lasted for 3 seconds before it burst open!

For a time, countless blue gases spread out in all directions. In this blue cloud, there were also many blue water droplets. After spinning in mid-air, they shot out like arrows.

Leng Meng’s face was ashen. He hurriedly made gestures. The b.l.o.o.d.y flag released a wave of thick b.l.o.o.d.y light and wrapped him inside.

Just after doing this, the turbulent blue gas shrouded the surrounding area of ​​nearly 100 meters like a surging wave. The 9 blood h.e.l.l sons and the b.l.o.o.d.y flag were no exception.

Although Leng Meng was surrounded by the protective b.l.o.o.d.y light, he still felt an astonishing cold air permeating from the surrounding blue cloud, making his entire body instantly numb. It was strenuous for him to even move a finger.

In shock, he glanced at the surrounding blood h.e.l.l sons in the blue cloud. They couldn’t move at all.

At this moment, the rattling sound came. The droplets burst out from the round bead attached on the blood h.e.l.l sons and Leng Meng’s protective b.l.o.o.d.y light.


The 9 blood h.e.l.l sons and the b.l.o.o.d.y light were covered with a layer of blue ice crystals.

Not only that, even the blood flag above him was covered with a layer of blue ice crystals. The b.l.o.o.d.y light was greatly reduced.

The blue cold air only existed for 2 seconds, then it dissipated strangely, revealing the situation inside.

Seeing this situation, Liu Ming, who was hiding in the distance, gasped again.

With Leng Meng and the burly man in a blue robe as the center, the surrounding area of ​​nearly 300 meters had turned into a blue crystal world of ice and snow.

Leng Meng and his 9 blood h.e.l.l sons were completely frozen by a layer of blue ice crystals and turned into 10 lifelike blue ice sculptures.

Only the burly man in a blue robe was unaffected. His body was shrouded in a faint blue light curtain.

“This is the Blue Geng Cold Air!”

Liu Ming turned his eyes on the blue crystals on Leng Meng’s body and recalled the blue mist he had just seen. A rumored name appeared in his heart.

This Blue Geng Cold Air was a treasure for a cultivator who practiced the cold attribute technique. Just a wisp of it could freeze everything in the world!

What was quite amazing was that things that were frozen could temporarily escape the time pa.s.sage and become solid as a rock. Even a magic weapon’s sharp blade couldn’t hurt the slightest. This made it infinitely useful.

If one could add a little bit of Blue Geng Cold Air to the cold attribute spiritual weapon or magic weapon, the power could be a hundred times more.

It was just that this Blue Geng Cold Air was hard to find in any realm. Even in the Middle Sky Continent, only in the depths of the thousands of years glacier cave in the extreme north could find a trace of it.

Liu Ming didn’t know anything about this cold air, but in order to try to condense First Yuan Heavy Water himself, he had consulted a lot of books about the water element. He came across the introduction of this Lan Geng Cold Air.

Now that he saw it today, it was really amazing!

According to his speculation, there should be a trace of extremely pure Blue Geng Cold Air in the bead h.e.l.l weapon above Lan Xu’s head. After self-destructing, there would be such an earth-shattering power.

At this moment, the light blue light shield on the burly man in a blue robe swayed and then dissipated.

His face looked a little older than before. He glanced at Leng Meng and the 9 blood h.e.l.l son around him, then he sneered. He shook his body, looking a little shaky.

Obviously, the muscular man was totally exhausted in terms of spiritual power and physical strength after going through such a tense battle and self-exploding a magic weapon..

He quickly took out a jade bottle and poured it into his mouth, only then he looked slightly recovered. He turned around and flew into the distance.

Liu Ming, who was hiding in the distance, was about to make a move, but he suddenly heard a light click in his ears.

He was stunned and hid in the same place again.

The burly man in a blue robe, who was about to fly away, suddenly stopped and looked back in disbelief.

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