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_The Naturalist in La Plata_ can now be obtained in a new and cheaper edition than the original, which was first published in 1892. The letterpress and the drawings in the text by J. Smit have been left as they were; the only change is in the form of the book and in the subst.i.tution of new plates for the old ones. This book forms a companion volume to _Birds of La Plata_.


An Autobiographical Sketch of the Writer's Boyhood

"To read his book is to read another chapter in that enormous book which is written from time to time by Rousseau and George Sand and Aksakoff among other people--a book which we can never read enough of; and therefore we must beg Mr. Hudson not to stop here, but to carry the story on to the farthest possible limits."--_Times Literary Supplement._

"A low-pitched narrative, but once listened to it is as enthralling as Mr. Hudson found the voice of the golden plover."--_Athenaeum._

"He who does not know the work of W. H. Hudson is missing one of the finest pleasures of contemporary literature."--_Daily News._

"Regarding the author hitherto primarily as a naturalist we rediscover him as an acute psychologist.... For many readers the chief interest of the book will lie in the charming reflective presentment of the thoughts of a boy's mind."--_Bookman._


With 8 Coloured Plates after E. J. Detmold

Head and Tail Pieces by Herbert Cole

"Mr. Hudson loves all birds; they are his work, his recreation, his life; he writes about them as no one else can: he sees what others miss."--_Manchester Guardian._

"This book is full of his unsurpa.s.sed perception and unique charm.... Some of his best pa.s.sages about birds are equally delightful and vivid sketches of human life."--_Times Literary Supplement._

"Mr. Hudson is more than a naturalist. He is a man of genius who trans.m.u.tes lead into gold--the lead of knowledge into the gold of feeling.... As you hear the music of his prose ... you recapture the delicious tenderness of childhood with its wistful wonder and vision.... Mr. Hudson is a nightingale naturalist with a voice that throbs in waves of magical melody."

--James Douglas in _The Star_.

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