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Chapter 243: You did the right thing

Zhou Liqin was appalled. His eyes were as wide as saucers.

No one was aware of his engagement. He could not be more certain of anything else in his life. The reason was obvious. 

He was a superstar, his fame extended to the international level. The matter of his love life was being extensively investigated by thousand of reporters. Yet no one had been able to get a wisp of that stupid engagement his family had arranged for him. It was because only a close circle of family members was aware of this arrangement. 

Thus he could not have ever expected that Ying'er friend would have a knowledge of it. 

"What are you talking about?" Zhao Liying stared wide eyes at Jing Lihua, incredulity lacing the corners of her eyes. She did not want to believe. She did not believe it. 

Jing Lihua's eyes were locked on the shocked face of Zhou Liqin and did not shift towards Zhao Liying as she said. "It appears to be the case that you haven't." There was an undertone of dark humor in her voice as she silently took another sip to calm her nerves.

"Zhou Liqin, Is she telling the truth?" With a pained expression on her face, Zhao Liying questioned Zhou Liqin.

Zhou Liqin, being a professional actor, was quick to adjust his expressions and tone. "Ying'er let me make one thing obvious to you. I have never cheated on you and nor I ever plan to. That engagement was arranged by my grandfather. I was going to get rid of it sooner or later. I never intended to hide it from you — I just wanted to get rid of it before telling you. I did not want to see you troubled over it."

After Zhao Liying heard him say everything, she could not being herself to believe it. "So she is indeed telling the truth..." In a disappointed tone, she said.

"Ying'er..." Zhou Liqin whispered. 

"Why would you hide it from me?" Tears gathered in Zhao Liying eyes. It was not because she thought Zhou Liqin cheated on her. It was because she had given it her all and trusted him completely. She was even furious at Jing Lihua when she attempted to oppose her.

But what outcome was there? In the end, Jing Lihua had a valid reason to stand at her point.

If Zhou Lqiin had told her beforehand that his family had engaged him, she would not have minded.

What hurt her was the lack of trust from his side.

Why would he hide it from her? Why would he do it when she had bared each and every aspect of life to him? 

"Listen to me—"   &nb


Zhao Liying picked up a plate and threw it into his face before storming off the room. 

Everyone was speechless. 

The contents of the dish painted Zhou Liqin's face into an exquisite pattern. Once the plate slipped down and landed loudly over the floor, shattering into pieces, Zhou Liqin quickly wiped off his face with his hands. 

"d.a.m.n it!" He cursed under his breath while pathetically wiping off his face. The last thing he wanted was to be captured by a reporter in this state and being made fun of in the whole media.

He stood up and swiftly followed Zhao Liying, But he did not leave before sending a fleeting glare in Jing Lihua direction to which, much to his anger, she responded with a smirk as if challenging him.

After the complicated couple was gone, only Mo Liang and Jing Lihua remained in the room.

Jing Lihua sighed, bringing her fingers to her temple, she messaged it slowly. Her eyes closed as she contemplated her choices.

She felt a weight over her shoulder; her eyes opened as Mo Liang gave her an a.s.suring smile. "You did the right thing," 

"Thank you," She smiled back at him. She really needed someone to say this.

Mo Liang retracted his hand and folded his arms behind his back. Walking to the side of the room. he glanced outwards through the wall long window. After some silence, he said. "But I wonder how did you manage to so accurately a.s.sess that guy?" A contemplative frown formed on his face. "From my knowledge, you do not have rich experience in relationships. You should have been deceived by his top-notch acting."

Jing Lihua was intrigued at his remark. "Underestimating me greatly, aren't you?" She chuckled before asking. "Let's forget about me. How did you manage to a.s.sess that guy and arrive at the conclusion that he is not right for Ying'er?"

"Well, the fact that he did not confide his engagement to Zhao Liying tells about his character. The guy is a coward. If he had b.a.l.l.s, he would have told this to her straight on the face. Being a coward could have been fine. But if he wants to be with Zhao Liying, he needs to stand firmly on his decision and face his family opposition. For that, he needs b.a.l.l.s. The outcome? With a little pressure from his family side, he would end up relenting." Mo Liang stated what he guessed at first glance. "And let's not dwell on the fact that he greatly values his career as a star. That is only being supported and sponsored by his family's wealth. If he indeed manages to have enough b.a.l.l.s to oppose his family to be with Zhao Liying, the threa

t of losing his fame would have him not even hesitate to abandon her."

Jing Lihua was amazed. "Why do you act dumb all the time if you are this astute?" She could not help but ask. She always knew that this Mo Liang was not something he always appeared to be. But today he had really impressed her with his deep insight.

The things had progressed exactly as he had predicted.

To Jing Lihua's question, he grinned. "It's because ladies find dumb men cute."

Jing Lihua: "..."

And just like that the image of a highly intelligent individual crumbled down to his typical dumb but definitely not cute self.

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