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Morning Runs Are Simply Dog Abuse

Lu Chenghe sat on the sofa, petting Little Pudding who was motionlessly lying on his body like a fake dog, and he stood in front of a man who looked very ordinary and had a robust body. After lightly sweeping his gaze over the man, Lu Chenghe looked down at the dog lying on his body.

He raised a paw and pinched it so Little Pudding glanced at him, curled up into his arms, and stretched his paws out to let him knead them. Lu Chenghe's eyes now carried a trace of a smile.

The steward on the side did not pay attention to the interactions of the owner and pet pair and introduced: "This is Mr. Jason, he has defended his t.i.tle as the champion of FCI Asia for seven years. The dogs trained by Mr. Jason are very well-behaved and completely satisfy people's expectations. "

Lu Chenghe's calmly and silently watched Mr. Jason for a number of seconds. Gently stroking the fur of the dog in his arms, he slightly raised his eyes: "Satisfy people's expectations?”

The man named Jason confidently smiled after hearing this: "Dogs are originally very intelligent, so after a bit of training, they can understand more commands and terms. For example, the Samoyed in Mr. Lu's arms ranks 33 for dog IQ, a rather intelligent dog breed. When young, Samoyeds are extremely well-behaved and now is also the best period to train them. Like junior high, there are three levels of training. Primary is the most fundamental with lying down, follow, and wait. Intermediate training somewhat consists of interest activities like rolling and playing dead.ating, catching a ball, frisbee, and pa.s.sing through obstacles. This training can be said to be more or less sufficient for most pet dogs, but of course, if Mr. Lu wishes, it is also possible to train the Samoyed into a specialized working dog. For example, biting, guarding, and searching."

Lu Chenghe listened and only nodded his head without much of an expression on his face, making people unsure of his thoughts. However, upon seeing this, the steward knew that the young master was not too satisfied with this idea so he stepped forward and spoke: "Thank you Mr. Jason for finding the time to come despite being so busy. Regarding Little Pudding's training, if we require it in the future, then we will surely contact you as soon as possible."

Jason was somewhat dissatisfied regarding the fact that a final conclusion couldn't be made on the spot, but he didn't show it. There were many wealthy families like the Lu family recruiting dog trainers, and there were definitely many people looking for employment. To have been interviewed proved that his reputation in the industry wasn't bad. Only after comparing ability could his own excellence be seen, so as long as the Lu family was hiring a dog trainer, Jason did not feel that he would fail to make it.

Hearing the steward's words, he smiled and expressed that if he got the position, it would be his honour. Afterward, he followed the steward and left the Lu home.

Only after seeing that the person had left did Lu Chenghe's eyes become less cold. Looking down and poking at the fat b.u.t.t sticking to his body: "How do you feel about letting him be your trainer?"

Zuo Ning really wanted to convey his rejection, he didn't like that person. Although it was his first time meeting him, that person gave him an uncomfortable feeling. However, at this time, although he had a mouth, it was difficult for him to talk so he could only woof at Lu Chenghe two times. In any case, he didn't expect Lu Chenghe to understand.

Lu Chenghe evidently understood Zuo Ning better than he thought as although Lu Chenghe did not think that what Little Pudding just called out was a response, he knew that Little Pudding did not like that dog trainer. When Jason stood in front of him, Little Pudding shrunk back into his arms, motionlessly lying there, and even his tail wasn't wagging. Its eyes were spinning around and looking everywhere except at the dog trainer, and this behaviour was what it did when it was resisting something.

As for it being afraid of strangers, that had to be impossible. This little thing didn't have this kind of att.i.tude when the veterinarian came over, so it was obvious that Little Pudding didn't like Jason.

Furthermore, aside from Little Pudding not liking him, he also greatly disliked the look in at person's eyes, especially the expression showing in his eyes when he looked at Little Pudding. It was like he was looking at an item that could allow him to get something, this was definitely not someone who genuinely liked dogs.

Thus, Lu Chenghe rubbed its head: "Okay then, if you don't like it, then we don't need him."

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