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Lighting up His Bed Climbing Skills

Lu Chenghe felt that Little Pudding had obviously gotten more sticky, always walking around him and also constantly rubbing against him. Compared to when it had just been sent here by his mother and too scared to approach, it was simply like the difference between heaven and earth. However, thinking about the fact that he couldn't accompany it during the day and could only leave it alone at home, his tolerance was somewhat higher. As long as it didn't disturb him, he'll allow it to do whatever it wants.

Thus, at this moment, the Lu Chenghe who used to used to do his work in front of the computer after dinner had no choice but to lie on the sofa and look at his laptop as there was a small Samo lying on his stomach who wouldn't leave no matter what.

During dinner, Zuo Ning found that Lu Chenghe was much gentler toward him today than yesterday, consequently making him dare to want a foot when given an inch and act intimate toward him. When it comes to Lu Chenghe, he was worthy of being called a male G.o.d, his figure was really good. Under his paws, he could feel a six pack even if he was lying down like this, and he could also clearly feel the contours of his veins.

He stretched his paws out and touched it once again, oh, it was a little hard, but it feels so nice!

Lu Chenghe restrained the paws that were indiscriminately feeling around before touching the furry little head, With a very calm voice, he said: "If you keep recklessly moving around, I'll throw you down."

Zuo Ning's tail wagged and he howled once, obediently not moving anymore. However, after a while, Zuo Ning started to restlessly turn his head. He raised his head just enough so that he was able to rub against Lu Chenghe's chin. Zuo Ning rubbed and rubbed, sniffing the light scent of Lu Chenghe, squinting his eyes and unconsciously making a small snoring noise.

Like this, Lu Chenghe stroked its fur with one hand and handled his affairs with the other. When he knew that the tail of Little Pudding who was lying on his stomach wasn't moving anymore and that the little stomach's undulations were steady, he took it back to its den. Seeing that the little white ball was still sleeping ignorantly, Lu Chenghe's lips hooked up slightly. He gently pinched the tiny pointed ears and then continued to handle his affairs.

In the middle of the night, a white light flashed. Shortly after, there was a boom of thunder in the air. As the hearing of dogs is ten times more sensitive than that of humans, Zuo Ning had already woken up when it started to rain outside, and the thunder seemed like it was right beside him.

Maybe if it was an ordinary dog, it would be afraid the first time it heard thunder, but Zuo Ning was a dog with a human soul. He was very clear on what the sound was, and although he was shocked by the sudden sound, he wasn't afraid.

However, seeing that Lu Chenghe was woken up by the sound of thunder and seemed to have gotten up slightly to look at him, tears started to trickle from Zuo Ning's eyes and he quickly climbed out of the kennel, clinging onto the fence and whining.

Lu Chenghe turned on a small night light next to the kennel, walked to the side of the kennel, and petted Little Pudding who was pushing on the fence: "It's only thunder, don't be afraid. Be obedient and go back to sleep."

Zuo Ning softly called out and one of his paws struggled hard to reach Lu Chenghe with his request to be hugged very obvious. Just then, there was another flash of lightning. Lu Chenghe quickly covered Little Pudding's small ears with both hands, just before there was another boom of thunder.

Lu Chenghe lowered his head to look at the teary eyes and helplessly touched its little nose: "Only this one time." When he finished speaking, he picked up the dog before returning to his bed.

This was his second time successfully getting onto the bed, would the third time be far off? Zuo Ning was wrapped in Lu Chenghe's quilt. One of his paws was placed on Lu Chenghe's arm and his own body was curled up into a ball as he adjusted his position so that he was close to Lu Chenghe but wouldn't be pressed under him. Opening his mouth, he let out a big yawn and licked his nose. Only when he felt that he was comfortable did he close his eyes and go to sleep.

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