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First Bite of Cake in His Dog Life

Lu Chenghan was startled by Little Pudding's actions: "What happened to your dog? Why did it have such a big reaction? Looking at this reaction, if I didn't know any better, I would think that Chu Hang was his former owner."

Lu Chenghe calmly rubbed the dog's head, seeing Little Pudding lie down on his lap again, he supposed that it had merely had another sudden convulsion and it definitely didn't want to go pee. Then, instead of replying to him, he instead asked: "Has eldest brother discussed this with you yet? Furthermore, who else knows about this?"

Lu Chenghan's mouth twitched: "Eldest brother probably isn't worried about me telling this to eldest uncle so up until now, he hasn't tried to contact me. Apart from you, I haven't even told this to our older sister. Second brother, in your opinion, what would happen if this matter was known by uncle?"

Cutting off his finances, breaking his leg, driving him away from the Lu family and severing their father and son relationship, or possibly breaking off his relationship with that boyfriend using a single cut. If not, he could threaten to block his boyfriend from the industry. Hearing Lu Chenghan's words, Zuo Ning subconsciously started to think about every possible outcome that could happen, those TV shows and novels all had this kind of thing written. The rich and powerful cared the most about prestige, this kind of family ruining news definitely couldn't break out.

Thinking like this, he started to become distressed. Fortunately, he was a dog so he could be this intimate with Lu Chenghe and also as a matter of course. However, it was also a pity that he was merely a dog as in this lifetime, he could only have platonic love.

Of course, Lu Chenghe didn't know that at this moment, Little Pudding's brain was full of chaotic and imaginative thoughts, and said: "Eldest uncle and aunt definitely aren't closed-minded people. Even if they find out, not much will happen."

Lu Chenghan showed some slight disappointment and snorted. Although not kind, he truly wanted to see his eldest brother's appearance when in a difficult situation, and similarly, he also wanted to know whether that little star loved the Lu name or his eldest brother when all was said and done. It wasn't that he doubted his own eldest brother's insight when looking at people, it was rather that people in love were all foolish and sweet. When love comes, nothing else matters.

On the side, Zuo Ning who was becoming more and more sorrowful as he continued to think, extended his tongue and licked the palm of Lu Chenghe that was placed near his mouth. In any case, they could still fight for themselves even if it ended in a bitter romance. As for him, he might attend Lu Chenghe's wedding in the future, but the other half getting married to him wouldn't be himself. The more he thought, the more he felt abused, and Zuo Ning felt so abused that he called out like a bird and stood up.

The dog happily interrupted the conversation between the two brothers. Usually, its convulsions would only make it act madly once, and it was the first time it had made this kind of heartbroken expression. Lu Chenghe picked him up by his entire body, seeing that the dog's eyes were moistened, he suspected that they were tears, and the expression in his eyes seemed particularly wronged. Lu Chenghe indescribably felt that it was a bit funny. Stroking that little head, he asked in a low and soft voice: "What's wrong?"

Zuo Ning looked toward Lu Chenghe: "w.a.n.g… Wu…" I feel like I'm losing my love, let me be sad for a moment.

Lu Chenghe naturally couldn't understand what Little Pudding was saying. He smelled a fairly discernible fragrant and sweet smell in the air. Looking at Little Pudding hold his hand and continuously lick it, he wondered whether his control over his diet was too strong. Dogs had a keener sense of smell than humans so perhaps he had already smelled this earlier but had to continuously restrain himself, and now he wasn't able to control himself anymore? Thinking that his own dog could possibly be gluttonous enough to cry, Lu Chenghe felt that he didn't know whether to laugh or cry even more.

Lu Chenghan looked at his second brother unexpectedly coaxing a dog over there and felt that his three views needed to be reestablished again. These three brothers only haven't gathered together for a period of time and nothing more, but why did he feel that regardless of whether it was eldest brother or second brother, they already weren't the eldest brother and second brother he knew anymore? Lu Chenghan somewhat felt like he couldn't bear this anymore.

The speed of the rear kitchen was very fast. As Mother Lu was quite fond of eating sweets, Lu Chenghe took a very capable dessert chef from his eldest brother's restaurant. All sorts of ingredients were readily available at home so after sitting for a moment, the chestnut cake Lu Chenghan had wanted to eat was already made.

The steward held a small cake as he came over: "The larger one is still being decorated, after waiting for a while it'll be packed up. Young fourth, enjoy your meal."

Lu Chenghan was beaming as he reached out to receive it, but he was intercepted by his second brother. Second brother took after second uncle; they weren't too fond of eating sweets. So seeing that his second brother s.n.a.t.c.hed his cake, Lu Chenghan looked somewhat foolish.

Just then, he saw his second brother disregard the cream on top and from the centre, he took out a piece of spongy cake. Only after doing that did he return the leftovers to him. Afterwards, the piece of cake that was cut by his second brother was sent to the dog's mouth just like that.

"Second brother! Are you giving me the dog's leftovers to eat? Are we still blood-related brothers?!"

Lu Chenghe didn't even raise his head, he pinched the cake apart into small pieces and fed them to Little Pudding: "Little Pudding is my mom's dog and I'm raising it at the moment. I was under the impression that you should have understood this when you saw that car."

At that moment, he realized that the things Lu Chenghe had been placing by his mouth had been entering his mouth and Zuo Ning stared blankly, he didn't expect that Lu Chenghe would actually feed him some cake. Normally, even if he wanted an extra piece of meat, he wouldn't give it. But to Zuo Ning's surprise, he took the initiative to feed him some cake today. This happiness came a little unexpectedly and the sweet, sweet taste in his mouth made him moved even more, to the point of wanting to cry.

It was a pity that the soft cake practically melted in one's mouth. Furthermore, the amount was extraordinarily little. For a human, the quant.i.ty was probably one small mouthful. It had also been pinched into small lumps before it was fed to him so when his tongue had just tasted the flavour, it disappeared. Even if it was like this, Zuo Ning was completely satisfied, getting something was always better than getting nothing.

Not knowing whether it was because it had been too long since he had tasted this kind of fairly rich flavour, Zuo Ning felt that the cake Lu Chenghe fed to him was truly delicious, it was even more delicious than any of the cakes he'd eaten in his twenty years as a human!

Lu Chenghe saw Little Pudding eat happily, and his eyes were even narrowed. Where was there the least bit of that weeping and wishing to sob appearance from earlier? Indeed, faces changed faster than books could be flipped. He saw that after he finished eating, he turned his head to glance toward the portion in Lu Chenghan's hand. That disappointing Lu Chenghan actually held the cake as he drew back with his appearance showing a fear of being robbed. Looking at that immature appearance made Lu Chenghe's eyes hurt. Then, he extended his hand to pick up the dog and immediately head upstairs.

Today's sugar intake was already excessive, he couldn't eat anymore.

Looking at the backs of the person and the dog, Lu Chenghan scooped a big piece of cake, put it in his mouth, and sighed in satisfaction. He turned his head to ask the steward: "Uncle Zhong, when did my brother start raising a dog? Didn't he hate pets the most?"

The steward heard what was said and smiled: "Little Pudding is the madam's pet, only because Madam had to go out on a trip was it handed it over to young master to be raised well. However, little Pudding is very adorable, intelligent, and also obedient. I presume that is the reason why it was able to enter the young master's eyes."

Samoyeds were indeed very adorable but intelligent and obedient? He, Lu Chenghan, was someone who had raised a Siberian Husky back then. He supposed that at this moment, it was still small and unable to fully express its innate qualities with any power so just wait until later, okay?

Lu Chenghan ate cake while also thinking about his second brother's probable impending bitter experience, so he rubbed his fingers together and darkly laughed.

After returning to the study room, Lu Chenghe placed Little Pudding on the ground. In the study, there was a kennel, a bed that was huge from a dog's point of view, all sorts of toys scattered across the soft bed, and bones to bite, all allocated here for him. In any case, any place Lu Chenghe stayed in for a longer period of time during the day was a place that would have a kennel for him.

In the morning, he got up a bit early in order to run and he ate his fill just now. Zuo Ning stepped on the soft bed and at once, he felt that he was about to be sealed onto it. He opened his mouth and let out an enormous yawn. Zuo Ning continued to step and step on his own bed and after, he dragged a small pillow over and arranged it. Picking a comfortable position to lie down in, he couldn't help but yawn again, planning to lie down and take a nap again.

Lu Chenghe shot a glance at the little thing who ate his fill and went to sleep right after. He softly laughed, it was no wonder that its entire body looked round, the crucial point that it wasn't because of its fur that it seemed round. Shaking his head, he sat at his desk. After thinking about it, he dialled his eldest brother's phone number.

After ringing for a moment, the call went through, Lu Chenghe: "Eldest brother."

The originally drowsy Zuo Ning immediately lifted his head, his black eyes watched Lu Chenghe attentively, and in his eyes flickered a gossipy soul.

The telephone transmitted a prominently gloomy yet very magnetic male voice: "Has second aunt returned yet?"

"Not yet, I estimate that there are a few months left, she was still in Italy today."

The Lu family's eldest brother, Lu Chenghan [1], heard what was said and seemed to softly laugh: "You must be bored staying at home alone. If you have the time, come over and have a meal with me."

Lu Chenghe answered before speaking again: "Little fourth just came to find me."

On that side, he seemed to pause for a while before laughing even more extremely: "I just know that guy couldn't hold back. Restraining himself until today to tell you is already considered not bad."

Lu Chenghan's words undoubtedly admitted it. Lu Chenghe thought that this road was difficult to travel, he couldn't help but say: "Are you sure?"

Contrary to what one might expect, without the slightest bit of hesitation on that side: "Yes, I've thought about it for a good number of years. He's very good. During this period of time, he's been in the middle of shooting a movie. When he has time, I'll bring him over to meet you guys."

A person of power in the great Lu family unexpectedly had to wait until the other party had time to meet. Of course, if that person was his own future sister-in-law, that would be different. It seems like his eldest brother was really serious and earnest. Lu Chenghe could only say: "Okay."

The two people chatted about work before they ended the phone call. Lu Chenghe rubbed the head of the dog who had run to his side some time ago. Seeing that it wanted to pounce on his body again, he reached out a hand and pushed it away: "Go play by yourself."

Zuo Ning had finished listening to gossip, it was only that he wanted to rub against Lu Chenghe before going back to sleep. Hearing Lu Chenghe's words, he immediately looked at him as if he was looking at an unfaithful lover. When he liked him, he was his baby, when he didn't like him, he would just let him play by himself. Swinging his tail, he turned his little b.u.t.t around, and his head didn't turn back as he left.

After accompanying Lu Chenghe happily for a day, Zuo Ning didn't expect that the next day would give him a tremendous surprise!

Two dogs arrived at his home, he wasn't the only one in the Lu family's manor anymore.

The author has something to say:

People who haven't raised a dog before will never know the despair of seeing your dog roll around in a cream cake!

[1] – Both of the ML's brothers are named Lu Chenghan but the characters for han are different (陆承翰 Lù chéng hàn is the youngest brother and 陆承涵/ Lù chéng hán is the eldest brother…). To differentiate between them, I'll be adding a word or two (e.g. “Eldest brother”) to identify the speaker when it is unclear.

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