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Lu Family's Eldest Brother Came out of the Closet

Samoyeds were a dog breed that got very close to humans, so seeing his Little Pudding smile foolishly at the unsolicited visitor, Lu Chenghe didn't take notice of it. At this moment, seeing Little Pudding bare his fangs, Lu Chenghe thought that this heavy-handed and heavy-footed guy had hurt Little Pudding so he promptly stepped forward to push that guy away, picked up Little Pudding from the car, and put it on the ground.

As soon as he was set on the ground, Zuo Ning pounced toward Lu Chenghe's body at once. He needed to let this man know just how much Lu Chenghe loves him to dispel any thoughts of carrying him away!

As long as he was at home, Little Pudding was particularly sticky toward himself so seeing Little Pudding's movements, he very naturally picked it up. This made Lu Chenghan who was on the side repeatedly blink, this image of his second brother holding a pet was really too illegal, ah! It was simply something to remember for the rest of his life. But looking at it, it somehow had a kind of indescribably harmonious feeling. Could it be that handsome men looked good no matter what?

However, that dog's expression when it carelessly glanced over seemed worth thinking over a bit: "Second brother, it seems like your house's dog just looked at me like it was pleased with itself and was looking down on me!" He really couldn't understand, he could unexpectedly understand such a complex expression and furthermore, he saw it from a dog's eyes!

Lu Chenghe didn't even turn his head back and sneered: "Even a dog looks down on you, what use are you?"

Lu Chenghan's mouth twitched. In his heart, he thought 'this dog is your heart's treasure, so naturally, anything about it is good to you'. Silently cursing in his heart, he immediately gave his car keys to a maid on the side, then followed behind Lu Chenghe like the wind as they went inside. The steward on the side smiled as he stepped forward: "Does young fourth still want black tea?"

Lu Chenghan took a seat on the sofa in a way that completely lacked beauty and leaned against it. Hugging a cushion, he smiled as he nodded to the steward: "Yep yep! Also bring some chestnut cake, part of it is to eat now and part of it is for me to take away later. My friend's birthday is coming up and in a moment, I'm going to bring it to them. The chestnut cake from home is a must, it make them look forward to birthdays every year."

Seeing that the young masters have all grown up, the steward affectionately smiled and immediately turned around to go find the kitchen supervisor.

Lu Chenghe coldly shot a glance at him: "This isn't a restaurant." After speaking, he swept his eyes over Little Pudding who he was hugging to his chest: "That's Little Pudding's cushion, it's not a pillow."

Lu Chenghan's mouth twitched and twitched: "Second brother, to you, am I inferior to the dog in your arms!? If you didn't steal the workers, I could just go and find eldest brother if I wanted to eat!"

Zuo Ning quickly got up and faced Lu Chenghan: "Awoo!" You have to be inferior!

Lu Chenghan was immediately overjoyed [1]: "Look at how stingy your house's dog is! I took a cushion and it even yelled at me. Come, come, come. Your cushion will be returned to you." While speaking, he placed the cushion by his own leg and while facing Little Pudding, he patted the cushion.

Zuo Ning endured the urge to roll his eyes and he also didn't howl anymore. Picking a comfortable position on Lu Chenghe's body, he laid down and stopped moving.

Seeing that the puppy paid no attention to him, Lu Chenghan couldn't help but want to go and poke it [2]. In the end, before he had even touched the dog, he was slapped by his own second brother. Stroking the back of his hurt hand, he had just started to think that he was wronged when he saw his second brother's expression and began laughing mischievously: "If you don't want me to tease it then I won't. Second brother, I'm telling you, something major happened at home!"

Even though Lu Chenghan's expression was over exaggerated, Lu Chenghe nevertheless remained unmoved. If something major really happened at home, this guy wouldn't have the chance to come and notify him.

Seeing that his second brother didn't believe him, Lu Chenghan leaned in a bit closer, with a rather embarra.s.sed expression: "Did you know, eldest brother has a partner!" After speaking, he saw that his second brother's expression didn't seem the slightest bit surprised. Immediately following up, Lu Chenghan spoke again: "Eldest brother's partner is actually a man!"

Only after hearing these words did Lu Chenghe look over at Lu Chenghan, and even Zuo Ning who was lying on Lu Chenghe's body raised his head, curiously looking at him. Is a play about the rich and powerful coming out of the closet about to take place?

Lu Chenghe knew that even though this fellow didn't seem very reliable, he wasn't one to speak without thinking or make things up. This news did indeed make him somewhat astonished so he couldn't help but ask: "What's going on?"

Lu Chenghan seemed to be thinking, his second brother was usually someone who others could only look up at, it was rare for there to be things he didn't know about. At this moment, his own information gathering was faster than his, so naturally, Lu Chenghan was endlessly proud of himself and therefore shared his findings at once.

As mentioned before, the Lu family was considered to be a picture-perfect family of the rich and powerful, they were widely known for not having power disputes and hardly any scandals. This was because although the Lus were a large corporation, their work was divided into different domains.

Lu Chenghe's paternal grandfather was originally one of five brothers, but two inherited their ancestors' scholar-like character and weren't suited to being businessmen. One of them served in the army for his entire life and never settled down so he never left behind a younger generation. One of them died an untimely death, so in the end, the Lus had no other option but to follow the youngest at the time and Lu Chenghe's paternal grandfather succeeded the family.

His paternal grandfather had three sons, so as a result, when the inheritance was given out, he simply divided the industries into three parts, whichever son was interested in each part would inherit it. As a result, the oldest inherited the food and beverage industry, Lu Chenghe's father, the second child, inherited the hotel industry, and Lu Chenghan's father, the third child, inherited the cosmetics industry.

With hundreds of years of family heritage in addition to the ability to grasp the changing times, the Lu group as a whole had entered the world's top 500 a long time ago, and it was the first group in Asia to enter the top 100.

When the sons had the ability to handle their affairs separately, the men of the Lu family began to decentralize their power. If it wasn't for Lu Chenghe's father's sudden accident, his father would likely be travelling around the world with his wife like his two brothers were doing now.

Lu Chenghe's generation also had three sons, the families of the oldest and the second oldest had only sons, only his third uncle's family had a daughter. Though Lu Chenghan looked unreliable, he had an even more unreliable father, so like his two brothers, he had taken on the heavy burden of supporting the family a long time ago.

Although he seemed a bit more frivolous when compared to his eldest brother who was cautious and conscientious with work or his second brother who was born for this kind of business, as a matter of fact, he was also a big boss. Because of his childhood friend's birthday, he wanted to celebrate without restraint. However, because the family's only three-star Michelin restaurant had reservations booked until next year, even if it was his own family's property and he could ordinarily eat there with no problems, if he wanted to contract the venue, he could only go and find his eldest brother.

This matter also made Lu Chenghan somewhat sullen. Of the three brothers, it was likely him who caused the most trouble. If it were his second brother instead, maybe one phone call would be enough to settle it, but his eldest brother just wouldn't acknowledge him so as a result, he had no option but to anxiously visit him.

Over the past two days, telephone hara.s.sment had already become useless so he directly went to visit him at the door. In the end, his brother happened to be in a meeting at that time so he could only wait in a small room, lying down and playing games. After waiting and waiting, he fell asleep and he didn't know how long he had slept for when suddenly, he was woken up by the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground. He opened the door and saw his always immaculately dressed eldest brother unexpectedly pressing down a man on the desk and kissing.

At that time, his three views were broken down, his entire world was simply faced with destruction.

He didn't know whether the secretary had enough time to notify his eldest brother of his arrival and his eldest brother also didn't expect to run into this kind of embarra.s.sing situation. The three people looked at each other for a second, the entire s.p.a.ce seemed to freeze. But in the end, eldest brother was eldest brother, he estimated that he was only in disarray for a few seconds before he calmly held onto that man and turned his body around so that the man's back was facing him. While straightening out that person's clothes, his eldest brother didn't forget to question why he showed up in his office.

Recalling that awkward scene, Lu Chenghan's face was now burning up. Seeing that his second brother still had a completely undisturbed expression after listening, he couldn't help but complain: "Second brother, good or bad, give me a bit of a reaction okay? Don't you know how embarra.s.sed I was at that time? Eldest brother's expression toward me was so fierce. When leaving the office, I practically felt like I was in Out of Inferno [3]. I feel like I won't be able to look straight at eldest brother's office anymore!"

Lu Chenghe coldly snorted: "If eldest brother didn't kill you, you were lucky."

Lu Chenghan's eyes were dead: "Are you rejoicing because of other people's misfortune…"

Zuo Ning, who had also heard the entire gossipy course of events, felt sympathy and wanted to pat the guy. In the end, his paw was unable to reach him so he settled for the next best thing and patted Lu Chenghe: "Ao~Ao~" To have two brothers like this, you are truly pitiful. One came out of the closet and one… he had a hard to explain feeling that for the Lu corporation to be able to grow to where it is today, it was truly a miracle.

Just when Lu Chenghan described the cause of the incident, through the information leaked in his description, Zuo Ning already knew where the Lu family was, he should still be in the city where he grew up, the city of Qing Niao.

Though Qing Niao wasn't the capital of the nation, it was nicknamed Demon City [4] and was also a first-tier city. Qing Niao was arguably the third largest city in the country. From the place where Zuo Ning once lived to where the Lu family home is, it would likely take about one hour if one took the high-speed rail. Thus, it wasn't possible for him to want to secretly run back and take a look.

Furthermore, the Lu family was a world famous group in numerous industries and their influence was widespread.

In the past, Zuo Ning had thought that after graduation, it would be nice if he could work in a company owned by the Lus, but he didn't expect that before he had the time to achieve his goal for the future, he had now already slept in the same bed as the big BOSS of the Lus. A person's life circ.u.mstances really changed in minutes, ah!

Not noticing the lamenting expression in Little Pudding's eyes, Lu Chenghe picked up Little Pudding's entire body and placed it on his lap, gently stroking its fur. After getting along for more than a month, he more or less understood Little Pudding's habits like when it was hungry, when it needed to pee, when it was bored and demanded attention, or even when it purely moved as it wished without any meaning; he could understand it all.

Sure enough, under his comfort, the Little Pudding on his leg had already softened into a puddle and was narrowing its eyes in comfort.

Watching this person and this dog, the corners of Lu Chenghan's mouth were drawn out, he felt that a situation as enormous as eldest brother coming out of the closet apparently wasn't as important as stroking a dog's fur. This already wasn't the second brother he knew!

Lu Chenghan spoke once again: "You definitely can't imagine who eldest brother's partner in coming out of the closet is!"

Following Lu Chenghan's words, Lu Chenghe subconsciously went through eldest brother's entire interpersonal relationship network. Then, a lightbulb went off in his head: "That small star?"

Lu Chenghan's face immediately showed shock: "f.u.c.k [5]! How did you know! You found out earlier right?!"

Lu Chenghe naturally didn't know this earlier, though they were both part of the Lu family, the work was divided and while everyone helped each other out, they also didn't meddle. Only now did he suddenly recall that some time ago, eldest brother seemed to be interested in opening an entertainment company and particularly paid attention to certain films, even the company's welfare was, for the first time ever, a movie ticket as a reward. This wasn't the style of his always strict eldest brother so he was able to sound out this much, but he didn't expect that he had unexpectedly guessed correctly.

After Lu Chenghan's shock, he started to vulgarly gossip again: "I also didn't expect that eldest brother would be together with that Chu Hang. Though that Chu Hang's appearance is really not bad, that day when he ran into me, he didn't turn pale with fright, and unexpectedly, he politely said h.e.l.lo to me."

Zuo Ning, who was enjoying having his fur stroked at the time, opened his eyes at once, Chu Hang! That male protagonist in the counterattack TV series he was just watching! Oh G.o.d, he was actually the boyfriend of the Lu family's eldest son! Zuo Ning felt that he was unable to look straight at these TV shows anymore!

The author has something to say:

A small angel asked when he turns into a human, it was already said in the author's notes of the first chapter oh, only later will he turn into a human. At least let Little Pudding become Lu Chenghe's irreplaceable… dog in his heart!

[1] – 乐不可支 is an idiom meaning as pleased as punch/overjoyed

[2] –  手贱 is slang and it's used in situations where you know that there will be consequences but can't help yourself…

[3] – Out of Inferno (逃出生天) is a Hong Kong disaster film about “a fire that engulfs a high-rise building in southern China and the subsequent rescue mission by the city's fire department” according to the Wikipedia page ¯_(ツ)_/¯

[4] – 魔都 is actually a nickname for Shanghai and Demon City is a more historical translation of the term

[5] – 卧槽 was used here which sounds like 我操 (the infamous wǒ cāo)

Rip Zuo Ning's hobby of watching TV…

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