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Chapter 841 - 841 Mechanical Legendary Awakening (2)

841 Mechanical Legendary Awakening (2)

They even established a base on the moon and explored it several times.

However, because the cost of exploring the starry sky every time was huge, it was equivalent to burning several legendary resources. After not obtaining enough positive feedback in the starry sky, the various countries basically stopped.

In the starry sky, apart from the fact that the power of the starry sky was countless times richer than Blue Planet, there was nothing strange.

However, it just so happened that Shi Yu needed the power of the starry sky environment.


It was best if he went to the starry sky to help Buggy evolve, and Dong Huang had the ability to go to the starry sky. Thinking of this, Shi Yu recalled what President Lin had said in the meeting.

The a.s.sociation would a.s.sist the contestants in the final sprint.

He could raise any condition. As long as it was reasonable enough, it didn’t matter even if he took out legendary resources.

In that case, Shi Yu did not stand on ceremony.

After Ling came to a conclusion, in order to not waste time, he immediately private messaged President Lin.

He expressed his hope that before the World Tournament began, it could ascend to the starry sky with the help of Dong Huang and help the b.u.t.terfly of Imagination transform into a dragon.

The meaning of doing this was naturally to win the world compet.i.tion.

After that meeting, President Lin indeed received the requests of many people. For example, Zhou Ming hoped that the country could give him a second chance and pity him for giving him a legendary resource on account that he was at the legend level.

For example, Gao Xuan hoped that in the final period of time, there would be top-notch mechanical intelligence to a.s.sist him in modifying his pet.

President Lin would consider the actual situation and the reasonableness of these suggestions and answer.

However, Shi Yu’s request was the most ridiculous.

He wanted to go to the starry sky environment to help his b.u.t.terfly of Imagination evolve and break through to overlord level?

The reason why he did this was because he hoped to use the power of the b.u.t.terfly of Imagination after breaking through to evolution to lead him to break through or increase the battle power of an overlord to more steadily obtain the world compet.i.tion champion?

President Lin’s first thought was that Shi Yu was crazy.

He knew that Shi Yu was very strong. Even Baby Ginseng’s combination skill could heavily injure ordinary totems and destroy invincible overlords.

But there was only one time for a period of time. There was more than one enemy in the world compet.i.tion.

He also knew that Shi Yu’s normal battle power was not weak. It should be easy for him to defeat ordinary overlords. His strength was much stronger than legends like Zhou Ming, but the problem was that this was still not enough.

However, Shi Yu was decisive and said that there was no problem. He expressed that he could let President Lin personally test his strength and that they could duel each other.

President Lin was silent. He didn’t accept the challenge. He didn’t have the time to fight Shi Yu. Moreover, he couldn’t make the decision on this matter. It wasn’t something he could decide.

To head to the starry sky, the level was about the same as using a divine forbidden weapon. That person had to nod.

On this matter, even he couldn’t help Shi Yu. He might have to awaken the Mechanical Legendary. Only this person could ensure 100% safety and a.s.sist Shi Yu in reaching the starry sky.

Therefore, President Lin’s answer was that he would awaken the Mechanical Legendary. The subsequent matters would be left to the Mechanical Legendary, Divine Source Shen Yuan, to decide.

The Mechanical Legendary had also awakened once when the World Tree woke up. When the World Tournament began, it would even awaken and descend on Inatella. Therefore, the awakening this time was not entirely for Shi Yu.

In short, with the help of the Mechanical Legendary, Shi Yu could reach the starry sky, but if not, it would be difficult.

Shi Yu waited for a long time and was even about to set off for Rongguang. There was still no news from President Lin, making Shi Yu think that it was over. He was afraid that there wasn’t enough time.

Until the day before they set off…

“Shi Yu, Senior Divine Source has already woken up. It took him a little time to wake up. Next, come to the capital. After that, he will also go to Rongguang and Inatella with us. He wants to talk to you in person about you.”

Shi Yu, who had been waiting for a long time, finally received a call from President Lin.

“Alright.” In Ping Cheng, Shi Yu took a deep breath and was a little afraid.

This Mechanical Legendary… he actually didn’t want to see him.

It was mainly because when he had discussed this person with the Sea Dragon King, the Sea Dragon King had said many bad things about.

In the Sea Dragon King’s description, Divine Source was a very bad-tempered and unreasonable old man.

The Mechanical Legendary was the founder of the modern Dong Huang. He was a complete warmonger. After the totem battle ended and Dong Huang recuperated, he had always wanted to expand Dong Huang’s territory and start another war. His evaluation was the same as the Emperor Wu in history, wanting to completely destroy the totem country in the east.

However, at this moment, a pacifist legendary appeared in Dong Huang. He advocated a gentle att.i.tude and methods to deal with diplomatic and military issues. This person was the evolution legendary, Lin Feng.

At that time, Dong Huang’s two legendary Beast Tamers and its ally, Dragon Palace City, could be said to be at its peak.

However, it was said that Divine Source wanted to start a war, and Lin Feng didn’t want to start a war, so there was a conflict between the two of them. There was even a huge battle between them. Although it wasn’t to the extent of being ruthless, the conflict had clearly already started.

No one knew the outcome of the battle, but in the end, Dong Huang continued to develop peacefully. Then, Lin Feng disappeared, and Divine Source turned into a machine and fell into a deep sleep to protect Dong Huang.

Shi Yu couldn’t evaluate these two legendaries either. He felt that both parties made sense.

It was not a problem for Divine Source Legendaryary to wish to completely eliminate the threat, but… it was definitely impossible to completely eliminate it. As long as there were enough benefits, the seven countries could have internal strife, and Dong Huang could have internal strife. It was impossible to completely eliminate the unstable factors.

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