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Chapter 1420 - Chapter 1420 Lu Qingyi's Counterattack (3)

Chapter 1420 Lu Qingyi’s Counterattack (3)

If Shi Yu was about to become the master of the Four Holy Ruins, the Blue Planet indeed had to make some preparations in advance.

After Lin Feng left, Shi Yu still stayed at the Four Holy Ruins. He was very calm, and he wasn’t afraid of encountering any danger. As long as he didn’t leave the Four Holy Ruins, even if a super divine level came, they couldn’t do anything to him, the master of the ruins.

Now, Shi Yu was constantly increasing the authority of the ruins and adding points to his pets, waiting for the Four Holy Family to call over the geniuses who had mastered the prototype of top-notch faith divine skills.

About two days later, Shi Yu upgraded all the pets’ super race skills to Dao Proficiency. The pets upgraded the super race skill to the quasi-divine skill stage.

At this point, Eleven had 7 quasi-divine skills, Buggy had 7, Baby Ginseng had 9, Chi Tong had 7, Susu had 6, Ling had 8, Little Ji had 7, Duckie had 7, and Little Zi had 3. Qi still only had 1, which was the s.p.a.ce-time Travel. He had yet to teach them the Star Refinement skill.

The Fusion Black Tortoises had a total of eight, while Shorty had five. Apart from that, although the four most talented evolvers of the Four Holy Family had yet to enter the top 50 quasi-divine evolvers before the G.o.d Sealing Battle, Shi Yu had also replicated two pretty good faith divine skills and prepared to leave them for the Black Tortoise and the White Tiger.

Next, Shi Yu only needed to add some quasi-divine skills wholeheartedly.

With nearly 100 quasi-divine skills, even if he could spend money, it would probably not be a small project. Fortunately, Shi Yu wasn’t a normal person and was confident that he could maximize everyone’s potential before the G.o.d Sealing Battle.

While Shi Yu was working overtime on World King Planet, on Blue Planet.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, after the last World Tournament ended, it would take at least seven years for Blue Planet to complete the Mythical Revival and allow demiG.o.ds to become G.o.ds.

This time, because Blue Planet created the cosmic crystal, it was slightly delayed for a while. However, as a large amount of resources were teleported back through the cosmic crystal, along with the World King Planet, the s.p.a.ce Emperor, Lin Feng, and even the Blue Planet’s lineage, this time began to shrink to the limit!

After the gem cat was picked up, it didn’t take long for Blue Planet to complete the first round of repairs and completely start the Mythical Revival Era.

The laws of the planet gradually became complete. Countless demiG.o.ds living on Blue Planet obtained the favor and ascended to the divine level as if they were ascending in the day.

Dong Huang’s Divine Source Legendary, Shen Feng’s Legendary Z, the Seven Islands Valkyrie, the Snowfield Battle G.o.d, the Rongguang Hero King, and the Ming Hua Death G.o.d… These Level 9 Beast Tamers in the world also successfully advanced to the divine level.

The Ancient G.o.d Golden Bull, the other seven G.o.ds of the World Tournament, and many Awakening G.o.ds also recovered all their strength and restored them to their peak states.

Blue Planet welcomed the largest version update.

It wasn’t just these experts who were stuck at the Level 9 bottleneck. The low-level experts also advanced one after another. For example, President Lin Xiao of Dong Huang, the legend of the Tyrannical Sea, and the Level 8 presidents of the various countries easily stepped into the legendary level.

In an instant, legendary Beast Tamers, who were rarely more than five in the same era, were born frequently on Blue Planet. Soon, the number of Legendary-level Beast Tamers reached dozens.

Among them, most were old experts, but there were also young Legendary-level Beast Tamers of the new generation.

For example, Dong Huang’s Lu Qingyi, who had originally stepped into the Legendary-level not long ago, broke through two levels in an extremely short period of time. As Blue Planet’s version were updated, she also reached the Legendary-level.

“We’re finally here.” In a certain ruin, Lu Qingyi took a deep breath and revealed a happy expression. Now that she was at the Legendary-level, she could also go to World King Planet, right?

Reaching the Legendary-level was something that Lu Qingyi hadn’t expected This was all thanks to the skills taught by Emperor Shi before Shi Yu left. He locked onto, found, and drew a map of almost all the Mythical Ruins and Legendary Ruins on Blue Planet and handed it to her.

After Lu Qingyi, who was the president of the Dong Huang Archeological a.s.sociation and the new director of Bureau 11, obtained the map, she began to crack the ruins almost every day and night. With the help of various parties, the strongest record was to break nine Mythical Ruins in a month.

The opportunities in the ruins were unimaginable. As Lu Qingyi cracked continuously, her and Dong Huang’s strength were quickly increasing. However, the gain that surprised Lu Qingyi the most wasn’t the opportunities that strengthened her Beast Taming s.p.a.ce to the limit in a certain Mythical Ruins, nor was it a certain divine beast cub.


She had received an inheritance in a legendary ruin and obtained a very powerful Beast Taming Talent.

The Beast Tamer who gave her the inheritance was called “Yue Maiden”. She was a legendary expert from the totem era.

Her Beast Taming Talent was called “Plunder”.

The Plunder talent could plunder the skills of transcendent life forms and create tools. It could also plunder the Beast Taming Talent of humans and create tools. The Awakening Mirror and Talent Bead Shi Yu had once obtained were toys created by the Yue Maiden.

Yue Maiden was thought to be the most terrifying female Beast Tamer among the humans in the totem era before the Beast Taming Era.

In any historical record, there was no record of her later years. It was only when she accidentally entered the inheritance ruins left behind by the Yue Maiden that Lu Qingyi knew that in her later years, the Yue Maiden had been developing her already very abnormal Beast Taming Talent.

The original Plunder talent was only to plunder the Beast Taming Talent and create it as a tool. However, after development, the Yue Maiden successfully did it before she died. She developed the plundering talent into a divine-level talent that could plunder the abilities and talents of other lives and transform them into her own abilities and talents.

Moreover, her research on the divine-level Plunder ability had also allowed her to develop it and let others learn the Plunder talent. Although she knew that this ability was extremely unholy and dangerous, Yue Maiden still chose to pa.s.s it down and pair it with cultivation resources. She then hid it in the ruins formed by her Beast Taming s.p.a.ce.

After Lu Qingyi cracked the ruins, she successfully received Yue Maiden’s inheritance and learned the divine-level Plunder talent.

Initially, Lu Qingyi felt that the generations of Legendary-level Beast Tamers of Dong Huang who could establish and rebuild the great unification of the human dynasty in the Cultivationless Era were the most impressive batch. But now, she realized that before the Beast Taming Era, there were also many capable people. Although the legendaries of the totem era had no intention of establishing a human dynasty, and there were very few records, it didn’t mean that they were weak.

The history of the totem era was much longer than the Beast Taming Era in 2000, and capable people appeared in large numbers during this period.

After cracking many human Legendary Ruins from the totem era, Lu Qingyi gained a lot. Yue Maiden’s inheritance was her greatest gain. It was a treasure more suitable for humans than the inheritances left behind by those Mythical Races.

In the Mythical Era, the Totem Era, and the Beast Taming Era, Shi Yu had almost explored the secrets of the Mythical Era and the Beast Taming Era, allowing him to gain a lot. The inheritance of the Totem Era allowed Lu Qingyi to gain a lot.

In Lu Qingyi’s opinion, out of the legends of Dong Huang, probably only Emperor Shi could suppress her. Unfortunately… she couldn’t live until the Mythical Revival and couldn’t enter the starry sky. Otherwise, she would definitely become an existence that made all races in the starry sky tremble in fear.

“This divine-level Plunder ability can’t be exposed after arriving at the World King Planet. Apart from Shi Yu, Teacher Ying, and the others, no one can be told.” Lu Qingyi stood up and looked at the starry sky outside. Although she had found the Yue Maiden Ruins thanks to Shi Yu, she didn’t know if she could surpa.s.s Shi Yu with this ability. Lu Qingyi waved her fist excitedly.

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