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Chapter 1419 - Chapter 1419 Lu Qingyi's Counterattack (2)

Chapter 1419 Lu Qingyi’s Counterattack (2)

Of course, there was a special label at the end of this law… except for the universe overlord army.

According to the treaty between the World King and the universe overlord, if the archeologists of the universe overlord army cracked the unsolved era ruins of the World King Planet, they could directly take it away without the restrictions of their ident.i.ty as world overlords.

“Therefore, even if you completely crack the Four Saint Ruins, it’s not perfect. Only by becoming a world overlord or joining the universe overlord army can you really have the right to own the era ruins,” Lin Feng said.

Shi Yu nodded and said, “I know. It’s not difficult to become a world overlord. I’ve already cultivated the Son of the Stars left on Blue Planet by the s.p.a.ce Emperor to the demiG.o.d level and become a low-level star. I can partic.i.p.ate in the world overlord a.s.sessment at any time and become the master of a third-level domain.”

“Or, after partic.i.p.ating in the G.o.d Sealing Battle and obtaining first place, you can also directly become the master of a third-level realm.”

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “Even if you become a world overlord, even if I, the s.p.a.ce Emperor, and the five super divine experts of the five major G.o.d races on Blue Planet support you together, the benefits related to the Four Saint Ruins are still too great.”

“The Four Holy Family had been eyeing this ruin for a long time. After you obtain the ruin, they definitely won’t let the matter rest.”

“It’s not just the Four Saints Family… They might also be affected by the rules of the World King Planet, so it won’t be too obvious. In the starry sky of the universe, the Four Saints Evolvers aren’t just from the World King Planet.”

“On the contrary, if you join the cosmic overlord army, you can make them retreat in the face of difficulties…” The names of the five super divines on Blue Planet weren’t as famous as the cosmic overlord army.

After all, a universe overlord was a universe supreme master. More than 200 super divine level beings served in the army. No matter how strong the Four Saints Family was, they were still weak chickens compared to the universe overlord army.

Even if the Four Holy Beasts of the last era were reborn, whether they could defeat the cosmic overlord army was another matter, let alone the heir of an era.

“Of course, there are also many factions in the cosmic overlord army. Without any strength or backing, you went in. The possibility of your Four Saints Ruins being divided by the Four Saints Evolvers inside is even higher than the possibility of it being divided on World King Planet… Captain Zi Jian is only an archeologist. Although her status is high, her strength hasn’t reached the super divine level, so she might not necessarily be able to protect you.”

“No matter what, we can’t give up on the ruins of the era. I still plan to let the four guys in the ruins fight the G.o.d Sealing Battle. When the time comes, we should be exposed.” Shi Yu smiled and said, “Let’s take it one step at a time. Moreover, the problem shouldn’t be very big.”

“I’m now the vice president of the Cosmic Sea Environmental Protection a.s.sociation, the vice president of the World King Planet Planet Plant a.s.sociation, and the vice president of the s.p.a.ce Disaster Research Inst.i.tute. If I can still obtain the ident.i.ty of a world overlord in the future and then break through to the divine level, coupled with the faith power of the era ruins, I’m not necessarily weaker than you and the s.p.a.ce Emperor, Senior Lin Feng. An era ruin can definitely be preserved.”

“The super divine lives of the Four Holy Family can’t come to find trouble with me, right… They’re bullying the weak. If that’s the case, the few of us can directly hunt them back into the source of transcendence. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? We would make a name for ourselves.”

He liked this method of baiting people.

It would be pretty good if he could bait a super divine enemy in the Four Holy Ruins.

The era ruin and the divine-level Four Holy Beasts were definitely invincible below super divine. Coupled with the divine-level Eleven, Baby Ginseng, and the others, Shi Yu felt that after he reached the divine level, he should have the ability to fight against super divines.

Even if he couldn’t defeat it, with Qi around, he could definitely run. There was nothing to be afraid of.

Lin Feng and White Tiger Mother: ???

He hasn’t even f*cking reached the divine level, and he was already thinking about how to kill a super divine and explode the source of transcendence?

“I wonder if I can hold a position in the cosmic overlord army along with the world overlord of the World King Planet…” Shi Yu thought.

“Wait…” Lin Feng suddenly sensed a blind spot and said, “I know the Environmental Protection a.s.sociation. I heard from Senior s.p.a.ce Emperor that the Environmental Protection a.s.sociation’s G.o.d Bing Ling specifically wants you and Susu, but what the h.e.l.l is the Plant a.s.sociation and the s.p.a.ce Disaster Research Inst.i.tute? ”

“When did this happen?”

He suspected that there was something wrong with his hearing.

“Ah, just now, the plant a.s.sociation headquarters wanted to let my Baby Ginseng be the vice president of the Blue Wave Plant a.s.sociation. I agreed.”

“My Baby Ginseng should have developed a fruit with pretty good effects,” Shi Yu said.

In order to find and recruit the ginseng emperor who had developed the Cultivation Fruit and the Reincarnation Fruit, Zi Jian directly asked the plant a.s.sociation headquarters for information about the ginseng emperor. After the plant a.s.sociation headquarters saw the information about the ginseng emperor, they had no intention of letting the cosmic overlord army succeed. Therefore, they planned to strike first and give Baby Ginseng extremely high treatment, letting him become the vice president of the Blue Wave Plant a.s.sociation. Moreover, the salary treatment wasn’t inferior to that of the president.

Lin Feng was silent.

“What’s with the s.p.a.ce Disaster Research Inst.i.tute?”

Shi Yu said, “Ling learned the ‘Disaster Skill, Starry Sky Storm’ through the disaster simulation at the Blue Wave Research Inst.i.tute. Then, according to its learning EXP, it wrote a paper on modifying battleships and uploaded it to the headquarters of the Disaster Research Inst.i.tute.”

“Recently, there’s news from the research inst.i.tute that Ling’s paper is very valued. Several disaster science big shots want to have an academic exchange with us. Of course, there’s no time at the moment. We’ll first hold a position in the Blue Wave Research Inst.i.tute and have a higher t.i.tle. As it’s issued on the same date, we might have to wait a while.”

At this moment, Lin Feng was confused.

“Give me a minute…” Lin Feng said.

Lin Feng left very peacefully. He wanted to discuss this with the s.p.a.ce Emperor. The last time, the s.p.a.ce Emperor used the Environmental Protection a.s.sociation to stimulate him. This time, he wanted to use the Plant a.s.sociation, the Disaster Research Inst.i.tute, and the era ruin to stimulate the s.p.a.ce Emperor!

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