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Chapter 1073 - 1073 Report the Yun Race for Feeding (4)

1073 Report the Yun Race for Feeding (4)

What were they talking about!!

For a moment, they couldn’t react.

In the next moment.

They saw that Shi Yu’s body began to become blurry and hot. Red Fire Silk slowly erupted and lingered around him.

Then, under the illumination of the flames, his hair quickly turned bright red. His eyes even turned into the mysterious Chi Tong’s burning eyes. His skin also became even fairer under the illumination of the fire spiritual aura!


Fusion Talent? No, Undead Possession!

Soon, the Iron-eating Beast ancestor, Ji Mengzhu, and Ji Nai realized the changes in Shi Yu.

At the same time, what shocked them even more was that the aura on Shi Yu’s body suddenly became incomparably powerful, comparable to a totem.

“Don’t worry, someone of this level can only become nutrients for the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation.”

“Remember to report the Yun Race for feeding kills.”

The red-haired and red-eyed Shi Yu slowly raised his arm and aimed his palm at the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon in the sky.

“Huh??” At this moment, as Shi Yu’s aura erupted, the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon suddenly looked over and immediately discovered the totem-level Iron-eating Beast here, as well as the mysterious Shi Yu.

It was just about to smile and celebrate that it had found the strongest expert in this city, but suddenly, it felt that something was wrong.

Everyone in the city also discovered that something was wrong as shocking sword cries sounded. They looked at the sky in shock.

At some point in time, four huge sword phantoms suddenly hung in the sky. Each of them was a thousand meters long and looked larger than the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon.

One of them was silver-white, containing purple light that reflected the profundity of s.p.a.ce. One of them had a curved and red sword body, and red light lingered around the entire sword body. One of them had darkness and blue-green death aura interweaving on the sword body, containing nirvanic death fluctuations. One of them had a sharp metal sword light that pierced through the sky, extremely dazzling.

The four Swords hung in the four directions, directly trapping the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon in the center.

“What is it?” The Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon’s gaze trembled. Suddenly, its pupils constricted, and it had a bad feeling.

Its information didn’t record such a thing in Dong Huang.

“The skill to end your life.” A voice sounded. The Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon was shocked and looked in the direction of the voice. It saw that at some point in time, a woman in silver armor had appeared in front of it. She had a beautiful face and was peerlessly delicate. She had red hair and red eyes.

“Roar!!!” The Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon roared angrily.

Above, a shocking change occurred. The incomparable four shocking immortal swords also made the Iron-eating Beast ancestor, Ji Mengzhu, and Ji Nai look at Shi Yu, whose aura had completely changed, with shocked expressions.

“What’s this?”

At this moment, Shi Yu and Chi Tong had actually already fused into one and completed the fusion. At the same time, their minds were in the optimal state.

“You can understand it as the final profundity that Emperor Wu has always pursued.”

“The prototype of a divine skill.”

The Spirit and soul power in his body were vast. Shi Yu’s aura rose steadily, as if it was endless. A shocking sharpness shot out of his eyes


At this moment, it was as if the world had trembled, and an incomparably deep sound of laws appeared. The spatial power and natural power in the world were all suppressed.

The air buzzed and vibrated, and the Void was pierced. The sound of laws was like the cry of a sword, like a peerless divine sword about to be unsheathed and slaughter the world.

“Roar!!!” Before anyone could react, in the next moment, extremely terrifying mixed sword intent tore through the air from the four immortal swords and penetrated s.p.a.ce. Just as the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon was stunned, tens of thousands of miserable sword marks instantly appeared on the thousand-meter-long divine dragon’s body with light.

A huge life wave flowed out of the sword scar, making the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon extremely frightened.

He actually felt that he had lost a hundred years of life in an instant.

The anger that erupted just now was instantly suppressed.

“Roar!!!” The shocking pain and consumption made the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon’s pupils reveal a shocked expression. It was shocked and let out a wail that resounded through the world.

“Divine skill!!!”

“Who are you?” It shouted in pain and looked at the cold-eyed Sword Maiden in front of it in horror.

Its eyes were filled with fear.

What exactly was going on?

Wasn’t this the supreme divine power possessed by His Majesty Yun An? Why… who was it? Who was this undead!!

“Spare me…”

At this moment, the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon, which was trapped by the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation and was still majestic just now and wanted to destroy the city, was instantly scared out of its wits, stunning countless people in the city. However, this was only the beginning.

“Roar!!!” As it shouted for mercy, the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon forcefully entered a concealed state, wanting to escape into the Void and escape the sword intent domain.

The s.p.a.ce around it changed exquisitely. Countless alternate s.p.a.ces folded and turned into shadows.

However, this was only useless.

The Immortal Slaying Sword Formation would definitely hit after the Skill locked onto it. With Chi Tong’s current strength after possessing Shi Yu, even if a demiG.o.d came, they would have to take it head-on. The sword formation could only be broken by four demiG.o.ds!


Facing the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon that used spatial moves to escape,

The four sword projections hung in the sky like thunder rumbling. The sword light swayed and kept shrinking, flying towards Sword Maiden Chi Tong. At the same time, the four fused into one and landed in her hand. However, the huge sword formation formed by the sword intent and sword light didn’t disappear.


s.p.a.ce distorted.

The entire sky seemed to have turned into a world of swords. Countless sword shadows leaped, as if forming tens of thousands of divine swords that hung in the sky, causing the sword fluctuations here to shake the sky and earth.

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