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Chapter 297: Besieged by Eight CorpsesChen Ming unleashed Ten Thousand Swords Become One with Spring and Autumn. The sword wave crushed the ice and left a scar behind. But the astonishing fact was how shallow it was.

Ghost Immortal smiled, “There’s no need to be that amazed. As a path connecting another continent, this place sees the most battles. Of course it’s strong enough to handle them.”

“This ice won’t hold me.”

Ghost Immortal waved, his immortal’s pressure chilling to the bone, “Oh no, no, no, this is just the start.”

Figures began rising from the ice around Chen Ming. They were undead and all had an immortal’s pressure!

Sure enough, Ghost Immortal has no ethics, bringing other undead to the fight.

Chen Ming found golden bones in all of these undead. Things have gotten a bit troublesome!

But thankfully, I, Immortal Master Chen, is best in crowd control.

Ghost Immortal laughed, despite being under the Allheaven Stellar Array’s suppression, “Eight immortal corpses should chip away quite a good chunk of your energy.”

Ghost Immortal knew the eight corpses couldn’t deal with Chen Ming. But wasn’t he also here?

Chen Ming slashed with Ten Thousand Swords Become One on the corpse in front. It crash-landed and tore it in two from that hit alone.

Chen Ming felt how his spiritual power empowered him with the ability to split apart the opponent’s power.

My spiritual power is extra sharp!

Meeting a king, breaking the king!

The property of my spiritual power increased, becoming incredibly strong!

Shi Jiuquan cast a look over, not minding it in the least.

If it was like this, then what about the Allheaven Stellar Array?

Controlling the array to increase the burden on the seven corpses, their movement turned sluggish. He used this chance to cut three more down, each in a single slash.

But then the other four charged Chen Ming, wanting to tear him limb from limb!

Chen Ming wasn’t about to fight with his body!

These were immortal corpses, even if undead, and clashing with them would still leave a bad aftertaste.

He unsheathed the ten thousand swords from his Dao Empyrean Bamboo, with the ten remaining nation weapon converged around Spring and Autumn.

Shi Jiuquan was surprised, “Even these ten swords allow teleportation between them.”

With ten nation weapons revolving around him, he blinked away from an incoming corpse attack then slashed at another one.

It bisected the corpse, while the other three were fast approaching. Chen Ming wanted to blink away but found the targeted sword crushed in Ghost Immortal’s hand.

“Wu Jiang couldn’t destroy these, but I can. I am an immortal. Nation weapons are trash before me!”

Chen Ming blocked one corpse with Spring and Autumn but the other two’s fists landed heavy on his body.

Chen Ming felt pain in his flank, launched several steps behind. Blood trickled from his mouth, bringing an odd taste to his lips.

But the predicament lessened, now that five corpses were gone and only three were left.

Chen Ming regarded the incoming corpses, and he just kicked the one in front into staggering a few steps back. He borrowed its power to sped towards the ones nearing from his back, beheading the two with his swords.

Two swords landed and four pieces touched the ground.

Chen Ming flashed towards the last corpse. It had power but lacked the speed.

With a simple sweep, it also fell in two.

“Just eight corpses, I wonder what other tricks you have… ugh…”

A heavy strike landed on his back, bringing Chen Ming to his knees and spitting blood.

Chen Ming rolled to avoid the other strikes, then looked, More corpses?

Chen Ming saw the corpse fully healed, standing there and getting ready to punch him.

This thing can’t be crushed? Does that mean it can’t be killed?

Ghost Immortal laughed, “Your sword is pointless. They’re dead, so why would they mind such pain? And such injuries can’t kill them.”

Chen Ming chuckled, “True, the dead are dead. Ash is their only home!”

Chen Ming stuck Spring and Autumn in front, posed his hands for a move and a tide rose from his soles.

The black sea extended from his feet as he unleashed a fist on the corpse. The fist crushed its upper part to dust while the legs kept running at him.

Chen Ming, leaned aside then released his savage power, turning the rest of it to powder.

If you come back from this, not even the ancestor’s coffin board will hold him down! (1)

At the time when your ancestor stood in contemplation for seven days beneath the apple tree, he understood an irrefutable truth: all men shall die!

As such, the ancestor extrapolated it to a major truth: all beings shall die!

That’s a famous quote, mind you.

Chen Ming turned to the other seven, punching left and right as he charged them!

Ghost Immortal was still unmoving. He knew through Chen Ming’s usage of this magical art that he could handle releasing an immortal art. Through the understanding of Chen Ming’s current magical art, he would be presented with the chance to have all of Chen Ming’s secrets laid bare.

But one look was enough to leave him speechless. This magical art seems to be that one from before, the Conquering Immortals Art!

I never imagined this continent still has the Conquering Immortals Art. It must have many more secrets! His curiosity towards this continent grew and grew.

But he held no interest in the Conquering Immortals Art. Although it was exceedingly strong among immortal arts, only geniuses in Dao Canon could unleash it.

(1) a saying referring to how outrageous the outcome would be, how it goes against all common sense.

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