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The news of Chen Ming pa.s.sing his tribulation a second time spread like lightning across the continent. Others could be faked, but not Heavenly Tribulation's signature.

Who could fake a tribulation?

The news sent a shockwave even in the immortal sect and the demonic sect, the strongest powers on this continent. They were now setting their sights on Chen Ming, hoping to find more about him, yet what followed was beyond their predictions.

The ancient immortal sects knew of Chen Ming's realm, the Dao Comprehending realm. They thought he wanted to break through to the Transcending realm.

Astral Sage said, "Chen Ming is pa.s.sing the tribulation again. What does this mean exactly?"

Snow Mountain Sage said, "It's quite likely he is getting ready to enter the Transcending realm. His cultivation method has to be a particular one, just as particular as Zhuo Qingyao's Nine Nines Mysteries Art. She is in the Dao Sense realm and can defeat all King ranks. Chen Ming's cultivation method must be equally strange!"

Tie Yi Sage said, "But why is Chen Ming breaking through to the Transcending realm in such a public place? This doesn't make sense."

Astral Sage said, "This must be a part of his plan. Didn't Zi Xia give us a spiritual sword? After a while, we will call him and all will be made clear!"

The Sages nodded, "Alright!"

Astral Sage said, "Yan Mountain is sweeping the Chaos Battlefield like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter, which is good. But Ghost Immortal's Sovereigns have yet to show themselves. It's baffling!"

On the demonic sect side, Chen Ming's tribulation meant something else. First of all, they found that Chen Ming was a Sovereign, one that hid deeply. He was from a never heard of hidden sect, one that had tens of thousands of alchemists.

But the strangest part was that they never saw those alchemists. Thus, in the eyes of the people, the Yan Mountain in Myriad Mountains was a mere outpost. Yan Mountain must be just like Jade Void Temple, possessing a secret domain where the tens of thousands of alchemists resided.

Therefore, the demonic sect was unclear on Yan Mountain's strength. It even a.s.sumed Chen Ming was in charge of the affairs in the outside world, not being the real Lord of Yan Mountain.

There was no doubt about Chen Ming's power was that of a Sovereign. And when a Sovereign pa.s.sed his tribulation, he ascended to immortality!

Did that mean this continent shall see another immortal?

Opinions divided. Among cultivators, only the ones closest to immortality knew the path to immortality was sealed. If this got out, who would continue cultivating? What they cultivate was to reach immortality!

Even the bearer of this information, Wu Jiang and the four Sages, kept a tight lid on it.

It pleased Chen Ming that the cultivators in the city reacted. The Heavenly Tribulation sent a ray of starlight on Chen Ming. He stood there comprehending it with all his focus. How could a mere starlight harm Chen Ming?

It's good that they didn't come all at once as before. It must be that I 'm already in the Dao Comprehending realm.

The cultivators above the city felt they witnessed a miracle, "Could this be the immortal tribulation?"

"Doesn't look the part. This array is too small, not fitting an Immortal Tribulation's power!"

"You're talking as if you saw one!"

"Who on this continent did?"

"Oh, right, maybe this is indeed the Immortal Tribulation!"

Chen Ming saw the tribulation cloud was about to vanish, but at least he finished the array inside the starlight. He turned dignified as an immortal and gazed at the cultivators, "Can't pa.s.s the tribulation here!"

With those words, Chen Ming's body flashed and the tribulation cloud above him disappeared along with him.

Arriving at a deserted mountain, Chen Ming spread his awareness to make sure no one was near. He took a spiritual sword with a teleportation array and opened the pathway, "I wonder why are the ancient immortal sects looking for me?"

He stabbed the sword in the ground and Chen Ming was already in front of the Sages. They soon found that Chen Ming's power was more robust, "Fellow Daoist Chen Ming, were you just pa.s.sing your tribulation?"

Chen Ming shook his head, "No, Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation. My cultivation method is a bit special and I still have thousands of Dao Comprehending real Tribulations to pa.s.s."

The Sages were mystified. At least he was on their side. Since the war between the immortal sect and demonic sect was ongoing, they didn't have the luxury of minding this matter. They took what Chen Ming said as truth.

Astral Sage said, "Fellow Daoist Chen Ming, what are you intending?"

"Based on the list of names I've given you, the hinterlands holds many Sovereigns that have yet to surface. My guess is that they will strike against Qingyao. After all, as long Qingyao remains the hinterlands will end in her hands! Sages, I can teleport thanks to the array on the sword. I want Qingyao to attract the hiding Sovereigns, then go kill them!"

"To the outside, we can make it look like I failed in becoming immortal. I already know the path to immortality is closed and can't ascend. No one knows I left a teleportation array on the sword in Qingyao's hands and we can just say it's a magical art. No Sovereign entered the battlefield so no rule will be broken."

"This has two benefits. One, killing all hiding Sovereigns. Two, it will spread fear in the demonic sect in regards to my strength. It will think twice before attacking, thus safeguarding Yan Mountain. After all, it's position is precarious after all."

The Sages clapped their hands in praises, "Marvelous! No one imagined you can teleport through swords. We were also worried about Yan Mountain's safety. This way we won't need to look after Yan Mountain and move without worry!"

Astral Sage slapped the table, "With this settled, we will help you deal with the rest."

Chen Ming got their approval so he teleported back to the deserted mountain.

Snow Mountain Sage said, "Chen Ming's act will help us greatly. At least, the demonic sect will be reluctant to move. We need to think this through and help Chen Ming complete his plan as perfectly as possible!"

Astral Sage chuckled, "How about we fake preparing to open the path to immortality?"

The Sages exchanged a smile, "Perfect!"

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