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Translator: Kuhaku Chisaac

Chapter 3 Part 2

“Xiao Shan and Xiao Feng are already driving the carriage. They don't need me. Plus, there is no more s.p.a.ce in the front. "

“You can help them and give them directions on where to go. The carriage is too full. It can't fit three people.”

“This carriage can fit more than three people. You can fit three more people in here if you want. It's not like Xiao Shan and Xiao Feng don't know the way home. They don't even need my help.” Yun Shiwei is so blinded by anger. This is a problem that needs to be fixed. Yun Shiyi tried to signal Zhuzhu with his eyes, hoping she could say a few words.

Yuzhu received the distress signal, but she purposely ignored the signal and looked out the window

Yun Shiwei kicked the ground and then went to sit with the servants.

The carriage was moving slowly. Luzhou is the second largest city in Tianchu. The roads are lined with tall buildings and all kinds of stores. The managers of the stores warmly invited guests to enter their store.

There are many pedestrians on the side of the road. There were many performances on the streets.

Yuzhu thought that the items from ancient times were interesting. When Yun Shiyi noticed that YuZhu wanted something from a store, Yun Shiyi went to the store and bought everything there.

My husband really is rich

It didn't take long for the carriage to drive to the gate of the city. Because the pathway to the gate was too narrow, only two carriages could fit.

The Yunjia carriage and another carriage entered the doorway side by side. But then, another carriage was charging straight at them from the front.

“Hey!” The Yunjia carriage and the oncoming carriage collided with each other, creating a huge impulse that caused the Zhuzhu to hit the wall. Yun Shiyi was shocked. Zhuzhu had fallen down. “Ah…”  Zhuzhu reached for her forehead. Her head hurt so much that she couldn't speak

“Zhuzhu.” Yun Shiyi hugged her, removed her hand, and saw a red and swollen forehead. He put his hand on the b.u.mp and asked: “Does it hurt Zhuzhu?”

Yun Shiyi kicked the door open and yelled at Yun Shiwei, who was on the driver's seat: "What happened? I let you sit in the front so that an accident wouldn't happen. If you don't know how to drive the carriage you should've told me.”

Yun Shiwei said: “It's not my fault, big brother. Their car crashed from the opposite side.”

Yun Shiyi was very angry. “Don't you know how to dodge? Are you a dead person?”

Fortunately, the two carriages that collided with each other were only damaged a little. The man and the horse were not injured, but the horse was frightened. If the two cars were stuck with each other, I was afraid that the horse would run wild.

For the first time, Zhuzhu saw Yun Shiyi angry. He pulled on his brother's clothes.

“Big cousin, don't be angry.”

When Yun Shiyi saw my white face, he lowered his voice. He placed his hand on my back and stroked: “Don't be afraid Zhuzhu. I am not angry at you. He shouldn't have gotten you hurt.”

“I'm fine. My wound will be healed in a few days. It's not second cousin's fault.”

On the other carriage, a young woman came down and walked over to our carriage. She had a beautiful appearance. She grabbed Yun Shiwei's arm and smiled. “Who do we have here? If it isn't the second son of the Yun family? I didn't think that I would be meeting you here. Why have you become a driver? I feel sad for you. Why don't you come with me?

The other carriage is only two meters away. I felt a little dizzy: “Big cousin, who is she? Why is she touching second cousin like that?”

What kind of relationship do they have? Are they lovers. Is Yun Shiwei cheating on me? Yuzhu felt really angry when she thought about this. She wanted to skin that lady.

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