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Counterfeit Bride – Epilogue

“I think, we should properly talk!” Yun Shi Zheng sat on the chair, pointed at a chair and said: “Sit.”

“……Yes.” Jie Yi sat down.

For a period of time, didn’t know how to start, two people looking at each other blankly for half a day, afterwards Yun Shi Zheng finally cleared his throat and began to speak: “E, that, Yi’r ah, you come to the Yun Family also not for a short while already, adapt to everything yet?”

“Mm, everyone is treating Jie Yi very well.”

“It is a little too much.” Yun Shi Zheng muttered to himself. Hesitating for a while, he pointed at an obvious red mark on Jie Yi’s neck. “Is that done by Tian Yang?” He with a very small percentage of hope asked.

“That?” Jie Yi unconsciously caressed his neck.

“Forget it! Forget it!” Yun Shi Zheng sighed, he truly was a busybody. “That……That…… Do you like Tian Yang?”

Jie Yi was shocked, uncomfortably hung down his eyes.

“Everybody is very nice, I like everyone.”

“We don’t need to go round the curves and skirting the corners1.” Yun Shi Zheng leaned forward, earnestly looked at Jie Yi. “It is Tian Yang who forced you, you don’t have any feeling towards him, isn’t it?”

“No……It is not……” Jie Yi hadn’t finished his line, already got cut off.

“Definitely like that, it can’t be wrong. Tian Yang has always been overbearing. You must be in fear of the Master’s authority, so that you have no choice but to submit to him.” Yun Shi Zheng a.s.sumed the correct things by himself.

“Don’t be afraid. As long as you honestly say it, I will make Tian Yang put a little distant from you.” He patted Jie Yi’s hand. “Two men together like this, is a little outrageous, isn’t it?”

“Young Master didn’t force me!” Jie Yi denied.

In front of Yun Shi Zheng, Jie Yi still referred his position as a servant, of course would call Tian Yang as Young Master. In spite of Tian Yang’s objection, he still didn’t have the intention to correct himself.

“It is my own wishful thinking towards Young Master. It has nothing to do with Tian Yang Young Master. Everything is my fault.” Jie Yi hurriedly added. “It is true, Young Master is deceived by me!”

“How can it be?” Yun Shi Zheng curiously asked.

“In the beginning, Young Master thought that I am a woman, also his bride, that’s why the pretending act became real……”

“So it was like that!” Yun Shi Zheng finally knew the sequence of events. “Indeed had troubled you. Tian Yang also too much, that gra.s.s and mud house is a storehouse, how can be a place to live in? And he could think it out!”

“At that time, he hated me so much!” Jie Yi because of recalling that memory softly laughed. “All the time wanted to chase me out to leave quickly, he didn’t know that I from long ago have been used to that kind of hardship life. But I feel very sorry towards Tian Yang, I didn’t know the Yun Family was basically is so wealthy, still got him to make a bed, make table and chairs, really had troubled him.”

“What trouble?” Yun Shi Zheng waved his hands. “That is what he deserved.”

“Actually Young Master was also very much suffering. When in gra.s.s and mud house, Whatever I cooked he ate, not the least bit complained. I also wasn’t like in his imagination bride, not beautiful at all, and then, riding a horse also got hurt, he completely took care of me, I had caused him to be tired.”

“You rode which horse?”


“No wonder you got hurt! Shandian is the most violent horse in the ranch. Tian Yang did it on purpose?”

“…… Afterwards I found out, actually he also hid many things from me.”

“Now I can see why Tian Yang can…….ehm…… like you.” He still couldn’t say out this ‘love’ word. “And Jie Yi, what about you? How can you like Tian Yang?”

“……I…… Initially…… I don’t really understand it at all.” Jie Yi nervously twisted his fingers. Regarding self-a.n.a.lysis of the load on his mind, he was not an expert at all.

“You don’t understand?” Yun Shi Zheng was astonished.

“Initially, I……only wanted a family. Because Tian Yang said he only wanted a wife in name only, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem, he could have a wife, and I could have the family that I had lost long ago. Afterwards……” Jie Yi’s eyes because of recalling the memory became misty. “Afterwards being discovered by Tian Yang, he asked me to leave, I just left. However……”

“However what?”

“After leaving, the heart always felt so heavy, for no reason longing for Tian Yang.” Jie Yi said difficultly. “We obviously had no relation at all, but I have always thought about him, helplessly thought about him.”

He continued his talk in a mutter: “After that, I finally understand this feeling was missing, that heavy feeling was loneliness. By then I finally knew, without my awareness, I have fallen for Tian Yang.”

Hearing Jie Yi evenly narrated, Yun Shi Zheng as if could feel that kind of mood, couldn’t help but be in a daze.

“Originally wanted to quietly leave, for the last time went to the gra.s.s and mud house, then return to Jiangnan. Who could have guessed……”


“Tian Yang was at there.” Jie Yi embarra.s.sedly said, there was a happy tone in his voice. “He said he was waiting for me to go home, and I was really home.”

“That is fate!” Yun Shi Zheng mumbled.

As for good match or ill-fated relationship, different people different views.

“So, you see!” Jie Yi became eager. “Tian Yang Young Master didn’t force me, everything is my fault.”

“Enough. Don’t need to explain eagerly!” Yun Shi Zheng waved his hand. “Tian Yang is my son, how can I not understand him?” He laughingly said.

“That man ah, is such an overbearing one. What belongs to him, he would hold it firmly. The things he doesn’t like, he would stay far far away from it.”

This seemingly was the fact, beyond all dispute. Jie Yi only could shut his mouth.

“As a matter of fact I indeed can understand why Tian Yang’s so fascinated with you!” Yun Shi Zheng muttered to himself irresolutely.

Fascinated? Jie Yi shook his head. This fascination also unknown could be sustained for how long, he was a man after all!

“You don’t know, how much Tian Yang has changed. Recently he has been smiling a lot to the point of frightening. And also, his att.i.tude towards you is different with how he previously treated those women, also not the same with us.”

There was a slight disturbance in his chest, Jie Yi was secretly delighted.

Maybe…… Maybe Tian Yang really loved him! All along towards Tiang Yang’s love words he put himself like being in a beautiful dream, didn’t have the courage to believe. Now that there was other people saying it out, his degree of confidence was increased not only a little.

“The previous Tian Yang is like an irritable and easily got angry wild horse. Whoever offended him would get their lesson. You see how he gets along with Tian Yi and others, should have a slight knowledge, right?”

“Tian Yang is a little bit fierce.” Jie Yi modestly said, recalling the first time he met Tian Yi Big Brother, Tian Yang rewarded him with several fists.

“But, now he has calmed a lot. Maybe it is because of you!” Yun Shi Zheng scrutinized Jie Yi. “In you, there is a kind of rea.s.suring and peaceful disposition. Just by your side, there wouldn’t be any ruthless air could emerge. Or maybe because of your yielding in everything, not argue with anyone! The more like this, the more it causes people to give you whatever you want.”

“……” Jie Yi didn’t know what he should say.

Rea.s.suring and peaceful, is it? Ever since he arrived in Guanwai, after meeting Tian Yang, he actually felt that that kind of disposition was leaving him further and further away. His heart had more and more demands. Insistently as well as persistently weighed him down. He was so tired!

“Do you know the purpose of me calling you to talk today?”

Jie Yi suddenly shuddered for a bit, nodded his head.

“Let me hear.”

“Want me to go?” Jie Yi obscurely said.

“……” Yun Shi Zheng irresolute for half a day before he spoke: “Originally it is like that.”

Jie Yi anxiously lifted his head, widening his eyes stared at him.

“Do you know about his mother?”

Jie Yi shook his head.

“Me and his mother……” Yun Shi Zheng heaved a sigh. “At that time we were too young. One was an ignorant brat, wholeheartedly only wished to piece together all Guanwai to be his own world. And the other was a delicate woman from a distinguished wealthy family, couldn’t adapt at all with the rough Guanwai.”

“As the result, several years after Tian Hao was born, his mother couldn’t keep up with the circ.u.mstances anymore, with another man ran away!”

Jie Yi shockingly gasped.

“That time Tian Yang already understood the matter. Of course he understood his mother was what kind of woman. I hid it, but couldn’t. Hence upon, Tian Yang changed. Changed to detest the world and its ways, also not believed that in this world there would be a good woman, of course towards all n.o.ble and wealthy people detested even more bitterly.”

“Can be imagined……”

“The affairs of the upper generation, very difficult to determine who had wronged whom, of course shouldn’t affect the next generation. As for Tian Yang, I already helplessly feel guilty. Hence, I only pray that there would be a woman who could change him.”

“Only that, never expect the person who came was Ling Shuang, a carbon-copy of his mother.” Yun Shi Zheng unceasingly sighed. “I originally looked forward that she at least had a little of her father’s merciful, tolerant and generous character.”

“Young Lady since young has been spoiled, of course will be delicate. Add more her heart has its tie, this thing couldn’t blame her.”

“She threw you a slap really couldn’t see her tenderness and delicacy.”

Jie Yi blanked for a while. Couldn’t help but smile at the truth.

“Since long, when the bride was tardy and not coming yet, I should have known that there was something wrong. But thinking about it over and again, who would have thought that Ling Shuang would actually ask a man to replace her!”

“…… Sorry……” Jie Yi flinched a bit.

“The whole thing that I have expected Ling Shuang to do, you have done it. If not confirm that you are a man, I since earlier had spread my both hands to welcome you. But…… after all, whether it is a good-natured, loved by my son male daughter-in-law, or a strong-willed unyielding, hated by everyone female daughter-in-law, this kind of choice will be difficult for everyone.”

“I will go!” Jie Yi lowered his head said dejectedly.

From the beginning he already mentally prepared to leave. If his existence had created complications for someone else, naturally he had no reason to stay.

“Then how about Tian Yang?” Yun Shi Zheng unexpectedly asked.

“…… We, basically shouldn’t be together.”

“You are indeed rational!” Yun Shi Zheng frowned. “Your relationship, shouldn’t be only that foolish son of mine one-sidedly crazy?”

“…… I …… I don’t want Tian Yang losing his integrity……” Jie Yi firmly said. “I don’t want other people criticize him.”

“You are really thinking for his sake.” Yun Shi Zheng laughed.

“Do you know? Yi’r.” He leaned his body to the front, imitating the way Tian Yang addressed Jie Yi, even though Tian Yang’s strongly not allowing anybody else to call him like that, but he was his father, he ought to be an exception. “If you go just like that, how about Tian Yang?”

“…… Maybe will be sad for a period of time, afterwards he would resume his life like before.” Jie Yi made a conjecture.

Tian Yang was that strong, less him one person, the days absolutely would proceed as usual. Unlike him.

“It should be!” Yun Shi Zheng heaved a sigh. “Only that, compared to before, he would detest the world even more, even more not believe in others. You don’t know, the stronger the outward appearance, the more he strives to show that he doesn’t need whomever, in actuality, inside his heart, he yearns to be loved more than anyone else. Once you knocked open his solid heart’s defense, he will be devoted to you.”

“If you just go without saying anything, betraying Tian Yang’s trust for you. Tian Yang with his prideful nature, how could he accept it?”

The most important thing, if Yi’r disappeared under his care, Tian Yang absolutely wouldn’t be modest towards him, even if he was Tian Yang’s old man, it would be the same.


“Do you want to stay?” Yun Shi Zheng came straight to the point. “If because you couldn’t stand that foolish overbearing son of mine so you want to go, I can understand, after all, only a few people can stand him.”

“It is not like that!” Jie Yi with his seldom anger irritatedly cut him off. “Tian Yang’s temper is not that bad!”

“That is towards you!” Yun Shi Zheng innocently shrugged his shoulder. Following next, he adopted a stern countenance: “If you don’t really want to go, then just stay!”

“Eh?” Jie Yi was a little doubtful of himself for hearing it wrongly. “I can stay? I…… I am a man…… really……Really can?”

“If you thick-skinned insisted wanted to stay, then I absolutely will ask you to leave.” Yun Shi Zheng sincerely said. “But after talked to you, I know that you are a good child, the person who will think for the sake of Tian Yang to such extent, except for me, I think it is only you!”

“Since we are the people who care for Tian Yang, there is no reason that we can’t get along well.”

“You…… Don’t mind that I am……”

“If saying not care it will be a lie.” Yun Shi Zheng said helplessly. “But I have been thinking on my own for a long time. Been living until this age, in the end, what must I care? Is it the common opinions, or is it the happiness of my son? The answer is very easy to choose. Isn’t it?”

“You are a good father!” Jie Yi sincerely said.

“So, I am this good father only has one request to you.” Yun Shi Zheng patted his hand. “Must make Tian Yang happy!”

“I really want to!” Jie Yi said in mutter. “But I don’t understand anything, the things I can help him is limited, could only accompany him by his side.”

“Then just accompany him by his side! Wholeheartedly take care of him.” Yun Shi Zheng laughingly said. “I think what Tian Yang wants, also only wants you to stay by his side. What is called as happiness, isn’t it to be together for long time?”

That’s right! Jie Yi couldn’t help but recall this morning when Tian Yang stubbornly put up the qilin jade, at that time the expression on his face was very gentle! If only could everyday see this kind of expression……

“At any rate, I already can accept!” Yun Shi Zheng open-mindedly said. “Anyway, I have two sons. Holding grandchildren wouldn’t be as hopeless. On the contrary, Yi’r, you should think clearly. If you really with Tian Yang together, for this lifetime, you will only have Tian Yang, only have us, impossible to have the next generation. The family you yearn for, certainly will forever cut all ties with you!”

“I don’t care. If I have all of you.” Jie Yi said in a low voice. “You all are my family.”

“Then, we have reached the consensus.” Yun Shi Zheng unexpectedly hung his hand on Jie Yi’s shoulder, earnestly said: “I still have one more request.”


“Although you guys have done everything that should be done or shouldn’t be done, your relationship is no different with the common husband and wife, but please promise me!”

“Promise what?” Jie Yi felt embarra.s.sed, his face became very hot.

“If by chance Tian Yang had gone crazy, wanted to formally marry you, you absolutely must refuse!”

He had accepted the two’s relationship, but the people definitely wouldn’t be able to accept. He didn’t want to because of this depart from the cla.s.sics and rebel against orthodox matter become famous.

“No…… No way!” Jie Yi’s face couldn’t help but become red, there was a stream of happiness flowing nonstop in his heart.

“Then it is good!” Yun Shi Zheng sighed in relief. “Then, how about we talk over things?”

Jie Yi had a little fright while looking at the laughing oddly person.

“……What things?”

“He!He! Not much la!” Yun Shi Zheng straightened his laughing face. “You also know that Tian Yang is not an obedient son, of course he wouldn’t listen to me. However, he seems like giving you a special treatment, meek and obedient. In the future, what if just let him listen to you, but you listen to me, how about that?”

“Master is the senior, basically must listen to you!” Jie Yi said in laughter.

“What you’ve said is right, then I will be your father!” Yun Shi Zheng came to realize. “Good child.” He grabbed both of Jie Yi’s hands. “You must be more obedient than those two d.a.m.ned sons!”

“Mm!” Jie Yi obediently nodded his head.

“Then we have talked it out! Come, let me hear you call me father.”

“Father.” This long hadn’t been called caused Jie Yi’s eyes to become red.

Really never had thought, between he and Tian Yang, could come to this point, also could obtain Father’s acceptance. Wait until Tian Yang is home, knowing this news, didn’t know how happy he would be!

However, Tian Yang definitely would embarra.s.sedly and proudly say no need whomever approval! Jie Yi thought sweetly.

Really wished that Tian Yang could come home quickly. Although he had just depart, but he already missed him!


“Yi’r, let’s go out to look around.” With much difficulty stole a half day’s free time, Tian Yang excitedly raised the idea.

“Brat, can’t you see me and Yi’r are playing chess?” Yun Shi Zheng coldly reminded, while he leisurely moved his black p.a.w.ns.

“Wait until finished the chess and then go, alright?” Jie Yi tactfully said.

“Sure must! Everything must be in order of arrival. Want to play also must wait until we finish the chess.” Yun Shi Zheng talked in whisper. “Ai! Has been playing chess for a long time, mouth also has become thirsty. Tian Yang, go and pour a cup of tea!”

Tian Yang’s face even the nerve was twitching. Upon a glance, definitely the premonition of wrath.

Jie Yi busily stood up. “Father, let me pour it, Tian Yang also have a cup. Wait for me for a while.”

Gazing at Jie Yi’s in a haste back figure, Tian Yang finally unable to hold back, made a fist violently bang on the stone table.

“Stinky old man, why do you always order Yi’r?”

“Ai ya, I don’t ah!” Yun Shi Zheng said extremely not guilty. “The one I ordered was you, why didn’t you  go, still let Jie Yi to go in a hurry?”

“Pouring tea this kind of petty matter want me to do?” Tian Yang raised his brows. “d.a.m.n old man, if thirsty then just don’t play chess anymore, go in to rest will be much better!”

“I know that you wouldn’t go.” Yun Shi Zheng curled his mouth said. “Fortunately Yi’r is obedient, let him call father is not only an artificial call.”

Not mentioning this, Tian Yang hadn’t been angry. The more he mentioned it, the angrier he got.

Since returned from Saiwai, the situation changed drastically.

He was very happy that Yi’r could stay in the Yun Family happily, comfortably. The sincere smile was extremely fascinating. But afterwards he just realized, everything was because of that old man, without his own contribution.

Only this was fine, as long as Yi’r could be happy.

But very fast he found out, except for the nighttime, during the day, Yi’r totally was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by that stinking old man! Everyday dragged Yi’r to taste the tea, playing chess while chatting. Didn’t give any consideration, during the day he was working and exhausted to the extreme, very hard to have a free time like today, this stinking old man actually still wanted to monopolize Yi’r!

Yi’r was his!

What, Father was such extraordinary? He…… no matter what, he could be said as Yi’r’s ‘husband’. Regardless of what logic, it should be him who had the priority.

“Father, the tea is coming!” Jie Yi gasped for breath. Return with fragrant tea overflowing in all direction.

“Good!” Yun Shi Zheng laughing widely accepted the tea. Suddenly, a spell of wind blew. He was coughing. “It is windy, a little bit cold!”

“I’ll help you take the coat.” Not even had sat down, Jie Yi already planned to turn his body to take the coat.

Tian Yang finally couldn’t stand it anymore. “Sit. I’ll go to take it!” he angrily said.

“I know that he would go to take it.” Yun Shi Zheng couldn’t help but laugh loudly. “He really couldn’t let you!”

“Father!” Jie Yi was angry but also amused. Could only sigh, it was Tian Yang’s own foolishness, always fell into Father’s method.

“This is what’s called as want to shoot the General, shoot the horse first.” He finally found a way to control his stubborn son.

“Take it!” Tian Yang angrily threw the coat on the chess board on the table, broken the half-played chess formation. “Yi’r. Let’s go.”

“But father……”

The words gradually vanished, in a blink of an eye, the person had been seized and taken away.

“Tian Yang, go like this is really impolite.” Jie Yi unceasingly struggle. “What will father say? You are too much la!”

Seizing Jie Yi back to the room, after locking the door, Tian Yang then shamelessly smiled.

Mm…… Yi’r when being obedient was really great, but at this moment, the br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy while pointing at his nose to scold him, lively to the extreme, it had another kind of grace, he also extremely loved it!

“Say again! I am listening.” Tian Yang laughed loudly while looking at him.

Jie Yi’s face became bright red, taking back his rogue behavior at once.

“Not saying?” Tian Yang raised his brows. “Then good, I also not only wanted to listen to your talk.” Pulling Jie Yi and printed a burning hot kiss. “We do something that will make everyone happy, alright?”

“Now is daytime……”

“Day time is perfect. I can see you clearly.” Caressing that caused him to yearn for skin, Tian Yang said in a whisper.

“You said want to go out to look around…..” Jie Yi powerlessly reminded him.

Following the pressing lips, gradually getting deeper and sweet intimate kisses, caused Jie Yi’s both cheeks to feel hot, couldn’t think further, could only drift with the waves and go with the flow.

A good while later, Tian Yang satisfyingly held Jie Yi into his bosom, let him calm on his front chest, his fingers following the shape of his graceful back lightly moving.

“Yi’r, are you happy?”

“…….Mm……” Jie Yi embarra.s.sedly buried his head. “I am happy……Extremely happy, you?”

“You are happy then I am happy.” Tian Yang lovingly held him tightly. “We will be together forever.”

Jie Yi fell silent for a spell, unexpectedly said: “What a fool!” His voice was slightly shaking. “I can’t do anything, status also low, also a man, I can’t give you anything, there is nothing good in together with me.”

“I have you, just give yourself to me.” Tian Yang laughed happily. “As long as I have you it is good, I don’t need other things.”

“That’s why I said you are stupid!” Jie Yi couldn’t bear the choked with happiness.

“In the future I only have you!” Tian Yang shamelessly said. “So you may not dump me.”

Jie Yi laughed out loud. “…… Really stubborn.”

“Also, you should make me your number one.”

“You…… You are indeed number one ah……”

“More important than that stinking old man?”


“Why don’t answer?” Tian Yang asked anxiously.

“……” Smiling without giving an answer, Jie Yi leaned closer to the chest under his body.

“I want to be the number one in your heart!” Tian Yang firmly said.

Jie Yi in low voice broke out into a laughter!

No matter if it was stubbornness, or overbearing, Tian Yang seemed to have set on him. And he himself, of course had given his body and soul to Tian Yang.

Feeling that pair of arms tightly encircled him, warm breath was blowing on the top of his head, Jie Yi’s heart had an unexplainable peacefulness.

This kind of feeling, ought to be what is called as happiness!

End of Epilogue.
End of Counterfeit Bride

1). Go round the curves and skirting the corners (id): speak in a roundabout way, beat about the bush.

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