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Counterfeit Bride Chapter 10

“Where are we going to?”

Sitting on horseback, Jie Yi facing the wind tiredly asked. Ever since he fell off the horse previously, Tian Yang didn’t let him learn how to ride horses anymore. Because Tian Yang seemed to have a guilty conscience from hiding the truth about the Yun Family’s large house matter, now as long as he had any free time, he would take him out to have a look.

Galloping for a while, they finally stopped at the top of the mountain. Looking downward, the sight was a large terrain of gra.s.slands. Tian Yang looking at that land, proudly said: “Yi’r, the land that you are looking at now, all belongs to the Yun Family.”

Jie Yi was surprised. “How large!”

He towards what was called as ‘Guanwai’s wealthiest family’ all along didn’t have any idea. Until now, he just had a somewhat rough outline.

“Indeed very large, however…” Tian Yang subconsciously drew his brows together. “Not only Yun Family, almost all of Guanwai people make a living depending on the weather. As long as there is strong wind and snow, or an insufficient source of water, all of the livestock will freeze to death or thirsty to death. Unfortunately everyone is depending on the livestock to make a living. If having this kind of calamity for several years, everyone’s savings would be used up with nothing left.”

Seeing him frowning, Jie Yi put his hand on his chest, encouraged him: “Don’t be distressed, Heaven never seals off all the exits. Definitely could think of a way out.”

Tian Yang rubbed his head, softly said: “There is a way, and also I have tried it out!”

Talking about this, Yun Tian Yang with full confidence said: “Yi’r, you know that we have started to change our rearing style, besides beginning to store up provisions, we also will begin to grow forage gra.s.s, lessening the dependency on the Heaven to make a living.”

Looking at Tian Yang full of confidence face, Jie Yi suddenly felt that this moment him was glowing with health and vigor, became several times even more handsome, in a split second his heart was thumping and beating wildly. Abruptly felt that he could be by Tian Yang’s side, really a matter that could make someone proud.

“Wait until I succeed, I will extend this style, let all of the people in Guanwai, everyone could live a happy life.”
Jie Yi smiling gently said: “Tian Yang, you are really great. Not only for your own goodness, but you still want others to live happily, not the slightest bit selfish, really outstanding.”

Tian Yang lowered his head to look at him.

Jie Yi’s sincere praise had warmed his heart. His subst.i.tute bride though was a man, he still wanted to be with him for the rest of his life.

Every time he talked about his dream, always been given a snort of contempt. Everyone always laughed at him for doing unnecessary things. But Yi’r’s reaction was not the same, he thoroughly believed he would make it.

It had been decided, no matter what other people said, he would make Yi’r stay by his side for all of his life, for all eternity never allowing him to leave him.

He lowered his head to lightly peck Jie Yi’s cheek.

“Yi’r, I am not as outstanding as you think. This is the place where I grew up, of course wish to forever live in this place, also want everyone to live a peaceful life, only this.”


“But what?” Most probably had been used to Tian Yang’s surprise attack in kissing him, Jie Yi except for face slightly flush, didn’t have much reaction.

“Now I wish I can make it, because…… I want to give Yi’r a not to worry about short of something’s environment, to let you be happy in this place.”

Hearing this, Jie Yi’s smile was diluted. He was touched and could only stick his cheek on Tian Yang’s chest, listening to his strong and vigorous heartbeat.

“I don’t need a not to worry about short of something’s environment, as long as I can stay here, I will be very happy!” he didn’t dare to demand for anything anymore. “But, I know you will make it, you definitely will make it.”

This warm encouragement made Tian Yang’s heart moved, he lowered his head, kissed Jie Yi’s lips, tightly embraced him, from inside his body surged up a hot desire.

His kiss was very gentle, very sweet. Jie Yi could only close his eyes, obediently let him kiss.

“Yi’r,” Under the raging mood, Tian Yang couldn’t bear to open his mouth. “Stay by my side forever, alright?”

Jie Yi was infected by his mood, nearly just nodded his head as the reply.

These several days, Tian Yang treated him extremely well. That gentle voice, teasing expression, the earnest bearing, each and every of him he liked, he also knew that Tian Yang honestly wished him to stay by his side, but……

How could he stay for good?

Just because he liked Tian Yang, all the more he couldn’t harm Tian Yang to be criticized by others. Every time Yun Father saw him, that awkward as well as didn’t know what to do expression deeply carved in his mind, also let him know, just said that his face was so similar with a woman, he in the end was not a woman. Couldn’t forever stay by Tian Yang’s side.

“Tian Yang,” Jie Yi finally opened up his mouth. Saying out was indeed not what Tian Yang wanted to hear. “I eventually will leave.”

Tian Yang’s body which was tightly embracing him became rigid.

“Leave? To where?” Tian Yang’s face was darkened. “Where could you go to. You only have me, don’t you?”

“You…… You are not mine at all.” Jie Yi difficultly spoke. “Have you forgotten? Yun Father still wants you to get married.”

“I can explain it to him.”

“But…… father he has fallen ill, you cannot……”

“That wished to die stinking old liar, you don’t have to believe him.” Tian Yang couldn’t help but scorn. “Everyone had been duped by him.”

d.a.m.n old man. Unexpectedly could think to fake an illness to get his purpose. If not these several days carefully observe, still wouldn’t know that the old man only became frail and weak upon his appearance. Once he had gone, he became doughty as a dragon and lively as a tiger. What a miraculous illness!

“Fake?” Jie Yi although had doubts, but at the same time he sincerely laughed. “Then isn’t it extremely good, father will be fine.”

Tian Yang in a daze, but also relieved, couldn’t help but lovingly firmly embrace Jie Yi.

“Only you would think like this. I definitely wouldn’t think so.” He laughed at himself. “Look at me, actually have a grudge against an old man.”

“You have the reason to be angry!”

“The Yi’r who shows consideration for others, I really unwilling to leave you.”Tian Yang remained hugging Jie Yi not letting go, this recently had become his habit. “Wait until I go home, I will properly talk to father, to acknowledge your position in the Yun Family, never let you have one thread one hair of grievance.”

A little bit couldn’t understand his words, Jie Yi lifted his head to look at him.

“You will go out?”

“Yes!” Tian Yang nodded his head. “Tomorrow morning, I with Tian Yi, Tian Hao will go to Saiwai. We heard that in that place the horses are first-rate. If could bring back some of first-rate breed horses, in the future no need to go through the hardships of taming the horse, also could increase a great number.”

“Go for how long?”

“Maybe it will be at least for a month!”

Jie Yi lashed out a mouthful of air. Couldn’t help but knitted his brows. A month, what a long time! “I…… I can or cannot……”

“May not!” Tian Yang tenderly caressed his delicate cheek. “All the way is wind and frost, fatigued by the journey, extremely hard.”

“I am not afraid!”

“But I can’t be willing!” Tian Yang dotingly caressed his head. “Once thinking about how delicate you are, how could I be willing to let you out on a faraway round trip! Be good, wait for me.”

“I am very strong.” Jie Yi retorted.

“I know.” But the unwillingness to let his beloved to suffer any hardship was another matter. “You have to understand, Yi’r, a man always wants to protect his beloved person, not letting his beloved one to face any hardship!”

“Eh?” Jie Yi widened his eyes. Did he hear it wrongly? “You…… You say……”

“Xiao Yi’r, you upon a sight is so small, always arouse the protective desire, even though knowing you are strong doesn’t need other to protect, but I really couldn’t help it.” Tian Yang stuck his cheek on Jie Yi’s hair, lovingly rubbed lightly. “You are my beloved person!”

Hearing his words, Jie Yi violently trembled. His heart was delighted as well as sad.

Delighted because they had mutual feelings, sad because he knew they would have to be separated one day.

“I……I am a man, basically not worth…… Not worth your love.”

“Nonsense!” Tian Yang caressed his head, lovingly and tenderly ensured. “There is n.o.body worth to be loved more than you. Only you, when I have no penny to my name, willing to stay by my side.”

“No matter what, it is unfair.” Jie Yi shook his head. “I am used to poverty, but Young Lady…… She was born wealthy. Also at that time, I stayed because I have my selfish purpose.”

“What purpose?”

“I want a family.” Jie Yi honestly said.

“Then, now you already have!” Tian Yang promised.

“But…… Our feeling is not allowed.” Jie Yi difficultly bit his lips. “In Jiangnan, playing with a man is possible, but n.o.body will regard it as real. I don’t want to become one of that kept man.”

“I will not let you become a ‘kept man’.” Tian Yang dearly embraced him. “In this life this world, in my heart will only have you, even if couldn’t have a wife, we still can stay with each other for the rest of our life.”

“But…… I have no way to bear children……”

“The kids just let Tian Hao be troubled.”

“But……You……You said……”

“What have I said?”

“You said embracing a woman is much better……” Jie Yi once let the words escaped his mouth, his heart was hurt as if being stabbed by a sharp knife.

“It was said because I was angry at you, and also to deceive myself.” Tian Yang was puzzled and scratched his head. Never had thought Yi’r would straightaway remember words said in a fit of rage. On a perfect time carefully took out to rake up old scores.

“Why do you want to lie to yourself?”

“There is no one could rapidly admit that he actually so stupid to the point unable to differentiate man and woman, furthermore, fell in love with that counterfeit bride.”

“Oh!” Jie Yi shamefully lowered his head, didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t say that when you found out that you have fallen for me, you didn’t have the least bit struggle?”

“Non……Nonsense!” Jie Yi this time practically flushed red. “Who said that I have loved you?”

“Eh? You don’t love me?” Tian Yang intentionally made a shocked expression. “Thinking back, you indeed didn’t say, but your body told me.”

“Did…… Did not.”

“Why not?” Tian Yang casually stated outright. “If don’t love me, when I entered your room every night, took off your clothes, being intimate with you, you didn’t reject even a little, instead, melt in my embrace, of course I know you love me. However, if you could clearly say it out loud, I will be happier.”

Face…… Face skin was too thick! Jie Yi could only glare with flushed red face at the boasting without censor man. But unfortunately his words indeed were too vulgar, but he was helpless to refute.

“In fact, even though you didn’t say, I also know your kind feelings.” Tian Yang to one’s surprise became respectable. “Only that this time going to Saiwai, a long way to go, also couldn’t know would meet what kind of trouble. Didn’t hear you personally say love, always will feel something is missing. If by chance I really never return, it will be the greatest regret!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Jie Yi anxiously and fearfully took the trouble to shut his mouth.

“Yi’r, do you like me?” Tian Yang cunningly took advantage of the favorable situation.

“Like, of course like.”

The image of losing Tian Yang caused him to be panic-stricken. Jie Yi on his own accord hugged Tian Yang’s neck.

“If not like, I will not thick-skinned stay with the Yun Family, will not let go the pride of a man, letting another man to embrace in his bosom.” He lifted his head determinedly looking at Tian Yang. “I love you.”

“Really want to push you down……” Tian Yang said out loud a vulgar talk.

Jie Yi was alarmed, but the next moment he relaxed. They were on the back of a horse, Tian Yang wouldn’t be insane to this degree.

“Really want to make out outside once.” Tian Yang muttered to himself, but the voice was loud enough to be heard by Jie Yi. “Tomorrow will depart, it seems like there is no chance, but if by any chance never return, wouldn’t it become unable to accomplish forever? Really will be greatly regretted ah……”

Jie Yi let out a mouthful of air, for a moment he became hesitant.

He wanted to make Tian Yang happy, merry, but making out on the outside…… , such a loose in morals behavior, how could he have the nerve? Obviously only imagining that scene, already enough to cause him embarra.s.sment to the extreme.

The result of reason and feeling locked in a seesaw struggle, in the end the feeling had the superior position. As long as Tian Yang happy, he could do anything.

Mustering up enough courage, Jie Yi printed his lips on the side of Tian Yang’s mouth, on his own accord initiated a kiss.

“You……You want to do what just do it!”

“Really?” Tian Yang was very happy.

‘A little persuasion wins over the bride’ this saying sure enough had its reason. See, Yi’r was such a bashful person had become pa.s.sionate. The feeling was extremely good!

Didn’t give Jie Yi another chance to be hesitant, Tian Yang immediately took him down the horse, put him on the soft gra.s.s, deeply kissed him.

“Yi’r. You also can kiss me back!”

“I……” Jie Yi embarra.s.sed to the point his whole body flushed red, could only deeply bury his whole red face in Tian Yang’s bosom. “I……I cannot……”

Clearly in the broad day light on the outside doing this kind of matter, already enough to make him ashamed with no place to hide, how could he bear to do such a thing?

Caught the sight ofJie Yi being so embarra.s.sed, Tian Yang became even more aroused. The root of the l.u.s.t began to stir, from head to toe became burning hot. He had never thought a body of a man could actually make him suffer from the torment of l.u.s.t.

At a lightning speed he unloaded the two’s in the way clothing, spread on the filled with green gra.s.s ground, to avoid the blade of gra.s.s p.r.i.c.ked on Jie Yi’s fair and clear skin and muscle. After that he impatiently held Jie Yi’s head, licked his trembling lips ……

“Yi’r, I teach you how to kiss me back.” His gentle voice was seducing.

Jie Yi falteringly learned his style, stretched out his own tongue, timidly kissed him back, with Tian Yang’s tongue tangled,the watery eyes were looking at Tian Yang. Once the kiss was accomplished, silvery thread of liquid was glistening like a ray of light on the s.p.a.ce between their mouth.

“Really great!” Tian Yang satisfyingly laughed. The fingers improperly moved downward, touching Jie Yi’s sensitive stamen in front of his chest, caused Jie Yi to abruptly jerk for a while.  

Tian Yang stretched his hand to rub the small red cherry. Gently played with it, until Jie Yi couldn’t restrain to move out of nervousness, by then he finally ceased his action. Pa.s.sing through the fine-textured hair, the big palm seized the already in high spirit l.u.s.t, rubbing up and down. Seemingly unable to restrain any longer, Tian Yang sat on the ground, hugging Jie Yi to sit on his bended knees, made him spread both of his legs, to intertwine on his waist.  

“Xiao Yi’r, you also couldn’t hold it anymore?” Tian Yang asked with hoa.r.s.e voice, similar with Jie Yi, already unable to control the breathing spell.

Burning in the flaming pa.s.sion caused Jie Yi to be unable to hold back the enchanting moan from overflowing, this enchanting moan made Jie Yi himself have a flushed red face, hurriedly covered his mouth.

“Come, Yi’r, you also hold mine.” Tian Yang led his hand, to his own burning hot part.
Was not Jie Yi’s first time doing this thing, but his skill was still very embarra.s.sing to the point he didn’t know what heshould do, could only because of Tian Yang’s instruction, ashamed to not have the courage to look at him.

“There is nothing to be ashamed of. We are only doing what every loving couple would do with these kinds of things.” Tian Yang comforted him.

“This.......This kind of thing, I only do it with you.” Bearing his bashfulness, Jie Yi said with a deep feeling.

“I know, I also only do it with you.” Tian Yang’s large palm held both his and Jie Yi’s hot pa.s.sion, wrapped them together in his palm, the two hot stems were like stiff iron sticks rubbing at each other, brought along a suffocating pleasure for the two.


Didn’t need a long time, two streams of milky white bodily fluid at the same time erupted out. The two at the same time let out a delightfully low groan. Jie Yi also as if collapsed from dehydration into Tian Yang’s bosom.

Although already released one time, Tian Yang’s desire was not shrinking at all. On the contrary, became even more vigorous. He let out a deep groaning voice, lifted up Jie Yi’s b.u.t.tocks, impatiently wanted to enter him.

Tian Yang’s hand from the beautiful like the sight of spring scenery thighs groped upwards, teasing the stem in the middle of the soft bush. Praising in mutter: “So beautiful, my wife even this place is more beautiful than other people. How can there be a beautiful man like you my wife?”

This kind of immoral talk, and Tian Yang had the nerve to say so. Jie Yi’s whole body was burning hot merely from hearing this.

“You.....lessen this kind of talk!” Jie Yi said bashfully.

Tian Yang all along smiling, obviously didn’t have the intention to mind his request.

“Good Yi’r, stand up.” He gently coaxed. 

Although Yi’r failed to understand, he stood up on his weak legs. Just this way, his naked lower body fell onto Tian Yang eyes, listless private on Tian Yang face.

“Ah……” Jie Yi wanted to cover himself in panic, but both hands were placed behind his body easily by Tian Yang. 

“Don’t be like this…..” Jie Yi could not help but beg. 

“Isn’t today the day you will listen and obey to me?” Tian Yang smiled wickedly, the remaining hand grabbed Jie Yi’s private, opened his mouth and put it into his mouth. 

His technique was obviously better than Jie Yi’s, while sliding it in and out of his mouth, saw both of Jie Yi’s legs shaking like a leaf in the wind, as if at any moment  couldn’t hold himself, just like collapsing on the ground, mouth occasionally let out a gentle moan. 

Unconsciously , Jie Yi’s hands are already free, but he did not break away from Tian Yang’s embrace, instead he moved towards Tian Yang’s body, both hands deep in Tian Yang’s hair, upper-body almost half lying on Tian Yang’s shoulder. 

And Tian Yang’s fingers did not ask, already skillfully entered Jie Yi’s rear secret pa.s.sage, mischievously entered and came out. His body receiving attacks on the front and back, Jie Yi did not have enough skill, thus released for the second time again. 

“Ah…….” After releasing, Jie Yi could only weakly lie on Tian Yang’s body, his legs were firmly fixed by Tian Yang, thus did not fall.

“Was it good?” Tian Yang wickedly asked, while taking the containing in his mouth milky white bodily fluid to Jie Yi’s mouth. The slight bitter taste caused Jie Yi to unable to restrain his frown.

Handily turned Jie Yi’s body, Tian Yang stretched out his tongue, properly loving Jie Yi’s private stamen. The wet and warm feeling intimately surrounded the stem. The oral cavity, the tongue and the teeth, each time rubbed on the stem’s sensitive part, a spell of wonderful aching and limpness flowed toward the lower half of his body. Even if unwilling to admit, but in fact it was too good. Jie Yi’s body couldn’t conceal the reaction, could only powerlessly shiver.

Tian Yang’s hand slip into Jie Yi’s beautiful naked b.u.t.tocks, aimed at the entrance to poke a finger. Jie Yi made a low moan, the honey juice once again erupted. The him who had just released himself, could only limply fall to the ground with their clothes as the mat.

“Yi’r, lift your b.u.t.t higher!” Tian Yang ordered. At this moment, Tian Yang’s fingers still hadn’t left at all, instead, with a rapid pace thrust in and out in his back yard. Jie Yi’s soft moan getting louder and louder.

“Mm......” Jie Yi both bashful and annoyed bit down his lips. Never had thought he could display such a lewd posture allowing another to play with.

This moment him, both pair of arms and pair of legs were kneeling while he bent over on the ground, only his b.u.t.t was raised up high, just like an animal in heat. The Tian Yang on his back sent forth the exclusively belong to a male odour, enchanted him. This feeling and this circ.u.mstance, caused Jie Yi to have a kind of illusion that he was the incarnation of a beast.

Like Jie Yi’s fascinating posture, unable to restrain the subtly contraction, with a low howl, Tian Yang took out the finger, at long last could no longer press down, straigthened up his body then entered Jie Yi’s body.

The hollow s.p.a.ce in a swift moment had been crammed, this time there was no pain, only an endless pleasure. Particularly recalled about the reality that Tian Yang would be parted from him, Jie Yi’s heart gave rise to an unwillingness. He firmly clinged to Tian Yang, together greeted the arrival of the highest tide.

Regardless that the two’s location was on a wilderness in the open, as soon as the pa.s.sion was ignited, like setting the prairie ablaze, the two were deeply loving each other until the moon rose.


Forcing his out of sorts body, ignoring Tian Yang’s opposition, Jie Yi insisted in sending Tian Yang off.

“Little fool, I only bluffed you. Don’t get up, your body wouldn’t be able to hold out.” Tian Yang dotingly said. “Saiwai basically is not as dangerous as you imagine it. This is also not my first time going there.”

“It is fine. I want to send you off.”

Jie Yi managed with difficulty to sit up. Although the body was aching and painful, but he didn’t want to let Tian Yang depart all alone.

“Fine!” Tian Yang couldn’t bend him, could only make him promise. “But after I depart, you must return to your room for rest.”

“Then……You also must promise me,” Jie Yi was enduring the embarra.s.sment. “While you are out, must properly take care of yourself, don’t let yourself get too tired, also…… must return safe and sound.”

“I promise.” Tian Yang’s heart was nice and warm.

The feeling of having someone caring for him was really good. All of a sudden, he was also really unwilling to part with his Xiao Yi’r. Presently, Tian Yang felt that he himself was experiencing the unwillingness of the soldiers who had a wife at home but had to go on a long journey.

“Tian Yang, really can’t take me along?” Jie Yi hadn’t given up asking again.

“We won’t talk about this subject anymore.” Tian Yang lost his smile. “This is also not a part never to meet again. I will come home in a flash. Fast to the point you couldn’t feel that I ever left. Alright?”

“…… Impossible.” Jie Yi buried himself in Tian Yang’s bosom, derived in his scent. That was his most favorite scent. “As soon as you leave for a while, I will begin to miss you, every day will think about you.”

The several short sentences, enough to cause Jie Yi embarra.s.sment to the point of whole face flush red. Even though he was completely burying his face in Tian Yang’s bosom, causing Tian Yang unable to clearly see his expression, but due to his body emitting the bashfulness of feminine charms, allowing Tian Yang to understand how much courage hemust muster so that he could say it out loud. His heart couldn’t help but become warm.

“Xiao Yi’r……” He lifted up Jie Yi’s face, gently kissed him. “I will also miss you, really really miss you.”

“Then……” Jie Yi stared at him with expectation.

“Impossible. You not even able to ride a horse.”

“Humph!” Jie Yi lowered his head and puffed his both cheeks in a sulk.

And he was enduring suchshamefully boldly said words, never had thought Tian Yang still didn’t want to bring him along.

“Alright, be good, I will depart soon.”

Hearing these words, Jie Yi also not angry anymore. Busily followed behind Tian Yang out of the room.

Tian Yang towards his habit of walking behind was rather helpless, could only hold his hand and walked out.

Arrived at the main hall, could see that everybody was already there, obviously only waited for Tian Yang to arrive then would depart.

Yun Shi Zheng saw the two coming out hand in hand, couldn’t help but sighed in lament, public morals had degenerated with each pa.s.sing day.

“Finally came out!” Tian Hao had been waiting to the point of impatient. “I thought you have died in your sleep!”

Towards his Big Brother hand in hand with a man, he didn’t say anything.

“Eh? Jie Yi also go?” Tian Yi was also a thick-nerved person, towards the two holding hand matter, he took no notice of what he saw, only smiled at Jie Yi bright and clear.

“He doesn’t go.” Tian Yang answered on his behalf.

Jie Yi was alarmed, he took out his hand.

“Tian Yi Big Brother. Jie Yi also wants to go, but…… Tian Yang just doesn’t allow.”

Perhaps because Tian Yi had taken him in, Jie Yi towards him had a rather familiar feeling, couldn’t restrain to inform him.

Tian Yi moved around to check on him up and down, his brows couldn’t help but frown.

“I thought that not seeing you for several days, you will grow some meat on your body, unexpectedly, not only not growing some meat, the face also has that obvious swollen dark eyes. How is Tian Yang taking care of you?”

Hearing that, Tian Hao eventually broke into laughter. “Isn’t it because Tian Yang at night is being overly caring to him!”

The speech done, Jie Yi’s slight and soft face skin swiftly heated to red. Tian Yang also furiously glared at Tian Hao.

“Eh?” Tian Yi observed the two’s expression, then afterwards realized that there was something fishy. “Good Heavens, so it is like that!”

No wonder, every time he asked about Jie Yi, Tian Yang would be unhappy. He wanted to come over to see Jie Yi, always being obstructed by Tian Yang. So it was like that!

That first time seeing him, he already could feel Tian Yang’s att.i.tude towards Jie Yi was not usual. Didn’t expect it was actually like this.

Public morals are degenerating with each pa.s.sing day, public morals really are degenerating with each pa.s.sing day ya!

Yun Shi Zheng looking at his two outstanding sons, one remarkable nephew, to one’s surprise just chattered about this kind of secret behind the chamber talk in relaxing manner, ashamed or not ah? This old face of his already didn’t know where should he put!

With him shared the same feeling, obviously only that whole face red like Guangong1Jie Yi. At the scene, the people who had the shame, only them two, Yun Shi Zheng couldn’t help but generate that those who had the same illness sympathize with each other’s kind of good feeling.

I said that Tian Yang why the sun is three poles high2 still not coming out of the room, so it was because in the room they could hardly tear themselves away from each other!” Tian Yi excitedly said.

“You just find out now.” Tian Hao chimed in. “I told you earlier, you have to wait, you still don’t believe.”

“You two envy or jealous?” Tian Yang deliberately asked. “If being envious, why don’t you go and find one!”

“This truly destroy the bridge after crossing the river3 ah!” Tian Yi clicked his tongue while shaking his head. “Also not considering that the person by his side, still didn’t pay respect to a certain person who bestowed him the favor to stay.”

So it was you! Tian Yi! Wasted my trust on you! Yun Shi Zheng thought in resentment. To actually lead his son to diverge from the main road!

“It is because we are fated together, even if you didn’t ask him to stay, I would also be able to find Yi’r and take him home.” Tian Yang argued.

“Of course! But unexpectedly searched for several days still couldn’t find. Still have the audacity to talk big!” Tian Yi ‘whispered’ to Tian Hao’s ears, the voice was loud enough to be heard by everybody.

“Think about it, it is indeed stupid!” Tian Hao jokingly shook his head. “Only the ranch next door, unexpectedly couldn’t find. What a genius!”

“Enough! Enough! It is late already, if still not depart, don’t know want to drag until how long?” Yun Shi Zheng decided that he didn’t want to listen any longer, busily said to make them leave.

Tian Yang turned to Jie Yi, his face became gentle. Looking at Yi’r, embarra.s.sed to the point wanted to find and get into the hole, why was his skin so thin?

“Yi’r, be good and wait for me to return.” Leaning his face, he got close to Jie Yi’s ear wickedly said: “Wait for me to return, you must properly welcome me, understand?”

Jie Yi’s face flushed red again. Nodding his head, in a soft voice answered ‘yes’.

“You…… You quickly come home.”

“I know.”

Ignoring the eyes of everyone, Tian Yang gave Jie Yi a big hug, firmly embraced him, as if wanted to knead him to enter his bosom. Afterwards he finally let him go.

“Father!” Tian Yang solemnly called out to Yun Shi Zheng, prudently said. “I entrust Yi’r to you, on my behalf properly take care of him, alright?”

“Eh……That……” Surrendered under the son’s rare entrusting, Yun Shi Zheng helplessly nodded his head.

“I trust you!” Tian Yang said sentence per sentence. “Yi’r is a good and honest person, you will like him!”

“…… I know la!” Yun Shi Zheng pouted and shouted.

With one’s heart set on speeding home kind of feeling, everyone finally departed.

“Don’t look anymore. The person has gone.” Yun shi Zheng without any kindness called attention to the still stupidly standingat the doorway person.

“Master.” Jie Yi regained his awareness, couldn’t help but be endlessly ashamed by his own behavior.

“You come here, I have something to ask you.”


Perfectly understood what Yun Shi Zheng wanted to ask about, Jie Yi restlessly followed to enter the house.

End of Chapter 10


1).Guangong: also known as Guan Yu, General of Shu and blood-brother of Liu Bei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a fearsome fighter famous for virtue and loyalty, worshipped and identified with the guardian Bodhisattva Sangharama.
2). The sun is three poles high: It’s late in the morning (referring to getting up late.
3). to destroy the bridge after crossing the river (id) : to abandon one’s benefactor upon achieving one’s goal.

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