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Chapter 499

Evan’s Survival Ending (4)

If marriage was the grave of life, Evan had already dug four graves. He was surprised that he hadn’t been stabbed by another woman but considering that he was planning to dig several more graves in the future…no, he was probably going to get stabbed.


“It’s so cute, isn’t it? He’s Alon.”


Evan felt the mystery of life as he stroked the baby Elf wriggling in his arms. Bernard and Illoin’s second child, Alon, turned out to be a boy, and soon he saw that it wasn’t a matter of gender that babies liked Evan. He crawled on the floor and stuck to him.

“Huhu, I was holding him.”

“You have me, Eir!”

“I like Alon better than Lian.”


Eir focused only on her younger brother while abandoning her boyfriend. Tragically, Lian still wanted to gain more attention from Eir. But they were just cute children.

…Though Eir was physically a little too big for her age.

“Life is more of a miracle than alchemy or the Elixir.”

“That Elixir, you were in such a hurry to make it that I still don’t know what it was truly.”

“Let’s make it together again next time, Grandpa.”

Although Evan helped him a lot, Bernard was also much younger, thanks to his successful training with the Elixir. Of course, he was able to achieve this because he was studying the Elixir deeply with Evan. Rose and Illoin were delighted and deeply grateful to Evan.

“We should’ve given you Eir.”

“Now we can have a new one. Me and Bernard.”

“No way. That’s not going to work.”

Mirole grinned and put down her teacup.

“I only accept your heart, Illoin.”

“Oh, yeah, yeah.”

Exactly what kind of expression Mirole made to Illoin was unknown because Evan didn’t see it.

“Mirole seems to love Evan a lot, too.”

“I’d like to have him at least one day a week. But I’m upset because that’s too difficult. Considering the years I’ve been waiting for him…”


“No! Don’t think about it, Evan.”

Mirole answered firmly.

“Now that you mention it, Mirole worked hard to find Evan. She holds all the elves who wanted to go out to the human world and makes a divine request, and periodically explores with the power of the World Tree…”


Mirole’s voice was a little scary again, but Illoin didn’t back down this time and smiled back.

“Well, what’s wrong? Don’t you have to appeal to Evan for more points?”

“Well…I’ve already appealed a lot in the past, so it’s okay.”

Oops, the mood suddenly changed. Mirole, who suddenly became pa.s.sive…was embarra.s.sed, holding onto one of Evan’s arms, as she did in the New World. It wasn’t strange to forget it because it happened in the long past, but it seemed that Mirole wasn’t as shy as before.

“But what’s your plan for the baby?”

Illoin sighed as if she was dumbfounded by Mirole’s wriggling shoulders against Evan for no reason. But Mirole replied with a slight blush on her cheeks.

“What do you mean plan?”

“The 2nd wife and 4th wife are already pregnant, right? The first wife is expecting, so Mirole can’t be laid back.”

“No, I mean…”

Mirole was even more embarra.s.sed and buried her face in Evan’s arms. Alon was angry at Mirole trying to take Evan’s arms, so he frowned and resisted, but he couldn’t beat the leader of the Elves.

“Huh? …No way!?”

Recognizing the correct answer, Illoin was surprised. But Evan replied nonchalantly.

“When did we get married? Of course, we’re expecting.”

“It hasn’t even been a month yet, has it?”

“I borrowed a little bit of mother’s…powers…”

“You’re cowardly!”

Illoin leaped to her feet and shouted at Mirole’s honest confession.

“And we needed to try so hard! Of course, it’s a lie if I said that I didn’t enjoy it, but still! How could you use mother’s power for such a trivial thing?”

“It’s, it’s not trivial. It’s about giving birth to a high elf that will lead the next generation of elves.”

“Mirole, you’re not confident either, are you? Is that why you keep avoiding my eyes?”

“Calm down, Illoin. The World Tree must have been waiting for a long time.”

“Wow, then…we’ll have our third child!”

Bernard replied in amazement when his wife unbearably vented her anger.

“Let it slide for the time being!”

“Am I right? Is it my turn?”

“Rose, you stay quiet!”

Perhaps there was a bit of a dangerous atmosphere among the Garcias, so Evan quietly pa.s.sed Alon back to Eir and left with Mirole.

“Evan Hyeong.”

However, Lian wasn’t with Eir and followed him out.

“Lian, what’s up?”

“When can I get into the dungeon?”

Lian had a lively look on his face as if he would jump into the dungeon as soon as Evan gave him the signal. Although he looked ten years old, perhaps because he grew up while breathing strange air in the Demon Realm, he was still five years old. When he fought the battle against the Devil, he landed a hit and took some of the tremendous experience, so if the dungeon’s difficulty were as it was, it wouldn’t take long before he conquered the dungeon…

“We have to wait a little longer. It’s the adjustment period.”

After previous consultations with Evan and the G.o.ds, the Sherden Dungeon was under control. No, the same was true of the Pellati and Merdin Dungeon. All three dungeons were dungeons maintained by Evan’s power.

“Adjustment Period…why are you adjusting it, Hyeong?”

“Think about it, Lian. The dungeon before was a place where humans trained to deal with the Demon King.”

“Woow! But they said you killed it!”

“I didn’t kill the Demon King, but it killed itself on his own, anyway. That’s not going to be enough from now on.”


Evan’s words clouded Lian’s eyes. Obviously, despite discussing the crisis, he looked interested. These guys were what the world called the main characters. Evan smiled and continued.

“So, I’m working on the structure of all the dungeons. Weirdly, we can solve the mix and grow step by step. We’re going to lower the mortality rate a little, and we’re going to create new s.p.a.ces for each level of difficulty.”


Lian, who didn’t know how great it was, just clapped his hands and cheered.

“So what? Who am I supposed to fight?”

“That’s what I’m saying…”

But when Evan was about to give Lian a little hint, a shadow suddenly fell over their heads. They looked up and checked, and it was an airship.

“What is that, Evan?”

Mirole, who had lived for a long time and was instinctively afraid of new things, hugged his arm tightly. Evan squinted at the giant print on the side of the ship.

“The Merdin airship. Louise, you’ve done another big thing.”

“So big!”

“I’m afraid I’ll have to go meet the guests. Lian, go to your dad.”


Lian ran away with a big smile. Evan turned to Mirole, who was envious of him because he had no worries.

“I’m going to see her, so Mirole, you can go to our house first.”

“But I don’t want to spend time there alone…!”

Mirole was rarely annoying. No, if it was the past, this side might be more familiar. Evan reached out very naturally and patted Mirole on the head.


“She’s not here to pick me up, don’t worry.”

“Then, yes, I’ll believe in you…whoo-hoo.”

The airship landed very slowly near Sherden. On a ship that had drawn everyone’s attention in Sherden, the crown symbolizing the ruler of the empire…no, a woman wearing an imperial robe was walking out. She was indeed worthy of her position. Her reddish-brown hair was curled gracefully, and her brownish eyes were facing Evan straight.


“You didn’t come to the wedding, did you?”

“I thought I’d cry so that I couldn’t come then.”

What do you mean you’re going to cry because you’d be so angry? Evan faced Louise with a wry smile at the words. It was surprisingly the first time he faced Louise in person after arriving back to modern times. He was shocked to hear that Louise even made an empire, so he tried to visit her right away, but Louise told him not to, saying she would come when she was ready.

“…Is it okay to move?”

“We’re in good hands.”


Evan was very concerned about her big belly. It was his child who possessed extraordinary magic already. No, of course, he knew from the beginning that it would be, but the shock of facing each other was different.

“I’m sorry, Master. I’ve sinned enough to die.”

“No, no, no, no, don’t kneel. Don’t kneel because it’s dangerous for the child.”

Evan freaked out and stopped Louise, who looked thrilled by his touch.

“Teacher, are you forgiving me?”

“No, not that.”


Evan urgently a.s.sisted Louise, who was about to lose all hope and collapse on the spot.

“There’s nothing wrong with the kid, so don’t mess around!”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you, Master. There’s nothing I can say even if you throw me away…”

“Honestly, I have so many things I want to say…but you did it for me.”

Evan sighed and hugged Louise.

“Good job, Louise.”

“Ma-Master…well, I’m so happy…”

“Don’t fall.”

“Huhu, thank you.”

He patted Louise and responded in a slightly stronger voice.

“But you can’t do what you’ve always done until now. It’s forbidden to manipulate people’s minds.”

“Yes, I’ve already stopped doing that.”

“I’ll believe you. So? I chose today because…ahh, indeed.”

Evan saw two men and women getting off the airship belatedly, and his eyes turned red. These were the people he talked to on telecommunication not too long ago: Ctheasil, the witch who activated the Magic Circle this time. And Evan’s disciple who moved with her, Yo-Ma Great War 5’s…set to be the main character of a new series, Default.

“As expected, you’re here together.”

“You’re doing something fun, Evan! As the manager of the Magic Circle, I can’t miss it!”

“You were on the verge of losing your breath, Noona. Don’t pretend to be excited. Oh, teacher. I’m so glad you’re all right.”

Ctheasil tried to hug Evan even though her nominal leader Louise was in Evan’s arms. Default tried to stop his pathetic sister and bowed politely to Evan. Evan nodded with a bitter smile, as it was true that he couldn’t proceed with the story without them, although he felt mixed feelings upon seeing them.

“I’ve been waiting for you two. I’m ent.i.tled to be the first member of the task force.”

“It’s an honor, Master.”

“Whoa, you know I’m the master of witches, don’t you, Evan?”

“Oh, it was set for Selune yesterday.”


A shock ran through them. Evan shook his head, and Louise, in his arms, responded, pulling carefully at the sleeve of his clothes.

“Can I join, teacher…?”

“No, just take care of yourself…”

This brought all the members together. The members of the dream team would discuss what happens after the end of the Yo-Ma Great War Cla.s.sic series.

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