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Chapter 44: Intentional, she was very pleased part 2

How could she not get the meaning behind Long Xiao Li’s words? A humorless 

smile appeared onto her face, “This Princess is also looking forwards to the meal. 

I wonder how delicious the Royal Palace’s food really is.”


Suddenly, she came to the realization that gene hereditary in the ancient times was 

basically non existent. The Emperor’s sons may all be handsome, but none of them 

looked or had similar personalities to each other. Every one of them had their own 

characteristics. As for malicious and duplicitous types like Long Xiao Li, she really 

didn’t want to give out any compliments.

Long Xiao Li was about to talk again, but he was cut off by the Empress, “Alright, 

we should bring out the food now. Ling’er must be really hungry by now, so let's stop 

talking about small things.”

Mu Zi Ling really didn’t care how the Empress said it. She just wanted to leave this 

stinking place as soon as possible. If it wasn’t because her resistance was so strong,  

she would’ve already thrown up many times.

“Oh! This Prince has forgotten about that, my Third Sister in law, you’ve already 

been here for so long that you must be starving by now. Hurry, organize the Kun 

Ning Palace!” Only now did Long Xiao Li take his eyes off of Mu Zi Ling in order the 


Then Long Xiao Li looked at his own palace that had turned into a very sorry state 

because of him. He turned to the eunuch next to him and said, “Take those things 

that don’t know what's good for them to the mountains.”

When the Empress and others left, Mu Zi Ling looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y scene again. 

She had heard what Long Xiao Li said back then, so she sprinkled some bone 

melting powder onto the corpses.

She knew that even if these people died, Long Xiao Li would still not kindly bury 

them, and just as expected, Long Xiao Li had ordered to throw these corpses into  

the mountains to be torn apart by demonic beasts.

These lives had lived to serve, and die from false accusations, yet they were still 

unable to have peace after death. Instead of letting them be torn up, you might as 

well turn them to dust.


Kun Ning Gong.


Mu Zi Ling looked at the table, filled to the edge with dazzling food. She couldn’t 

help but think that the Royal Palace’s food was truly rich. The ‘meal’ was equal to 

a sumptuous banquet. Although the food she ate in the Qi King’s Manor was not bad, 

it was like comparing a small shack to a mansion compared to the Royal Palace’s 



When she entered the room, she had already started her Stellar System and checked 

all the food and drinks for any problems. However, they all seemed to be sade.


The food was also going to be eaten by the Empress and Long Xiao Li, so they 

probably wouldn't be stupid to the point of getting her to eat alone. If they just watched 

as she ate, then their intentions would be too obvious.


Although the food didn’t have any poison, and she was very hungry, she didn’t have 

much of an appet.i.te. Not only was it because she still smelt the stench from Long Xiao 

Li’s Palace, the two people in front of her was ruining her appet.i.te.

Long Xiao Li had disgustingly used his own chopsticks to put food onto her plate. How 

could she still eat the food like this?

The Empress saw that Mu Zi Ling was not moving at all, so she asked kindly, “Ling’er, 

do these dishes not suit your taste?”


Mu Zi Ling’s clear and sharp eyes slightly looked up, “How could it not? This 

daughter-in-law doesn’t even know what to eat first from all of these dishes.”


Mu Zi Ling’s heart was crying. She would rather eat poisoned food the Empress placed 

onto her plate, than food placed onto her food by Long Xiao Li disgustingly. Since she 

knew how to make poisons, then she naturally knew how to cure poisons, so after she 

ate the poisoned food, she could find a way to cure herself.


Long Xiao Li then let out a bright smile, “Haha, this Prince knows that my Third Sister 

in law was too shy to eat. Come, this prince will choose some dishes for you.”

Then he meaningfully licked the chopsticks in his hand, and continued to put food onto 

Mu Zi Ling’s plate.


Internally, Mu Zi Ling was laughing so hard that her mouth was twitching, and her heart 

was filled with hatred, “How could I trouble you? This Princess likes to eat sweet cakes.”


After she had resisted throwing up, she pushed the pile of food that Long Xiao Li had 

put on her plate, off to the side. Then she picked up a piece of pastry and started eating.

Just then, the palace maids brought over a soup for Mu Zi Ling. Suddenly, the Stellar 

System started to ring with warnings. Mu Zi Ling almost choked on the pastry that she

was eating.


Jesus, there was a Heart Controlling Gu in here. As the name implied, the Heart 

Controlling Gu used certain sounds to control a group or a person.

(TL note : A gu is a legendary poisonous insect featured in many Chinese medicinal 



People who were poisoned by the gu would still act like normal. However, they lost 

control of their thoughts, and turned into a walking piece of meat. In addition, once

the poisoned victim recognized a master, they would turn loyal and devote themselves 

to them until death. There was no difference between them and a dead soldier.

She had even thought for a second that the Empress really wanted to thank her, so 

she did not poison anything, but now, it looked like she was overthinking it.

The best dishes were truly saved for last.

She would’ve never thought that the Empress was so evil as to want to control her. In 

the modern timeline, she had seen the effects of this poison. It definitely deserved to 

be deemed terrifying.


The poison should be very rare in this time period, so how did the Empress obtain it? 

Thank goodness she had the Stellar System to remind her about stuff, otherwise she 

wouldn’t even know how she died.


The Empress didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary from Mu Zi Ling and kindly 

said, “Ling’er it looks like these dishes didn’t suit your taste, so your mother-in-law 

ordered the kitchen to make some soup. You can have a taste to see if you like it.”


Mu Zi Ling suddenly returned to her state of mind and laughed coldly in her heart. 

This intention of hers has opened her eyes.


This was the real Empress that had been hidden all this time. None of the women 

in the palace could beat the Empress. If the Empress wanted to control her, then 

she would first have to see if she could!


Mu Zi Ling acted as if she was overwhelmed by Empress’s kindness and happily

said, “The smell of this soup has opened up my appet.i.te! Thank you, mother-in-law.”


She looked like she was in a really good mood. She spooned up some of the soup 

and started to cool it down by blowing on it. Then she lowered her head as if she 

was really enjoying it.


Her violet toad loved anything bug related. Plus this was not just any ordinary bug, 

it would be a really beneficial for her violet toad. If she gave this gu insect to her 

violet toad, then it would definitely stay very happy for many days.


The Empress saw that her plan was about to come to action, so she let out a 

laughed, “As long as Ling’er likes it, then it is fine. Quickly, drink the soup while it is 

still warm.”


This time the Empress had used all her hard earned savings to bring in the Heart 

Controlling Gu from outside. No matter how high Mu Zi Ling’s medical skills were, 

it was impossible for her to see through this.

Mu Zi Ling happily nodded. This time, she was truly thankful for the Empress’ special 

masterpiece. But she still needed to think about how to feed this bowl of soup to her 

violet toad.

As Mu Zi ling thought about how to feed the bowl of soup to her violet toad, an 

eunuch’s voice came from outside the palace, “Welcome Your Highness the Qi King!”

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